Leon's Microblog – May 2024

It's a little bit of a lost opportunity that Netrunner got chess cards printed in 2013 but didn't make Rook a fracter, Knight a killer and Bishop a decoder. The symbology would have lined up so well…
Which Netrunner code gate ICE is this
When I go on the Twitter timeline and scroll down more than 2h ago it stops giving linear-ordered tweets and starts just putting in unordered For You shavings. So now the only way to actually get the tweets in order is to search "include:nativeretweets" from "People you follow".
Hot tech tip for no one but myself: if you find certain parts of Electron apps (like the dev tools console) are in black-and-white because you have high contrast mode enabled in Windows, the easy way to fix it is to add --disable-features=ForcedColors as a command line switch.
Why does the Wikipedia article for Beethoven's 5th have a Lore section. Why does the
Ethical choices in games are when a character says "Oh, s⭐️⭐️t", and if you collect the stars, their expletive will be fully exposed to all the world… Do you continue your journey, or dare pray that they might have said "soot"?
Vicrosoft Code
The illusion of free will
*changes eldenring.exe to .zip and opens it, only to find a single text file reading "You don't have the right"* Hmm, should've expected that
"You can get the source code to Balatro by just renaming the .exe to .zip and opening it" is so funny to think about. Imagining Elden Ring working like this
Super Mario 64 is usually thought of as a fairly "modern"-designed game relative to the 90s, but still, two of its level design primitives are "unmarked spots that teleport you" and "unmarked spots that display the numbers 1 to 5 when you touch them and eventually give a star".
Just you wait… I'm going to totally go Story Mode on you (have 2000% more HP than my multiplayer form and use a scripted cutscene attack at half HP)
What does it say about me as a person that my two favourite Deltarune songs are the game over theme and the theme on Deltarune Dot Com's 404 page
. o O ( …Tributary: legal for 8 weeks. Endurance: legal for 8 months… )
Ludwig van Beethoven, revered for generations as "the funny hair composer guy",
*reads Netrunner banlist post* I do say, this makes me ponder if there are any longrunning jokes out there about good Jinteki ice, in particular regarding whether they're allowed to have it or not. Alas, as I am a pure-hearted maiden, such knowledge is far beyond my ken.
Animal Well by George Orfarm. Is this anything. Anyone
Watching the Braid TAS https://youtu.be/v-0RUv3tKso?t=405
Learning about Cricket
*tries to do the Baphomet hands but accidentally does the Chimata from Unconnected Marketeers hands*
Replaying Dicey Dungeons more makes me think Bonus Round (where you get random extra rules) has a lot more staying power than the rest of it… some of the rules are pretty fun to play around (especially the symmetrical ones) and makes me wish it was a bigger part of the game…
Umineko ending spoilers V'z nyfb irel vagrerfgrq va ubj gur punenpgre bs Xvamb va rcf 1-4 vf zber-be-yrff erirnyrq nf ure zbpxvat cnebql bs gur gehr zna, jubfr evat vf ba ure unaq naq jubfr funqbj naq cbjre fgvyy ybbzf bire ure cflpur.
Umineko ending spoilers Bar bs zl zbfg vagrerfgvat gnxrnjnlf bs Orngevpr'f onpxfgbel vf ubj ure zntvp naq crefbanyvgl vfa'g whfg qrevirq sebz Nef Tbrgvn, ohg zber sebz gur freinag/znfgre uvrenepul bs Ebxxrawvzn… ure hfr bs "sheavgher" naq qvfertneq sbe gur inyhr bs uhzna yvsr…
*"who is Sandy Loam" voice* Who is Sandia Warning
Void Stranger spoiler… V cynlrq vg fbba nsgre eryrnfr naq tbg ng yrnfg 6 raqvatf, naq vg gbbx zr hagvy n jrrx ntb gb ernyvfr gung jura gurl fnl "gur ybaryl barf ner xabjyrqtrnoyr", jung gung zrnaf vf gurl bayl trg havdhr qvnybt vs gurer vf rknpgyl 1 bafperra ng ebbz fgneg.
Paper Mario: The Thousand X Resist. Is this anything
Balatro adding "rental jokers" in the latest update is so funny. Only way it could have been funnier is if they were called "subscription jokers" and you had to select a payment option ($3 per round or $8 per ante), one of which was labeled "HOT" arbitrarily.
Retweet if YOU can remember when mousing over the "cross-browser" icon on jquery dot com made the icon spin around!!!
*you hear a frittersome muttering from behind a door with a "BUSY" sign stuck to it* …Dr. Eggman… Egg… Egg is inorganic shell covering living animal… Eggman puts living animals inside inorganic robotics… Hmm… *you slowly back away*
Plasma Deck
Instead of playing the new Balatro balance patch, I am replaying Dicey Dungeons.
"Ten years ago, we had Steve Jobs, Johnny Cash, and Bob Hope. For these defects, and for no other evil, we now are lost and punished just with this: We have no jobs, no cash, and no hope." –– VoidStrangerQuotes​.com
Netrunner players are so laid back… every match I watch has someone asking to redo the whole turn because they weren't 100% optimal, and getting "sure no problem" every time. If you tried that in Magic: The Gathering, the opponent would make the Abbey Matron from Homelands face.
Puzzle and mystery games have to try so hard to convince you that solving puzzles and mysteries is the most sicknasty badass thing you can do in your entire life. And that's why we love them.
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