Leon's Microblog – October 2016

Getting the parasites out of your body, then, after noticing how much organ function they'd replaced with themselves, getting them back in.
"Got all the projectile body mods this weekend." *squirts tears out of eyes* *squirts wax out of ears* *blasts dandruff cloud into the air*
"And he just runs into that butt" #​out of context melee
"It's the palace whose front is shaped like a human face, but with balconies erupting from the eyes and cheeks that later kings added."
"Harpies to me represent the ultimate in wish fulfillment. A bird furry with no beak… no one should misuse their imagination so brazenly."
"If you slay a giant spider, their web is yours." *empties out inventory into it* "Ahh, home swee–" *left cheek gets stuck* "–pth hrrrnghh."
"So far, the enterprises tasked with destroying the meteor have solely focused on touch interfaces for people that have been squashed flat."
One can accept that as Act 6 rolled on, this balance had fully waned – there wasn't enough left to discover, to cast the cynicism in relief.
But early on, this only whetted the mystery, built up tension over weeks and months – bellowing pessimism feeding its quiet optimism.
Progress foiled by catastrophic flubs, defeats that are not only inevitable but preordained, dominated HS's narrative from start to end.
As an aside: this potent sense of mystery perhaps explains why Homestuck's cynicism and pessimistic, flippant humour then felt so sharp.
The feeling that ultimate knowledge is waiting out there, visible in growing glimpses… is what I think these tracks in particular capture.
What Sburb "is", what Skaia "is" – the early story was driven by a longing for this forbidden understanding, these grand answers.
What's easy to forget about early HS is how much of its world was hidden, how long the vast systems surrounding the kids went unexplained.
https://homestuck.bandcamp.com/track/infinity-mechanism – Here's the other… echoey, meandering, ornate, energetic. Beholding.
https://homestuck.bandcamp.com/track/ballad-of-awakening-2 – Here's one… kind of synthy, not quite natural or digital, relentlessly curious. Wondering.
I think there are two Homestuck animation tracks that particularly epitomise the narrative qualities I most enjoyed while following.
Symmetra frantically hopping up and down trying to remind people she exists – everyone says "Hi Torbjörn" as Torbjörn teleports in near her.
One of your OCs carefully corrects their MP3 files' metadata, and the other thinks ragtime is just "fast classical".
"PRO: Graphics so good, I can't distinguish it from photos of my loved ones. CON: Music is Shave and a Haircut played over the Amen Break."
"Plenty of homes have a spectacular view if you know where to look. Just head out to the window, glance up, and the universe is there."
I believe that Paper Mario TTYD has a hard minimum of 1 star point for battles that finish normally, including the Shadow Queen.
Someone name me RPGs where the final final boss gives you exp. for some reason, especially if you can't actually save it.
Anyway, the human world record of this is a pinch under 9 hours, only around triple the any% record. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p2H4AJ0f08s
6) Also, you have to beat all these bosses with Mario at level 3 and the other characters below level 10. Sorry, forgot to mention that.
5) If you're fighting consecutive bosses (like Boomer and Exor in Bowser's Keep) you must beat these odds every time before you can save.
4) Hope, HOPE, that getting the black egg makes you lose all the boss's exp. yield, and NOT the coin yield, which is a 50/50 chance.
3) If you do NOT get the black egg in this minigame, whose location is entirely random, you must reset and do the whole battle again.
1) Save before each battle. 2) Use the Lucky Hammer to guarantee you get the Yoshi minigame after you win the battle.
There are several unskippable high exp. yield bosses in SMRPG – the run requires you do the following to lose that exp, every time:
So, the "Super Mario RPG low level speedrun" is essentially a joke run – it involves beating SMRPG at the lowest exp. levels possible.
"It's time… to let these imprisoned souls free." *starts hitting cursed gems with claw hammer as faint "ow" squeaks ring out*
"Damn, that was a closie! Another inch and I'd be de… Hey! Why are you filming me?" *tucks phone into black robe* "Just making a supercut."
(I'll also admit, much like jazz and metal, I don't actually know how to distinguish all the kinds of butch, and just fake my way through.)
I'll admit it… I like nerdy butch women as romance protagonists… https://twitter.com/itsmeMIKIB/status/791791861182500864
On the subject of vines, I always liked this "single portrait" one https://twitter.com/jennschiffer/status/791676393306353664
https://youtu.be/tX0qD4R7_eo?t=448 – Here's an illegal rip of the scene in question, which also takes place at sunset.
I can actually think of a specific childhood cartoon which may have helped develop this – a scene from New Adventures of Winnie The Pooh…
There's more to it than that, I think, but it's the aesthetic I draw from in all of my profile pictures across these past 7 years.
and being hushed and calmed by it, able to empty your self out and let it fill you, or else vanish seamlessly into its tapestry.
Let me say… It's about being in a vivid yet serene place and time, a single sensorally rich, dreamlike moment made real by nature,
This mashup vine really speaks to some of my most personal aesthetics https://twitter.com/xMattieBrice/status/791767099244969985
http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=53008433 – This is a pose I seldom see: carried in arms, but with hands folded, as if leisurely seated.
http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=46747727 – Blazing hat marks… upside-down peel-out…!!
*remembers how RPG World ended before the final boss* *remembers how the final boss in Adventurers! took longer than the rest of the comic*
http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=49040192 – Holding a lit bomb fuse like a cigarette………
"Like the old tales warn… "Don't put your hand in the dragon's mouth if the dragon wants to bite it but doesn't feel like leaning forward.""
*whilst sliding the Demonqueen Ring on and off to see if your hot evil transformation accidentally gets stuck if you do it fast enough* "Wha
"I think… we all need to follow that stray dog! I also think," *glances at the sky where the Author is* "some poor soul's getting frazzled."
"I love seeing reused teabags get weaker and weaker… Their strength ebbing like a struggling thrall! The colour draining like their hope!!"
"None of the programmers here have ever kissed their code! Running your fingers over printouts and massaging bugs away is nonexistent!"
http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=manga&illust_id=58206589 – I thought "This bird furry looks unusually soft and cuddly", then I clicked to image 2 and it's like she heard me.
http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=2611653 – This looks like a Symphony of the Night style "Kumatora becomes lord of Osohe Castle" AU.
"The cyborg musician famed for the single "You Bricked My Robo-Heart" was one of the ten million found dead of bricked robo-hearts Tuesday."
"An unknown time ago, my parent got pregnant from just subtext… Now I'm a living elision, my existence only implied!" reads the toilet wall.
This is just a @ClassicsOfGame https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFgBCv1ZQ0g
Taking it on face value that these tiny sprites, brought together, form an entire world, as full of meaning as a vividly animated JRPG.
Ib is neither a large nor graphically ambitious game, so I find affecting art like this charming in its sincerity. https://twitter.com/Kanekiru/status/774865528787656704
"Slime" the slimewoman continues, "is the deviant state between a dry corpse and a pool of blood – no body to injure, no gore to wash away."
"This is the Extraction Hall, where the mystery substance known as P.U.K.E. that powers all technology is harvested from the rowdiest punks"
"You may say "No way can EVERY character blackmail someone into sex with a millimetre of leverage", but, fiction makes the impossible real."
I love RPG Maker game character montage art, and the grandeur and respect they give their pixelly story. (source: http://vgperson.com/games/faretherecity.htm)
"These effects are the results of Samus literally absorbing herself" (source: http://metroid.wikia.com/wiki/Unnamed_Suit)
So, even without meaning to, wearing one makes you a little taller, gives you a little more physical presence.
One incidental detail I kinda like about fursuits is that they are, by necessity, larger than the person wearing them.
Super Mario RPG.
Umihara Kawase.
Gokujō Parodius.
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island.
Gunple: Gunman's Proof.
Chrono Trigger.
Kirby Super Star.
Final Fantasy VI.
Final Fantasy V.
Super Punch-Out!!
Kirby's Dream Land 3.
EarthBound. Have fun observing these timestamps, many of which will date back to my first casual playthrough of said game.
Sorry folks, I'm out of sleep and imagination, so it's finally time for the ultimate cop-out content: screenshots of my SNES9X savestates!!
Samus's nightmare where she unmorphs and keeps unmorphing, suit growing taller and taller, more and more limbs, guns and visors appearing,
"In the age of magic, all expensive fashion items had decorative curses… Skin-welding wristwatches, business cards that bleed when torn up…"
"She has an "embarrassment at people noticing she has this fetish" fetish… Don't worry, it can only recurse about 5 times, tops."
"No… please don't fall asleep in my hand when I'm cradling your chin sexily… I'm sorry I used extra-softening moisturiser… Stay with me…"
You've used this teleporter 5 times, and it keeps saying you, the copy at the start, are the real version. Just disintegrate you already!
*gives up trying to form exact change for $3.75 and lets your id take over* "Gwahahaha!!" *hands over a $100 note*
*gives up trying to remember the original point of this plot and lets your id take over* "Tough bikkies, readers, I'm doubling the cast!!"
Hashtag Just Maybe Monad Nothings
You're close to releasing her from the tube before it fills with hot water! However, you just hit the button that releases gelatin crystals.
"Then, the mech did a fearsome overhead slash consistent with the pilot suddenly waking up and sliding their heels across the controls."
*in extremely "mustn't sound like I've just been catastrophically owned" voice* "………………"
"Writing tip: think of a character that's smarter than you, then defer all your cognition to them. Repeat to become infinitely intelligent."
"What if… what if I wrote two versions of the story… so I could have both amazing plot twists…" *guzzles a cup of water to replenish sweat*
The vending machine dispenses those new "micro-pillows" you've heard of. You shove one under each eyelid and wait for the restfulness boost.
And with that, the last human willingly devolves into a pigeon. The sentinel statues' eyes turn green, as Earth becomes "sapience-clean".
"Sorry for not replying – I couldn't sleep after putting my folded clothes away, having contorted my body around them on my bed for 2 weeks"
"For cold ages I sleep… but whenever the reincarnation of my lover sheds hir first tear of heartbreak… then I rise, and come to their side."
"We resumed work on the ASTARTE mech in secret, under the guise that the engineers constantly left their hats inside and needed to look."
You recall EarthBound letterboxed its random encounters and reserved full-screen for bosses… I imagine a frame of tree/pillar silhouettes.
This makes me want a mix of EarthBound's colours and Dragon Quest's black: abstract backdrops with dark environment silhouettes in front.
A somewhat proto-EarthBound abstract battle backdrop. (Also, it's easy to miss, but the top panel holds health bars for up to 6 enemies.)
You might be remembering what happens when you collect this item… ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
You look up the mocking emails the idols send their rivals when you beat their fame routes, and shed a hot tear at their cathartic flames.
"My dreams have bad internet… most of the pages I read while asleep look like corrupted local caches."
You write the character back in to the story – but they've changed from their time spent in limbo. Aged. Grown wilder. Crueler.
Mario Kart: Super Circuit.
Relationship goals
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIa04MkYNYc – I triggered this wrong warp by accident when I was a kid!!! It freaked me out a lot! I'm glad it's reproducible.
Here's a free Metroid mobility idea: a Grapple Beam/Spider Ball combo where you swing as the ball, and can reel to and from ceilings at will
It seems silly for AM2R in particular to have wall-jumping at all, given how comparatively early you get Spider Ball and Space Jump.
My Metroid opinion: Zero Mission and AM2R shouldn't have wall-jumps or shinesparks, as it's Fusion canon that she only discovers them in SM.
"The Dangling City… they chained every building to a rocket and launched into space, but got tangled on a rainbow, where it hangs today."
Trying on each of your glasses to see which occult AR game loudly announced a demon's arrival, only to find it was vanilla reality.
"A castle with only an underground entrance… Only by letting it fully sit atop you, to place it between you and Heaven, will it give entry."
"Samus's first suit upgrade is the Wario Suit, which turns her orange. The next upgrade, which turns her purple, is the Waluigi Suit."
"Programming is like moving a mountain in 24 hours by building a big enough lever in 23, then noticing the fulcrum is on the wrong side."
"So, the original lyrics of the chorus of the Toreador song… rhymes "toreador" with itself?" "Never research your idols, kiddo."
Today, in humanity's reach exceeding its grasp
"It kind of sucks that I don't enjoy hard vore predding, because at the end I can burp at will at the same mournful pitch of a church bell."
"I accidentally ate pasta with olives, so my brain might be unwittingly doing the olives' bidding as we plan this out."
"Imagine how many times wild animals do badass things and no one's there to see." *zoom out to reveal them staring at a golf course heron*
"Regulations require depictions of superheroes bending gun barrels to be followed by them unbending and gifting them to police officers."
(Also the streamer shows off his cat at 3:15:00.) (The cat is not a glitch.)
https://www.twitch.tv/mecharichter/v/95236681?t=02h52m35s – Enjoying these Symphony of the Night glitches (a good one starts at 2:59:20).
The bottom of the pool is just loose sand painted white. You slide in, as easy as the water's surface, and sink where chlorine can't reach.
"My eyes are the window to my soul. So is my mouth. My incinerating breath? Straight from my soul to yours, baby."
"Gotta break writer's block. Hmm… what's the most effed up thing that could change everything thus far?" *the only page is completely blank*
*thinks about the eyes puzzle in La Mulana's final boss* Well, that was a load of utter *remembers that I solved it without help* genius >B]
Lagrange Point has a translation patch… hell yes.
To be fair, though: FF6 at least demonstrates that giving them top billing in the plot is pretty significant.
Final Fantasy 6, the RPG known for its strong women protagonists, like *instantly realises the 14-hero cast only has 2 women and 1 girl* uh,
After a tense meeting renegotiating your lease to let you keep your ten mind-thralls, you give yourself a backrub with twenty hands.
"We coded JS fine without structural typing, even if a few bugs weren't found for days or years late–" *every building on Earth blacks out*
Apologies if this crashes your browser – it isn't all that stable a build target for Game Maker, even today.
http://leonarnott.neocities.org/test-15-10-16/ – Rough web build of what I've got so far, including 8-way sprites, basic menus and some mobility devices.
"All that keeps us from the inch-wide hole to Heaven is every part of us that will not squish." *acolytes dive in giant instant noodle bowl*
"Despairing, I leaped into the Lethe to wipe my mind clean – only to learn it was the Styx, and now nothing can make my memories die."
"Programming my blood nanites to instantly skeletonise my corpse at moment of death is the only lifehack this harsh future has left for us."
"Hi, I'm Mad Dummy from Undertale, sayer of lines like "Whatever" and "WHATEVER". But do you know "what" isn't "ever"? Your life on Earth."
"C'mon, surely we can't ALL have been grandfathered into this friendship, just before we all got out of our leagues?"
You and your partner were both losing hair before you met, but now you're just finding it taken root on each other's heads.
After waking, you try to deduce who's spooning you from just their nail colours.
"As an honour for conquering the villain's death-trap-filled amusement park, you may keep the park and replace his theming with yours."
"You can reuse a teabag to make a second cup, but you have to wait through its refractory period first."
"Some days you're like *OoT Lizalfos eeeh* other days you're *WW Fishman eeeh*. …Sorry if I sounded like a really badass Twitter bot there."
You ever think how effed up it is that when a Belmont uses an Axe it flies in an arc but when an enemy uses it, it boomerangs like the Cross
Best thing here apart from "SPIDERCOP" and "DARK SODOM" is that the player's plane is fired from a giant revolver.
Happy Halloween
Color Splash: jokes about Bowser wanting to go-kart race Mario. SMRPG: Bowser reciting a solemn haiku, unprompted.
The current Mario RPGs generally poke fun at the series in an overly irreverent, surface way, whereas older Mario RPGs were drier, subtler.
*opens the "in case of feeling of impending doom" canister* *there's a jam sandwich and a note* *the bread is soggy* "There's the doom! ;-)"
"Birds are undergoing harpification. Their beaks go first – forced to crunch bugs with feeble human jaws and lips."
"What do you mean the top competitive Street Fighter forum isn't called "Streetboards". Don't they know about the naming standard"
"Ever since AI obsoleted all creative fields, humans can only express themselves by founding startups" - Jed Div, Rent-A-Steampunk-Clown CEO
You slam into the handsome CEO's son as he's rushing with a bin of shredded accounts – a swirl of delicate pale shreds encircles you both.
You check the ballroom's clock, where your rodent minions are sliding the "12" to the right – keeping accursed midnight a little farther.
"Are you… holding me in midair… by my chin?!" "Heh… And you too can squander telekinesis like this… if you stand by my side."
The one party member who always gets possessed by the villain and the one party member they always kidnap have started a podcast.
Can't believe new fossils have proven that humans have feathers all along *spreads wings for the first time in life* My childhood is ruined
Weighing down the toybox lid with your sister's Lego buckets has only made the thumping louder and noisier.
Having solved humanity by creating the Perfect Human, the biologists convert themselves into woodpeckers, noting "there'll always be wood."
Skeletons unable to resume their eternal rest, even after plugging their eye sockets with as many cursed jewels as they can jam in them
Peach/Toadstool name/hair colour discrepancy theory.
Are reverse character wealth/caste AUs the reverse boss order speedruns of fanfic
Sincerely enjoying how this zigzag passage has been mechanically transformed.
Pretty good so far – all I have to do now is… bomb… this.
Just booted up Super Metroid Rotation and encountered the first of what will surely be many Owns to be had.
The best room in the game.
My favourite part of http://gamehacking.org is this auto-generated panel translating each line of the code into English.
"No, "zelda" is their species plural. You play as a zeldum named Link."
"Cover yourself - you ain't decent!"
"You might want to put on a jumper or something." *whilst pouring fourth cup of tea* "Eh, just need to warm up a little more."
"It's too late for me to go home… but this is only our first date! So, um… goodnight then." *drops to the floor, rolls under partner's bed*
You used to have staircase-teleporter races with your partner – panting atop the stairs as the machine extruded their still-liquid head.
Chaos erupts at the international Stump Akinator championships, as the leading team falsely inputs that Falco Lombardi can lay eggs.
"I don't have enough health to do Beast Boost." #​out of context speedrunners
Think,s about whether this could be called a "grocer's inverted inverted comma"
The game just wordlessly mocking you for dying in level 1, of all places – its gaze passing over to the Actual Levels for lingering moments.
I always found it hilariously mean-spirited that you'd die in level 1 of the Ghosts'n Goblins games, and then the game shows you all of THIS
"Well, if one of those big slimes ever does get me, I only hope my memories of bein' eaten give 'em spooky dreams every damn night!"
"I heard that after he only got a B+, he turned on one of those landfill MotherBots he found, and is living in the woods with it right now."
"I wish to repeat: I gave the sheriff no assurance that a humble frontier graveyard like mine could hold the soul of such a wicked outlaw."
"The neo-colonial dreams of tall ships in space are dead. If humankind ever ventures into space now, it will be an exodus, not a conquest."
"I always add the milk right after pouring the water then forgetting about it for a full hour. It's my "as lat(t)e as possible" method."
"Sorry about my clothes – I just had a job interview. Hey, smile down there!" *the faces on her living shoes stop wailing and grin weakly*
I arrive at the meetup for videogame characters named "Big Bertha". Half of them are cannons – and half of those are lesbian cannons.
"This city is a vibrating motel bed - and this murder just jammed it on high," he brooded, having accidentally jammed his motel bed on high.
As the ghostly dancers depart, the illusion lifts, and the antiquated ballroom changes back to an after-hours high school basketball court.
Glow-in-the-dark stickers on the ceiling, howl-in-the-silence stickers on the walls… just like old times.
Rifling through the one tome your master bade you never open, and finding only very specific, petty curses to afflict his long-dead rivals.
(Unfortunately, it was at this point that I decided that diagonal-facing sprites were an indispensable product requirement.)
#ScreenshotSaturday Reviving one of my old interests - paper doll-esque character sprites.
It also helps humanise the monsters in a way a more violent premise wouldn't - their motives aren't simple, their reason not as dismissable.
This clean, dreamlike mood, rare in horror, is why I find its overtures to gore so off-putting, and the image of the rose so enticing.
- and instead commits to a satisfyingly underexplained House of Leaves / Night at the Museum scenario.
("Zombies" referring to both living dead, and bio-zombies like the monsters in Parasite Eve and Killing Floor and such)
One other, simple thing I appreciate about Ib is that its horror premise lacks both supernatural spirits and zombies -
"H-hug me." "OK." *uses their lowered guard to quickly zip together the right side of their coat with the left side of your coat* "Harhar!!"
Out-of-bounds graffiti artists ending a message with a swear word cut off by your world's low draw distance.
You use your most desperate, dying spell to swap minds with the actor portraying you. At last, the life of peace you fought in vain to have.
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