Leon's Microblog – April 2024

So much of the Kirby's Dream Land 2 soundtrack feels like it was written for reverb that isn't actually there… so many hard staccato notes asking your imagination to smudge them together.
I'm playing Void Stranger so seriously and intentionally right now. Business is so serious that I am transforming into the BizHawk icon as we speak.
In the good old days… boys used to practice the guitar. But, nowadays… all they want to do is practice "GTR"… Sad, isn't it…
Imagining the cast of Puchi Carat in an Octopath Traveler style RPG, but when they finish their story arcs and are about to join up to fight the puppetmaster behind everything, they just end up eating each other instead.
*thinks about what if Void Stranger really was made by Yoko Taro instead of being structurally inspired by his games* So, first of all, Gray's breasts remain exactly the same,
Having fun imagining how mad I would have been at Yoshi's Story as a kid if I'd actually played Yoshi's Island beforehand
https://gamesdonequick.com/games – Important GDQ run announced
Me before my B3313 playthrough: I'm getting depressed. I should play a game. Me after my B3313 playthrough: I'm still depressed but I guess I'm omniscient now.
B3313's deep cuts are simply too deep
0 lives brain: B3313 is a horror game. 99 lives brain: B3313 is a Yume Nikki-like. M1 lives brain: B3313 is a Stanley Parable-like.
"Hey we few, wake up, new era just dropped" – Palindromes if they were made today or w/e
*hears about B3313* Damn, how many floors does Void Stranger even have
ZeroRanger taking the boss pattern name "Tiny Valor" verbatim from Radiant Silvergun is literally stolen valor. Send tweet. *remembers I'm crossposting to 4 sites now and can't say that anymore* Send, uh, send, uhh,
Marisa Kirisame, after fighting her way out of Hell, then returning home to study the orb that instantly banishes you to Hell if you interact with it wrong, for the third time that day: "It's nice that the only bad thing that happens is that you get instantly banished to Hell."
*listens to the first 10 seconds of the Void Stranger first area music* Oh, I love Theme Of Eastern Story
Many agree that the toughest Void Stranger puzzle is the one where an ominous statue cryptically asks "what's brown and sticky", requiring you to set the palette to dark orange and then hit it with your stick.
I think it's funny how Puyo Puyo has a reputation for being a game where "only chains matter" and combos aren't important, when after playing similar games like Puzzle-Dama, it becomes abundantly clear Puyo Puyo is one of the few games where combos do literally anything at all.
*reading the premise of B3313* So the idea is that Peach's Castle has its own Plex server? And they're streaming a bunch of different background music variants? Hmm, kind of high-concept but OK.
"Oh sure, everyone laughed at me in the 2000's, but look at how much a single Cheap Plastic Imitation of the Amulet of Yendor goes for today on Ebay! Almost 20K zorkmids! Jealous?"
Classifying B3313 castle lobbies into either Common, Uncommon, Rare or Mythic
B3313 v1.0.1 release notes: "Minor changes and qol improvements." v1.0.1:
"Camouflage is a technique by which animals are able to get some goddamned privacy around here."
What did the Japanese Sonic fandom think of Sonic Mania Did they look at the Mean Bean Machine boss fight and go ( ̄m ̄)
Obviously it makes sense considering that NSG a) only releases 2 sets per year and tries to make them count (hence a huge proportion of new cards being as wordy as MTG mythic rares) meaning b) Standard rotates glacially as a result. There are cards from 2017 in today's Standard.
The other day I heard some streamer say that by the end of this year NSG will have been running Netrunner for as long as Fantasy Flight Games did, and my mind did a circus pratfall. Not even in the "I'm old" sense but in just an "is that actually true" sense.
In which Leon surrenders to the zeitgeist and does that template where you label parts of a drink with your mood upon reaching it
"Puyo Puyo is basically the Melee of versus puzzlers… you must play for two decades to get good… and while it doesn't destroy your wrists… it… destroys… your /mind's/ wrists………?" – sagacity of Leon
You're snorkeling at the beach. Suddenly, you notice the 3D Mandelbrot set is swimming towards you. What do you do
Feeling refreshed and moisturised today (the new ZUN album has Okina's theme on it)
Thinking about how Retroarch's console-styled TV-centric menu makes configuration so complicated that the SM64 ROM hack community has their own frontend for it that simply provides a better config UI
Gray is going Strangeo Mode on these puzzles
Lumisa Kosugi in the dogu suit slowly trudging towards a boomerang frog, winding up a single punch that takes longer than the axe swing for some reason, missing by three pixels, then winding up a second punch just in case it goes slightly further this time somehow
It really exercises my squinting muscles that Void Stranger has a lot of really elaborate and interesting music tracks but they're all officially named like they're from Donkey Kong Country levels
[B133 - Hard] This one legitimately, deeply stumped me. It took me a long time to mentally crawl out of just the starting position. By the time I'd finished, all I could think was "wow, this is actually genius". This might possibly be the best puzzle in the entire game.
[B128 - Hard] This one particular area of the game (B112-B139) definitely has the most strenuous puzzles thus far…… but it also has a scant few where the only response is "but y tho"…
[B121 - Hard] This is one of what I call "fuse" puzzles involving trap panels and lazy eyes. The tasks of making it to the other side of the room, while also having appropriate material for the "fuse", makes this one pretty fun.
https://modarchive.org/index.php?request=view_player&query=56888 – Amazing find… this one does NOT sound like it was made in 2004.
If Noelle from Deltarune played B3313 she wouldn't find any jumpscares but she WOULD go into that one snow painting and get randomly sent to the empty dark "particle test" level (with the blizzard effect that's unused in actual SM64) and then never be able to go back to it later.
[B119 - Hard] I honestly despised this puzzle during my first playthrough. What I was missing was taking "the direct approach" in the opening of this solution. A very succinct example of when the game leans on subtle misdirection.
[B107 - Hard] This one, while simple, is a good demonstration of how the statues and tiles allow Void Stranger puzzles to have two distinct stages, where you're operating in the same room with different restrictions. It basically defines the game's "puzzle identity", so to speak.
[B101 - Hard] Antti & Eero why Why is this in the first third of the levels Explain
[B099 - Hard] I find this one interesting because while it looks like it could be a huge pain in the caboose, in practice, everything just lines up and it's all straightforward. Like a couple of puzzles in this game, it uses space and tiles kind of deceptively.
The most fricked up and spine-chilling B3313 fact of all time is that the Red Stars are in the actual SM64.
One of the funnier parts of B3313 is that Bowser has his own game-specific leitmotif (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_up9It5avao) that gets mixed into various other music tracks (e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDIEt7ci_ag), like this is Galaxy or Odyssey or something.
[B094 - Hard] This is one where the whole puzzle is just knowing A) what form allows the switch to be usable at all, and B) how to navigate over to construct it. But, the starting layout does work well to obfuscate both of these tasks.
[B075 - Hard] This is a certified "fun one". This particular subgenre of pitfall-tile puzzle is strangely few and far between throughout the game - other games would probably make an entire section out of it, exhausting it, and moving on.
[B071 - Hard] It's not the hardest, the longest, or even the most tedious, but this is the one puzzle in the earlygame I'm most glad to never have to expend cognition on ever again. Even recording this video feels like giving it too many more of my life's waning seconds.
I freaking LOVE slowly realising I'm going to need to use a form that I was sincerely, subconsciously hoping the game would never realise it could force me to do.
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