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This game's tutorial is very good at teaching the basic Rubik's cube-like maneuvers you need to even begin doing anything in the game – little tricks like "Moving in a コ shape preserves your colour horizontally" and "Applying the コ rule twice preserves your colour diagonally".
Currently crying into my sword about how hard Petal Crash is *puts entire sword into my mouth up to the hilt and drinks from it before slamming it on the bar counter*
Land Maker (1998), a fast-paced Wario's Woods-like,
I feel so sad, for Smash Bros. comp players. They don't deserve these pains.
This track is good too
Hashtag StarSweep Sweep. Is this anything
#RoadToGrandmaster CPU 12 Lillibri. If I can beat this, I can beat CPU 15 Lillibri. Though, it's sad to say, but the answer really is just "never get hit", just like always.
Creating the Top 10 Versus Puzzler Voice Barks list would be the bloodiest battle the world ever saw.
Top 10 Versus Puzzler Sound Effects (Non-Vocal) 1-6: The Tetris TGM next piece sounds 7: Top-out flourish (Panel De Pon 64) 8: "Here comes a new challenger" fanfare (Super Puzzle Fighter II) 9: Garbage queued (Soldam) 10: 20 garbage queued (Petal Crash)
#RoadToGrandmaster OK… I can beat CPU 11 Lillibri. xross_dreams_you_are_the_smartest_person_who_has_ever_lived.wav
*glances out the window to discover that the Land Maker pusher has pushed the neighbour's houses clean through my back yard and straight into my north wall* Goddamnit it's always after I mow, isn't it
What with Soldam and StarSweep both having great Game Boy ports of their music, it makes me regret that Puchi Carat's Game Boy music uses the sound chip so roughly (getting barely any value from the noise channel in particular).
StarSweep has a decent handful of strong music, but I'm particular taken with "Island of Rio", which is solid across all 3 platforms due to its solid melody (linking the barebones GB version here to emphasise it) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RdF6hObIYmY
The 13th route – Patrako's – is on face value a "joke" route where nothing actually happens, but I'm starting to see it as the most emblematic route of the whole game: all it does is build the world and the setting, and nothing more.
I also fell into the classic pitfall of conflating narrative and plot, but what Puchi Carat accomplishes is outside of plot altogether - the characters barely change within their own individual route, but together they are built up across all of them.
I used to think compelling game narratives in non-narrative-oriented genres, like shmups and versus puzzlers, was a hard problem, but now all I can think about is how much Puchi Carat accomplished with precisely four dialog boxes of identical size per level.
I suspect versus puzzle games got into the somewhat lazy habit of using gems for their pieces from Columns, but the Puzzle Fighter gems look so unappealing and cheap compared to most games' gems.
I don't dislike Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo just because of its nonexistent game balance, but also the aesthetics. Not the characters or UI, but the board itself. The block-placing and matching noises are annoyingly high-pitched, and the garbage blocks just look ugly.
Top 1 emulator preference checkboxes that pinpoint the decade it was developed in
Is there a Puyo game where you can cast Lipemco, because if so, I'm all in like floating stalks in tea
Undertale and Deltarune are games where you battle opponents by manipulating a small object in a box surrounded by other small objects, and it's deliberately extremely unclear how it diegetically relates to the characters attacking each other. Therefore, they are action puzzle ga
Oh Sacred Blossoms, Grant me the fortune to find the next link in my chains the wisdom to cut them short when I cannot and the humility to never assume I could extend them no further ––– The versus puzzle gamer's prayer
#RoadToGrandmaster I'm starting to think this game's CPU level meter is deliberately misleading. I can beat the CPU 10 Lillibri in a complete shutout. But when I change it to 10.1, then suddenly my winrate is 50/50. Symptom of sleep deprivation, or……… ?
Leon is a major influencer in: • Benjamin
This is a rhetorical question, as I understand none of you are capable of answering this, but… why does StarSweep for PS1 have a secret unlockable creepypasta version of Story Mode where almost the entire cast has been replaced with a completely silent entity named "Benjamin"
This one has TWO borders that change when you enter a game mode??
StarSweep – All Shoryukens – Complete.mp4
🌚Versus puzzle games are extremely basic fighting games 🌞Versus puzzle games are extremely basic RTS games
One interesting thing about StarSweep (1997 arcade game) is that its story mode doesn't have points or a high score board – it only has a speedrun board, ranked by stage completion. Moreover, it doesn't care about 1CC, but counts time across all credits used.
Ever think about how Puyo Puyo was about the wackiness of Madou Monogatari characters playing a versus puzzle game, and then, decades later when the former entirely subsumed the latter, Puyo Puyo Tetris is essentially the exact same thing
You all think the HAL Laboratory nest dog is cute until the eggs hatch into Hudson Soft bees >:)
After one of her tomes tips over onto her while she's reading it, Lillibri wakes in a world where Petal Crash tug-of-war mode is literally just a tug-of-war. In order to get the Sacred Blossoms to wish herself home, she must somehow win tug-of-wars against the normal-size cast.
If Petal Crash had active chains (block movement during chains) like in Panel De Pon, it would make longer chains easier, but it would also become a much more wicked and cruel game, in the same way that Panel De Pon can be cruel to its players.
If a difficulty setting doesn't cause you to feel emotions and realise things about a videogame that you'd never thought possible before, can it really be said to be necessary
This game's mechanical relationship to Panel De Pon gets wilder and wilder the more you analyse it… the fact that putting your own blocks ON TOP OF enemy​ garbage is A) possible, B) often optimal, and C) enables a different kind of garbage chaining, is amazing to think about.
After weeks of bafflement, I'm finally figuring out how to play ⭐️THIS⭐️ game (StarSweep) correctly.
Asgore from Deltarune, comforting me after choking my latest Petal Crash Grandmaster 1CC attempt: "Just think of it like… failing your driving test. No one, and I mean NO ONE, passes the first time. Why, on MY first time, I nearly ran over six chi– uh, but the important thing is
Suddenly wondering if the original design specification for Ore Kid (Petal Crash character)'s dialogue portrait began with "OK. So. You know the doge meme, right"
Undertale soundtrack – Battle Against a True Hero https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZqEGi2bUKu8
Heartbreaking to learn that the original Game Boy Tetris is widely regarded as a bad inauthentic version nowadays because the I piece odds are inexplicably only 13% instead of 1/6, and S pieces are inexplicably higher-probability than Z pieces.
I think Panel De Pon would be better at teaching you how to play well if untouched garbage blocks just ticked down and exploded after 10 turns, killing you instantly in real life. You'd get the idea relatively quickly.
When you beat Deltarune
*realises the SimCity 2000 Launch Arcology is only 4x4 so it's technically only a Gold Structure* D :
🌚Petal Crash is a top-down Panel De Pon-like 🌞Petal Crash is a top-down Puzzle Bobble-like
How do I convince Omori fans to play Higurashi without having to let slip the inconvenient detail that Higurashi contains no RPG elements whatsoever and yet is inexplicably longer than Omori
DESIGN CRITIQUE: The decision to make story mode battles in Petal Crash 3-stock (instead of 1-stock like most arcade story modes) 👎One credit takes almost half an hour 👍👍You can blow a 3-1 stock lead in the last stage and it's funny every time VERDICT: GOOD DESIGN
Did You Know? In Super Mario Land 2, Wario's name was created as an anagram of "owari" (おわり, lit. "The End") to wryly refer to the fact that he appears at the End of the game.
*swirls a wineglass dourly* How bitterly ironic… that Embodiment Of Scarlet Devil's story… is about mist… and yet… it is not on Steam…
*starts calling Tetris a match-10 game*
I like and trust the "danger" robot voice in Land Maker. When I'm taking 7 pusher damage, it's nice to hear that voice and know someone's on my side during this difficult time.
Today I learned that, even though no official album for Land Maker (arcade game/upcoming esport) was ever made, some (but not all!!!!) of the tracks received a high-quality release in the 2017 Zuntata album "reZonance World" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YO7jGnEUAwk&list=OLAK5uy_mKphxuQaecfB7V4sGAXKRQCorvgVavfU8&index=62
(I was brought onto this train of thought for a very predictable reason: the "secret" fifth credits theme in Panel De Pon is clearly an off-brand sound-alike of In The Mood, and I decided to examine the original.)
After comparing the two, I actually think I like the Edgar Hayes version of In The Mood (https://archive.org/details/78_in-the-mood_edgar-hayes-and-his-orchestra-joe-garland_gbia0002717b/_78_in-the-mood_edgar-hayes-and-his-orchestra-joe-garland_gbia0002717b_04_3.3_CT_flat.flac, earliest recording of this composition) more than the "definitive" Glenn Miller version (https://archive.org/details/in-the-mood_202112/In+The+Mood+(Flat+eq).wav).
My useless Touhou fact is that "9head" (from Twitch emote "4head") doesn't refer to Cirno at all, but instead refers to this spell card.
Y'know, you have to appreciate the mechanical simplicity of a game like Land Maker. You don't always need chains and combos as win conditions in your versus puzzle game. Sometimes all you need is a 5x5 square of blocks, and a super badass sicknasty name for it.
Newly invented solo game mode: "The Royal Garden" • Turbo: On • Spawners: 1 • Self Garbage • Spawner Garbage: 100% • Instant Drop: On • Chain Power: Hi From nothing, can you restore the garden to its former glory in under 1:30? (The time taken when just pressing Grow)
Newly invented solo game mode: "Dr. Lillibri" • Self-Match (mock duel) • Colours: 3 • Spawners: 6 Get the board empty of petals (all clear) in the fastest time!
C-Mond🤝Cirno What kind of romanisation is this
Having reviewed footage, I believe Atomino is the better and more interesting game (mainly due to its piece queue actually being weighted correctly, and not having random items) but Chiral not requiring a clean board to finish does give it a more high-speed, twitchy flavour.
Tried taking this old Mac shareware game (Chiral, a clone of Amiga game Atomino) for a revisit. I always found it unwieldy as a kid, but it's actually rather easy when you just dump all the awful 4s. Sadly, it doesn't meaningfully get interesting or harder as levels go on.
Are you serious THIS star??? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAwienu67cU
This cast makeup of fairies led by a goddess is also, I should mention, the same as in Panel De Pon (although, as I've covered previously, there isn't likely to be a causal link between these similarities due to release timings).
Important information regarding the prevalence of fairies in versus puzzlers: according to the SNES version of Magical Drop 1, every character in Magical Drop 1 except The World is taxonomically a fairy (妖精).
Petal Crash As Intended
Exploring the Petal Crash Online custom rulesets
Le Tomboy de Couperin. That should be the name of a remix of Cirno's theme.
"Bug 2901: If a player reloads their sniper rifle while perched atop a toilet, the splash as the casing lands in the bowl breaks stealth even if it was flushing at the time."
#RoadToGrandmaster Oh, right. I was doing this. Well, better derust with CPU 13… damn, I'm slow…
*tries unsuccessfully to remember the name of the SNES Ghosts'n Goblins game* Advanced Ghosts'n Goblins
This description of chains in gravity-based match-3 games (from https://youtu.be/KSicrcPyWT0?t=80) makes sense but sounds really funny in this specific wording. You're taking these poor blocks and creating problems and interferences for them.
After a few days of not touching it, I cracked open Panel De Pon again, pulled up Story Mode on Hard difficulty (the second-hardest), and sped through it to the best ending with a complete lack of effort or fuss. I'll admit, I got a little emotional about how much I've grown.
Masahiro Sakurai had the right idea for versus puzzle asymmetric multiplayer when designing Meteos. Forget garbage patterns, just make the block physics and board dimensions all different. I'm sure it's a mess for competitive, but character differences at least feel meaningful.
Having spent the past day and a half playing Puchi Carat extremely seriously instead of just partially seriously, I have now concluded that the only explanation for its gameplay and garbage systems is that Ruco designed all of it.
Puchi Carat arcade Super Gamer 1CC… achieved!!! After 10 hours of attempts, I figured out enough routes to whip this together. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMjnXBp1Y0c
UPDATE: In the interests of Basic Game Design, I have now set the switch to "Normal" (3 lines).
It's come to my notice that I have been playing with non-standard dip switch settings – the "Difficulty" switch was set to "Easy". This dip only affects how many lines a ball drop feeds in. I have now, in the interests of challenge, set the switch to "Very Hard" (5 lines).
Doing Puchi Carat arcade Super Gamer difficulty 1CC attempts
Unsaved text file: mapping of the seven Disaster Masters (from webcomic Cucumber Quest) to the Seven Lucky Gods
"Spamton is a happy elf who wants to spread joy to millions of kids, and spread money to millions of his bank account."
Only thing I want to say about Celeste is that retrospectively reading it as a trans story makes the use of long hair as an ominous supernatural symbol in level 6 a lot more meaningful.
Watching footage of Hatris
So far what I have learned from 20 minutes of Megapanel (1990) is that if you get vertical clears anywhere except columns 1 and 6, your crops won't be juicy and your mother will tell you off for forgetting her birthday two years in a row.
This game has a horny pinup mode??
That's enough gravity-based bottom-spawning block-swapping match-3 action for now. I'm now moving on to, uh……… Megapanel (1990).
*thinks about how I got a 1CC of Super Hard difficulty of Panel De Pon several hours ago and I don't have to play it ever again* Wow. Unbelievable. Truly astonishing. *my right hand automatically moves the mouse to the BizHawk icon and presses the
Do NOT miss the extremely epic, fair and skill-based thing that happens at 28:04 in this footage https://twitter.com/webbedspace/status/1623962056662876161
*pastes in this screenshot and clicks "Tweet" while making a >:) face*
Booted up Flashpoint and loaded Bejeweled 3, and am currently in the midst of an audio design adventure
https://shmuplations.com/puzzlegamecreators/ – Reading a Panel De Pon developer interview
I did it. Super Hard 1CC obtained. I became the Queen.
おしまい THE END https://youtu.be/uZNmDZhS40E
Doing Super Hard 1CC attempts
The one weird thing about Banjo-Kazooie that no one ever talks about is that 70% of the game's difficulty was in just Rusty Bucket Bay (the second-last level) and the remaining 30% was in the final boss. I feel like Mario 64 was a lot more balanced in comparison.
The sense of "beauty" that Touhou operates on is a little different to the beauty of something like a Panel De Pon chain, but I feel like they reach the same place from different directions – pushing the notion of "combat" so far into the abstract, until violence itself vanishes.
A notion commonly associated with Touhou's danmaku in particular is that they are a form of combat where beauty and wonder reign above all else… and it occurs to me that chain and combo-based versus puzzle games are the same.
Playing Panel De Pon on Super Hard difficulty has convinced me. I have seen true interactive art with my own eyes. More videogames need final bosses that have unlimited nonstop healing.
This game *you manage to work out through contextual clues that I mean Panel De Pon (1995)* is just a volcano of feels-bad moments. Oh my god. The average Petal Crash player would be pulverised by the torrent of psychic blows this game wreaks upon you on a minute-to-minute basis.
OK. Deep breath. Look. I'm not going to scrubtweet about the Panel De Pon cursor controls. I'm not even going to tweet about the intuitiveness of the Puzzle League DS stylus in comparison. What I will say is: the Super NES literally had a mouse, 3 years before this game came out.
Many of you may be wondering what the point of me playing the top difficulty of one versus puzzle game for the Super NES for a week straight is. You might already be assuming my goal is 1CC. Actually, my only goal is to have fun ^_^ Anyway, I'll be starting 1CC attempts soon.
Today when I woke up I decided I'd try and get another clear on Panel De Pon stage 12 Super Hard difficulty, and then eat breakfast
One thing in Pizza Tower I wanna see in other games is someone in the corner who rates your combos. Have Lillibri in the corner of Petal Crash saying "Very good" when you chain. If you do 6 or higher, Strelitz replaces her and says it's taking too long and to get on with it.
Improvements are getting optimistic… just now I won 3 in a row. And it's all thanks to nothing more than a new tactic I've employed called "not misinputting directions constantly and actually steering the goddamn cursor most of the time", a move as elegant as it is nuanced.
Biblically accurate garbage block
Thinking about how tedious it was when the only way to get funding from the Church to make falling block versus puzzle games in the Middle Ages was to make them about, like, St. Barbara extinguishing the Roman torches as they approached her at the stake or something like that
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BetW9dvj8Po – Wow! This person did their homework in figuring out how to fit this together. [Cave Story, Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom]
I've grown completely calm under pressure in Panel De Pon… I don't even see garbage blocks anymore. *I am immediately KO'd by one block* Like I said, I just don't see them. Help
New personal best!!
Instantly destroying Pearl and Dearl from Puchi Carat by saying they look like Kirby midboss gijinkas
I love it when this stage takes a reasonable amount of time. Pic unrelated
I find it a little funny that they localised "active chain" in Panel De Pon as "skill chain", vastly misrepresenting what it actually is (hurriedly improvising everything at the last second like a frazzled sitcom protagonist in the middle of two dates at the same time).
Me yesterday: Four is less than five. Me today: Listen, you fooligans. The secret of this videogame is right here! Four is less than five! Do you understand what that means?! Four is less than five!! It's less than five!
Making some freaking progress!!! I've been undergoing research and training into how to actually deliberately make 5-combos and higher instead of just endless 4s. And, I've come to realise an astounding Panel De Pon fact: wow, 4s are very bad!! Like, they really, really are bad!
The button motions to drag a Panel De Pon panel from one end of the playfield to the other is basically a wavedash. I see how this game is.
RT @shino_5307: #スーパーマリオメーカー2 #SuperMarioMaker2 #NintendoSwitch
Rules of Panel De Pon's Super Hard difficulty: •Whenever the enemy is not topped out, you are LOSING. •The answer to "will this attack top-out the enemy" is always "NO". •The answer to "is the enemy topped out" is always "NO". •Only once you stop asking can these become true.
Currently two minutes away from changing my display name to "Panel De Pon Scrubquotes"
*thinks about highchair Remilia from Silent Sinner In Blue*
No one is allowed to ask me whether I launched BizHawk after making this tweet, or what my local time is
Trying to do actual human tasks like "eating" and "going to sleep before 6AM" and all the time I'm thinking "I could be failing at Panel De Pon (1995) Super Hard difficulty right now instead of this"
Retweet if the IrfanViewStubClient icon on the bottom is just as beautiful as the actual IrfanView icon on the top
Getting the hang of this… where "the hang" is still a tightrope one inch between Hell and Heaven. Anyway, time to make dinner. *deliberately refuses to figure out what time it actually is now*
I Can't Believe 6x Chains Are This Easy When You Have Lots Of Material Plus A Ton Of Lag?! *it's not clear to anyone why this tweet is formatted like a fanslated Light Novel title*
Making some progress by changing my approach and maximising pushing, RNG chains, and lag… It's like I always say for playing Touhou: "Play smarter, not better". *proceeds to lose the next 60 attempts* Ah,
Your post advocates a ( ) technical ( ) legislative ( ) market-based ( ) vigilante approach to fighting AI-generated content. Your idea will not work. Here is why it won't work. (One or more of the following may apply to your particular idea, and it may have other flaws which u
They should have called the hardest Panel De Pon difficulty "God Hand" instead of the hardest Pac-Attack difficulty… because you're going to need the God Hand (from the 2006 video game God Hand) to have the APM to beat it!! Smack that reblog if you still think 3x chains are hard
DID YOU KNOW… ALL OF THE TRULY GREAT VERSUS PUZZLE GAMES BEGIN WITH "P"… Panel De Pon Petal Crash Puyo Puyo Puchi Carat (← not actually a puzzle game) AND, THE GREATEST OF THEM ALL… Pac-Attack IT'S TRUE !
This is for the benefit of people encountering "Quote tweet this with the most fricked up Puchi Carat lore fact you know"-style tweets (← example text only)
I've never mentioned this web Twitter tip before, so I won't begin this with "Reminder that", but taking the URL of a tweet and pasting it into Twitter search usually gets you more quote tweets than what clicking the "Quote Tweets" button gives you.
Déjà vu is a fun word because it looks like a tiny motorcycle is going to ramp over the dot of the j at any moment.
Watching top-level play and observing with interest how often they explicitly /avoid/ chaining off of garbage pops, because chains don't send any garbage until you break them, and they often need a more continuous flow of attacks from existing panels.
I've done literally nothing for the past 4 hours except credit-feed up to the last boss in Panel De Pon story mode Super Hard difficulty and then see how many times I can win. So far my win/loss ratio is 5/60. Is that good
I'm only mentioning this because the fact of their misusing the "Tetris" name in the 90s is now preventing that version from appearing on Switch Online, thus forcing everyone to play the fairy version untranslated, is absolutely hysterical. I love it.
*thinks about how Nintendo America didn't think the Panel De Pon fairies would sell, so they put Yoshi enemies in it even though they don't fit the plot at all, but then they didn't think the Yoshi brand would sell, so they put "Tetris" in the title instead of "Yoshi"* Incredible
I find it amusing that Cave (shmup videogame company)'s idea of videogame storytelling is to flash four randomly selected splash images in rapid succession every time you beat a level, and that's basically all you get.
Come to Gensokyo, we've got
ZUN is always lowkey mean to the Myouren Temple faction, and I love it
While Touhou asks the valuable question, "what if youkai were associated with trumpets", let's not forget that Panel De Pon asks the equally valuable question "what if fairies were associated with slap bass"
No one acknowledges this, but the Panel De Pon garbage blocks that the fairies conjure up are way more violent than every other versus puzzle game's garbage.
My Petal Crash gameplay veers wildly from good to pitiful, and the only explanation I ever have for the latter is literally "I temporarily forgot how to play the videogame".
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