Leon's Microblog – November 2022

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_I8zpgRi_o – The only reason this ISN'T in the actual game is because of copyright. Absolutely certain. [Undertale, ?????????????????]
None of the stories about immortality cover what *I* want to see: someone having to maintain the same codebase for over 3,000 years, and whether they would still be recognisably human
Greatest Programming Language Ever Created
Nemona feels like the first time they've tried to make this character "make sense", to give a decent emotional basis for why this Champion would follow you around – and also given a personality consistent with someone who would become Champion in the first place.
So, like… ever since Gold, Pokémon has had this character of the League Champion watching over you during your adventure, as a kind of mentor who never unveils their power until the end. That character – Cynthia, Steven – has always been rather flat and emotionally distant.
I like Nemona the Pokémon character. I think she's cool and funny. Bite me.
*puts together a four-slide presentation where each one has one sentence that reads "Legendary Spanish Pokémon in the U.S.-themed region", "Legendary Chinese Pokémon in the Spain-themed region" "THEREFORE" and "Legendary U.S. Pokémon in the China-themed region?????"*
Screw you, Windows, I'm opening, editing AND saving this file for the next several weeks, and you're not going to pester me about how its full path just happens to start with "C:\$Recycle.Bin\"
In the 20th century, the funniest, most entertaining thing you could possibly hope to see at a party was a picture of a donkey with its tail located somewhere it normally isn't.
I'm honestly a little sad that Pokémon Scarlet/Violet (open world game) came out so far from Elden Ring (open world game) that we missed out on lots of extremely predictable and only very mildly funny jokes about the two.
Me every time a character in Pokémon Scarlet/Violet says "my greatest treasure":
Dang, I'm finding more and more hits off of this. What a haul. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eweBN6hz9MY
Why, while listening to an album of 70's British synth music, did I encounter a track that sounds exactly like it's for a greaser cat NPC from a nonexistant EarthBound-inspired RPG https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mc6RoPQoyJQ
I'm all the characters on the left and also all the characters on the right https://twitter.com/KaiserBeamz/status/1597085959375319040
One further minor thing I'll credit this comic for is having consistently good character names that sound both highly distinctive and plausibly mundane. It's an authorial skill that I kind of envy.
The smiley emojis in the Window picker when Windows is in High Contrast mode look better than the coloured versions. Even the accursed "XD" emoji looks slightly less obnoxious in this form.
Just ticked over to midnight on my birthday!! *waits for congratulations* Thank you, thank you, it was all my idea actually
Sonic CD? Well, I'd HOPE it is!!!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrjlJ_dR-tQ – Well, uh, that's one way to improve this track. [Sonic the Hedgehog, Homestuck]
Awhile ago I did a tweet announcing I'd discovered that, according to official 07th Expansion material, Keiichi Maebara (the protagonist of Higurashi) has the same birthday as John Egbert (the protagonist of Homestuck). But then I deleted it, because the world is simply not ready
🎉Just faved a post on Cohost, realised this doesn't actually do anything as a show of support, then unfaved it.🎉
"When not in use, chairs can be safely stored underneath you by sitting on them."
https://modarchive.org/index.php?request=view_player&query=135210 – I've liked some other tracks by this artist (DRAX) but I just started going through their stuff, and I have to say I quite like this one.
High-elf school system where the grades go up to 120 Yes, this /would/ be a dark comedy, I'm glad you noticed
I still think that particular plotline is the high water mark for Pokémon game plots… haven't checked out Scarlet yet but I won't fault it for not reaching those heights.
The Noelle/Queen relationship in Deltarune is kind of like the Lillie/Lusamine relationship in Pokémon Sun and Moon, complete with a weird giant mech suit boss fight.
I like how "It's called Rust (the proglang) because it's close to the metal (hardware)" and "It's called Rust because Mozilla's logo was red" and "It's called Rust because it's short for 'Robust'" and "It's called Rust because it's a pun on Chrome" are all actually incorrect.
Yes, the Higurashi translation is a little extremely riddled with typos, but it doesn't translate "nakama" as itself even though the characters say it 8,000 times, so at least it's got that going for it.
I also watched Poulette's Chair (the 3-minute-long cartoon short) because a bunch of people were talking about anime chairs for some strange reason recently… and it really is, as the reviews say, a standard breathtaking blockbuster cartoon movie crushed down into 3 minutes.
Finally watched the documentary about the Magic: The Gathering card "Tarmogoyf" (https://youtu.be/i6sPPhlQqtk?t=37) and am glad that it does cover everything: its initial undervaluing, the "it's actually a blue card" era, the ridiculous price point, and so on.
I still love Perfect Cherry Blossom's narrative… that whole journey you take through stage 4… the otherworldly idea of "stealing spring"… that phenomenal final boss concept. Only other game to feel equally narratively astonishing to me is Hidden Star In Four Seasons.
Rust's modernity makes it feel like a crossover of academic proglang design's greatest hits… traits/decorators, hygenic macros, destructuring/pattern matching, the Maybe Monad… I'm loving it.
VNs with branching narratives are Metroidvanias. *waits patiently for the ruckus to die down* Metroidvanias with branching narratives are Metroidvania²s. *makes my escape amid the pandemonium*
Still using and enjoying NuShell… I felt very satisfied when I figured out all you need to do to get a list of identical-sized files in a directory is this – and the upsert and transpose are just plumbing that could be massaged out with some quick aliases.
OK, I know it's been almost a decade, and the dust has well and truly settled, but I still have something I want to say, and now, in this hour of darkness, might well be the last chance I get to say it. So, here it is: Gone Home should have been $15 at launch, *not* $20.
People are hurriedly announcing their new accounts on other sites and STILL doing the "link in replies" thing………
If I was in the sauce I would simply consult a map
Saw a post observing that one of the most astonishing upsides of HTML, a document format, being repurposed as an application user interface framework, is simply that, unlike dedicated ground-up UI frameworks, font rendering actually works.
Personally, I can't wait for the next generations of version control tools that are actually just interfaces for Git, and are all mutually compatible due to outputting Git. Git can finally turn into the legacy file format it always deserved to become.
Tried to go to SIGGRAPH but accidentally went to SIGSEGV : (
My favourite Smash Bros. main? Gotta be good old Fox. Loved that li'l rascal in Tunic. *places cursor on Toon Link*
People are of course reticent to think of MAME as a "tool", but what it performs with its input files is on the same magnitude as what ffmpeg does with its input files.
I think the discussion of "greatest open source tools of all time", featuring stuff like ffmpeg and rsync, should also mention MAME. Like, if you were to describe the problem space of MAME to a programmer today, the resulting physiological reaction would need medical attention.
I can't believe Windows has just let people suffer under alt-key-codes for so long that there exists a popular website JUST for copying em-dashes to the clipboard. Inconceivable.
I really admire the Borrow Checker, not just as a piece of technology, but as a provocative work of art. It feels as avant-garde now as Python's whitespace rules felt in the 2000's.
I also feel like the ownership metaphor makes it much easier for me to understand what & and * mean, and why you would use them… Thinking of &x as a "borrowed x" sticks in my mind much more than whatever the hell it meant in K&R C.
Fictional characters tiered by how much "Xreader fic energy" they exude. *immediately slams the reply button shut so no one can ask me what that even means*
RPG Maker Veluxe
Petal Crash 99. *I am informed of a reasonable estimate of how many people actually play Petal Crash* Petal Crash 9
Pokémon of Scarlet Devil. Is this anything. It isn't, is it
I'm learning Rust (the programming language) and the decision to reduce most of the keywords to crappy little POSIX-style abbreviations like "mut" or "pub" or "fn" or "impl" is actually extremely pleasing and relieving. The spectre of Java has not blighted this ground.
For instance, if you just examine the Symbol feature, about half of the stuff you're looking at cannot be explained if you don't have the historical context for why it had to exist, what behaviour they're trying to support or explain.
The thing about Javascript is that it's loaded with a lot of "magical" behaviour that, if you don't already understand not just how it works, but also the backwards-compatibility constraints it has to operate under, is just fundamentally bewildering otherwise.
It'll be called "When Do We Get To For-Loops?!" (and the answer is never).
Someday I might write a Javascript tutorial that explains it the way *I* understand it. Ch.1: Making objects with { } Ch.2: Symbols as property names Ch.3: Property attributes (enumerable, get/set, etc.) Ch.4: Object internal slots (call, isExtensible, etc.)
Competitive Opus Magnum combo GIFs
https://modarchive.org/index.php?request=view_player&query=172778 – One of those chiptune tracks that makes you imagine an entire freeware Metroidvania around it.
I will say that the game's true draw – the dozens of "characters" with different physics and art styles – remains solid. In that respect Meteos is kind of the Dicey Dungeons of versus puzzlers (lots of "levels" with low individual replay value).
The central mechanic that lets you keep matching during "chains" to extend them gives this a rather, shall we say, "button-mashy" feel, where your route to victory is just maximising APM instead of trying to form chain-friendly macro-structures or patterns.
Decided to play a few rounds of Meteos, off of my recent Petal Crash exploits, and like… I hadn't internalised how much this is just Panel De Pon again, complete with the delayed top-out mechanics and garbage blocks that give you matches for free.
Just spent all of yesterday keeping track of where various artists on Twitter are going away to, and I'm looking forward to sitting back, relaxing, and keeping track of where various artists on DeviantArt are g
Today in Wikipedia diagrams
I feel it's more than a little gauche to reminisce about the "best" tweets as if the past one-and-a-third decades have just been some kind of a contest, but, this one will always have a place in my heart.
Shell programmer, stubbornly holding a pipe at a 90 degree angle to the flowing water: "I don't get it."
ASCII Zoology of Modern Programming
Yes, I play Final Fantasy 4 with the sound off. It's like the old saying goes: Never hear your Meteos!!!!!!!!!!!! *Tellah dies agonisingly onscreen*
"Despite everything, it's still you" is the "So long and thanks for all the fish" of Undertale, in that it was only ever meant to be an incidental joke with a hint of poignancy, in stark contrast to its actual popular reception.
The innumerable precious lives and souls of those from before written history appear lost to us, as gone as Alexandria… but consider the converse, that we are in turn lost to them – stranded so far down the river of time that most of humanity can't ever see or hear us.
FEZ's solution to traversing between areas being just "you go in a door and pop out a completely disconnected door all the way over there" is a pretty good Gordian knot-cut for adding horizontal travel to an almost entirely vertically-oriented game.
It's very appropriate that most people wouldn't know what an infinitive was without Star Trek, because "infinitive" sounds like something that would be on a show called Star Trek in the first place.
Forget competitive Tetris – where's competitive The Incredible Machine The whole game is already about making sick combos
I tried watching some other VODs on this channel… This one here is mostly just the competitors struggling to figure out how this game mode is even playable. https://youtu.be/q0i8Ju6q7eg?t=1144
https://gamesdonequick.com/schedule – Looked through the GDQ announcement and didn't see anything particularly eye-grabbing… until this little duo, that is…
Watching speedrun tournaments / randomised ROM hack race tournaments has led me to a frightening inescapable conclusion: in this day and age, you could make a versus puzzle game where each round is 40 minutes long, and people might actually seriously play it.
Using an acutely obscure Homestuck reference in an analogy while conversing with a friend has the same satisfaction as horking up a disgusting regexp into your code, fresh off your lobes, and having it just work.
You see, plot twists are essentially a kind of "combo", where an existing unimportant element (the light hit) is abruptly revealed to have a much grander meaning (the fierce hit).
Thinking about writers whose style is essentially analogous to "fighting game button mashing"
We didn't have the language to say this ten years ago, but now we do: Vriska is the main character of Homestuck in the Twitter sense of the term
I like how Panel De Pon and Petal Crash both make it clear that pushing more tiles is basically the versus puzzle game equivalent of Magic: The Gathering's "draw a card", in the sense that you win by doing it as much as possible.
Watching top tier Smash Bros. play
Petal Crash tilt controls is the best joke game mode (in this case, based on the Mario Kart 8 meme) to ever be used in a tournament setting https://youtu.be/PogYpwzCEZg?t=3121
*Ken Nordine voice* Gray with an A is timeless, vivacious, all-business. Suits, cars, a city viewed from a plane. Grey with an E is an aged, glory-gone grey. Hair, thick clouds, the dust in the apartment you no longer have time to clean.
New bepis spotted
Petal Crash (2020), a competitive multiplayer version of Wilmot's Warehouse,
Dang, I just upgraded to a VSCode version that has multi-coloured matching braces, and now my code looks like Mika Pikazo designed it. *no one is able to figure out if this is meant to be some kind of burn or not*
*keeps using the phrase "Electron shells" to refer to the web browser wrappings around Javascript apps, even though the word "shell" has a specific computer meaning that has nothing to do with it, and is actually just a pun on particle physics electron shells* Electron shells
Some people use "mkcdir"?? This is getting out of hand.
I just played like 15 more rounds at this difficulty (9.0) with about 60% W/L.
Welcome to my Petal Crash frag vid
*tries unsuccessfully to remember B3313's name* 17776
⚡️Crossposted from Outer Noospace on 2022-11-05 20:20:56 GMT+10⚡️ OK, now we've all transmigrated into the mathematical realm, let's get to know our new post-human selves. What was your favourite tweet? Mine was the good ol' "Everything happens so much". Anyone else heard that o
*plays the original Dragon Warrior for the NES* Man, this is the wackiest choice for Kansai-ben localisation I've ever seen
Quick survey: What shell alias do you use for combining mkdir -p and cd?
https://modarchive.org/index.php?request=view_player&query=84796 – JRPG fight after the world map suddenly switches to the white-on-black palette.
🌚Peak Touhou character naming was when everyone was called something like "Merlin Prismriver" or "Mystia Lorelei" 🌞Peak Touhou character naming was when ZUN made Satori the satori and Nue the nue
https://modarchive.org/index.php?request=view_player&query=147543 – This one took awhile to win me over, but it's worth sticking around to hear it fully develop.
How do I convince the people who run Cohost dot org to make auto-embeds for ModArchive dot org tracks. That'd be the killer feature that'd rope ME in.
Another test image (https://www.pixiv.net/artworks/86321007), with greater amounts of (digital) watercolour and paper grain, produced more competitive results for the real formats… but still… my hair is going to need an intense de-raising after this…
Saw a tweet saying that the actual true most byte-efficient way to losslessly compress a image is to convert to .BMP then feed it into .7z… I had to try. Using this test image (original PNG): https://www.pixiv.net/artworks/59673932. Let me tell you, Halloween must be late, because I'M spooked.
What I want to know is, do console ports of RPG Maker MV games run in NWJS too? Is the Switch version of Omori inside a <canvas> tag
The two most culturally prominent users of ASCII art diagrams are GameFAQs walkthroughs and Internet Engineering Task Force memos.
I also reject that metafiction is inherently opposed to / a deconstruction of "normal" fiction. Not that there isn't a lot that /tries/ to be that, but the metafiction I tend to enjoy is just a natural extension of its own genres, adding a small sf twist to a typical story.
In truth, the dissonance between a fictional character's perception/preconception of this "reader" and the real-life reader, and the real-life conditions of the work itself, can be a great source of humour, especially when the author actually intends it.
Like, just as an example, the idea that metafictional works which try to bring in the reader as a character/agent in the story have to be completely convincing/enthralling to the real-life reader or else they've "inherently" failed, is to me one of the bigger misconceptions.
I feel a pang of regret that, not just the fact that metafictional horror being misunderstood, but metafiction itself is so commonly misunderstood, as if it's inherently some transgression of the "magic circle" of fiction, and not just another petty little subgenre.
To me, a lot of its strength is /exactly/ its metafictional qualities: the fact of the Renko/Merry story being delivered in a completely different medium (physical printed liner notes on music CDs) to Touhou itself is absolutely essential for framing the distance between them.
I sense average Undertale fans, creepypasta fans, etc. probably wouldn't find the Renko/Merry-to-Touhou relationship legible or even remotely interesting, let alone think that it's operating in the same metafictional space.
Musing on this… what's funny is how it's more like an "equal opposite"… Relative to Undertale, Gaster is an abberation, an "occult" intrusion upon normalcy… but for Maribel Hearn, it is actually Touhou that is the abberation, the literal "occult". https://twitter.com/webbedspace/status/1355445956439756801
Sometimes I lean back in my chair and think, "you know, sometimes programming really is unbearably twee."
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