Leon's Microblog – April 2023

*tweeting voice* We need to bring back the late-90s tiny guy that kicks your ass
Instructions for use in this handy diagram! One simple substitution of the filename can bring back context to even the 2015-est of my tweets!
Attention! I have now gone into my tweet archive, downloaded ALL imgur images that each of them used (except 30+ that were already deleted but w/e) and mirrored them on my website. Simply replace "i.​imgur.​com" with "fairysvoice.​net/imgur/" in the URL! https://twitter.com/atomicthumbs/status/1648883351233896448
The garbage system in this is very unexpectedly Land Maker-like: * Most damage goes into 6-wide lines from below (push) * Remainder is dropped from above * Garbage patterns matter VERY LITTLE compared to the general effect of adding lines that are guaranteed to have no Crash Gems
This (Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo Z Mode, only on the Dreamcast) is also a true Panel De Pon successor because you constantly lose material (Crash Gems) from the slightest of mis-swaps, or the game just spawning things under you.
This is a game where you have to create your own Panel De Pon garbage blocks to attack with…!! And then downstack under them yourself. Between this and StarSweep, there's so much about the Panel De Pon formula that's ripe for subversion.
Like, I sincerely love them all, but… a character like Aqua or Pearl simply could not exist, on a fundamental level, in Petal Crash's world.
God. Just. It's so freaking funny to think about how much Petal Crash's narrative and world design owes to Puchi Carat, and then actually compare Petal Crash's thoughtful, self-conscious and gentle cast with how positively rancid Puchi Carat's characters are
There's so many secret surprises hidden even in familiar, well-trodden places. Did you know you can click this thing and it goes faster?? o_o
https://www.autohotkey.com/docs/v2/v2-changes.htm – Partying hard the Leon way (reading the AutoHotKey version 2 language changelog and making unseemly hooting noises)
Sega localisers in the 90s, eating cereal: "Heh, let's just leave in the Carbuncle sprite and pass it off as a Sonic character. That Puyo series will NEVER become popular in the West." *they finish their cereal and leave, and end up completely vindicated by history*
I'd like to formally congratulate Tetris Attack, which has now risen above my "laziest 90s puzzle game relicensing" ranking in a truly phenomenal upset!! Good on you, Tetris Attack. *Tetris Attack makes the Audrey II-style "baybeh" voice clip* Get the hell away from me
What a J-E dictionary definition
Learning about 2D Fighter Maker has resulted in consequences. Now every time I see a screenshot of a game made in it, my eyes immediately beeline to the unalterable lowercased Help menu with completely unnecessary uppercase H on the end.
*thinks deeply about the common programming phrase "call with current continuation"* They should have sent a poet. No, really, someone send one, this field needs help
#IPlayed this Twine game. Pretty good. Better than Kindred Spirits On The Roof. https://kastelpls.itch.io/hanna-school
If they make a third sequel to Breath Of The Wild that retains the same naming pattern as the first two, fans are going to have to call it the "Of The" Trilogy, aren't they
Yu-Gi-Oh's "LP" (life points) feels like they inexplicably had to make a legally distinct version of HP (hit points). It's more logical, but /feels/ worse. The friggin' Linux of hit points. LP is what South Americans had when they were kids because HP was never localised there.
"Money Puzzle Exchanger" is easily the most egregiously awful of these changes. It just decimates the name of the main character. It's like if they did "Card Anime Sakura" or "Revolutionary TV Show Utena".
Mental illnesses where the only prescribed treatment is "just learn the matchup"
Untitled Goose Game's JP release is "Untitled Goose Game 〜いたずらガチョウがやって来た!〜" ("itazura gachou ga yattekita", fig. "here comes the trickster goose") which notably has the unrelated English name alongside the JP name. What I'm saying is, this is a Touhou game title.
*the phrase "Xexex Black Label" appears in my mind unbidden* Get thee hence
On a whim I decided to look up the original Japanese, and… apparently "I'll do it! I'm doing it!" is supposed to be a joke callback to Little Mac's announcement, but it was lost because the lines were translated differently… ?! https://twitter.com/godclownlover/status/1649944672964587522
I was wondering why the 2D Fighter Maker game I was analysing using this editor was almost 1GB… then I discovered 2D Fighter Maker only supports BMP.
Games are a magic circle… and I'm the horned head rising out of the purple smoke in the centre…
*actually thinks directly about what the higurashi are an analogy for in Higurashi, as obliquely revealed in episode 3 of the VN* Hmm……… now that I think about it, a little on the nose perhaps
Thinking inquisitively about how much I would respond to "red motivation"
Puyo Puyo's relationship to Madou Monogatari is like Super Smash Bros's relationship to Captain Falcon and the Ice Climbers
It's official
The "body shape iconoclast/equine traditionalist" square has Gold Ship in it.
I like (←tone of voice indicates I actually mean "revile") how the JP Wikipedia page for Money Idol Exchanger has a description of every character, tie-in product, port AND a plot summary of the manga, while the EN Wikipedia page contains an entire paragraph beginning with this:
God, it feels so good to cut the crap and play the Japanese versions of MAME ROMs instead of having to constantly deal with 90s localisations. Sorry, sorry everyone, sorry, I just remembered the English version of Xexex (1991 shmup) added a health bar and removed four powerups.
Me: "I feel like Money Idol Exchanger is a 'discount Puchi Carat'–" Figurative Plato-style interlocutor named Euthyphro or some crap: "You mean, because it has a grid of small change descending from the ceiling instead of gemstones?" Me: "…You know, yeah, that's what I meant."
Truly incredible Win32-era number input element… You can only left and right-click each decimal place to add (OR SUBTRACT) 1 of that much.
I love 2000's-era game making tool copy protection
"(like some Amphibian characters)" ???
I'm reading an English language tutorial for 2D Fighter Maker (JP abandonware by Enterbrain) and this is the opening of the first chapter. This is a thecatamites game narrator.
This explanation is honestly a little bit incredible for a stage 1 character.
. o O ( …B-boob mouse pad… )
https://shmuplations.com/twinklestarsprites/ – Reading this interview… These peoples' low opinions of versus game balance as a design goal is impressively refreshing. (← Not necessarily a tone of agreement)
Azumanga Daioujou. Is this anything. Azumanga Daifukkatsu. Anyone
Like, this sort of thing is not really possible for most fighting games that have more than a few characters, and super not possible for trading card games, so I'm glad it exists in the versus puzzle niche, but… it says a lot about how their asymmetric multiplayer is designed.
The fact that non-fighting versus arcade games like Magical Drop are even capable of being run as forced-mirror-match tournaments, because each character has no actual "moveset" at all and does exactly the same game actions, is quite funny to me.
"Draco Centaurus is a centaur" is definitely in the lower-right "body shape iconoclast/equine iconoclast" square of the Centaur Definition Alignment Chart.
*imagines how popular Columns, the falling block puzzle game, would be if its name wasn't freaking "Columns"* Wow
The time has come. The fans demand it. ZUN, bring back Mimi in Touhou 19‼️
The Gostak (2001 interactive fiction game) is like an escape room game, but the "room" is the English language.
The worst part of seeing AI generated art on Pixiv is seeing AI generated art on Pixiv that you're pretty sure the creator settled on within the first 9 pulls of their prompt instead of trying any better.
So far I've seen TWO Cohost dot org posts about how the story mode of Sen-Know (1999 falling-block versus puzzle game) is actually super cool and must-see. However, as it is A) untranslated, and B) untranslated hard science-fiction, the posts feel tantalising in the Greek sense.
Instantly making Arle batankyuu by calling her Diacute sorcery "discount Channel+Fireball from Magic The Gathering"
Twinkle Star Sprites really managed to cram both Arles into the same story, plus the fake Arle for bad measure.
Arle after casting Diacute 7 times in a row:
New theory incoming
Everyone goes on about how Puyo is OP versus Tetris in Puyo Puyo Tetris. What they haven't considered is that Puyo is just a better videogame *the elephant from Madou Monogatari 3 walks in and pulls the lever for the trapdoor also from Madou Monogatari 3, thus securing my escape*
Glances at footage lead me to believe that one of the more easily-overlooked aspects of this super is that it prevents the opponent from doing anything at all until your chain finishes resolving, thus stopping them from downstacking or chaining in response.
I don't actually know the full details yet, but I *think* you can't use this super while either your or the opponent is still placing a piece… which, if true, would create some amazing timing window mindgames between both players.
3) Then, the border between playfields vanishes. Now, until your chain finishes resolving, instead of two 7-wide boards, there is one 14-wide board belonging only to you. Your pieces can match opponents' pieces by colour. And if they were chaining, their chain becomes your chain.
This game (Kasiori) has a very interesting super, called the "Open" attack. Here's how it goes: 1) Your chain starts resolving. 2) You hit the "Open" button.
I started watching footage of recent match-3 ochige Kasiori, and stared at one of the characters for ten full seconds before I finally recognised her
Magical Drop forced mirror matches would absolutely be its "no items, Final Destination" if the game had literally any casuals at all
I just remembered that the ClassicTetris account does this as an April Fools stream each year https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1782116220
I mean, Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo also gave the objectively least-breakable pattern (nonstop diagonals) to the final boss, but at least it had the dignity to give him a huge multiplayer-only garbage quantity nerf (while sadly ignoring all the other characters…)
Money Idol Exchanger's game balance is very funny to think about because it's outrageously obvious they literally only balanced the game around single-player. The tier list, modulo a few swaps, looks like you just plotted the arcade single-player stages on a Y axis.
When both players receive the same garbage pattern, but can select one in particular each round, these games feel like racing games, with each pattern as the course. "Character knowledge" becomes course knowledge, and is rewarded about as deeply as it would in asymmetric rounds.
In addition to all this, I still feel like asymmetric multiplayer is pretty overrated for competitive games. The "forced mirrors" of Magical Drop and Money Idol Exchanger tournaments sound like a regretful compromise, but actually give a different and rare feeling to competition.
The fact that so many of these 90s versus puzzle games went with this very limited kind of character asymmetry feels like a disappointing lack of game design imagination, especially since there are so many other approaches they could have used.
In Money Idol Exchanger and Magical Drop, the exact opposite happens: because character patterns are so deep, and so much material is sent from even just medium chains, the game eventually becomes thoroughly unbalanced by even minor differences in patterns.
The other thing to consider is how the influence of garbage scales based on player skill. In Land Maker, where all damage above 9 points goes to the pusher, garbage patterns diminish in meaning as player skill increases - the game becomes more balanced in spite of the patterns.
I think one of the more meaningful playstyle differences in an asymmetric versus puzzler is Puzzle Fighter II HD Remix, which buffs Chun Li by making her send 20% more garbage while retaining an easy-to-match pattern, thus increasing reward for big combos and risk for weak ones.
In versus puzzle games, however, there's little room for meaningful playstyle differences where your only interaction is to send garbage with fixed patterns and colours. These can't really be "different" without just being suboptimal, and there's no other reward when they are.
My big reason is: the basis of asymmetric multiplayer in fighting and trading card games is playstyles: to pilot a character, you must adopt their playstyle. Aggro in MTG HAS to make entirely different gameplay decisions to a control deck.
I've been thinking about this for a little while now, and I've come to the conclusion: versus puzzle games with asymmetric multiplayer where the ONLY character differences are garbage block patterns… are almost always inherently bad game design.
A 6-chain, and the points for it, entirely during the victory screen? Now that's what I call implementation details.
My feelings about the Columns "magic gem" in versus puzzle games are very deep and complicated.
OK, seriously, what in god's name is this "Here comes a new challenger" fanfare
I'm glad Super Smash Bros. Melee became respected as a competitive fighting game before the phrase "memed into existence" became common parlance, because that really is what happened to it, but it really deserves a lot more dignity than that phrase gives it.
You spent so much time playing Wario's Woods, you didn't stop to ask if Wario Shoulds
The formative "opening Wario's Woods SNES, selecting story mode, going "holy cannoli, every single stage is a best-of-5???", then closing Wario's Woods SNES" gamer experience
"Why don't they just add rollback to Windows XP VMs and run all the games in emulators there" – question that instantly causes the asker to be lifted away by a supernatural gust of wind and deposited in the tallest tree in a 3-mile radius
A royal flush in Panel De Pon is when you do a chain link that combos four or more ! panels.
Bonked on the head with a smiling floral garbage block for calling Panel De Pon chains "straights" and combos "flushes"
By the way, don't get this confused with Yosoti, who is the actual centaurus of Petal Crash.
Just watched a stream VOD where someone in chat called Strelitz the Draco Centaurus of Petal Crash……………………………
You ever think about how Space Invaders had destructible terrain, actually acknowledge it, then remember when it was made and what technology it was made with, and go "hang on"
Parallel Evolution
Reimu would fight the nicest person you'd ever hope to meet *inserts picture of Byakuren* with the same ferocity as a demon unsealed from the depths of Hell *inserts the exact same picture of Byakuren*
These mobs in Rin's cards really are it for the fairy content in this game, aren't they.
*suddenly sits up* Wait… is Double Spoiler the only Windows Touhou shmup with no fairies of any kind??
Currently getting 50/50'd by this web app when I click the Media tab and the media tweets don't freaking appear
Finally a PC-98 game with voiceacting👍
The Ritual is underway
Why do I get the feeling Compile does not respect the "Draco Centaurus" enemy mob
A lot has been said about various other lines in Undertale, but I always privately felt this one was also weirdly incisive. It's stuck with me like a freckle over the years.
Eldylabor (Money Idol Exchanger character) saying "mission complete" in phoneme-perfect Melee Fox McCloud voice will never cease to be charming.
The Madou Monogatari series is like a vast electron cloud of spinoffs, prequels, spinoffs of spinoffs, remakes, remakes of spinoffs, joke games and esports games, with the infinitesimal nucleus of Madou Monogatari 2, the one truly pure original game, in the centre.
Thinking about all the Puchi Carat spinoff games we never got because it didn't become a smash megahit that killed Puyo: • Garnet & Shyst RPG • C-Mond shmup • Leisure Suit Peridot • Bee breakout clone, made and released before they realised what the hell they were doing
The game would have a non-serious option for finishing "The One True Story" as well. Upon picking it, the game would fade to black and say "Well, it seems you're living that story right now. Good luck! Its ending is all up to you." and then quit to desktop.
Imagining a Live-A-Live style game where each character's chapter abruptly stops just before their final ordeal, the ending cut off as if by a Scheherazade. At the end of the game, you may finish only ONE story – the rest melting into legends, fiction and history in that world.
Asahi (that's Debtmiser (the sidekick in Money Idol Exchanger for the Neo Geo and PS1)) has such strong Luigi energy. She would absolutely slowly walk around a haunted mansion while shouting "S-Sakura-chan…" completely ineffectually for several hours.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LKOfuOoCzBM – This one's a bit of a stretch (major-key melody swapped for minor-key), but I can see what they're going for, and it's got good execution. [Wario's Woods, Kirby's Dream Land 2]
What most interests me about this game is the "holy point" and "evil point" system… it immediately got me thinking: could this maybe be the origin of the Puyo forms "Holy Counter" and "Evil Counter" ???
Looking up the Japanese Wikipedia page for "ochige" (lit. "falling (block) game") showed the 1989 game "nlith" as the only notable release between Tetris and Columns. The only evidence of it I've got so far is this one Nicovideo upload (https://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm28114540)
Struck three times by psychokinetic lightning for calling the sprite animations in Mother 3 "sakuga"
Tip for MAME users who want the JP version of their Neo Geo games without having to manually change regions each play: make a "neogeo.ini" file containing the line "bios japan", put it in whatever folder your mame.ini's inipath is set to, and… that should be it.
How do I go back in time and convince Compile, the corporation, that they don't need to make two digits worth of Madou Monogatari spinoffs I'm not saying "stop", I'm saying they don't need to
*actually starts going through the freaking game list* THERE'S A TACTICS RPG?????????
Getting into Puyo lore is easy; just play this one thing *links to a 42-game compilation disk that costs $250, the same price that Action 52 retailed for* https://twitter.com/gosokkyu/status/1644290422842482688
Mightdealer just does her 3-second ojousama laugh for basically every game action in this version……… disgraceful.
I want to watch Money Idol Exchanger tournament play… but most of it uses the English localisation, which cut out the voice lines that were obviously Japanese – a move not even Puchi Carat's localisations did – thus having the characters endlessly repeat 2 grunts for everything.
Waching top-level Money Idol Exchanger. (2:21:14 to 2:23:31) https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1768513195?t=2h21m14s
Official Puyo Puyo 1 4koma discovered! (…he unwittingly bowed too quickly…)
Elsewhere in the same issue……………
Reading vintage game reviews
I like to think my 1CC gaming style is to simply do what a reasonable person would do when presented with such unbelievable challenges.
https://itsfantastic.moe/all-about-puyo-puyo-developer-interview/ – Impressed to find a Puyo Puyo 1 developer interview that actually talks about the AI. Glad to see my read that Rulue is better than the end guy seems to actually be correct (though I personally found Minotaurus a bigger hurdle in my attempts…)
My basic read of Sakura and Asahi from Money Idol Exchanger, based only on readily piratable materials plus my diseased imagination, is that they unconsciously hate each other but even more unconsciously want each other. They grow up and have 7 divorces together.
*suddenly bolts upright in bed* Rolling a two-Madjick random encounter in Undertale should have been called Madjick: the Gathering *suddenly realises I'm not in bed at all, but in a coffin in a gothic tower floating in space* Damn, another lingering regret from my former life…
One other thing I still have to work out is that Mightdealer's name is "Bank" ("Note Bank" –​compare her brother Coquetry Bouncer, "Bill Bank") so I'm not sure from the PS1 game's text whether she actually runs banks, businesses NAMED "Bank", or if it's to be interpreted as both.
I have NOT been able to examine the Money Idol Exchanger drama CD's contents (where most of the characterisation is) but I think the secret society she leads is meant to simply be American/Western-coded, despite being called a kyoudan (教団, lit. "religious organisation").
Live footage of me trying to work out if Mightdealer being an evil banker who secretly controls the world is still intrinsically antisemitic even though her actual character design is just "sexy American woman bare thighs"
This guy in the intro is programming the "punch the monkey" banner ad……………………………………………………
I was watching a Money Idol Exchanger stream VOD, and someone in chat instantly disintegrated Everyworker by saying her hair looks like Mt. Fuji
Some research reveals that this theming WAS done by at least one previous game (Moudjiya) which was originally a PC edutainment title(?) before being ported to arcade. Thankfully, this game is distinct enough due to being in a slightly more overworked subgenre to Exchanger's.
Money Idol Exchanger really is remarkable, insofar as they made a versus puzzle game where half the pieces are match-2 and the other half are match-5, AND they leave behind new pieces after matching, and made it work entirely off the strength of their theming.
God, versus puzzle games are too easy to think about. There's so few moving parts rules-wise, they're like trading card games in that you can just dream up crappy little rules tweaks for them, like "What if Panel De Pon was Puyo-style omnidirectional match-4", all day long.
So. Like. You know garbage puyos, right? Right now I feel like I'm whatever the human equivalent of one of those is.
Thinking about how isekai fantasy comics are the equal opposite of 00's RPG webcomics (charismatic main character from outside the world implicitly understands all the game tropes vs. snarky sidekick character native to the world who understands none of them)
I'll hand it to 'em: Score Attack may use a mostly different (more limited) set of skills to Vs. Mode, but it's a way more intense viewer experience.
Surprisingly accurate and respectful Western boxart of Land Maker, capturing all five of its main gameplay features: ✔️Skyscrapers ✔️Finger-guns ✔️Aifa's boobs ✔ Aifa mouthing the exact phoneme of the "WHOA" voice from SNES Wario's Woods ✔️Complete absence of Hiryu
*hears a Touhou fan say "pichuun"* Oh, like in Homestuck act 4. >:)
Now this is a MAME bootup screen (dharmaj)
Herzog Dragoon Zwei. Is this anything
DLC crossover characters are the Swan from Carnival Of The Animals (who everyone thinks is from Swan Lake) and the Wolf from Peter And The Wolf (a one-sided gimmick character that everyone secretly wishes was banned).
https://youtu.be/ztFSkNbNUE4?t=5685 – One of history's greatest openers (1:34:45)
Trying to work but I just spontaneously imagined a Magical Drop clone with gijinkas of Mussorgsky's Pictures At An Exhibition instead of major arcana. Promenade is the protagonist. Baba Yaga is top tier. Bogatyr Gate is the secret 1CC boss. Unhatched Chicks is the joke character.
I find it funny how Super Smash Bros. has such strange and not particularly intuitive basic mechanics, but since basically everyone owns a copy somewhere, more people would implicitly understand competitive footage of it than they would for traditional fighters.
https://youtu.be/ztFSkNbNUE4?t=4527 – As soon as this one Panel De Pon match (at 1:15:00) hit 10:00, the tournament rules forced them to give up and switch to Score Attack whereupon they both overflowed the displayed score in less than 1 minute
OK. I've got this. Pokémon Puzzle League should've had 17 colours (one for each Pokémon type) BUT you only get 5 colours on your board corresponding to your character's types BUT enemy garbage blocks break into the enemy character's colours, not yours (like Meteos). >:)
Magical Drop and Panel De Pon really do have so many design similarities… it's remarkable how their evolution was seemingly completely parallel.
*listening to You're So Vain (You Probably Think This Song Is About You)* Goddamnit not another fourth-wall-breaking metatextual VN
If Petal Crash was localised by a 90's-00's console publisher, it would've been renamed to "Puzzle Crash", had all the localised Story Mode dialog changed so that everyone says "Puzzle Crash", and had its boxart replaced with a raytraced render of some cubes on a checkerboard.
OK, listen. Land Maker should have the Guideline Tetris hold box, BUT, having a colour in the hold box prevents it from being eliminated from the piece RNG pool, even if none are on the board.
This is particular interesting because of how it seemingly continues to obscure this so-called mysterious woman's origins, while also offering a hint that she may not necessarily be merely human.
As such, each character's Platinum Structure depicts or houses the god of that character's culture, lending worldbuilding flavour to the achievement of constructing it. However… interestingly, Aifa's Platinum Structure features only herself – a quality shared only with Youen.
Very interesting and subtle Land Maker worldbuilding tidbit: First, in addition to each structure having a metal grade that serves as its main name, they each also have a diegetic purpose. The Platinum Structure in particular is specifically a Pantheon.
Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo doesn't count because that one's actually part of the joke.
Versus puzzle game localisations that awkwardly cram the word "puzzle" into the original title, so people would know it was a versus puzzle game, are just cowardly. That's all I need to say about that. #​PuzzleStarSweep #​MoneyPuzzleExchanger #​PuzzleLeague
Just updated my copy of MAME, and wanted to give props to heroic Land Maker reverse-engineer @yowaikoi for patching the dialog box rendering, so that the Story Mode dialogue can finally be enjoyed as intended.
In that respect, I feel like those versus puzzlers with items embedded in the stack (such as Magical Drop and Money Idol Exchanger), which are used to perform supers/limit breaks, are more in keeping with this spirit than versus puzzlers with raw meters (such as Pac Attack).
I feel like one of the big philosophical aspects of the versus puzzle genre is "physicalising" what would in other genres be raw numbers. Your "board health" is how high and how cluttered your stack is, instead of a HP value, and your damage and status effects are garbage blocks.
Well, it's been four days, so I'm afraid to report that getting a 1CC in Puyo Puyo 1 did not make me "10,000 times sexier", as oft claimed. Seems my sexiness is exactly the same, so it's officially a myth… unless… *suddenly remembers a property about the number 0* No…… NO!!
I'm reading the English Puyo wiki, and up to 90% of the terms are just translations of Japanese terms of wildly varying quality. Every time I see "ojama" (お邪魔, lit. "interference"), the standard term for versus puzzle garbage blocks, translated as "nuisance", I wince loudly.
Madou Monogatari 1-2-3, the little-known sequel to Lotus 1-2-3,
One final thing: I really do love the original Puyo sprites. They all have unique shapes and eyes by themselves AND when connected in every direction AND are nicely animated when falling. They're at least the second-best versus puzzle pieces, possibly even tied with Land Maker's.
I tried playing the heavily nerfed console version of Puyo Puyo 1 on the easiest difficulty, and then the game wouldn't freaking give me the fourth freaking purple, and then I stopped playing. Anyway, looking forward to playing the remaining games' story modes in release order…
Incredible "Special Thanks" credits
*realises that even though I don't really know the language, I can still tell how racist that accent is* Hmm
Arcade version of this cutscene: crows flying away dramatically on each stomp. PC Engine CD version of this cutscene: MT. FUJI ERUPTING
I was looking for what the "main" Puyo Puyo subreddit was called and found some suggestions that the Puyo Puyo Tetris specific subreddit is actually the most popular one, which I think says something about the history of the English-speaking fandom of this franchise.
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