Leon's Microblog – July 2023

New PB
Watching some Smash Bros.
Everyone hates vs puzzle games for having too few mechanics… and everyone hates shmups for having too many mechanics… and right in the middle… is TWINKLE STAR SPRITES… the game everyone loves unconditionally.
Competitive Magic: The Gathering is a game that embraces the maxim "it doesn't matter who wins or loses, as long as it's skillful and entertaining", mainly because the actual winning and losing is definitely not entertaining >:)))))
Just watched a live Magic: The Gathering tournament finals stream and, as expected, it consisted of four two-minute games and one very close twenty-minute game.
YAHOO!! It's another 1CC with the other playable character! It's a full-cast sweep!! 😸 👆 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GT7NQC5Ad8w
Do you ever think about how one of the last still-standing places to get links to actual web pages is the "External Links" sections of Wikipedia articles
Money Idol Exchanger is actually pretty fun once you can go just fast enough to stay in the chain window… Much less stressful than Panel De Pon, mainly because it's not possible for matches to go longer than 1 minute unless both sides are either doing 12+ chains or 0 chains.
It's kinda funny how I keep trying and bouncing off Magical Drop because I can't grok the "match 3 only vertical" rule + the ice orb conversion rule, but am quite happy with Money Idol Exchanger, the shameless clone, because it only has "match 2 or 5 any way" like in Petal/Puyo.
*realises that with the brand change, the rate of people referring to this website as "this website" is going to shoot to never-before-seen highs* D'oh
Doing 1CCs of arcade games (in contrast to ports or arcade-inspired home games) really pushes the core design of these games outside their intent, by finding and creating consistency out of something designed to be inconsistent (both in the game, and in availability of the game).
Taking arcade 1CCs seriously is pretty funny when you think about it… like, for Money Idol Exchanger, the difficulty curve is truly absurd and the final boss fight is deliberately incredibly unfair, but… you can, with effort, just "learn the matchup" and become better than it.
Interesting risk/reward moment… at 0:38 I don't fire the counter because I had one more yellow in Next… but I'm not sure if adding it to the middle column was a bit risky for what ultimately became 6 blocks of garbage. It did bury the enemy's green structure pretty well…
*think's with a grocer's apostrophe about the name "Coquetry Bouncer"* Brilliant. Exquisite. Exactly what people mistakenly think Touhou names are like.
I like how, when Wizards Of The Coast invented withdrawing cards from the premier tournament-legal card pool, they called it "rotation", as if to implicitly promise that the departing cards were ever going to return, instead of consigning them to the game design dustbin.
Me: "Dang, CSS text rendering tech has gotten really snazzy lately. I wonder what new properties they used to make that white outline so–"
Never ask a man his salary, Puchi Carat fans about Opa, Puchi Carat fans about whether the game itself is actually all that fun to play, Puchi Carat fans about which character name romanisations to use,
Gaming mystery solved! I've now figured out why in Money Idol Exchanger I kept sometimes accidentally unlocking the haniwa from Hany In The Sky (1989)! Turns out the secret is to enter the score attack mode, then hold down 1P Start before dismissing the explanation demo!
Losing last
Yeah! A legitimate 8-line attack!!
No idea what the CPU was doing in this one
Attack lines ("A-Lines") are only related to how many coins are cleared in a chain (similar to Petal Crash) so stockpiling and preserving groups is relatively important in contrast to actual chain length.
It's been a few hours since I 1CC'd S-HARD in Panel De Pon and my hands still feel like what Sakura Kasugano's hands felt like when she threw her first hadoken.
Hello everyone. I practiced very hard and was a brave fairy, and somehow, I got my second 1CC of S-HARD in Panel De Pon. Yet, even though I worked hard… just like my first 1CC, I only won in the very end because of RNG. It's a bittersweet feeling… ._. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qwz1Uair_5g
*immediately watches a Weyland game where they do 8 meat damage on turn 4* Ah, that funny old Weyland
WHICH SMASH BROS. GAME DID THEY ORIGINATE IN a guide by Leon Barely resembles the game they're from: 64 Heavily uses a wacky projectile: Brawl Has a bunch of authentic sound effects + a meter: Smash 4 Has 7+ other entirely unique mechanics: Ultimate Is a Zelda character: Melee
Probably an easily-answered question, but how much of the popularity of Guile's theme is due to the man himself being broken (sorta) in World Warrior
I love this videogame. I really do. It's an incredibly elegant immersive narrative about growing up, in the sense that trying to play this freaking difficulty ages you 10 years each time.
I will simply beat this stage in a reasonable amount of time
New lowest stack PB✨
Netrunner tournaments are good entertainment… Lots of close games that use almost everything in both sides' decks. Just make sure you have NetrunnerDB open in another tab though.
The contrast with something like Hidden Star In Four Seasons is incredible: the latter is much more in touch with what Touhou the series had become at that point, and what Gensokyo as a setting had blossomed into.
God… I know I've gone on about this, but… Double Dealing Character is such an awkward entry in the series. Everything about it feels like an amalgamation of hit themes and concepts from 6, 7 and 8, with barely any of the charm or wit, like a halfhearted throwback.
Me checking out the current top Netrunner corp deck
"Thank you… but the only 'gold loop' I need is looping Gold Structures in Land Maker, the 1998 post-apocalyptic watercolour versus puzzle game by Taito." *grabs engagement ring and tosses it at nearby wastepaper bin with basketball hoop over it* *it misses entirely*
Oh sure, everyone loves noclipping and BLJing through the hitbox of reality to enter the Backrooms or whatever, but when they see a t-spin triple in Tetris they go "what in God's name" and "what do you mean they programmed it like that on purpose". I see how it is.
Reading the Magic: The Gathering subreddit
But when ye come, and all the flowers are dying, If I am batankyuued, as batankyuued I well m
Oh Danny boy, the puyos, the puyos are calling From glen to glen, and down the mountain side, The summer's gone, and all the garbage falling, It's you, it's you must go and I must bide
Sorry everyone for being extremely slow on the uptake here, but I just realised Netrunner recently released an icebreaker card that was a literal arctic ship.
• Being something different from the usual colour-matching mechanics… even though it means there's only one matchable shape (squares) which isn't very conducive to interesting chaining, it still managed to surprise me with how much reasoning and planning you can get out of it.
Things I love about Toryumon: • Having each playfield be a diegetic doorway or gateway (the titular toryumon) that the characters fight over, which is a great way of contextualising and beautifying the usual tall rectangles.
https://modarchive.org/index.php?request=view_player&query=176294 – Great one to play when you're on the border of happiness and melancholy.
Originally I was trying to stick with a classic two-column vertical chain tower in columns 5 and 6 (like the stage 5 boss attempts to build) but using up that many pieces + blocking off two columns from garbage drops was a bit much of a tempo + board hit for my character.
YEAH!! I got a Toryumon 1CC! All thanks to the power of garbage block RNG, giant swords, and a little strat I came up with involving a tower of semicircles in column 1 for immediate downstacking. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4OQTrOW9lVE
First time clearing this stage on 1CC pace… if this can even be called "clearing" and not just the CPU inexplicably throwing a mile-long lead.
Toryumon videogame difficult
So you're telling me… the latest version of this software not only fricks up the browser chrome in mimicry of each of the comic's website themes, but it ALSO monkeys with the taskbar icon? At this point, even I'm scared.
🌚Peak Touhou song naming is "Bloom Nobly, Ink-Black Cherry Blossom ~ Border of Life" 🌞Peak Touhou song naming is "Seraphic Chicken"
Petal Crash (2020)
! ! ALERT ! ! Someone in a Twitch chat somewhere just called a scabbard a "holster"
My followers when I post another clip of game footage
Forbidden ultra-toxic Umineko episode where Beato has gone missing and the gang, at a loss for ideas, have to trudge through an LLM-generated account of the murders where everyone is even more out-of-character than usual
Looking at custom maps on "Advance Wars By Web"
Me every time a single garbage puyo lands on top of the line I was building to remove a different single garbage puyo https://twitter.com/linkerbm/status/1659043595268096001
Imagining how intolerable my tweets would have been in 2005 when I was doing NetHack beat-the-game attempts and shivering with an indescribable cocktail of emotions
On another note, I think it's very funny how Columns, Puyo Puyo, and other stuff like this game all avoid the big difficulty issue with Tetris (overhangs) by simply not allowing pieces to overhang ever.
New Mixolumia PB for lowest stack in 450 clear mode (also a score PB but, I mean, not like that's impressive). I'd previously thought this game was kinda messy, as four-block pieces tend to produce a lot of chaff… but the two matches (line and square) do a lot to make up for it.
Watching "Touhou World Cup" (https://touhouworldcup.com/)
Great way to revisit this game after almost a year
Everyone who's busily rushing to the atting button to tell me I forgot to put a red somewhere on top of the uppermost purple to make that a 7-chain: your opinion has been noted, stamped, and filed in the palace's grand archives.
Back practicing the Nausea Inducing Difficulty again for some reason
Ladies and jury of the gentlemen, THE GREATEST 1CC VIDEO TITLE I WILL EVER MAKE??? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-RzYMVugnLA
Something I'm growing interested in is the idea of discarded colours being placed specifically to collapse into paths - how, in this example, after cracking the red, the yellows almost collapse into a complete paths, and then after firing the yellows, the blues fall into place.
Saw a post that was trying to figure out how tall Toriel from Undertale is. My personal canon is she is – conveniently – exactly as huge as the fursuit necessary to become her in real life would be.
Quietly imagining if, several years after Raku's development misadventure, Perl 5 casually just increased its major version to 6
*thinks about how the main reason Puchi Carat is so good is because the Roman republic calendar had 12 months in it* Wow
I never mentioned this but I really like the original "two lines of garbage puyos" sound effect. It feels both iconic and abstract. It's like an Undertale sound effect that gets used for everything and works every time.
*springs to life like a marionette* Compile should have made a Madou Monogatari spinoff starring the zombie enemy called Bayoenhazard
On the subject of story modes, I wish Toryumon didn't open with 3 minutes of essentially tutorial fights… Puyo Puyo 1 letting you skip ahead to stage 4 at will is a massive QOL feature…
Using AutoHotkey to add important keyboard controls to the PC98 emulator… Even though this is literally AHK's most basic use-case, I'm still thankful that it's this easy.
I'd play Petal Crash's story mode more often if 3-stock matches weren't so long… *some kind of small purple creature reminds me that the matches would be shorter if I simply win by OG on the first stock every round* No
True sorrow is when you re-follow someone on their new Mastodon account after they move, and you realise after awhile that you mainly followed them for their slick retweet plays, which are now irreparably nerfed ;_;
Today on Leon's Quarterly Update: has Leon been hornswoggled and ensnared, like Ulysses by Circe, into learning a mindbogglingly difficult videogame, all by the base venal allure of… HOT CHICKS?? *the screen flashes a render of Arle for 0.2s before instantly swapping to Rulue*
Learning about "the Cushion Form"
*you open the door and encounter me* So Madou Monogatari 2 for MSX is like the original Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy radioplay, in that the medium and conditions of its creation explain everything about it, but people only ever play adaptations of it that *you close the door*
Zelda TotK fans playing Puchi Carat are going to call the gems "the Secret Stones" because both games use the same made-up word for them in Japanese…
I do appreciate the refreshingly sheer violence of garbage on Hardest difficulty, though.
All I have to say is that the CPUs in this version are absolutely not as good at accomplishing things as those in the arcade, even when the difficulty is cranked up to Hard.
Cheating on my self-imposed Puyo Puyo 1 ban by playing the Kirby version instead ._.''''
Watching some Smash Bros.
All the gangster Teams in every Pokémon game happened because their executives played Street Fighter Alpha and thought they could make Shadaloo in real life
"Take these binoculars. I made the left one into a kaleidoscope, so you can just close your right eye whenever you're looking at something boring."
"Hey. Listen. I know you just came in, but when you, me, and these six pushable blocks finally bust our way out of this goddamn dungeon room, we're all going to the beach. To see the ocean together. I promise on my twenty-foot beard."
"What? No, don't worry, my eyes aren't bleeding. That's just clown makeup. …No, it's not mine. I headbutted one just before you came in, and it stuck."
People are often surprised to learn that Puyo Puyo does have a first game, and the series doesn't just extend interminably into the past like some kind of "reverse One Piece"
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