Touhou Replays

These are .rpy-format replay files for official Touhou Project games.

GameShot TypeDifficultyDate
☯ TH18 Unconnected MarketeersMarisaNormalDownload
☯ TH18 Unconnected MarketeersReimuExtraDownload
☯ TH18 Unconnected MarketeersReimuLunaticDownload
☯ TH06 the Embodiment of Scarlet DevilReimuBNormalDownload
☯ TH07 Perfect Cherry BlossomReimuBNormalDownload
☯ TH07 Perfect Cherry BlossomReimuBExtraDownload
☯ TH08 Imperishable NightBorderNormalDownload
☯ TH08 Imperishable NightYoumuNormalDownload
☯ TH10 Mountain of FaithReimuANormalDownload
☯ TH10 Mountain of FaithReimuAExtraDownload
☯ TH12 Undefined Fantastic ObjectReimuBNormalDownload
☯ TH13 Ten DesiresSanaeNormalDownload
☯ TH13 Ten DesiresReimuExtraDownload
☯ TH16 Hidden Star in Four SeasonsReimuExtraDownload
☯ TH17 Wily Beast and Weakest CreatureReimuENormalDownload
☯ TH06 the Embodiment of Scarlet DevilReimuBExtraDownload
☯ TH17 Wily Beast and Weakest CreatureReimuWExtraDownload
☯ TH15 Legacy of Lunatic KingdomReimuExtraDownload

Other Replays

These are recorded videos of play in various arcade games. Those on MAME are 1-credit-clears unless indicated otherwise.

Gyakuten!! Puzzle BanchouMAME 0.260MikanLevel 5Video
Taisen Puzzle-DamaMAME 0.260Yumi-chanGamer - 8/HardestVideo
Moujiya (arcade)MAME 0.257Mike-taroHardestVideo
Land Maker (arcade)MAME 0.257AifaNormalVideo
Land Maker (arcade)MAME 0.257RenkiNormalVideo
Taisen Puzzle-DamaMAME 0.257Yumi-chanNormal - 4/MediumVideo
Susume! Taisen Puzzle-Dama (arcade)MAME 0.257AtabouNormal - 4/MediumVideo
Puyo Puyo (PC98)Neko Project 21/W v0.86 rev88Arle NadjaHardestVideo
Pochi & Nyaa (arcade)MAME 0.257Primrose AmorLevel-8Video
Money Idol Exchanger (arcade)MAME 0.255DebtmiserLevel-8Video
Money Idol Exchanger (arcade)MAME 0.255ExchangerLevel-4Video
Money Idol Exchanger (arcade)MAME 0.255DebtmiserLevel-4Video
Panel de PonBizHawk 2.9LipVS COM S-HARDVideo
ToryumonMAME 0.255Min TaoNormalVideo
Puyo Puyo (arcade)MAME 0.255Arle NadjaHardestVideo
Pochi & Nyaa (PS2)PCSX2 Nightly v1.7.4570Primrose AmorLevel-5Video
Kirby's AvalancheBizHawk 2.9KirbyHardestVideo
Star Sweep (arcade)MAME 0.255SitoraNormalVideo
Puyo Puyo (arcade)MAME 0.251Arle NadjaNormalVideo
Petal CrashWindows, v1.1RosaliaGrand MasterVideo
Puchi Carat (arcade)MAME 0.251PazSuper GamerVideo
Panel de PonBizHawk 2.9LipVS COM S-HARDVideo
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