Leon's Microblog – June 2023

Tetris, despite its abstractness and skill ceiling, is basically a Timmy game, in the sense that most of the joy is in simply finding solves and playing fast. Puyo Puyo is surprisingly Spike-like for its age, but the only people who'd even want to play it are Johnnys.
The three Magic: The Gathering "player archetypes" (Timmy, Johnny, Spike) are actually pretty good at describing versus puzzle game designs. Pochi & Nyaa, for instance, is a peak Spike game. You only play it if you want the joy of outplaying your opponent.
Ever think about how "Little Timmy" (Mario Maker level design archetype) and "Timmy" (Magic: The Gathering deck design archetype) are named after the same hypothetical six-year-old boy
Checking up on how normal Magic: The Gathering is at the present
Well, it's 5PM on the 30th, so it's time to mosey on down to cancel a bunch of Patreon subs right before the next chargeback *someone runs after me shouting "That's not how it works anymore! Subs are charged every 30 days, not 1st of the month!"* Yup, a ritual as old as the seaso
Pochi & Nyaa is definitely a game where the only worthwhile advice for getting good at it is "learn the matchup".
By the way… I just did a 1CC of the Neo-Geo version of Pochi & Nyaa, and I only want to say, A) the controls in this version are dramatically less responsive than on PS2, and B) the CPU is definitely easier (at least for default Level 4 difficulty). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LG55kh2Vyik
He only had 15 coloured blocks left on his board
*designing very hard* Each discrete garbage drop would be a single eliminated (if possible) colour – the first attack would drop purple, but you could anticipate and respond to it by, for instance, immediately eliminating red…
"Colour-contributing garbage" is mechanically identical to garbage - it can't match with anything, and can only be destroyed one-by-one - but it has a colour, and its mere existence forces that colour to be generated.
Pochi & Nyaa would be so funny if it had Land Maker colour elimination + colour-contributing garbage Not just because dropping to only one colour would make it pretty difficult to make forks
Land Maker should have two Next previews *realises that having two colours fixed in advance would mean you couldn't ever fully eliminate a colour unless it was also absent for two consecutive turns* Land Maker should have two Next previe
Making the Bronze Structure in Land Maker is like making the 5 in Panel De Pon. Once you know how to make the 5 and internalise the positions which could produce the 5, you accept that you always have to make it where possible, and every missed 5 sticks out at you from then on.
This game's scoring is pretty funny. Getting even a single Platinum Structure from initial stage RNG is like an instant 5 million point boost.
Using AutoHotKey to implement pause buttons in freeware games without frame-precise pausing by having it call ntdll to suspend the process >:))))
Looking up Neko Project 21/W ini file options. Seems that if you increase memckspd from 8 to 255, the initial memory check is pretty much instant.
Zelda fans when Smash Bros. 6 finally revises Ganondorf to use a moveset from the actual games, only to discover it's entirely based off TotK and is thus basically the same as before:
"The One Ring" sounds like a Friends episode title
What was she cooking?
This Ruco is just a Line sticker
Having playable Peach, Daisy and Yoshi is a good start that at least brings it up to 3D World's standards, but I'll only be impressed if it pulls a Kirby Star Allies and goes to town with the roster. Rosalina. Birdo. Nabbit. Pauline. Diddy Kong. ROB from Mario Kart DS.
I for one would like to congratulate the latest 2D Mario game on being almost as interesting as Kirby Triple Deluxe, which isn't even the high bar among modern Kirby games.
Best part of this is being able to enter your initials by sliding the mouse left and right… now that's text input, baby.
I don't think I mentioned it, but if you want to play Puchi Carat in MAME, my ideal input setting is this: dial analog control set to Mouse X, speed to 5 and sensitivity to 6, for the classic Breakout experience. You may duplicate these settings for player 2 if you want local VS.
Well, I finally did it. I 1CC'd Puyo Puyo 1 (MAME, normal difficulty) two times in one day. I sure did that. No vid. I am now celebrating by banning myself, for the time being, from Puyo Puyo 1. So anyway, *starts crowbarring the planks nailed over bulging door marked "To Do"*
"Is Puyo Puyo a good videogame?" Let me put it this way. Puyo Puyo is one of the least normal videogames ever loosed upon this earth.
Oh??? You want to know how long I played Puyo Puyo 1, a game I have already 1CC'd multiple times, just today? Well, guess. Go on, guess. More. More. Still more. More. …Look, you seem to be assuming it wasn't an amount of time with worrying health implicati
The Puyotinum Structure. Is this anything. Could you maybe even just hover the mouse over the heart button for a couple seconds
Puyo Puyo is actually starting to feel… easy…
Thinking about how BotW was mostly beloved for being this idyllic "Ghibli-esque" wilderness game full of natural interactions, and then the sequel TotK fills that wilderness with glued-together contraptions and blocky floating platforms all over the sky.
Who's got that one Pochi & Nyaa video *absolutely no one alive takes the bait* …OK, so, look, just watch this damn video
I need to emphasise that Puyo Puyo is very deep and rewarding, but also an inherently, incurably dorky game. Tetris is cool. Touhou spell cards - most of the time - are cool. Puyos never will be.
Bye ;-)
Thinking about how the ending of every single TotK subquest about finding Princess Zelda is "in the end, the Princess is always in the right, and if she ever did or said something weird, she was just misunderstood by her inferior subjects (or it was an impostor)".
Petal Crash creepypasta about the "deleted eighth Sacred Blossom", "one of those sunflowers that're, like, two sunflowers"
So just yesterday I rewatched my 1CC videos and felt a little unimpressed at how… scrappy and tooth-and-nail (read: bad) the gameplay was. So, I worked to record a THIRD 1CC that's a more representative of my current skills. See you in July for 1CC vid 4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Csg-Q5gulO4
You may be wondering, "Leon, honeybun, (in this hypothetical we are a 90s sitcom couple), do you really need to play Puyo 1 for 5 hours a day to get consistent?" To which I say "No… BUT IT HELPS!! FWEHEHEHEHEHE" *I slowly hover up while cackling until I clip through the ceiling*
There are only two kinds of games I like to 1CC: • Games that are cool • Puyo Puyo
God… I am such a fool… such a FOOL!! So you know the copyright warning on Sega arcade games that sits for 10 full seconds? Instead of cranking MAME turbo on to maybe reduce it to 5, just double-tap F2 service mode! It takes you straight to the title screen!! You clown!
I really like this character, design-wise – her chains don't actually do more damage than each individual clear, but using them is both slightly faster and strategic, in that a layer of 6-8 garbage blocks is often just better than sending two blocks four times.
First time beating this stage on 1CC pace! Despite my every attempt to choke, I pulled through. At first I thought this story mode was kind of unfair, but maybe there's something to it. *remembers I never explained to my followers (you) what this freaking game is yet* Oh Well
FIVE BAYOENS! Now we're getting somewhere!!!!!
Even without forms, my ability to get "dirty Bayoens", ones with no planning and just barely-conscious placement, is increasing as well… what normally would be 4-chains ending in a trio are getting that one missing puyo. Soon… soon I will be slightly consistent at this game…
Zork protagonist in Puyo Puyo shouting random spell names for each chain: "Frotz! Blorb! Gnusto! Filfre! …uhh…" *checks which spells are actually in the games and not just dubiously-canonical spinoff material* "……Izyuk?"
Not going to lie… being able to reliably crank this Forme out on 1CC pace when the colours are right, and just win, feels really good and validating. I enjoy winning, especially when it's just.
Watching Mystery Tournament VODs
TotK "get the Master Sword" speedruns
All I'm saying is, if *I* was a mid-20s ojousama in a 90s videogame, and a middle-school girl called me "obaasan" (おばあさん, fig. "old lady"), I would simply kill her with my bare hands immediately, instead of challenging her to a match-3 puzzle game duel
Welcome to my Toryumon frag vid
Notes: The stages (opponents) are based on the number of Hurry Ups you receive in a match. Getting up to 3 Hurry Ups skips you ahead that many opponents until the end. I could have skipped up to 1 more stage by stalling, but I simply played it safe.
Everyone please watch this 1CC, but especially watch at around 5:06 https://twitter.com/webbedspace/status/1668957933189869568
Free her
*Sunset Riders voice* Bury me with my puyos *I am promptly hit with 60 garbage puyos* No, the other sense of "with"
Jailbreak of the century
It happens all the time: you're minding your own business, when you suddenly get an overwhelming urge to place down two red puyos, then two green puyos on the row above, then a red and a green above that, then a fourth red puyo connecting the top and bottom diagonally, resting on
When are the letters of the alphabet going to diversify into podcast promos and streamer tie-ins, instead of just sponsoring Sesame Street episodes
*thinks deeply about the train of thought that would lead one to release a game called "Super Mario USA"*
Kris from Deltarune taking out the SOUL, opening the fridge, dunking it deep into the three-quarter-full jar of mustard that no one in the house ever opens or remembers buying, slamming the door, then stumbling away for two hours
*sees people posting the Master And Commander: The Far Side Of The World intro when it is neither April nor 1805 yet* Psshft
*thinks about the part in Hamlet where Hamlet had to solve six puzzles themed around the elements to break the barrier around Claudius's tower* Whoa
Every single Game Boy Advance game had this exact art style. If you ever played a Game Boy Advance game that didn't have this exact art style, it was definitely a port.
The only two subgenres I know of that combine both aspects are StarSweep, and Puzzle Bobble / Land Maker. Dr. Mario and its ilk don't /really/ count insofar as the pre-generated pieces (viruses) aren't constantly being added to the board as usable material to react to…
The two main kinds of versus puzzle games are ochige (lit. "falling game"), and rising block games (Panel De Pon, Petal Crash, Magical Drop). The former have huge skill ceilings due to how much control you have, and the latter have huge ceilings due to how fast you can match.
The most underrated part of Cave Story's Sacred Grounds was definitely the "all weapons dropped to level 1" clause. Really good way of capping off the whole game by forcing you to re-engage with its leveling mechanics one last time.
Wondering if the MangaGamer localisation of Higurashi left the episode names untranslated because they wanted to preserve the naming scheme where they all rhyme with "Higurashi", or if they just plain forgot when releasing Onikakushi and had to stick with it for the next 7.
Realised that as of their respective current releases, I respect the intelligence of Pokémon NPCs more than Zelda NPCs. Which was definitely not the case even 10 years ago.
Whenever I lose in Pochi & Nyaa, I know it was absolutely my fault for not stockpiling long enough or tanking well enough. Whenever I lose in Puyo Puyo, I know it was absolutely my fault for expecting the fourth puyo of one colour in the next 12 pieces and then not freaking getti
Pleased to report that I finally got 90 minutes of sleep last night! *is abruptly informed by a nearby thalamus that 90 minutes is shorter than 8 hours, not longer* Hmm, uh-huh, mmm, so, what you're saying is,
Peony and Denny. Is this anything. Anyone who specifically plays Petal Crash
Someone tell ZUN to do Smash Bros. character reveal posts for Touhou 19's base roster. I need the suspense of staying up late wondering if this one will be Iku or Mamizou only to open the page and find that it's Eika, somehow.
The only big thing missing is selectable protagonists (like Puchi Carat). The only thing holding Puchi Carat's incredible story mode back is that Puchi Carat is really, /really/ not designed to be 1CC'd. (Not that there's even any reward, but still…)
StarSweep's story mode (in all versions) really is one of the best pick-up-and-play modes out there: • Decent character designs and music • Plenty of levels (9) • Exactly 4 dialog boxes per level (like Puchi Carat) • Relatively easy to 1CC • Whole thing is over in 5 minutes
What versus puzzle game CPU matches feel like • Puyo Puyo: catapult battle with only timber and ropes provided • Pochi & Nyaa: pistol duel with Metroid charge beams • Panel De Pon: boxing match while wearing plate mail • StarSweep: knife fight atop a mountain of daggers
The patients need 50ccs of RotSprite, stat
There's still so much they can do. What if Zelda got turned to stone AND split into 8 pieces. What if Zelda got stuck on the moon. What if Zelda became unable to freaking do anything for 100,000 years instead of just 100 or 10,000. The imagination boggles.
"TotK was good but I hope we get a new Link and Zelda in the next game." No. They must suffer more.
Deltarune NPC that constantly reflows their dialog box when an appearing word is too long to fit on the top line, instead of starting the word on the next line like everyone else – and, when asked to stop, responds by using increasingly longer words to make it more noticeable.
Imprisoned in a lotus for thousands of years for calling TotK zonaite "build grist"
Main reason TotK's final battle is better than BotW's, despite being roughly the same thing, is because they wrote themselves into a position where no NPC dialogue is possible, leaving the player to figure it out themself. That doesn't mean it's intuitive, just that it's better.
Note about this tweet: by Arkanoid DS, I was referring specifically to this one track right here https://twitter.com/webbedspace/status/1653065621272399873
Live candid unstaged 4K HDI footage of me right now
Thinking about how TotK is so Zelda-brand-obsessed that the plot dungeons are called "<noun> Temple", followed by a subtitle explaining what the structure actually is instead of a temple.
Get a load of the GamesDoneQuick stream now for some serious gaming.
I've finished TotK and seen the entire story. The release of this game immediately caused videogames to no longer be art.
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