Leon's Microblog – January 2024

You know, with the amount of folders on my hard drive called "MonoBleedingEdge", you'd think at least one or two of them would have cursed broadswords inside. But no.
Arbitrary array indexing: guaranteed element. The absolute simplest array methods: not guaranteed an element.
So let me get this straight. You're telling me that after all the trouble of restating the function signature three times…… it doesn't even help with narrowing?? Yeah, this language is not very good.
TRIVIA CORNER The ?-marks on the blocks in SMB3 animate by sliding to the right. But on the airship levels, they do not. Why? Actually, each airship is flying backwards at the same speed as the ?-mark, so it only appears to be motionless. This has been another TRIVIA CORNER.
No one can say that Void Stranger didn't innovate in the Sokoban-like puzzle genre… it turned auto-saving after each puzzle solve into a downside.
System Erasure does a Tetris-like falling-block game and the only available songs are "B-Type" and "C-Type"
https://modarchive.org/index.php?request=view_player&query=85351 – Well, time to get my mind off the heat with a random MOD. *opens playlist and immediately hits gold* Swish, nothin' but net
Ooh, look at me, I'm TypeScript Compiler, I can do control flow analysis on normal records, but not THIS record, because THIS record is PARTIAL, which means the indexed property could have fallen through a trapdoor between lines 2 and 3. Ooh! Oooh!!
*thinks about how fricked up it is that you can use a tool literally called "Undertale Mod Tool" to mod Void Stranger*
I've been playing Puyo Puyo 1 so much that I can now viscerally feel a difference when my brain is playing good and when it's playing bad. I can actually sense the moment my attention span burns out and I start fishing for the win colour like a bad grappler.
Little kids 🤝 Umineko readers Losing their minds over the word "quadrillion"
Bats, the sky's most popular mammal, are well-known for making all the noises that the other animals rejected.
I'm an Australian gamer… Instead of "g'day" I say "g'game"…
*I discover that the Games Done Quick run of Final Fantasy V almost didn't finish at all* Ah yes, classic Final Fantasy V, just as we all remember
I love Javascript.
Welcome to my Aloof frag vid
One of the absolute most throwaway dialog lines that stuck with me from In Stars And Time is "All kids love rice." That's very true. As a kid I never regretted getting rice. Truly a grain that's a lifelong friend.
https://modarchive.org/index.php?request=view_player&query=73630 – Despite its name, I actually find this very relaxing.
I 1CC'd Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, but I'm not even going to bother recording it because, as always, I just don't like the game's rules or aesthetics. I actually enjoy the /first/ Puzzle-Dama more than this, which is kind of depressing to say. I beat Devilotte though ^_^
It's sad, really… so many companies cloning Puyo Puyo without understanding where the characters came from, and just making up lumpy blorbo mascots with no design focus or soul… pity… *camera pans to reveal I'm looking at the character screen of SUPER PUZZLE FIGHTER II TURBO*
https://modarchive.org/index.php?request=view_player&query=60007 – Now THIS is what people mean by "jaunty".
This was a big mess that should not have worked as well as it did… just goes to show the power of tail chaining to get that little bit further.
The unthinkable has happened… I've become what I never thought possible… I switched to no-semicolons Javascript and let VS Code wrangle the edge-cases for me. All my lines of code have nude rear ends… *My notifications shoot up to 99 from people telling me to stop calling it t
AWOOO when you're using TypeScript with jQuery you have to use "'jquery' in e" to type-check because "instanceof $" doesn't work and I hate it AWOOOOOO
Wahoo! It's a new efficiency PB: exactly 4 Puyos per link!! …Don't ask what would have happened if that double green hadn't appeared…
Everyone on Starmen Dot Net in the early 00's was extremely bone-serious about that goddamn sword, that wasn't even as good as the Sand Lot Bat, for a character who wasn't even supposed to use physical attacks anyway.
"More like lmaoda functions" – seemingly limp burn that, due to a persistent state mutation error causing integer underflow, instantly incinerates functional programmers
Photo of me after I play Puyo Puyo for over two hours and then go to bed
This one is bad, but do NOT spoil the surprise twist ending for yourself
*Year of Linux on the Desktop voice* This year WILL be the year of Puyo Puyo Becoming Popular In The West
EarthBound HD remake where, for copyright reasons, the Beach Boys "Deirdre" sample in the Cave of the Past music is replaced with a Mario Wonder talking flower voice saying "Dierdre"
Too many games, especially indie games, think "leitmotif" means "only having 1 melody for the whole game". They're forgetting its classical roots, that the original point of them was always "being as annoying and hamfisted as Peter And The Wolf", a valuable goal for narrative mus
It's funny how TypeScript is so blatantly all-in on class inheritance that when the official docs acknowledge the existence of mixins, their proposed solution is "Just dynamically make a chain of subclasses for each mixin. It's fine. Who cares."
DID YOU KNOW? Every sequel of Puyo Puyo increased the number of Next preview boxes by 1! Puyo Puyo had only one, then it increased to two in Puyo Puyo Tsuu (tsuu = "two"), and so on until the fourth and final game, Puyo Puyo Tetris (tetra = 4).
People should just open the Flash editor and make completely new Flash games and put them on the web with Ruffle. No blinking. Roll with the emulator bugs. Reclaim the lost arts.
I get that there's probably a bit more planning to it, but Puzzmo dot com's Wordbind just looks like such a budget puzzle… "Heeeeey kids! Here's my newest brain-spanker! It's two 8+ letter words! Have fun! Knock your noggins out!"
New ATM Machine spotted
Time for a Land Maker joke. Why do Poker players love playing Land Maker? Because in every game they get a full house! ––– Leon is one of the WWW's leading sources of: • Land Maker jokes
Still think it's funny how they couldn't backwards-compatibly add actual array methods to various legacy Javascript types like NodeList or Arguments, but /were/ able to add iteration, so you can do `foo(...elem.childNodes)` or `for (let a of arguments)` and it'll just work.
Microsoft Type Operating Script
What Strong Sad hears when he boots up the computer program he uses to monitor rocks https://deepsid.chordian.net/?file=/MUSICIANS/O/OPM/Rockmonitor_3.sid
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