Leon's Microblog – May 2010

"You laugh now, but you'll see. When the dollar-cent exchange rate finally drops, I'll be raking it all in!"
"You glued both of your eyelids together?"
"I cast the spell of Do A Little Bit Of Damage 7!" he shouted before throwing a punch.
"Guys? My stomach is still rumbling - and I think it's getting louder."
"Your god-given Task was to carry the world's slipperiest bowling ball up the world's slipperiest slope. And what'd you do? Saw it in half!"
"Remember when I promised that I'd be the decoy while you drove behind and escaped with the formula? Well, that was Opposite Second."
"You will be weighed before and after each workday and any discrepancies will be extracted from your pay at a rate of 25c per gram."
"Yes, my boy, that's the very tree where, at the age of 5, I fell out and cracked my skull clean open, spilling my brains everywhere."
"You know the T.rex? Well, they get hunted by the S.rex, and that gets hunted by the R.rex... and chasing us now is a very healthy A.rex."
"Guess what time it is!" "I dunno. Is it pain o'clock? And in fifteen minutes will it be murder-past-pain?"
http://l.j-factor.com/maps/runman-tombofthedozing.png - screenshot map of a stage from RunMan: Race Around the World.
"Dear god, stop laughing!" he shouted at her as they killed the babies one by one. "You think this is funny?!"
She stumbled on the toy blocks. No, she thought, ghosts can't trip on things. I'm alive, she thought in wonder as she fell down the stairs.
"I've been working out so hard I've developed quintriceps!"
http://l.j-factor.com/gamemaker/nittygritty.png - The sprites from a recent small game of mine.
"I should've instantly known it was a fake, but for a good few hours I just took you for a woman who really liked touching her moustache."
"She's still in the waiting room, but... I think she got upset and turned herself to stone. ...No, we're trying to move her to the hallway."
The Castle of Sand had risen again, and this time its keepers would not want for anti-beachball trebuchets.
"It isn't warm inside a woman's eyes. Vitreous jelly is not at all cozy."
"Is it true that they traveled by night, and burrowed under the sands during the day, using snorkels to sleep beneath the searing heat?"
"What do vampires keep in their lockets? They keep pictures of themselves, once alive."
He gently brushed the acid onto the page, and his audience watched as the paper evapourated while the pencil markings remained, untouched.
"Sumo, Tai Chi, 's all the same."
"The rotors," he gasped, "the rotors were spun so fast... so fast that now they can no longer spin down!" The helicopter continued to rise.
"So, I shunted the second floor three seconds into the past, then built a roof on top of the first floor. No one suspects a thing!"
"Not even I believed how cold these sunspots could become!" laughed the Professor as she wriggled her bare toes on the solar surface.
"You seen a lady around here? About my age, black hair, legs that go some of the way up and then just kinda quit?"
"Pshaw, why would I need luck for what will only be a friendly chat?" he scoffed as he pushed the door open. Then he ducked under the fist.
"The tunnel rejects things traveling at less than 18 mph. Walk in, and you'll never reach the other side. You'll at least need some horses!"
"Huh? 'In Manhattan you must wait / until the dice roll 5 or 8'? What kind of screwy Community Chest card is thi-"
"I have to talk to people? Like, with my food hole?"
"Oh, you mean the Commodore 64 version," answered Blinky. "That branch was, sad to say, tremendously understaffed."
For some reason, whenever I try to quickly think of an idea, my mind immediately conjures rolling, tumbling boulders. Foreboding?
"♪ Dragon Namer! ♪" "I name you Smordred, Goldlord of the Boiling Sea." "♪ Dragon Namer! ♪"
"Not only does it beggar disbelief, but it staggers it as well."
"While the great philosopher Thalacos declared that "Time heals all ignorance", I dare say he was being a jot optimistic."
I can't help but admire the slight subversiveness of a children's song that contains the line "But we all know frogs go / 'La-di-da-di-dah'"
"The hardest part," said the artist, "was dipping the ants in the paint."
"I'd award $12 million for finding all 8 tokens. But the tokens have messages on them, saying I don't have $12 million and it's a big scam."
"You espy only frivolous activities and vacuous sentence fragments in your TRENDMILL. The world is all well."
"I'm on it like a bonnet!"
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