Leon's Microblog – August 2023

Petal Crash sequel where, if you get a combo (simultaneous clear) of all 5 colours (example below) then you instantly win the match by dropping a Wrecking Crew '98-style billboard on your opponent (it has Lilibri saying "Keep quiet in the library" on it)
*gets a 5-chain in Missile Command, the Cold War-themed 1980 arcade game* Bayoen
NetHack deaths operate on the same internal logic as old Sierra adventure games
It feels like this whole game is a museum of design decisions Puyo Puyo 1's developers shrewdly disregarded – even the basic "connect 3" mechanic feels flimsier than connecting 4, not just because fewer shapes are possible, but keeping chain links separate gets surprisingly hard.
The overall game balance in this is pretty all over the place. The characters who push lines of garbage upward (like in Columns or Star Stacker) feel kind of useless when they don't actually stop the opponent from finishing their chain.
I can't believe this. Not only is there a character who has Ken from Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo's extremely OP garbage pattern, but the character literally named "Ryo" has Ryu from Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo's pattern (not as weak in this game but still often exploitable)
In these games you play and challenge ordinary townsfolk in a zany small town. Combined with the expressive art style and sometimes idiosyncratic voicelines, the games have a "prime time cartoon sitcom" feel to them. I wanna watch the antics of these guys every 8PM weekdays.
New 1CC!! Similarities of the final 3 opponents to a certain Japanese game show that earned worldwide fame in the mid-2000s are strictly coincidental. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHMZhaQg8N4
Frustum Culling is my favourite minor Discworld character
Infracted at the Netrunner tournament for calling R&D "Research and Development" three times in one sentence
*carefully marches up to a 20-microphone podium while a storm of camera-flashes bleaches the wall behind me, adjusts my tie with one clean tug, then white-knuckle-grips both sides and leans forward with resolution* Puyos
Deltarune creepypasta where Ralsei announces that he can "switch off his eyes", removing them from his sprite. He does it once for 1 second and then says he won't do it again because it looks too scary. This creepypasta is universally loathed
What is UP with the baby character's animations
The MarioWiki article for "Goomba" has this many templates at the bottom.
In the sequel, they took the 9-year-old schoolgirl from the tutorial level and made her badass.
Trying out Taisen Puzzle-dama. This is the ultimate versus puzzle background music of all time, as well as the ultimate versus puzzle character art of all time.
It's not canonically stated what the "Petal Crash" matches in the game "Petal Crash" look like, but I've got the scoop right here: it's basically just shuffleboard. Rosalia uses her sword as a cue stick.
People are going to be so mad when they finally decompile the source code to Bangai-O and discover all the slowdown when you do the super cool attack is just because they used Bubble Sort.
*thinks about how I could have picked any username on this site back in 2009 and DIDN'T go with "AzureDragonFyre", the best possible username* Well, being an adult is about living down your regrets,
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*explaining via analogy to Moon Remix RPG Adventure* OK, so, Madou Monogatari 1-2-3 is the "fake Moon"… and Puyo Puyo… is the "even faker somehow Moon"…
Lunatic 1CC in this game is not only very different to the usual shmup games (because it's a different genre with much shorter stages) but even to the Phantasmagoria games (due to only having 6 stages + winning by "quota"), so don't think of it as the marathon it usually is.
If you're playing Unfinished Dream Of All Living Ghost, I highly recommend this specific challenge (Lunatic 1CC, Reimu). There's a lot of fun to be had managing meter and cancelling entire attacks – very reminiscent of Hidden Star In Four Seasons. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1SBIYvfPGGU
Me right now
Dipping back into Puyo Puyo 1 after a break, and finding myself unleashing Bayoens even more fluidly than ever before. ✨📈
Madou Monogatari ASMR. Is this anything. Anything at all
Ashamed to admit that I only started using a proper hard drive backup program for Windows just this week (Restic), and the speed difference from what I was doing before (just rsyncing everything) is making me regret my ways.
Watching some Smash Bros.
*downloads a thing that removes the DRM from Kindle documents* This is just like Netrunner
*thinks about Phantasmagoria Of Flower View* If only it had modern netcode… but that'll never happen… *suddenly imagines MAME eventually being able to emulate PC98 and as a result Phantasmagoria Of Dim.Dream, i.e. Touhou 3, is added to Fightcade with rollback* BBBBBPFTH
Touhou 19…… Tears Of The Kingdom…… 2023 truly is "the Year of the Erhu in Game Music"……
Learn to love yourself like ZUN loves the phrase "Welcome to Hell"
They call him Index, Ph.p… smartest file in the whole server.
Exclusive fresh-from-the-darkroom photo of me right now (I'm all the goddesses and cherubs enjoying Pochi & Nyaa)
What algorithm do the Prismriver sisters use to generate pseudorandom numbers? Merlin noise
What do 90s software pirates use when laying out their websites? Letters of <marquee>
Who is the elusive "Cherrypoint Max", and what is his role in Perfect Cherry Blossom's plot
*opens Microsoft Word with every single toolbar enabled and starts typing* One of the oldest, most resilient, and most consistently popular Magic: The Gathering decks is "Tron", named in honour of Mega Man Legends character Tr
You may ask, who is next? You may ask, who will be? Who will be the secret boss of adventure no nineteen?
Feeling excited about the new Touhou this weekend…
*hears a microwave ding noise as the cognitive dissonance about the X brand finally finishes developing* OK! Time to go back to posting like everything is normal! Uh…………………………………………………………………… Moon Remix RPG Adventure players need to Kera-Ma-Go to the pol
I already posted a 1CC video for this port, but here's another one I got just now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0Q8SH6cfCk Once you get the hang of it (which can… take a while), it's a pretty consistent run.
Been playing Pochi & Nyaa story mode on the arcade (Neo Geo) port, which has worse controls and graphical feedback than PS2 but, importantly, only has 5 stages, making for a nice 8-minute challenge… Love this game.
*I hear that Magic: The Gathering is doing a murder mystery themed set* Okay, uhhhhhhhhh……………… um…………… err…………………… uh…………………hmm………………… um………………………………………………………when, uh……………When my spell is red, it can't be countered??????
There exists a world where Nintendo allowed Smash Bros. to stay at EVO and everyone's watching it now. Unfortunately, grand finals consists of Minecraft Steve building walls while Sonic the Hedgehog spins into them over and over, so it's not unambiguously the better world…
Welcome to my Moudjiya frag vid
*logging on to my Netrunner ICE roleplay account* I was born before the first byte was written and shall die after the last platter stops spinning. My blade is beyond flaw. My sight is beyond error. I will suffer no Prometheus. This crappy remote with 1x Spin Doctor is my Olympus
*drinks tea brewed from a teabag that was reused one too many times* You think about how insidious Who Wants To Be A Millionaire was? Other gameshows offered luxuries and services, but all it ever offered was money, framing mere possession of wealth as the end instead of the mea
Live uncompressed 120FPS footage of me right now
True if huge
. o O ( What if Yosoti from Petal Crash had 8 legs like Sleipnir )
*tries difficulty level 8 with Exchanger instead of Debtmiser* Christ almighty Debtmiser is just so freaking worse than Exchanger
OK, look, hang on, LOOK, listen to me, the thing is that when you continue in Puchi Carat, it automatically changes your name on the scoreboard in order to denote that you used a "CONTINUE"–
HEY! I have now 1CC'd this game FOR A THIRD TIME, but now on max difficulty!! My observations are that the difficulty levels only really serve to make the earlier stages much harder, with little noticeable difference later on. Still very time-consuming! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KuqrqljsYU
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