Leon's Microblog – November 2023

"Ahh, a classic gaming moment, beloved through the ages." – common quote when I'm playing Madou Monogatari 3, and I, the innocent and blameless Arle Nadja, send out Carbuncle in the heat of battle, only for it to instantly fall asleep like a traded Pokémon with not enough badges.
I want what they have…
Look, I just think the Wordnik dictionary needs a bit of a talking to.
Naljnl, rire fvapr frrvat vg, vg nyjnlf erzvaqf zr bs rcvfbqr 4 bs gur fubj Gur Fgenatr Jbeyq Bs Thearl Fynqr (1960), jurer gur znva punenpgre vf chg ba gevny va n oynpx ibvq sbe gur pevzr bs gur cerivbhf rcvfbqrf orvat gbb zrgngrkghny naq abg shaal.
Rot13 spoilers for a very missable Void Stranger easter egg… Try Your Freaking Luck… Vs lbh fnirfphz ("dhvgfphz") gb oehgr-sbepr gur chmmyrf, lbh pna trg qrgnvarq naq chg ba gevny, sbe fnirfphzzvat, ol gurfr jnpxl eborq svtherf. Vg'f n shaal zbzrag gung trgf shaavre nsgrejneq.
Finally, a J→E definition that's actually precise
A lot of otherwise innocuous stuff becomes especially meaningful as a result of the elements - in particular, the "your turn" skills, which let a character use another character's skills, provide a vital utility in accessing specific attack elements twice in a turn cycle.
The combat system is the exact same as Start Again, but I'll repeat the praise: the fact that the 3 "elements" are abstract enough to be attached to literally any attack gives the game a lot of flexibility for interesting combat decisions.
Please Be Sharp Please Be Sharp Please Be Sharp: A Prologue
I'll give this game one hell of a credit: the sheer amount of minute but noticeable dialog and description variations whenever you do the same actions all over again are pretty effective motivation to keep doing the same actions all over again, as per the player-character.
Me when my followers telepathically beg me to just post normally
Best pun in the narrative thus far, and the party wisecracker isn't even the one who says it.
This game takes a real damn handhold-y while to start getting to "the good stuff" relative to its predecessor, but… squeeze that orange hard enough and the acid will eventually drip out. I mean juice.
Attention MV devs! Stop leaving this bastard of a sound asset in your games!! If you replace even just one default sound, make it THIS one! It's the retro pixel font of damage sound effects. No SNES RPG would be caught dead with this thing.
I'll give the game credit… this joke here's pretty good.
I'm so tired that I'm feeling drop dead gorgeous without the gorgeous.
It's so funny to think about how this game basically asks "So you know the yellow star save points in *specifically* Deltarune… what if they were hot"
I think it's a little on-the-nose that these games' main character's name is Suffering, but it gets the point across. *someone tries to notify me and I immediately frisbee my phone into the nearest lake "for safekeeping"*
They said the game name in the Americanest accent they could muster
For those wondering, this is the feature-length "sequel" to Start Again (https://insertdisc5.itch.io/start-again-prologue/) which I was rather fond of a few years back. I highly recommend playing it first because the opening to this game DRAAAAAGS if you're not already somewhat invested in the characters.
https://armor-games-studios.itch.io/in-stars-and-time – It's 2023, baby. Wake up. It's time to play grayscale pixel-art melancholic character-driven death-based-time-loop top-down grid-based dungeon-crawler indie games that delight in making you do the same thing over and over
Leon has now changed their entire personality to: • Hating the controls of Tripuzz (1997)
https://fairysvoice.net/blog/The_Pochi_&_Nyaa_Calculator/ – New blog post writing up the research that went into the Pochi & Nyaa calculator page I created.
That being said, I had envisioned a number of possibilities: that they might reveal something about the ancient origin of the 12 gems, and in particular that they might "save" the player's character from their fate in the "normal" endings.
Most of the characters use their wish from the 12 gems in a shortsighted fashion, limited by their own ignorance and base desires, and this imagined character might force them to make a wish that brings them peace… The game is fine as it is, but I like to daydream about this.
When I first played Puchi Carat, I was absolutely convinced for awhile that there was going to be a secret 1CC-only True Last Boss. There isn't one, unfortunately. Even though there is a secret extra character, it's just a crossover cameo.
Most importantly!! I've also made a crossposting script so that now my microblog posts are crossposted to: • My website • Twitter dot com • Mastodon dot social • Cohost dot org Yes, I'm truly entering, to quote Universal Paperclips, "a new era of trust". (No Bluesky tho 🤷‍♀️)
Thrilled to announce that I've updated my homepage (https://fairysvoice.net/) –added an Updates page so changes (especially fixes/tweaks to my web games) are actually noticeable, added a Blog to motivate myself to write blogposts, and added a Microblog based on my Twitter archive.
Top 1 fatality animations
I like how late-90s-early-00s this lategame boss is. What's Game Boy Advance than this
Everyone shield your eyes – some serious awesome is about to go down. *hits the S.S. Anne truck with the staff from Void Stranger*
*prepares to cut birthday cake without a knife, only for every other implement to bounce off* …Alas… if only you could have made it… we needed you… *gazes sadly at party guest list with "Fanart Madotsuki" crossed off*
When I browse through the Netrunner card database, reading a card called something like "Reversed Accounts", and then see cryptographic currency spam in the comments, I just think "Ah, an in-universe bit…"
Watching some Smash Bros.
Nyoki-Nyoki, autumn edition
So I didn't notice this at the time, but apparently having more colours than the opponent gives you an attack boost to "even things out"… so I guess it isn't working as I'd intended.
I wish the Nyoki-Nyoki CPU AI was better at the game. I have to resort to turning it to level 30, playing with five colours, AND giving it only two colours to make it competitive.
RayForce's music is so good… It takes a lot for me to feel positive feelings about a "ship shmup" (shmup where you shoot at generic spaceships) but RayForce is able to do it… Not even ChoRenSha or Dodonpachi can manage that…
MODArchive tip: sort your collection by length and then scroll to <40s to find the real wild west of music, where anything is possible.
https://modarchive.org/index.php?request=view_player&query=180740 – Strange mix of 00's peaceful squarewave chiptunes and eerie percussion and record-scratches.
Higurashi episode 7: Minagoroshi
Playing Puyo Puyo before bed gave me a brutal case of "puyomnia"… >_<
Remembering how the first ever software program I had that featured an authentic, explicitly-labeled "dark mode" was SaintEdit for the Mac in 1994.
This one ended up in an awkward spot on top-right that precluded further extension… but still, definitely more efficient than some of the previous ones.
This one's mostly a mess… but, me refusing to use those yellows at 0:57, with absolutely no reds in sight, was me staring God (here represented by Draco Centaurus) directly in the face and not blinking.
A true sign of skill is when you set everything up in 30 seconds and then spend another 30 seconds jumbling around the pieces in the top 4 rows. (Still, pulling that starting green link out of nowhere was pretty slick.)
This would've been great if those reds in the upper middle and those surviving purples hadn't proven to be useless… both getting in each other's way.
The only reason this attempt reached 9 is because the green at 0:57 goes on an unplanned adventure… >_>
Did you know that Puyo Puyo, a videogame made of software, is capable of being played, despite neither being released this year nor even being popular? I just thought that would be a fun fact to relay to you all – an exchange between flickering souls. Anyway what day is it
Well, this one's a PB for fewest remaining puyos, I guess…
🎆FINALLY getting close to my PB…
This is /maybe/ a bit more like it.
This didn't work out as planned
"Don't ask me – I just work here!!" –signature phrase of the talking boulder from Void Stranger
What gets me is that StarSweep already had a foolproof solution for putting pieces below other pieces: just use a cursor to place pieces anywhere! Stop using the Tetris falling-block paradigm when its rules stop making sense!! But no, this ugly hack is bolted on instead.
It's… like… OK, for one thing, the down-press input for dropping pieces through other pieces – like they're platformer semisolids?? – is SO finicky that I'm constantly overshooting. Trying to place a piece in the middle of a structure is such an ordeal.
"This is just another Puyo Puyo-like," they said. "You just connect 4!" they said. "You'll get it in no time," THEY SAID.
Touhou translators forced to add "THIS ISN'T OUR FAULT!! ZUN actually used the wrong freaking graphics for this one ending and then released the game like this!" to the Unfinished Dream Of All Living Ghost text as an in-game TL note
*imagines if system_erasure had been fans of Gradius instead of vertical shmups, and as a result losing a life in Void Stranger took away all your powerups* Hrmmmmmmmmm
Today's tweets are brought to you today by… "The Basket-Weave flood-fill texture from MacPaint 1.0" An underappreciated member of "the gang" compared to such fan favs as Checkerboard and Bricks, it still brings a smile to one's face whenever you encounter it.
New 1CC!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2OSluR21HY I Literally Only Played This Mode For The Music
The Quiet End of the Mundane Age (https://www.shortboxcomicsfair.com/shop/p/the-quiet-end-of-the-mundane-age-by-theo-stultz) – Mostly just a slow romance comic, but the main characters do have some pretty nice chemistry, and the central archeological mystery around them is an interesting backdrop.
Leave You Be (https://www.shortboxcomicsfair.com/shop/p/leave-you-be-by-barbara-mazzi) – Tonally unfocused and… deliberately anticlimatic comic… about living an anticlimatic life… and being surrounded by beauty you can't touch or even see. Might actually be the most subversive comic on sale.
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