Leon's Microblog – April 2017

*fuses two hayfevers and one sleep-debt into a common cold* "Congratulations, you've completed the tutorial. 100 levels of suffering await!"
"They call my penis a dangling pointer, because–" *grins the awful grin of the needy greedy submissive* "–it's a huge vulnerability."
First-ever-warlock: "Wanna hear a new name we could call ourselves that's like "wizard" but 100 times more badass" Second-ever-warlock: "OK"
Your thirty-foot robot's missing. You know it could only be in its thirty-foot private sulking pit, but for its sake you pretend you don't.
"We always suspected it would never work, and now the proof is forever seared on our memories."
Anyway, here's a music track from that game that I used to really love: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vlonUoUfnlk
Me, a fool born and a fool to die: "Surely someone has finished a translation patch for Kururin Paradise by now, after 15 years"
When you've been plotting a story for so long you're forgetting which events are the effed-up plot twists, so you annotate them with "F↑"
https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=47211361 – I keep thinking this one has a figure hidden in it… eerie.
It seems to have scavenged a glowing sword, painted it black, then scratched stars and moons into it and hung it on its bedroom wall.
*tenderly lifts shirt to reveal two spring-loaded boxing gloves instead of breasts*
*Dullahan places head on running model train* "We cultivate an open, fun office environment…" *voice trails off as head recedes from camera*
"Just as you can erase permanent marker by scribbling over it with temporary marker… so too can the gods die to mortal hands."
"Humans… the tiny, wet ghosts that give us life… to spy one flee our wreckage is to glimpse the netherworld, where we are born from dreams."
"They say the best way to get into a roc's nest… is to imitate a stick." "You don't mean…" "Yes." *sends in an elite band of planking teens*
"Our alien benefactors left halfway through uplifting us… we got rockets but no medicine… see the stars but not the lifespan to go to them."
"If the entirety of my love was placed inside the heart shape between my fingers, they would snap off and fly in bloody arcs in an instant."
"She's a whiteboard drawing… acted kinda aggro when she came to life, but we're pals now!" *waves with hand which is just a marker outline*
Game set on layered oceans of different-density fluids, each changing your motion as their surfaces are breached
"If Paris is the slow accordion music of cities, ours is definitely the dodgy washing machine thumping."
*shakes a bar of chocolate until it explodes in a blast of carbonated caramel*
"Fully unfolding our psychics' brains lets them be vastly overclocked!" *pan to pegged-up sheet of grey matter with desk fans blowing on it"
Ever since those meddling teens destroyed the dream world, you've only dreamed about lying in bed. Well, it beats your work nightmares, but
It was this scene in Seiklus, this beloved game, that it was reminding me of – linking the two as kindred spirits in my eyes.
When I first encountered this scene in LOOM, there was something comforting about it… something familiar, evoking a computer game lineage.
The spear stabs into their body, but doesn't emerge on the other side. It goes farther and farther in, until it's gone, and the wound closes
"I thought that relationship was the best any could be… what form, then, would my bliss have taken, had I known it was only the beginning?"
Gingerly plugging an extension cord into the top half of the load-bearing pillar, then across the room to where the bottom half now rests.
"For me, accomplishing anything at all is a miracle." "Hey, that just makes you a god."
Thanks to whoever named this animal https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tufted_puffin
Who called it Sonic The Hedgehog 2 and not Sonic The Herzog Zwei
Who called it Splatoon 2 and not Panzer Splatoon Zwei
#IPlayed this VN also https://nomnomnami.itch.io/her-tears-were-my-light Not bad if you've already played Save The Date.
On a different note, this "online high score table" is extremely entertaining
(More accurate download link at http://gamejolt.com/games/infernal-edge/5976)
This Game Maker game Infernal Edge isn't half bad… interesting as a deep dive into specific scenes in Contra III.
My favourite ship? Hmm… gotta be Javascript scrollbar/actual scrollbar
#IPlayed this VN: https://cosmic-latte.itch.io/starlit-flowers Good art for a jam game, and the flavour of the protag's internality is pretty good.
I read both of these sentences four times like a fool instead of just holding my laptop sideways and crossing my eyes
Me, daily: What if someone quietly released a sfxr-esque program that makes the rest of the videogame, and I'm sitting here missing out
I also like the subversive nature of it – asking a block to move because you can't push it, revealing it and yourself to be something more.
I like how well this works as a gate – It's established only Garry can push these, and Mary can't do this with Ib because of her secret.
Finally, we all get to once again ask if the current situation is NTR
UPDATE TO ABOVE: I just remembered I deliberately saved this entire comic to the Wayback Machine the day I read it: https://web.archive.org/web/20161122064216/https://v6p9d9t4.ssl.hwcdn.net/html/321822/bikegirlindex/index.html
Its main gag is that she keeps meeting this retail worker in different jobs, and the resulting antics cause her to barely avoid being fired.
This 4koma manga "Gokicha" is about a cockroach kemono that keeps trying in vain to befriend humans.
I find it interesting that this level of purely aesthetic detail seems to destroy both depth and motion – flattening and freezing at once.
http://hellobaby.deviantart.com/art/Taste-of-Fall-434070381 – This person's account has a lot of hyper-ornate coloured-pencil pictures like this.
Although it isn't quite a fitting comparison as the layouts are those of game streamers, a more politically/culturally homogenous population
I think many of the bad streaming layouts on the Twitter account "BadLayouts" have a GeoCities-esque amateur-art charm to them.
"God made mountains so that those resolute enough to scale them would be rewarded with sights of dozens of places they'd rather be instead."
"In desperation, we sowed all of our seeds in the moon soil. Only the apples sprouted, and their fruits' flesh was inedible, ghostly glass."
"Yeah, during the Latin chant I slipped in a verse that I didn't have floor space and had to draw the summoning circle on the wall… you OK?"
"Promise… if I'm still human in 20 years, please punch me." "If I'm still physical matter in 20 years, please punch me back!"
"As you can see," *spins around, flailing with prosthetic tail* "the mech exactly mirrors the pilot's body when they stand in the circle."
Since "LttP" contains two sequential t's, you can validly write it as either "Lt2P" or "L2tP".
Me, having an idea so huge I can feel my mind unlocking new tiers of consciousness: What if I tweet-search "qvrf", which is ROT13 for "dies"
"Oh, I am but a frail old man, too withered to cast the merest spell–" *draws healthy right hand from pickle jar for first time in 50 years*
Dear all Leon Premiplatinum subscribers: the Premiplatinum level has been merged into Leon Exclusonyx, which costs 10 litres more per month.
One TV-headed person in the next row screams. You turn, and it quickly cranks down its volume dial. It snaps off and falls under its seat.
"Oh sure, magic's absurdly difficult." *summons a cig* "Nearly blew myself to bits." *sets it alight* "Almost shattered the planet in half."
(Given I've seen this comic compared with Sam & Max, I wonder if it's all part-and-parcel with the genre.)
Also I liked how the first 4-chapter arc ended… a tiny act of manipulation that solves everything, its succinctness evoking a text adventure
They have enough self-awareness to know A) every zany thing they do is messed up, B) the other knows how messed up it is as well as they do.
http://aghoststorycomic.com/ – Caught up with this slapstick horror comic… I like how often its fool protags share moments of humility and doubt
http://ryky.deviantart.com/art/speed-painting-04-573844416 – This style, spindly outlines flood-filled with high-saturation gradients, reminds me of old Homestuck pages
What I need are streams of people reading all 9 issues of Bone really quickly to balance things out
Feel like watching speedruns is distorting my own cultural past by reinforcing my memories of a limited set of videogames over and over
"What about when even eviller characters have red-on-black balloons" *my lowercase-u mouth gleefully capitalises*
*beams serenely* I hope webcomics continue to give their supernatural evil characters badass white-on-black speech balloons forevermore
(Amusingly, there was one time when DeviantArt itself was the DeviantArt of games… http://fsk.deviantart.com/art/Line-Rider-beta-40255643)
Speaking of dead content, here's a rehost of Room Of 1000 Snakes https://1000snakes.neocities.org/ (Still needs an old browser with Unity Plugin)
"But wait, isn't Newgrounds the DeviantArt of games?" Yes, I agree, but that one's well into its sunset years… moreso even than DA itself.
I've wondered lately whether itchio is close to being a "DeviantArt of games", a site that lets me browse an entire zeitgeist of creativity
Sorry, everyone… digital has owned me once again.
I'm annoyed to discover a short comic I'd previously recommended (Mira Ong Chua's Roadqueen) is now gone, potentially forever.
"Plotting a story is like playing the wildest Metroidvania, where your equipment–" *the cat they're talking to walks away* "is plot twists!"
Turning to you, she blows fog onto the inside of her helmet and licks a heart shape into it, using a long tongue you didn't know she had.
"What? You cleared [Tutorial 1]? N-no… [Tutorial 1] leads only to death! What are you?!" *crashes through wall, making path to [Tutorial 2]*
As decided by a fair d20, in this world dead humans' restless souls become octomaids, and their undead bodies become scorpiontaurs
The ceiling rips open, and a very large hand gripping a very large pair of tweezers carefully removes the baby teeth in the bedside dish.
http://synduo.deviantart.com/art/Painted-World-Sunrise-321548183 – I like the designs of these two OCs… feel like you get all you need to know at once.
Darius Gaiden
"Chainballbat: a baseball bat with a motorised chain, on which are bent nailheads. Bafflingly, the strongest weapon in the world."
The tome had long grown too fragile to read, but a second tome, penned years after its last reading, tried to recall its contents by memory.
You are suddenly discharged from the petrification ward, as the cost of your stay prevents you being transferred to the powderisation ward.
The distracting red glow emanating from the dry well in the centre of Imprisoned Witch Soul Village has now been covered by blue cellophane.
A copse of trees wearing three-piece suits. Transformation victims? No… these are tailored to the trunks. They're infiltrators.
You hurriedly dry your tears, then rub an emergency extra dose of sentience cream into your stone cheeks, the tube groaning as you squeeze.
"We started using new plates today and now I feel like I'm stranded in a different, wrong universe." *sighs and stares at the north sunset*
Your partner sticky-taped a wedge into the hole in your chest, so your shadow, rather than seeming empty, looks like it has a heart.
""Ass" is in major key, "arse" is in minor key – use the former for heroes and the latter for villains."
and each presented as offering equivalent comedic opportunities – the protag often humourously bothering one faction or another in each.
I liked that the protag has two sorta-conflicting goals of solving the mystery and running the shop, with choices favouring one or the other
https://nomnomnami.itch.io/syrup-and-the-ultimate-sweet – I finally played the confectioner VN and thought it was great!
http://ribless.deviantart.com/art/AD-ASTRA-554854218 – Not sure what I think of this artist but I like their use of shirt text.
"My true name predates the invention of all symbolic representation, and is thus identical to the sensory experience of being near me."
"They say the flower only blooms when…" *punches you square in the gut* "…a truly innocent soul's tears of agony touch its petals."
"People call me the M. F. Like Button, because I need to be smacked."
"It takes about 50,000 ants," *gestures to trail flowing from patient's ear* "to dismantle and devour the emotions of one human's breakup."
"…BLAAH! Goddamn it, I need to say something! Bah! Bluh! Blblblblbl! Hoot hoot wawawa…wa…wa…" *goes back to being nonverbal for a damn week*
http://fourleafcomic.com/ – This webcomic really leaves the blocks running
What's the hierarchy of intensity for "go ham" vs "go hog wild"
*realise'''s that the only good character in all of Twilight Princess is also the one with Wind Waker-esque head-body proportions* God,
but I once again misread the thumbnail :|
I thought I saw someone post a fangem that was also doll-jointed, and thought that was a clever riff on gems' angular fashion design,
I saw someone announce that a speedrunner just became first in history to get 1h 39m in SM64……… where the "SM" stands for "Superman"
It's perhaps a coarse way to instill a disquieting mood, but I like how it creates a "breakable silence" without actually being silent.
Revisiting Nuign Specter and 000000052573743, noticing a big part of their mood is how loud the sounds are compared to the diegetic music.
"My motto for business success… "break fasts and move things"." *slides open the kitchen cabinet and grabs the cereal*
"They're suspicious about how we're bigger than the other frogs! Croak louder so they think we're just really close!"
"It's like being a hardy frontier family, but the frontier is the entire Earth! And our beloved homestead is this fallout shelter."
"They can check out Sahasrahla's house, Sahouserahla"
Question to anyone who knows anything about anything: is Madoka Magica worth watching, or is it, as I've heard, a bit too edgy and grimdark
"Remember…" *removes gum from mouth* "chewing gum…" *places it in your mouth* "when swallowed…" *you swallow* "never, ever leaves the body."
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Spoiler thoughts on the season finale of the videogame-adaptation post-apocalyptic edutainment cartoon Kemono Friends:
Pixiv's finally retired its 1-to-10 rating system, and with it, this humourously specific keyboard shortcut:
Watched the Mystery Game Tournament… the game here after 8:17:28 (Aqua Rush) got pretty harrowing toward the end: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/134456850?t=08h17m22s
"Modern phones are compatible with even old and esoteric data protocols." *tosses it in the air, draws revolver and shoots an app into it*
Playing an entire story-rich videogame from start to finish still takes one turn of combat.
RPG where characters heal from enjoying videogames instead of food. Score games are more replayable, but story-rich games heal the most.
Why do they keep interviewing Aonuma and Miyamoto and not the Zelda artist who's pioneering near-featureless flat masks for faces
though TBH I personally find it a bit too jokey sometimes, and Small Favors's tone is markedly different, much sunnier.)
(Referring to how Oglaf depicts strange kinks on the reg but retains popular palatability with its consistent air of self-deprecation,
Feels like it occupies an "Oglaf position" where it got enough popular traction due to a combo of luck and an appealing lighthearted tone.
I find it remarkable that Small Favors, whose very title shills it as size kink, is so fondly remembered just for being upbeat lesbian porn.
Source: scanlation of an ecchi comic named Mononoke Sharing
I've started watching Ai Channel and I like that Ai: A) never blinks, and B) hair flaps around way more than the mocap suggests it should
"I'm working on… just a silly, kiddy, cartoony–" *suddenly remembers any part of Infinite Jest's worldbuilding* "–work of true literature!!"
"Feel my skin. Yup, 24 caret flesh, the softest you can get."
RPG where the player character has no overworld sprite and only appears in random encounters against NPCs who're trying to further the plot.
The struggle-into-snuggle combo
RPG where the standard "doppelganger" boss kills the player character and goes on a celebratory tour of the world, impersonating them.
Running malware in a virtual machine "just to study it", only for it to escalate all the way out of your physical machine and infect reality
"Actually, the "X" in "fax machine" stands for "machine", so
Hello, it's your besty Leon with one of my many beloved jokes. Who called them shrink rays and not microwaves. Thank you seeya next tomorrow
Like, say, Tinker's mech being an immobile joke that you fight first, or King Knight fought as a mere Pridemoor knight desiring to usurp.
and changing the levels by having them bereft of their signature powers or possessions, instead of just using them differently.
Other wistful thought: I'd have liked it if this prequel had more developed the idea of the Enchantress making the Knights what they are,
Look. I know they don't want to work on this for an entire decade. But once I imagine playing as Witch's Hat Plague, I can't un-imagine it.
Anyway, this isn't the most disappointing part by far. That is: the new gender toggle options only work in Shovel Knight's story?! Gaah!
instead of giving Reize that important early narrative position… a design artifact of originally being a mod of SK's story, it seems.
Reize is the "key" to this story the same way Black Knight is to Shovel Knight's, so I'm wondering why BK's still the first boss here,
which, given the makers are now pushing these as standalone games instead of sequential campaigns, seems a bit counterproductive.
Another thing… Reize has a critical role in this game, but he's depicted rather sparingly, as if you'd played the preceding games first,
Having just one "town" cut out a lot of fun incidental locations – the Pond, the Outpost, wandering encounters –without very much in return.
#iplayed Specter of Torment. Hmm… I think not having the world map, at all, hurt the liveliness of this one compared to the previous games.
It's in my mind a microcosm of 10's software apathy – use whatever seems to work, build until it resembles completion.
It's a function whose output is just "good" enough to seem useful, to appear featureful without really providing reliable, trusted utility.
I think it's telling that Twitter offers machine-translate links so liberally, as if that feature isn't both unstable and misrepresentative.
I'm glad to have a tiny part in raising the standard for game GIFs, which until recently had very inaccurate resolution and framerate.
I just realised something… I filmed this game footage GIF myself, five years ago. http://animatedscreenshots.tumblr.com/post/17227419638/lemmings https://twitter.com/MerriamWebster/status/849675145392402432
*think's about how 5 days ago the world's best Diddy Kong main almost lost a tournament to not the world's best Donkey Kong main* God bless
https://www.twitch.tv/videos/133493889?t=03h34m21s The one at 3:34:21 has a lot of wild twists and turns.
http://pinnapop.deviantart.com/art/doodle-456889006 – I like how slightly hard to parse the right ghost is.
"I'm a tiny person." "You're 6'1." "I'm a tiny person, with the ability to be 6'1 where strictly necessary."
"Any spell can be made to spread like fire. Here's an opening spell…" *footage of portcullis being lifted by pressing a peeled banana on it*
"I could've absorbed my dying mentor's telekinetic powers, but what I needed most instead… was their trust and belief in me."
Having killed and replaced its original, the shadow had to excuse its becoming taller at sunset and shorter at noon as "habitual slouching".
Explaining with a few quick eyebrow motions that the cat's on the "romantically push to the ground" safety mat behind you.
"Half my mind is dresses and the other half is schemes to get away with wearing them. My Javascript code comes straight from my brain stem."
"We all have dark pasts. Me, I once saw a couple scratched their initials in wet cement, then snuck up and wiped it out. Gone from history."
"Nooo! I missed your reaction to finally tasting my apartment's tap water!" "D-don't worry… I f-filmed it…" *points up at phone on counter*
"I'll level with you… I hired you as ship live-in maid as a tiebreaker vote for whether each smuggled creature is too dangerous to cuddle."
*CCTV footage of fairies stealing thimbles from sealed Monopoly sets to resell as classic-style cups* "They're our store's greatest threat."
"Tree growing out of your brain? OK, just stare into this…" *shoots a bunch of cartoons into your eyes* "It'll rot away by end of the week."
"Here's your dinner rations. Mix the dirt and water satchels 3:1 for appetiser, 4:1 for main course and 2:1 for dessert."
To see the world in a grain of sand, and fear in a handful of dust
I read On A Sunbeam http://onasunbeam.com/ Nice minimal-colour sf romance comic.
Me editing my user CSS: "OK, first I'll put the "Replying to" on the same line as the tweet, then I'll hide the "Replying to" text… wait."
What genre is Parodius music, anyway. What phrases do I punch into Soundcloud to get more of whatever this is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_TiqKgDLLU
The best fake GilvaSunner track was this one – the joke is A) very good, and B) explained at the end if you miss it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YyB8Svb-f0
I can't nostalgically rediscover Animorphs because the basic concept of the Yeerks scares me too much even today.
Me: "Ah yes, the new BotW runes: Cryonis, Mechonis, Lurantis,
*think's about how Nintendo really did make a game where Link has a smartphone and bombs are an app* God,
I watched the current season. I'm glad that the protag's true identity is ultimately pretty messed-up-but-interesting.
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