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• No way to give layers (e.g. sketch layers) a different palette to other layers • 90% of the built-in palettes are just flat-out bad • Doesn't have the Clip Studio Paint poseable 3D figures [⚠️This user is NITPICKING⚠️ – Find out more ]
Current Aseprite issues:…… surprisingly few! Most I can come up with is: • Gradient fills are baked in immediately, so if you ever want to adjust them, you need a separate layer for each + a flat layer below them to use for the replacement fill
A momentous shift has transpired… I used to find Aseprite unusable, until an absolute gamechanger just happened: I found a custom theme that, I kid you not, *made the UI text not look like absolute trash*… Now things are going to be different from now on…
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