Leon's Microblog – June 2010

http://j.mp/97qoSG - an unfinished work, filed down and released to the winds.
http://j.mp/c9GK5E - the background from that game I posted last week.
"Scarves are cool! They're like ties, but they do something!"
"I just high-fived a dryad. Now palm's covered in thick grass. Hurts to pull it out. Help?"
"He engraves his victims' names on his bullets, see. But, hee hee, I'd changed my first name to a Word of Power! You shoulda seen his face!"
"The thing is, these two concepts have pretty much got hard-boiled zip to do with each other."
"The bird is actually alive and embedded in my back," explained the angel. "It drinks nutrients from my stomach."
"Mate, we're all sick o' that joke by now-" "Someone will laugh at some point, darnit!"
"Ma! Can I borrow the iron? Jimmy drank too much lemon juice and now he's turned invisible!"
And after an entire hour of tree-shaking, his results: five trees, entirely bare of leaves, but still brimming with well-fastened apples.
http://l.j-factor.com/gamemaker/MacTombed.zip - I tried porting @auntiepixelante's Tombed using the Game Maker for Mac prerelease.
"The figures near God are stabbed, racked, razed and mangled to show that all suffering vanishes to nothing when in His ecstatic radiance."
And what better way to express your love than to leave a life-size gold-painted papier-mache statue of them on their lawn?
"The so-called 'Money Tree' project has hit a snag - all we're yielding now are shopping receipts for very expensive fertiliser purchases."
"The curse required only my eyeballs to gaze upon her portrait for the rest of my life. You'd have done the same, eventually."
The infamous Team Arm Wrestle: one hideous clump of twenty straining hands crushing themselves against another clump of struggling hands.
http://www.glorioustrainwrecks.com/node/1325 - hey, play this.
"Oh lord!" cried the little girl as she tugged and tugged. "Why did I put the Age-Restoring Potion in a childproof bottle? Why? WHY?!"
"This is what is known as a 'heart-to-heart'," said the zombie woman to me as she and her partner rubbed their blackened hearts together.
"Ah," said the Princess, "I suppose you don't have 96 carat solid gold pillows where you live? They're very soft, but oh so cold and heavy!"
http://l.j-factor.com/gamemaker/SilverSword.zip - someone tell me if this work-in-progress is any good.
She openly wondered why none of the forest's trees had "that rich, woody smell", which I later learned was the scent of particleboard resin.
"The sign read 'Warning: Beware of Everything'. I opened the door and the entire universe was on the other side. I quietly closed it again."
Potion of Missed Opportunity: it is cursed so that its moment of greatest need only arrives when its owner has already long consumed it.
"[This film] is like being naked in a tank while warm gray porridge slowly covers you, but then eyeballs start floating to the surface."
"The best part is," she said as she handed the excised pages to her confidant, "they'll think I hollowed out the Tome to hide booze in it!"
"It took 70 years for my body to accept dog blood instead of human blood, but with this last transfusion, I'll be completely converted."
When she returned, her cell phone was still on his train set, but surrounded by crowds of model witnesses and cordoned off by model police.
"I don't understand," he said, withdrawing his hand from her chest-embedded power core. "Was this supposed to be... intimate?"
"This bestiary is the worstiary."
"My watch stopped recently, and boy is it causing me trouble! Every minute of the day I have to take it out and move the hands myself!"
"Don't put that on the cover! That was a flattery quote, not an actual opinion quote!"
"I was making out with The's sister An," said Was, "but then Thesaurus and I felt really tense."
"I don't get it," she said. "Why would sleeping in a huge box of cotton balls make me feel so freakin' achey?"
"Sideways?" chittered the crab. "All I know is 'Forward' and 'Other Forward'."
"How do we land?" "That's the genius part! We just hover here until nightfall, then wait until the moon rises up!"
"I'm sorry sweetie," he said as he ripped the legs off his daughter's tea table, "but papa needs his broadshield again."
The sky was darkening, and she couldn't see where the mountains stopped being earth and started being clouds.
The dinner guests felt the poison take the feeling from their legs. But to their credit, they all pretended that they didn't want to get up.
And in the last half-hour, she slays the Queen, flees the hive, returns to normal and gets her husband stuck to her honey-soaked clothes.
"It's a world first, ladies and gentlemen. Two gum bubbles, different colours, one inside the other. This little lady has astounded us all."
"Why's the confetti fire extinguisher here, and what happened to the real one?!"
"You know", she thought to herself as she dragged the massive key, "I could just crawl into the lock and move the tumblers with my hands."
"It's a Past Virus. It travels backwards and eats your past selves. You pop backward, you see your friends and family talking to air."
"I tied the cords of 12 computer mice together to create an electronic rat king. ...I have to explain it to everyone who sees it."
He calmly took the ball-point pen and signed a scrap page. The top clicked open. "The tip's a combination lock, and my signature's the key."
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