Leon's Microblog – July 2016

When the tomboyish girl who's uncomfortable in dresses and skirts is seen wearing the Colossal Heavy-Weapons Mechsuit for the first time
"I'll defeat you with the Omni-Tickle, a heavenly technique that assails every nerve in your skin! …Once I charge it up! Next time we meet!"
A few cute little jerks and twitches as their mind slides out of VR and back into their body, like putting on a tight sweater.
Touching solo piano piece with bombastic metal refrain in the middle, instead of vice-versa
"I was abandoned… raised by monsters… foul beasts… nightmares! But in my heart, I always felt my humanity… my uniquely human wickedness!!"
"No! I'm not spending the maiden flight of our skyboat huddled in quilts in the hold!" *opens hatch an inch* "Brr! What a thrilling second!"
"I'm deep into twistpunk," she replies while, with hands painted to resemble a ghost all along, she orders drinks with coins dated 2125.
"Well, I just psychically surveyed everyone on Earth, and it seems you peeps are the only friends I'll ever have!" *laughs, rubs shoulders*
"Why was I so dearly close to my solution for so long? Why were all the answers I needed in my reach, but always barely out of my sight?"
You and your siblings long pledged never to look up your serial numbers and discover for certain which of you really is the newer model.
Your hardest task after freeing your petrified friends is to admit that you've grown far apart in the time it took you to learn the magic.
You and the parasite finally agree to subsume it into your nervous system, and with it, its dreams of being imprisoned in your harsh body.
"Your body is a powerhouse," admires your robot partner, "I can only imagine having decades of uptime with so little maintenance."
http://what-even.deviantart.com/art/Girl-in-a-Box-410767438 – Colours and theme of this one remind me of an Emily Carroll comic.
*walks up to food synthesiser* "A ten-metre-long banana string please." *it dispenses* *promptly starts slurping it like a spaghetti strand*
It's now, when you must silently slide out of your sleeping partner's arms to go to work, that you're glad your sweat is runny, not sticky.
*cowled, bowed* "…society is a prison…" *pulls off hood* "And we're busting out tonight!" *puts it on* "…unless it's raining outside…"
Hit so hard, even your shadow flashes red
Utena used this trope and I was so engrossed when it did.
I love being haunted by a mystery in your past, half-memory half-dream, that could explain the world and yourself, if only you could return.
One trope I really like is "childhood flashback where a magical being shows them a glimpse of the supernatural that guides their adult life"
Wait a moment… Still need to recontextualise it via comparison to a familiar cultural touchstone… OK, there.
*What Is Love starts playing* Ah yes, I too am a fan of Knytt Stories,
*finishes typing post* At last, the fruit of hours of painstaking research… my opus… my intellectual odyssey…
"Leave me alone." *sits in corner, takes off witch's hat and places it in front of them* "I'm a wreck right now."
"No." *removes key from ancient lock* "'Tis an old riddle of inversion. Observe." *slips key under ancient doormat* *the door creaks open*
"Don't stand there! Get me outta this stuffy formal wear and into my usual!" "'kay." *rips the sleeves, skirt and buttons* "Yeah! Perfect!"
"I'm a packingpunk now." *drapes self in bubble-wrap* "New aesthetic I invented after 22 hours of packing." *puts masking tape on kneesocks*
"I feel vindicated… Our school maths is utterly worthless now that we have prime number sniffing hounds." *the hounds perk their heads up*
"Three rules for devising magical rites. First is to make it work. Second is to make it cheap. Third…" *does a twirl* "…make it gorgeous."
Vaguely noticing inside a dream that you've got your hair in your mouth in real life, but you're too tired to wake up and fix it.
"See the world through my eyes," says the slime, oozing rosy goo over your face. "Once you become a part of me, everything looks great!"
https://www.twitch.tv/kirua/v/47711346 – If two Hammer Bros. walk onto the same node, they will both move away in random – but not exclusive – directions.
*hair tie snaps* "Hmph… seems you can't hold back Unlimited Power." *the conditioner is empty* "Hmph… seems you can't condition Unlimited Po
"Humanity… the only beings to dare use magic for selfish ends…" *dog appears and conjures a Hell Rift to summon an Abyssal Dog to play with*
They open their shirt, revealing blood-red, fanged mouths all across their torso, sucking on blood-red pacifiers.
"For your mother, I must brew two potions. One for her, to cure her sickness… and one for her replacement, to free her job position again."
"I don't know who built my tree, but someone told me I surely owed rent with interest from the day I hatched in it… so I fled to the city."
and that mystery informs the conclusions of the chapter arcs, tying their resolutions to the main arc's progress.
Cucumber Quest features plot coupons and bosses, but each boss also gradually progresses the grand mystery surrounding its arch villain,
Paper Mario makes some cute references to the chapter bosses having their dearest wishes granted by Bowser, a fun trope that BACK also uses.
The Mario RPGs and Undertale link them thinly – each is either a stopover in the journey, or a search for a central plot coupon, or both.
I suppose a point of comparison can be made in how each of these works ties their chapter arcs back to the framing story arc.
Though, perhaps due to its art or humour style, BACK also reminds me of Over The Garden Wall's episodes, and of serial cartoons in general.
I was made to dwell on this by thinking of the webcomics BACK and Cucumber Quest, whose chapter arcs remind me of Paper Mario's.
It's also easy to see why later PM games's chapters are widely panned: the first 3/4 of their story arcs is just walking to the right.
I feel Undertale's biggest writing success is in using this structure: each zone is focused on its respective "boss" from start to end.
Examples being: Tubba Blubba's invincibility, the monster of Twilight Town, the false queen of Nimbus Land, etc.
The most beloved chapters are the ones most focused on the conflict, most concentrated on the central mystery or villain.
This chapter structure lets an entire cartoonish, broad-strokes conflict play out over an hour, and then give way to the next.
Paper Mario, TTYD and even SMRPG are beloved for their episodic chapters - clean, distinct worlds with varying, miniature story arcs.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLUoRoc-3Lc – I'm glad the Mother 3 ROM contains heartbeat tracks even for boss music that can't ever be observed in-game.
Are there videogame remixers out there dedicated solely to adding Yoshi bongos to platformer music and Mother 3 heartbeats to battle music
And the rush of power and meaning thereof… pretty nice whenever you can achieve that with just architecture.
Being able to run under the entire world… every locale suddenly linked together… the limitations that defined the entire game fallen away…
Thinking about how that was a convenient way of giving some narrative catharsis to a game which had little narrative beyond its environment.
http://moosekleenex.deviantart.com/art/Toadstool-Tunnels-288815619 – This picture incidentally reminds me of the secret tunnel in Knytt.
*leans in and kisses lover* "Aw, boop! I tried to eat you whole, but didn't open my mouth wide enough! I sure did a goof. Now I need a hug."
"Hey, kids! Every bit of maths can be used to model every other bit! See this 7? There's an acute angle inside it!"
http://yanadhyana.deviantart.com/art/The-Lost-City-506833496 – This artist's use of patterned borders reminds me of certain DOS games… Sorry.
The "blowing-smoke-off-a-finger-gun" gesture… who knows if I can pull it off… get ready… here goes nuthin'!!! 😙 ☝️
Realising Ten Years Too Late That You Could've Gotten Back The $10 Deposit On Your Video Store Account Before It Closed Down Forever 💀🔥😱🔥🚨💥🕷
I have just discovered that I got this wrong, and the actual correct spelling is "DaBigBooi". I apologise for this error.
You crank down the gravity in the spare room for your guest, only for your dog to charge in and launch itself into all the high shelves.
"Level 12 is hard, level 13 is a full-time job, and level 14 will make you lose hair and piss in equally large quantities."
Is this glitch a Roundabout meme
http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=56975180 – I'm glad that viddygames have trained a generation to respond warmly to certain kinds of constrained palettes. – *downloads the Famicompo pico cover tracks* Hell yeah, two Sleigh Rides.
I honest three god thought that the cool kid who transforms into a knight was the owner of the dog that transforms into a wolf.
God I only just distinguished that Secret of Evermore and Illusion of Gaia are different SNES RPGs.
So far today I've twice tuned into speedrunner streams just before they flubbed world record *tiny smile as witch's hat lowers onto my head*
"For millennia, we have asked, "Are we alone in the universe?" And for now, I can answer: yes, we are… but there's more of us than we knew."
An unpleasant mood spread over the generation ship at the discovery it had already landed 300 years ago and it was just really dark outside.
You hate it when something makes you fall over and the tiny ghost controlling your huge iron body pops out of your head for three seconds.
"Damn, can't believe the financial anxiety therapy torrents are down. I may actually have to convince myself to spend money on it."
"Ahh, that true sign of aging… realising everything could have been so easily preventable, so easily treatable, so effortlessly bearable."
"I mourned the person that I only was when I was with them… and my light heart aches that someone else will someday mourn me."
More online services adding "All of your nectar I drank has turned to poison in my belly" as a radio button in their "delete account" forms.
""Hope"… It's been a long, long time since I've heard that word. We all call that emotion "happydread"."
Maka Maka. I just read the sorry story of this game's abbreviated development cycle, and I'm feeling those pangs.
Sugoro Quest. This game would be great if it didn't require so much grinding to overcome events like this.
Just played a ROM and encountered this music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eL4bsYsL1PY I don't know an SNES game except R-Type 3 with this much power metal.
I just started playing Tales on a Watery Wilderness and I'm being blown away by everything about it.
What's the emoji combination for "shocking twist" 🌩🌪 This is it, I guess.
One problem encountered is that penciling+inking+scanning this actually, unbeknownst to me, took up around 30 mins.
In an attempt to resume my drawing, I tried, with attached result, to belt out something in around 10 minutes.
Dozens of versions of your house, crash-landed and strewn all over your street, each you crawling our and waiting patiently at your door.
"Look… I think I've erased you from history," you begin to apologise to your notepad drawing that, you realise, looks nothing like them.
"So exactly how zany a mercenary are you?" "Well, not only are both arms and both legs robotic… but my angel wings are real flesh." "Hmm…!"
"When I catch lightning in my hand, I clasp power to kill me twenty times over. As I release it, I am not an image of might, but ugly luck."
"A hundred thousand seeds scattered on this planet… so close your hope that none would sprout! But I alone did… and my million-fold mayhem!"
http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=44895014 – I don't know what genre of music typically goes with that kind of hat. Blues??
Sorry everyone, that tweet is technically a Two Things fanart. I've sold the hell out 💰💵🍷📈🐩🎩💍🎰🏰
The "fire walk with me" rhyme from Twin Peaks, but replaced with the opening/ending song from Over The Garden Wall
I'm so glad for this addendum.
"Back in the day, I had so many rump-kickin' moves, they had to make some illegal!"
"That trick is called the DaBigBoyee… it's named after a runner called Coolkid." #​out of context speedrunners (The spelling was clarified)
"That's a weird configuration of owls!" #​out of context speedrunners
"I can't be mentally disabled, physically disabled AND the heir princess of a lost realm. No way." *follows 3 similarly disabled princesses*
"Why do you ensorcel singing children to announce your return to the mortal world? I get the hottest, bulkiest men in the room to do it!"
"I dunno… I think I only want it because it looks good right now, and I'll lose interest later." "How long have you wanted it?" "Ten years."
"Berserker Fugue: once your disgust with your body reaches boiling point, you can dissociate from it and unleash brutally reckless attacks."
183 gone
Licking your elbow like you'd lick a knife
"Everything is falling apart…" *chunk of the sky lands directly in their open arms* "but I'm glad when it sometimes falls where it needs to"
You and your roommates are so deflated, you have to twist and knot your flattened bodies into a crude human shape to take out the bins.
2017: lacking all hope for the future, people comfort themselves by saying "69" when they encounter the word "nice" instead of vice-versa.
"Bubbline… Rosemary… Alphyne… Korrasami? Did you serious pack lesbian ships instead of food?" "Um excuse me, these are canon lesbian ships?"
https://www.twitch.tv/chasetopherlee/v/75394943?t=01h59m48s – What I like about this glitch is that the ocean changes texture so rapidly, it looks like a time-lapse.
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