Leon's Microblog – May 2017

Some of the pre-1960 recordings on radiooooo​.com have record skips in them, which mostly sucks but, on another level, kinda rules.
Open-world game where all roads are privatised and tolled and the only way for punks to get anywhere is plow and ramp through people's yards
Meanwhile, in Project M,
http://mortisghost.tumblr.com/ – Decided to start reading Mortisghost's webcomic…
My favourite obstacle in For The Frog The Bell Tolls
Why isn't there a Mega Man game where, if he hits a block corner at a 45 degree angle, he takes spike damage and explodes
I looked it up and it's actually only 20 seconds… sorry for the clickbait.
At least the Torizo boss that literally grabs your Super Missiles out of the air made it clear what the weapon interaction was.
*think's about how many people fought Phantoon in Super Metroid without realising using a Super Missile makes it invincible for 40 secs* Wow
Me, whilst squinting at a pixiv line-drawing of a girl hugging a kaiju's claw: "Is this het"
I went to see how many games Jayisgames actually mirrors, and was presented with the definitive info:
Notes about Flash games and the Wayback Machine: * Newgrounds, Kong and Armor all block saving .swfs using robots.txt * Jayisgames does not
http://www.kongregate.com/games/wiesi/ultimate-crab-battle – Checked to see if Ultimate Crab Battle was still online… hell yes.
"Farewell, my love… until we meet again!" *ducks under bedcovers, emerges without sleeping mask* "Hey, who was that hottie that ran past?"
"We said we'd had sex on a mountain, but it was actually sex on a parking lot speed bump. A car went over us but we weren't harmed somehow."
"I store all the party's excess items in this pocket dimension… as well as my sweet collection of swirly nebulas and wireframe graphics."
"Now to use my favourite chess tactic, the "Every piece is a queen all of a sudden, including the opponent's? Gosh~"" *rapid tapping noises*
Is it odd that I internally think of the plateau in Zelda BOTW as "the shareware portion" of the game
Kirby: Planet Autotomata
This aesthetic may feel unprecedented but it reminds me of a lot of things: PuLiRuLa, Soft And Cuddly, La Mulana's True Shrine of the Mother
https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=manga&illust_id=51202508 – These character designs are pretty swell.
https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=28298743 – This is decent except it's impossible to tell that the drawing-pin in the middle is airborne.
I also like other puzzles afforded by it, such as using the powerup to enter an area with a state you normally cannot.
It's a tiny puzzle hidden in what is ostensibly a quality-of-life item, a puzzle which is almost invisible until you stumble on it.
Link to the Past's warp to the desert is a canonical example: the warp drops you on a ledge you can't normally reach, which has a portal.
It's kind of a cheesy trope, but I like it when games give a previous-areas warp powerup that covertly lets you reach a new area as well.
https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=35659820 – The tags imply this is fanart of a Niconico video, but sadly doesn't link it.
https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=57476401 – I like the harmonious use of shape in this character's uniform and craft.
https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=29043244 – This one has a strange chain of causation in it.
https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=manga&illust_id=52271619 – This is a 22 page comic. I can't read it, but, at risk of clickbaiting, I liked the splash panel on page 15.
"You got the recipe from a sauce jar? Jar recipes are inferior to satchel recipes." *waves salt packet with spaghetti recipe in tiny print*
*plugs tiny hydro generator into phone and sticks it in a park fountain* "The perfect crime… like stealing paper from a library printer."
Trying to reach the massage point of unlimited power in the middle of your back, but tiring out your stretched fingers after only a few rubs
Trying to recalibrate your anxiety meds dosage for your cursed frog body, deciding all the added stress would call for a human dose anyway
Watching your lover stepping into their car, then their car blasting off into the stars, then the stars blasting off into another galaxy
You thought you were entering chapter three of your life, but it feels like chapter three billion
http://animatedscreenshots.tumblr.com/post/160707025190/metroid-super-mario-bros-3 – The whistle/recorder reference is well-known, but this reference is one I keep remembering and forgetting about.
I will say that the elf who is constantly inwardly aghast at everything from the story's premise upward is a rather enjoyable foil anyways.
I read some of Dungeon Meshi and its premise is very good, but I sadly don't enjoy cuisine and recipe-making enough to fully appreciate it.
*having dispensed that, I realise I have nothing else of value to offer the world and scuttle under the farthest endtable*
*the double-doors fly open and I stride in, wreathed in Hot Take Energy* The true best music in Super Metroid is the Ceres Station ambiance
and I like that they take the opportunity to aesthetically garnish these scenes that are ultimately just plot glue.
Every so often the show uses Steven's nebulous powers to indulge in some strange image, like this or the watermelon sacrifices last season,
I like the artfully contrived image of Steven literally weeping a giant's tears… Tears too big for his face to hold.
As usual, I'm about a dozen episodes behind in Steven Universe…
Meanwhile in Soleil
Mainly it just explains why Ganon is a pig-man, what Moblins and Hinoxes are, etc – a premise the series immediately abandons forever after.
The dark world's conceit as a magical land where you transform to match your soul is pretty gruesomely underdeveloped in this game.
Link To The Past has a couple of these unique monster NPCs hiding in the dark world… sincerely wish there was more, though.
As it turns out, this is one problem Bubbline doesn't have
*remembers that Kanaya's lifespan, no matter how high, is still probably much lower than Rose's span of "technically unbounded"* Aww
I like it as an acknowledgment that in four-colour, shape is more striking than tone, and iconic shapes should stand in for iconic colours.
One other tiny thing I like about For The Frog The Bell Tolls is that its main dungeon has suit keys (lower left) in lieu of four colours.
Who wore it better
This tweet brought to you by having replayed For The Frog The Bell Tolls, which I suspect is a natural descendant of the FDS visual novels.
Since translating the ROM of Shin Onigashima is never going to happen, could someone at least make a subtitled YouTube longplay of it
I'm always glad when I learn of a new missed reference, like this being, alluded to in Link To The Past and Pokémon: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Namazu_(Japanese_mythology)
*suddenly realises why they're called "Gasha Nuts" in the Zelda Oracle games* Ah… the world is full of wonders, even in familiar things.
It doesn't really matter…… it's a trivial thing to care for…… but please, if he is your favourite composer… give due to his contemporaries……
I'm glad I don't get angry at stuff *someone credits Koji Kondo for scoring Zelda 2, Link's Awakening or any Mario Kart* I'M SPEWING PISS
Mandola is a rather fun character and her plot twist makes her even better – one of this game's definite high points.
When you post a tweet and the exact people it reminded you of immediately fav it
I like the #mermay art tag mainly because it entails depicting women swimming, existing in 3D space in uncommonly-seen ways.
So that means… he only transforms when he enters /cold/ water… and he first discovered this power by falling down a well… oh god.
At this point in For The Frog The Bell Tolls, the Prince turns into a frog when he enters water… but can enter this hot spring just fine.
That three-panel sequence just above is one of the finest three-panel sequences I've seen this year.
http://drop-out.webcomic.ws/ – Got really taken in for this webcomic just now. (cw for suicidal ideation)
https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=56501133 – Normally this sort of pic is too contextually abstract for me, but this has some decent storytelling in it.
Tetrastar is impressive-looking for a Famicom-only shooter… but what use does a Famicom have for a ten-second continue countdown?
The joke that Sabin suplexing the train boss is a "marathon safety strat", because it only loses time but marathon viewers always demand it
Both of these constraints pressures your health and mobility in very different, but comparably astonishing ways.
It's fascinating how there's two canonical "super hard" constrained speedruns for SM: RBO, and Low%, where you can only get 14 upgrades
Have they done an interview yet with the Splatoon and ARMS designer who's really into conlangs
(And, moreover, its consistency in framing these arcs with an even amount of negative space.)
https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=40791850 – I like how this image adheres to using thin bright-coloured arcs for many of its elements.
even if that was mostly in the form of a tonne of reused assets, along with roughly the same technical limitations.
Even though the Zelda Oracle games weren't too great, I'm glad they brought back some of the spirit of Link's Awakening for another few goes
*remember's in NES Metroid when an enemy enters a door at the same time as you and you take nonstop damage during the room transition* Wow
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Okapi – Here's one of many cool underrated animals you can find linked off more popular animals' pages, like giraffes
I pridefully lay the blame for my miseducation entirely at the feet of this videogame series
Hello my friends, it's me, a person who didn't know what size sunfish were until I arbitrarily checked their Wikipedia page and got Owned
*in classic mid-2010s "it me" voice* Can't believe I got an uncredited cameo in the very first page of Girl Genius
*sticks hand in water bucket then uses ice powers to freeze it into a hammerhead* "Ahaha, now take… ugh… uh… god, why are wrists so weak?!"
*spins gold circlet backwards* "Heeeeey, dooooooodz."
*cranks metal dial on forehead from "person" to "machine"* "Sorry, command "put away the dishes" not found…" *spins it back* "…cutie pie."
Trying to finish the shower before your free 2 week subscription to your water provider's premium temperature range expires.
An imprint of your brain on the page where the twist hit you
Where's the videogame ocean level where the music is muffled when you're on land and becomes clear when you're underwater
"And how many of YOUR past jobs delivered wages via piñata?" *footage of worker hitting it with a ping pong paddle while riding a yoga ball*
"Lifetime exposure to microgravity caused our ancestors' muscles to degrade, which fortunately only resulted in groovy stretching powers."
"Cower, human, before your feared weakness!" *assistant waves gun-shaped necklace* "Uh… quick, try the mirror with the bad selfie lighting."
Trying to suck the trauma out of your partner's brain by licking deep in their ear, but only getting wax
Staring into her laughing mouth, seeing her throat lit by fire
Pure UX, squeezed fresh from the lemon
Parks forced to replace proprietary trees with public-domain equivalents
Medical crowdfunders arrested for supporting the anticonomy
"Dang, hope I start dissociating soon. It's been like ten minutes already and I'm still… wait… oh."
Looking up Wikipedia reveals the actual formula for a four-dimensional sphere's volume is (1/2)π²r⁴.
That seems like comfortingly familiar "last 10min of the exam and just making up the formulas you didn't memorise" logic to me.
Last night I dreamed that since a circle's area is πr², and a sphere's volume is (4/3)πr³… then a hypersphere's hypervolume is (5/3)πr⁴.
I'm sorry… it doesn't matter, really… do whatever your heart wants with this meme… but… still, keep my advice in mind…
The "record scratch freeze frame" meme doesn't work unless it's an action shot!!! Like in movies that used it!!! It's not funny otherwise!!!
http://www3.nns.ne.jp/pri/tk-mto/game2.html – Just remembered the Yume Nikki official website's very early-2000s animated banner
http://atcloudscomic.com/comic/chapter/1/page/1 – Reading this small comic, which I hope is still updating.
If you want an introduction to Ai, my current feel is she's this decade's Strong Bad, but loosely based off of idols instead of luchadores.
with what's probably close to no accountability - so, bearing that clouded lens in mind is as important as always.
I should add the biggest mental obstacle in watching these is that the English subs are written by arbitrary schmoes hitting "Add subtitles"
Update: either the mocap got better at registering blinks or I got better at registering them, so this tweet is no longer accurate.
http://katleyh.com/comics/?comic=pancakes-23 – I revisited that cute superhero couple comic from years back, and there's like 3 more episodes I missed out on.
Was reminded that For The Frog The Bell Tolls has this rather high-tech pause screen transition.
*very this-is-just-like-an-episode-of-Black-Mirror voice* "This is just like an episode of B……………rass Eye" *bucket of shades pours over me*
https://archive.org/details/Ryan_Armand – Great wasn't really among the best of Ryan Armand's comics, but it had some good sequences like this.
Has anyone ever built a physical version of their product's title in shiny chrome, driven it to an actual desert, and photographed it
I'm astonished that this panel draws in so much relevant meaning for so little, while still being very legible on face value.
A coding metaphor using CSS at all is pretty great. A coding metaphor of a CSS *hack*, for *non-compliant browsers*, is truly impressive.
https://thenib.com/not-a-robot – I don't have any opinion about this comic, except regarding this one specific, very clever panel…
In which a complicated skip is explained
Feels like they designed this creature not so much as a challenge but just as a loud, disturbing thing that happens to you.
Crocomire is an interesting Super Metroid boss once you consider how difficult it is for it to actually kill you
Petition to refer to all boss fight rooms as "bedrooms" regardless of context from now on
implying beating Super Metroid without picking up any suits is "easier" than beating it with all the items.
I find it kinda hilarious that this Super Metroid runner decided beating the 100% record was too hard… so he switched to Reverse Boss Order
No, I didn't tune in earlier for the context. Also cc experimental puzzle game devs
"Hm? Excuse me, I have clearance to be sliding down this air vent in a greased jumpsuit. I ate my ID card to make my profile even sleeker."
This comic has some fun Bone-esque character designs, like the anonymous narcissistic conman Greliz, but has several ill-paced action scenes
"My knuckle tats are "LIKE" and "SUBSCRIBE"." *sensually uncurls left hand's sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth fingers*
The office's daily stand-up meeting opens with the customary very stiff dance of defiance around the Mediocrity Totem.
http://www.maricomics.com/shorts/cover – The short comics on the same site are good too.
That resameable feel when you're reading a comic and the latest update's in 2015
Quick question to anyone: in Ocarina of Time, when Dark Link jumps on Link's sword mid-slash… is that a wuxia film reference or what
Spidertaur crinoline
http://www.maricomics.com/twbthoth/cover – I read this webcomic and felt strange and gloomy… just the way I like me.
Hey. What if I posted some panels from the pile of webcomics I got yesterday by frantically Twitter-searching "free comic book day Gumroad"
A quiz show contestant booth. Two others, coated in rust and vines, sit nearby. A whiff of brimstone – the odor of minigames – comes to you.
Ghosts boiling away once they set foot in Heaven, where human forms, and human promises, are forgotten like bad dreams.
"What does my body mean?" she repeats, skeleton from the neck down. "It means my people have conquered death! We wear its shape in mockery!"
Too tired to stick the bits of you that fell off last night back on your body, and you and them are both withering away on the bed and floor
You open your door. All the sandcastles you'd ever left behind had almost returned to their creator, before the neighbour's dog pounced them
*grumbles under breath* They'd have already got a 1:39:xx in SM64 months ago if they started timing from file select instead of power on
If you're a retro indie dev and you wanna be the Capcom or Konami of the 10's and not the Jaleco or Vic Tokai of the 10's… what's the point
"We kept putting off cleaning this cargo hold, and eventually the forest of toxic spores reminded us too much of autumn walks back home."
Watching the crews install electricity cables alongside the good ol' chains of gears for powering the house's purely clockwork appliances.
"Well, 'tis time to bid thee adieu, friends." *large propeller unfolds from hat* *propeller blades sprout tiny balloons instead of spinning*
*blows a kiss to your shadow on the pavement behind you, without you noticing, as I walk away, back to the sun*
Adventure story adjective guide "Swashbuckling": someone is on a boat at one point "Rollicking": someone does a dodge roll
"The only reason they didn't scream the horrible truth was because it was so familiar to everyone, it would sound like mere rushing air."
You watch your micro-rent creep up a few cents whenever it starts raining.
Attending, with just fear in your pockets, the auction of the patent for your medication
Saboteur poltergeists breaking the machines they toiled over in life, turning on that which robbed them of all but petty destruction.
Zelda 1 victory theme but one of the channels is blocked out by the heart refill noise.mp3
Poor neighbourhoods repainting road stripes so their self-driving cars can avoid potholes they can't crowdfund repair costs for
rather than keeping the feel of a turn-based game where your ability to strategise through each turn is time-limited.
Good point… though I believe it's more focused on simply keeping moving, approaching an action-roguelike, https://twitter.com/gonnas/status/858989502047694848
I think time-limited turn roguelikes could be great if a diegetic mechanism for the timer as elegant as Tetris's falling block was devised.
Tetris-style games are just turn-based roguelikes with a time limit on each move.
The same thing that keeps Google's visible library from us – contemporary copyright law – also keeps the invisible, unmourned one from us.
but remember the biggest lost library isn't that of books we can no longer read, but of books that were prevented from ever being written
I read the article on the forever-lost Google books project – a fittingly biting epitaph for the squandered dreams of 00's tech-utopianism –
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