Leon's Microblog – September 2017

I sure hope all the erotic RP partners whose accounts now have asymmetrical character limits are getting a pinch of humour out of it.
OK everyone: favourite kind of boss that just summons lots of minibosses in a row
How much did the twitter user pay to go to the dentist after they swallowed a crown? Tooth atey
Undertale characters saying the "that's her, that's the puppetmaster who cursed my dick" meme: Alphys: mumbled so quick she's asked to repeat it, but she doesn't Papyrus: sincere, informative announcement Sans: sincere, informative announcement Asgore: solemnly… and bitterly
http://www.prettymouthcomic.com/ – This horror comic is pleasingly chilly, and doesn't overplay its monsters. (Content warning for self-harm, and also historical witch hangings.)
This bit netted a laugh even though it's actually pretty real.
http://www.inhibitcomic.com/ – It's a super-school comic, but this one's more of a super-juvenile detention comic… anyway, the characters are lively enough and the main boy is stubborn but refreshingly quiet.
My favourite fairytale trope is definitely the tiny old witch that just walks up and lays a curse on the king, and there's nothing he can do to stop or punish her because witches are above all laws for some reason.
http://odditywoods.com/ – Now THIS comic has a great start and doesn't let up… Got the same blend of adventure-humour as some of my other favourites.
http://demonsmirror.com/ – This extremely punchy-shooty Snow Queen adaptation is pretty fun… the multi-faction action isn't too hard to follow, and mostly follows the characters' emotional trajectories.
I miss SMB3's inexplicable chalk drawings on the sky, which were never seen again except, of all things, Super Paper Mario.
Reading, at 30, comics with the same clumsy teen vigor as the ones I read at 20, makes me feel like I'm glimpsing an alternate universe where we got this in the 00's instead of, say, Wigu or Goats or El Goonish Shive or w/e.
http://gloomverse.smackjeeves.com/ – I do not recommend this comic because the first three years have a lot of slurs sprinkled in it, but the characters were appealing enough to see me through to when it grows more human.
http://scrubdiving.thecomicseries.com/ – This is a comic about lesbian divers… mostly quiet and ungarnished. (There's onscreen sex, so look either forward to or away from it.)
Only thing I'm wondering is whether the protag (who uses he/him) is indeed nb, in a vein similar to Never Satisfied's protag, or instead a femme guy.
http://www.quicksilvercomic.com/ – I like this comic's watercolours and how far inside the main character's head it puts you.
*thinks about how much of Utena is just reused footage but it all feels enough like stylistic repetition that it works out anyway* Amazing
http://www.glamrockgorilla.com/ – This abandoned comic is not that bad… got good tension and nicely vivid worldbuilding.
Heyyyy someone make an imaginary friend VN where each ending is which siblings remember you in their adulthood.
Content warning that the comic depicts animal sacrifice, and transphobia. Also, I haven't read past page 208 yet.
Also, I liked this panel.
http://trialofthesun.com/ – This comic has some great character dialogue, verbal and nonverbal… really gives its stern plot a lot of needed flow.
Honestly a little disappointed that apparently no one tried to sneak a bitcoin miner into those scripts that hack the 280 feature into control group accounts.
I flipped to the ending, which surprised and touched me: the jaded teen girl is the only one who DOESN'T lose the ability to see the rabbit after growing up.
http://weeshcomic.com/ – Against better judgment I am now flipping through a four-panel strip about some kids and a talking rabbit that grants wishes (but the wishes wear off after 10 minutes).
http://adalee.smackjeeves.com/ – I'm not a big fan of this comic - a lot of minor details that annoy me or seem inauthentic - but I like the general plot, and this early page.
http://galanthuscomic.com/ – This space adventure comic has some soothing scenes and plain-spoken characters.
I really appreciate that the onomatopoeia explicltly state that the characters make gross sloshing noises every time they magically stretch.
http://callofthesentinel.com/ – This is just a nice slow comic about cute animal-like creatures exploring a mysterious arcadian wilderness.
Anyway, a few years back I saw this rant about how SMS's 160 limit had some actual research behind it, and 140 was always just a hack on top of it https://kayin.moe/?p=2215.
This 280 tweet thing is pretty much guaranteed to go ahead… I mean, if they stick to 140, what are going to do, delete all the existing 280 tweets?
http://isthiswhatyouwanted.com/ – This recent-starter has some good designs and scenes, and the seeds of interesting character dynamics.
http://beyondbeauty.thecomicseries.com/ – This 36-page comic isn't noteworthy but I sorta like this page it was abandoned on.
http://nibicomic.tumblr.com – This one was abandoned after 23 pages of wordless abstract intro, and I'm upset.
The only visions of this series's future consist of MSR, an ossification around Prime, and AM2R, an ossification around Zero Mission.
and arguably even Super Metroid itself… a state of constantly trying to relive itself after a crisis of absence, to reassert its relevance.
The sad thought is that Metroid has been making these nostalgic "returns" since Metroid Prime, which also had a bombastic "return of Ridley"
*I am gently informed that they added Ridley to Samus Returns* Sorry everyone, the Metroid series is still dead and ossified.
What's the linguistics term for how the only people using the word "pwned" anymore are actual infosec researchers
*cosmicbrain voice, to myself* It's a cute affectation they do on purpose, ya twerp
*with utter seriousness* Age regression characters really shouldn't lose their adult vocabulary if they retain memories of everything else,
http://conseasoncomic.com/ – Finally, a comic about the ardour of cosplay. *I notice it's abandoned* Alas…
The plot projection on the about page is a little… whatever… but it seems in not much hurry to get there.
http://engelbaumcomic.tumblr.com – Here's one of those webcomics about making a webcomic.
"Ooh look at me, I'm writers, I think using dozens of obscure words is smart instead of giving my text a massive brittle dependency list."
I don't want to join in on reacting to the bad Kemono Friends news but I'll let you secretly know I'm feeling pretty acerbic about it.
I also liked this panel in particular.
http://www.pengboom.de/projects/1/pages/1 –This abandoned one about an orphan who inherits a massive dungeon appeals to me primarily for spectacles like this.
http://dropoutkings.com/comic51hundred.html – This abandoned one's about afterlife cops… not the most enticing premise, but its action and scenes are solid.
in terms of explaining why they're in such disparate locations that don't really resemble places of honour at all.
My childhood headcanon that the Chozo statues in Super Metroid are corpses clutching their belongings still feels the most sensible to me,
http://el-indon.com/ – This abandoned but well-lit comic features vaguely Loom-esque competing magic craft guilds.
http://www.theshufflerscomic.com/ – This gaslamp fantasy farce comic, in particular episode 3, is… not bad?
(Unrelated to these reservations, there's also lots of casual nudity FYI.)
(Mainly, that instead of risking being set in an insufficiently researched Japan, it's in a fabricated equivalent.)
http://ahs-comic.com/ – This yuri has several cute moments like this, but there's a few things I find a little suspect about it…
(This probably sounds bitter but I try to present these travails with a brush of detached amusement.)
That resameable feel when you have to describe the concept of a feed to the social app
http://smalltrolls.tistow.uk/ – This one's very visually pleasing even if there's not yet much plot to speak of.
Who the FRIG made these parallax clouds sync up every 128 frames *realises they probably just doubled the speed of each for the next* nvm
This comic actually has some pretty good slapstick in places.
http://dregscomic.tumblr.com/ – Lots of fun details in this character intro.
Even the classic organic Norfair environment seems impossible in this art style, unimaginable.
obviating the strong hues and rich organic textures of Super and Zero Mission almost entirely.
Honestly what annoys me about Samus Returns is how it ossifies the washed-out lowpoly rooms of Metroid Prime as "the look" of the series,
http://rockandtin.com/ – This little hundred-page robot fairytale is… all right.
http://talesofnothing.com/en/ch1-01/ – I'm disappointed in this one because the art and design is S++ but most of the writing is quite unlikeable.
http://www.theduckwebcomics.com/The_Wrong_Hero/4939518/ – This is the 7th to last episode of this dead comic, which is a shame as I'd liked to have known this woman.
(I feel like I can foresee the ending, though, and I don't like it.)
http://www.illuminatitheatre.com/COTN/ – This turgid vampire romance comic has a very dreary start, but it does grow a measure of cold tension eventually.
http://heartless.thecomicseries.com/ – Page 11 of a comic that died after page 12.
"The servers for Inclined Plane 2.0 are down, so I've hand-made some rough horizontal-to-vertical converters" *points to pile of staircases*
The vice-princess stoops before the new princess, remembering how her late predecessor, even bare-headed, effortlessly towered over her.
"What? The drink I have to order to enter the base costs $2,000?!" "Yeah, we just put a weight sensor in the vending machine's coin box."
"The Dark Breach" *points to single traffic cone in front of purple vortex* "is sealed for eternity," *nudges it closer to centre with toe*
"Uploading a human soul to the web is a very delicat–" *punts you in the groin, launching a glowing orb out your mouth into an open CD tray*
Why do those damn animal stable rooms even exist, then???
Only one of the two players can ride an animal friend in Kirby's Dream Land 3???
*suddenly realises most of the Stories that I see online are From North America anyway* That video conned me
"LOL" stands for "Laughing Out Loud"! Just leaving this here for the archeologists chipping bits of Twitter servers out of sedimentary rock.
Anyway, that's my Mechagical Girl Lisa A.N.T. gigathread – here's the second-last posted page.
Termite HQ has these cool filigree panel borders.
The girl's suit and the termite's mechs are both being hunted by secret agents, which, unbeknownst to everyone, are also the girl's parents.
This is next level and a half.
http://ant.comicgenesis.com/ – This comic has an ant-themed magical girl fighting termite-sized termites in mechs, and unfortunately I'm into it.
In the space of several hours I've found three different webcomics featuring lady pirate captains kidnapping noblemen.
http://pondscumroyalty.smackjeeves.com/ – This comic perished after 12 pages, but what twelve pages to die on.
Webcomic CMS cosmicbrain: generated CSS file for every page that loads the comic JPEG as a <div>'s background image.
*eyes bolt awake* If only Kirby and Dedede can inhale stuff, and both were playable in Triple Deluxe, why didn't Dedede get to use Hypernova
http://www.colorlesscomic.com/comic/ – This one is very RPG-Maker-punk. (Also, it has [S] pages.)
Panel from someone's diary comic (source: http://fullpickle.com/cardiganweather/)
Your tee elle has been either blessed or cursed by the Squished Coo, in a frame which I'm pretty sure appears nowhere else in the game.
4) Thinking "ax" and "axe" (or "ox" and "oxe") are different words 5) Pronouncing the parens in "item(s)" instead of doing the fingers
2) Saying "Does not compute" instead of "It does not compute" 3) Pluralising "octopus" - you should say "two of THEM" and use other context
TOP 5 ENGLISH FAILS 1) Conjugating verbs to third-person singular simple present indicative instead of best-person super mega hyper ultimate
http://kipothecomic.com/ – This one's abandoned early (because it got optioned?), but there's still some colours and world design to like.
http://icecream-n-beast.tumblr.com/ – This one has great analogous palettes and flowy forms, as well as snappy humour.
Webcomics… *spins dial that's actually glued to the board, causing the whole board to spin with it* …are… "good".
http://islandhoppers.rablevins.com/ – This one has some great character designs, and goes all in on expressiveness, too.
Spatiotemporal soccer game where the goals are located in the game's first and last minutes.
*pouts* Troll Toby Fox on that Hiveswap in-game poster should REALLY be named "Tobias Renard". Send the piss out of this tweet.
http://polterguys.laurbits.com/ – This comic's kinda generic, but I sorta like this antagonist who shows up once every hundred pages.
http://www.patchworkandlace.com/?p=5 – This comic's very good… lots of satisfyingly concise worldbuilding and a great main duo dynamic.
The Under Construction notices are back, in Flat Design form.
I'm looking for that "make an OC with all your favourite traits put together" meme, and ALL of these queries only show people subtweeting it
*pounding armrests* Konami, where is this game? (source: http://draculacomic.net/)
https://youtu.be/Z4vCCr7kWzA?t=362 – This is the only time I've seen a soundtrack YouTube vid provide game footage as context for the music.
Why (apart from, like, extreme forwards-compatibility with future monitors)
Actually, I now noticed that he's just eating prepared ones from a bag behind his knee. …is what I'd say if I let the past weigh me down!!
"That lipstick mark I've given you is a powerful rune of– Don't touch it!! Ugh, now I'll have to give it to you again…" *squints accusingly*
You took one of those pills to make yourself extremely interested in your textbooks, but now you're just boggling at the grain of the paper.
The parasitic worm you pulled from your nose is wearing a maid uniform just like yours. Even inside you, there are servants and masters.
Thanks, cheats.dat
Me: The Bubble Bobble danmaku doesn't loop… You: What? Me: The Bubble Bobble. Danmaku. Doesn't loop! *I am pulled aside, revealing this GIF*
Where's the neural network that replaces sitcom laugh tracks with the snippet of Green Hill Zone from jetgreguar's Banksy vines
I'm glad that Classics Of Game is finally at the precipice of incrementing the leading 0 in its numbering after all these years.
https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=31019484 – I'm sorry, everyone… this isn't actually art for a non-existent, extremely embarrassing Skullgirls ripoff.
I'm also reminded that Princess Bubblegum, who changes outfits daily, is still a sublimation of the Earth's desire for an Interesting Peach.
I feel sad when I see good Princess Peach-in-non-femme-clothing fanart because that'll honestly never happen in any canon games with a plot.
Good character introduction (source: http://ameliaonorato.com/rockall/)
(in all seriousness though, the exact same comic without a hint of a blink would be better on all fronts.)
Today in Leon's favourite passive-aggressive webcomic author notes (source: http://pandect.comicgenesis.com/)
"Even if you dilute a transformation potion four times, it still works OK–" *extremely runny dragon oozes past* "–so my team's trying five."
"I don't dare practice fire magic when I live in the woods." "Try it anyway, and surely one of those things will stop being true."
"Strength Of Dog To Ask Human To Do The Whole Adventure For It": With this Animal Blessing, you have the power to ask another human to do th
Today's Leon update: some HTML page used the <base> element, which I forgot existed until just now, at a time I really wished it didn't.
Another page whose context I don't know… but I like how much it offers by itself. (source: http://www.taleoffiction.com/)
Anyway, the story actually sets up a pretty good pun: the "BUG" at the end of the game is actually a "BAKU" – a literal dream eater.
One thing I totally forgot when recording this is that this…… is a translation patch. http://www.romhacking.net/translations/755/ Maybe the best we'll ever get.
http://black.sheepbed.com/ – Not much of this comic so far, but I like the combination of physicality and internality from this lead.
Tiny brief barbs like this aren't too impactful alone, but slowly accumulating dozens of them has a profound emotional snowball effect.
a slowly-building antithesis to the face-value mood of the story, or the beliefs of the viewpoint character– a greater truth told in pieces.
One text game trope this exhibits, that Homestuck couldn't do often enough, is using flavour text to cumulatively build a contrary mood,
That relatable feel when you're wiling to resort to anything. (source: http://www.theduckwebcomics.com/Blue0/, also this is right-to-left for some reason.)
…but the troll boy lead still has several acts to take the stage, and another troll constant is: you can never tell what they'll grow into.
I wish to hazard that the old Homestuck observation that the only great troll characters are women and Karkat may be coming true once more…
I'm glad Personfaces, of all people, got a few assets into this.
This one box still calls her "Samus" despite her being copyright-anonymised into spiky maroon armour, and Ridley into a lusus.
With some weariness I realise I knew and owned what this non-interactable background object represents.
Livetweet thread for the most ill-fated 15 bucks I ever spent:
"Look, just because I'm imprisoned on this tiny planet for being too powerful without a permit doesn't mean I EVER broke HUMAN law, officer"
"I, er, used my diary of last year to block a knife stab. Now each day gets closer and closer to my heart… stopping on the day we broke up."
"Brew this tea when you miss me… it's the kind I always make for you." "This box is empty." "Yeah, you have to buy it yourself, I ran out."
It's not 𝖱𝖾𝖺𝗅 𝖲𝖾𝗑 unless you both fall asleep during het PiV and then simultaneously have hyper-vivid wet dreams about the same third person
Another arbitrary few pages of a comic I don't read (source: http://faunafairest.com/comic/)
In which I open one arbitrary page from one arbitrary webcomic and get this one (source: http://spera-comic.com/onlinecomics/just_a_kiss00.html)
"Why does New Game!'s new season just add exclamation points to the title instead of something more game-like"
You may have noticed the linked survey contains every ability except Smash. Sorry, gamers… Smash Bros. is dead.
*realise's this single-handedly explains how Order Of The Stick became the way it is* Oh
This one basically sums up the humour of the whole comic, which mostly consisted of large swathes of main cast banter.
Preparing for the launch of the Homestuck adventure game by brushing up on the comic.
Ah yes, the minigames… those memorable, climactic moments of the storyline… compressed into a brutal gauntlet of endurance…
I find it kinda funny that Kirby's Dream Land 2 and 3 have the standard boss rush mode, but also a minigame rush mode.
This is just a regular "second-person confessional" tweet, but to those it applies: it's OK, we all need time to realise what really matters
Remember in the 00's when your relationship red flags were "cares about astrology" instead of "wishes humanity "spoke only one language""
If you ever played Metroid NES tell me how you got owned
https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=35199334 – *notices the boy is eating the stars off the background* Yeah
Listen. This is very important and I want all of you to know this. Webcomics… are good. Thank you.
ilu webcomics
http://parisa-comic.tumblr.com/ – Now I'm reading this funny animal kids' adventure comic.
(Unrelatedly, it reminds me of the Peanuts story arc that was just "Charlie Brown hallucinates baseballs in every circular object he sees".)
https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=64143712 – I find this picture and all of its design and composition choices very funny on a purely psychological level.
Blast that Like button if you also care a lot about deep slices in the Taito Expanded Universe.
It sorta cracks me up that the only colour sprites in Infinity Gene are rips of (and probably literally are) the molecules from Metal Black.
You are Leon. >check if Sinistar is another beloved niche arcade IP ruined by a shovelware sequel by THQ in the 00's It was. >noooo BAD END.
"Nice try, smithy, but if this katana's steel really was folded 16 times, it'd be 7 kilometres thick. Better drop some zeros off the price."
Kids raised on smart devices without file systems are missing the experience of trying to make 1000 nested empty folders to see if they can.
"You must transport all 3 data values across, but when left alone together, the string coerces the int, and the int coerces the boolean."
"Each sorting function knows which door leads to freedom. Both return a sorted array, but one is pure, and the other modifies in-place."
(I don't specifically mean the stealth section, which was mechanically OK, but everything around and in it, narratively and structurally.)
to the point where I'm unable to appraise anything that happens beforehand for more than a second.
I want to talk about Zero Mission but every time I enter a while(1) loop thinking about how much the extra bits after Mother Brain sucked
https://gamejolt.com/games/mothlight/271508 – I haven't played this, and some of its content warnings gives me pause, but I respect its shameless OFF influence.
Hey gamers Leon here with Jump Button Gaming. Ocarina of Time is bad. Ib is good. This ends Jump Button Gaming's first and also final tweet.
http://www.spidercliff.com/chapter_1.php – This webcomic is one hundred percent Flash mystery VNs?
http://superbutchcomic.com/ – Randomly stumbled on these pages from this webcomic, literally just now.
I have good memories of that short webcomic, chief among them being this four-page opening.
http://web.archive.org/web/*/bfjobdog.com/comics/*# – The site for Bonne Fête Job Dog seems dead… but luckily, "someone" saved all the comic JPEGs into the WBM earlier
"I'm not saying I WOULDN'T want to join a team of cute cyborg assassins named "[noun] Dolls", but I'd have to be the quirky forgetful one."
*remembers the main character looks like this* What am I saying. Of course he is. This was obvious from minute one.
*bursts through styrofoam prop wall* The author of this thing also made Dragon Maid???
The community reactions section at the end is a pretty good foil for everything preceding it.
https://youtu.be/66cw8NiSxR4?t=317 – God, this is next-level.
I want you to know I'm putting a lot of brain wattage into worrying about how future 3DS emulators will throw out this part of the system.
person who likes the 3DS's 3D effect and is named Leon: the 3D effect does NOT suck, its GOOD
I emailed one of the last 2 (http://web.archive.org/web/20150202154546/http://www.crowncommission.com/dailygrind/) and he said last year the cash was finally just divided equally between them… The End.
http://web.archive.org/web/20140207114833/http://www.crowncommission.com:80/dailygrind/ – I suddenly got curious about the ultimate fate of the 2005 Webcomic Daily Grind Iron Man Challenge…
*remembers Schultz only ever drew one kicking-the-football strip each year, but it became a defining gag due to sheer number of years* Whoa
Look, it's OK to foist your interests onto fanfic characters when game companies keep insisting their characters really love go-kart racing.
https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=34380318 – This is good *realises this means Mary is inside Mario's portrait* This is beyond the good's eye
"My body is held aloft only by my selfless deeds and exalted grace!" "They match that sulfurous odour resembling jetpack exhaust."
"I imagine a vampire of your age must be wanted for thousands of crimes." "Alas, all of my felonies were in nations that no longer exist."
"What was the point of training for 1000 years… if I lost to the first rodent I met?!" "That won't happen! Relax! Also it's "what WILL BE"."
"The only spotlight fit for me is the full moon, lighting my flight!" "Yeah, I like it when people mistake me for tiny clouds too."
"Are you the castle's last line of defense?" "Impudence! This castle stands to protect ME!" "I'd hate having a boss one hundredth my age."
"Welcome to your former park, and my new winter kingdom." "Why's there only a small mound of snow?" "The sprinkler pipes regrettably froze."
"I only look good shrouded in fog… cold as my heart, blurry as tears–" "Try waving around this laser pointer – it'd look amazing in there."
"Depart, or I attack with spells." "What spells do you know?" "Just cleaning spells." "What good are they?" "For cleaning… utterly useless."
"After one kiss from me, all your life will be gone." "That's fitting – after one kiss from me, your life will finally be starting."
I didn't add "blog post by writer saying the artist unexpectedly quit" as it's not so much gloomy as "probably for the best in the long run"
What's the most gloomy page an abandoned webcomic can end on
Time for a rant. (0.33333333…/1) Decimal representations not always being unique is annoying. (0.66666666…/1) End rant. (0.99999999…/1)
That, and also mustaches and top hats are easy to add to stick figures in Flash animations, and at the time had zany cartoon appeal.
whose own imagery of financial and intellectual wealth was mirrored by 00's tech-optimism as radiated by Google and the web in general.
My current couch theory is Bush-era pop atheism valorising the Enlightenment led to associating it with the Industrial Revolution,
When did the monocle-mustache dapper gent migrate from a mocking cartoon trope to an intellectual masculine aesthetic beloved by rich gamers
I'm glad there's a convenient literary word for a pessimistic view of Victorian Britain to sometimes counterbalance Verne-esque optimism.
Where's the people assembling shiny brass valves not because they're cool, but because they're ugly as sin and scalding as Hell
But that makes me wonder where the rogueish, picaresque steampunk is… where's the "Dickensian steampunk" that's actually sorta Dickensian
"Steampunk" was always a bad name for something not remotely punk, evoking heroic Victorian elites rather than a canny underclass.
The latest subversive sex creature concept is a sponge person whose gens get softer as they grow larger instead of the norm.
To answer your questions: yes, this is one edge Homestuck and Kidd Radd had over every other sprite comic.
Each scene and dialogue line in a VN occupies the same physical space as the last, so one is comfortable with art persisting across them.
Moving your gaze to another panel implies a break in continuity for the art, an expectation that copy-pasted figures disappoint.
The reason copy-pasted characters are bad in webcomics but are perfectly acceptable in VNs is because of how the eye moves to read.
The all-girl Lord of the Flies is plausible because videogames show that unsupervised girls descend into spell card-based violence instantly
https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=25874143 – Are you the KC Green-esque snakes or the Undertale-esque shirt design
https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=19654334 – These are more False Homestucks… apparently??
and the levels not actually having 8 consecutive enemies to jump off at all, outside of, like, two in the last world.
It's probably extremely telling that DKC also has Mario's "chain jump on 8 enemies for a 1UP" despite lacking the ascending-score feedback,
I only learned about this trick while watching a DKC reverse boss order speedrun.
forcing them to ignomiously take them to their logical conclusion – clipping straight through – as unseemly as it looks.
Jump-through platforms were always a perspective trick, a visual fib, and I like that the arriving 3D camera called them on the fib,
I like how, when 2D games with jump-through platforms migrated to 3D, they had no choice but to show the character clipping through them.
It feels like a statement abut the physics of a 2D platformer's world – especially poignant that it's made with a standard Kirby mechanic.
I really like how circular arenas in Kirby games cause spat pellets to follow the curved 2D axis, inexplicably.
Unfortunately, all of these are markedly better than the final Susie (except maybe #2 – ironically by Kumazaki himself).
https://www.nintendo.co.jp/3ds/at3a/special/report3.html – Sorry again for being extremely late in Kirby Robobot discourse, but I finally found the Concept Art Susies.
https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=30689916 – There's only one worthwhile picture in the Dynamite Headdy tag??
Today in Leon: Firefox somehow got duplicate quicksearch keyword rows, and the only fix was to crack open an SQLite editor and delete one.
So, it's never stated anywhere, but Heavy Mole /has/ to be another of Meta Knight's robot minions like Heavy Lobster, right
This comic also finished… see what you think.
This comic finally finished… please try it, everyone.
"Partners… those wonderful angelic people who we share our lives with. Sigh… Wouldn't it be messed up if you could also have sex with them."
Concocting the inventive "Reality Squisher Machine" concept to explain why characters in a Twine and a Ren'Py can finally join forces
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