Leon's Microblog – February 2024

https://www.twitch.tv/videos/2075256230 – Watched this Balatro score attack tournament stream… The game seems fun even though it seems like huge blowout leads are pretty likely.
Fringe theory that Balatro had to carefully delay its 1.0 release until 2024 because then people would no longer say its Jokers look like NFTs
Balatro, eh? I don't get the appeal. If I wanted to collect 150 Jokers, I already have a place to go: Twitter Dot Com! ––– ⚠️[ Leon ._. ] hasn't vacuumed their bedroom in over 12 days. < Augmented with VacuumSpy™ – reveal each poster's vacuum-cleaning status with 1 click! >
Thinking about certain bits of In Stars And Time… I think glitch horror is hitting a point where people no longer feel the need to justify it or provide a metatextual explanation, and it's slowly becoming a purely symbolic art style, like white-on-black pencil sketches, etc.
Can I play 2XKO if I haven't finished Keio Flying Squadron first
They should make RPGs without inventories. When you open a chest, it should just give you "Inventory Points", which is basically just MP that the Item Menu uses. Like hell if the player's going to remember if they ever picked up a potion when they use the "Potion" menu item.
Writing plain Javascript is a great way to make you think Javascript is an excellent language Writing TypeScript is a great way to forcibly impress unto you that the Javascript spec, the TypeScript checker, and you the coder, are only hideous and foul, truly worm-eaten with sin.
Everyone's talking about how opportune and fateful the Aeon Genesis fanslation of Cave Story was, but in retrospect I feel like La Mulana's fanslation (by the same team) was a bit more groundbreaking, in terms of injecting new and unfamiliar game design ideas into the West.
If I could magically split into two independent Leons, I would nobly use this power to achieve the most impossible task in gaming: play Puyo Puyo multiplayer with an opponent of exactly equal skill level. I would /not/ use it for sex purposes, /only/ Puyo Pu
Special "savestate randomiser" challenge run of Mother 3 where every 2 minutes it loads a completely random savestate and you have to work out what the hell the plot is at that point in the game
Feb 2024: Void Stranger fans all start saying "How bothersome", not because they've exhausted all other memorable quotes from the game, but because their mid-30s back pain kicked in simultaneously
Going to start saying things like "the VLC icon is lowkey genius because the traffic cone looks like a broadcast tower (for streaming) AND when turned on its side, the stripes looks like the sound waves from the 🔊 icon" thus infuriating everyone who cares about actual facts.
It finally happened… the inevitable has transpired… I was trying to find a post I'd faved on the elephant tab, but it was nowhere to be seen and looked like it had been deleted, only for me to realise I'd actually faved it on the butterfly tab.
OK, here me out… What if an indie game that cost $10… had the game's download for free… but sold a "retro-style" copy-protection manual bundle for $10… with the proviso that "if you can swipe the codes from your friends… it's free"…
*suddenly imagines if the "enter your brand" screen in Void Stranger was a copy-protection code screen like in LOOM* Oooh
Someone mod the Earthbound naming screen Wow into this
About a quarter of the music tracks in The Ur-Quan Masters sound like lategame Earthbound music invented in parallel by Westerners
*suddenly thinks about all the flashbacks in TotK to the original battle against Ganondorf that only show the characters standing in a line posing like it's the Final Fantasy 1 combat screen* Ah
• There are "timed events" and you can get a "bad ending" for advancing the plot too slowly, but the game offers generous time leniency for even a first playthrough. • The voice-acting is fine. It takes itself about as seriously as the text and music takes itself seriously.
The Ur-Quan Masters is on Steam, so here's a few tips for new players: • The game is mainly a point-and-click adventure with heavily front-loaded resource-gathering and Spacewar-style combat systems. Don't be intimidated – those systems recede in importance later in the game.
How many people are going to look at TypeScript's gradual type system, a heavily compromised and imprecise system designed mainly for ease of porting from JS, assume that's "just what type systems are like", and copy most of it for their bespoke programming language
Yes hello Cohost Dot Org Customer Service I keep clicking the button in the tag page that says "Show 18+ posts" but when I do it only shows 7 posts
Watching some Smash Bros.
Funniest thing about the new Smash Bros. Ultimate tier list, apart from Bayonetta going up 15 spaces, is Power Suit Samus being higher than Zero Suit Samus for the first time in series history. The way things should be. Zebes is healing.
Most unearned thing in human history to imagine Megalovania while doing: I was cutting my big toe nails and had to apply almost 10 seconds of pressure to the clippers to get them to snip
Forbidden alternative timeline where instead of being replaced with music from later chapters, all the formerly-royalty-free music that got removed from Higurashi was replaced with PANICPUMPKIN music
God, I hate Visual Studio Code's name. *suddenly remembers Apple's equivalent is called XCode* That does it, I'm going back to Eclipse. I'm sure I can trick it into thinking TypeScript is Java for a while
*rides in on that crappy gray-orange-purple hover-skiff that Wario uses in The Subspace Emissary in Smash Bros. Brawl* Yeah, they're just giving these away. They're gonna be the new Segway in 2025, for sure. *tries to reverse and does a U-turn so sharp I'm flung 10 feet sideways*
Replaying Super Mario Bros. 3 for the first time in awhile, and noticing how often, even more than World or anything since, it presents little micro-puzzles involving hitting blocks with shells, an interaction they were right to be proud of.
The fascination with grounded blocks feels like a delicious subversion of what SMB1's blocks fundamentally were, and I wonder if the tail swipe attack was added explicitly to continue exploring that design space after programming the shells…
Leon's favourite activities include: • Explicitly recasting .querySelector("input") to <HTMLInputElement> every single freaking time it appears
Today's morning encouragement goes out to all those schools of coconuts swimming through the world's oceans. Don't give up! Even if you ended up in polar waters, you can still someday return to tropical zones and germinate! It's only a matter of time!!
*suddenly sees a bird on the road, only for it to immediately fly away the instant my gaze hits it* Damn, that guy just set up the Mew Glitch on me.
*forty minutes after jumping on a shooting Birdo egg to cross the ocean to the fortress in 4-3 of Super Mario Bros. 2, only to discover that the egg missed the fortress by like five degrees* Yeah, nah, I still think this plan was foolproof and no one could have predicted this
*opens TypeScript project* They call me the Colon String Slinger…
Rouxls Kaard losing his piss because Lancer is the only one who won't acknowledge Beatrice as the Golden Witch of Rokkenjima and it's blowing his chances of becoming her head murder-puzzle designer (all his ideas involve pushing crates and don't actually contain killing)
*surrounded by ten Lev statues from Void Stranger* Heh… Don't worry, everyone… I've got this under control… *swings the staff at the exact moment I realise that nine of them are actually just cardboard cutouts of Lev statues* Oh, now THAT'S a good on–
Do any of you think Okina Matara is responsible for the back pots in Shiren The Wanderer that, when you look inside, inexplicably contain your own back, and allow you to give yourself a back massage
https://modarchive.org/index.php?request=view_player&query=163053 – Really satisfying idiosyncratic percussion on this moody one.
Maria Ushiromiya after it's explained that this Minecraft server has permadeath enabled: *tries to make the Tails Gets Trolled face but thinks Tails and Surprised Pikachu are the same character* :o Pikaaa
Person who's actually allowed to wish for "more wishes" because the concept of possessing wishes – as in having a supernatural being indebted to them – is more important to them than any earthly desire
Thinking about how trading card games arrived at the exact moment just before the concept of "trading cards" would slide out of the zeitgeist forever… it was then or never for cards… they only had one last draw to save themselves…
Bangai-O (1999)
Today's Pochi & Nyaa video
https://modarchive.org/index.php?request=view_player&query=109231 – The fact that no Game Maker platformers in 2007 swiped this is remarkable considering how well it fits the era.
For decades game devs have wrestled with this conundrum: given two objects that collide, should the "on colliding" code be on the more complex object, or the simpler one? Most devs solve this by simply entering a Coder's Trance, and letting the code appear "where Fate wills it".
Instantly inflicting 999 damage by calling Void Stranger "Helltaker for millennials"
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