Leon's Microblog – September 2023

Super Mario series full playthrough, but where every game containing Princess Peach's Castle™, even in JUST the background of a cutscene, is banned The fact that Super Mario Sunshine would be spared by this rule makes this actually funny
https://www.pixiv.net/artworks/16006207 – Ignore all the tags. Ignore all the trends. This genre of art is the real reason to browse Pixiv.
You played a dog (Oikospiel) who traversed a realistic coastal wilderness (Half-Life 2) and solved puzzles using a gun on its back to place chains of bright coloured paste-like cubes (Antichamber) and ignite them (Pochi & Nyaa) to strategically activate sets of machinery (TotK).
I had a pleasant dream about an interesting indie studio game with a really coherent design and vision, whose name I was struggling to remember, and then when I woke up I realised all of it was just parts of other games : (
If I had to rank my favourite Touhou games today, Unfinished Dream Of All Living Ghost would definitely be way high up… I think that, Undefined Fantastic Object, Urban Legend In Limbo, Hidden Star In Four Seasons, and Perfect Cherry Blossom would be my unordered top 5.
Chess's narrative supposes the pieces are two armies that obey their King. But the King is another inert piece, and the same human hand moves it. Maybe the pieces don't even know each other, or know their colours, and believe their every move, every murder, is self-motivated.
What's the videogame equivalent of the novel's "great opening sentence", in terms of overhyped micro-element of the opening? I'm thinking it's the sound effect or transition when you pick "New Game" or finish character creation - like the Higurashi laugh or the EarthBound wow.
Someone should do a gimmick video where they take a bunch of people who've never played Touhou, play some of its music, and ask them to pinpoint where in the track the midboss appears.
*breaking a serene and placid silence to voice my innermost thoughts to the world* The Depths in TotK only had one music track for like 90% of it
You can design a videogame any way you want. You can just design a videogame like this, and people will actually develop it and play it.
It's understandable, but I do find it pretty funny to consider just how many early-90s Japanese games were all "so y'all heard about Streets?!?!"
Currently listening to "Zanmusic" (Zanmu's music from Unfinished Dream Of All Living Ghost)
*listens to the finale of Carnival Of The Animals, which is literally just a medley of most of the previous parts* This is so Freaking epic…
I'm cautiously optimistic about Stray Children but it is funny how transparent some of the Moon references are. Sad Debussy? Check. Coelacanth? Check. Kinda feels like "the Bloodstained of Moon" or "the Yooka-Laylee of Moon" which is itself funny considering they still own Moon.
Thrilled to announce the release of a simple tool for any curious Pochi & Nyaa players: the Pochi & Nyaa Calculator – https://fairysvoice.net/pnyaa/ , which calculates the power of structures in the game. The numbers indicate the attack power when popped at that location.
Yeah, there are definitely way too many remakes flying out of Nintendo nowadays. Pretty underwhelming… *face muscles completely freeze in place* But if maybe Kirby Planet Ro
*sees someone remark that good writing has to be perverted* Yes. And that's why Puchi Cara– *🚨bubuBUBUBU🚨*  3LINES
I can't believe Sakurai did a video about how he'd never actually listened to the music from Athena properly before because he only remembered the freaking goddamn Micronics port.
Blasted with a sludge bomb for calling Puyo forms "Formes"
Say what you will about Mastodon, but at least its web client right-aligns the timestamps on the posts by DEFAULT, thus placing them in a uniform location.
I registered for Bsky dot app so I could read everyone's crossposts on a third website, but I took one look at the feed page, realised I'd have to import and rewrite most of my browser CSS from Twitter to make it look usable, and felt all my energy leave my body.
OK, TotK's been out long enough. Time to say it: I can't freaking believe they had not one but TWO impostor Zeldas, and the Yiga one was somehow the more convincing impostor
So I have some browser CSS that hides my own follower count because I got sick of seeing it every time I go to my profile to re-read my favs (←still calls likes "favs" in '23) but it suddenly broke today. Turns out it's because they renamed the page to "verified_followers"??
Thinking about how they basically named the very first Zelda game "THE HIGH(rule) FANTASY", in case anyone was still wondering what genre it was
*elaborately constructed house of cards suddenly falls apart into a clatter of flat cardboard* Wow, a 12-chain
I Can't Freaking Believe apps using those damn iOS slider "checkboxes" have finally been forced to add the actual checkbox iconography to them in order to make them actually unambiguous.
The Four Seasons
Backwards compatibility
Asymmetric corp-vs-human trading card game but the sides are queer-friendly cartoon/anime Showrunner (who scores victory points by inserting non-heterosexual romantic scenes into episodes) versus the Executives (who scores victory points by winning over conservative sponsors).
Discovered that the damage algorithm in the PS2 version of Pochi & Nyaa is different from the Neo Geo version in one very specific yet common case, and now I'm holding back screams like a mandrake in a library.
Shift-right-click in Firefox lets you override right-click Javascript events??
Encased in a box with jewels and mummies for calling Patrako from Cleopatra Fortune "PC98 Mulbruk"
Underrated Homestuck lines dot text
As of right now, I don't have a definitive answer. None of the documentation for the program really spells it out. Except, this one throwaway comment in the Readme sends a chill up my spine at the suggestion that it works in only the most brute-force manner.
One mystery I've been curious about is how SokuRoll works – SokuRoll being a program that "adds rollback" to Touhou 12.3 (Hisoutensoku), a Windows-only program from 2011 that uses a proprietary engine. How exactly one can just add rollback interests me greatly.
To me that will always be the one little author/audience/work interaction that encapsulates the entire comic.
After posting page 4712 of Homestuck, Hussie wrote a reply stating the implied Nepeta/Jaspersprite pesterlog would never be shown because such a conversation could not possibly have any story relevance whatsoever. Then 8 months later on page 5794 we ended up seeing it anyway.
Using the F4 key in MAME to extract the full map of Marutama Town from Taisen Puzzle-Dama! This is probably already in VGMaps, but I couldn't resist. Just like true modern-day-RPG towns, it has pleasantly inconsistent building scale AND conspicuously placed roadblocks.
The overall ongoing plot structure of all the routes, and the way individual routes "cross over" for often ironic effect (especially in Biten's, Enoko's and Chiyari's routes) also feels very much like hyperfiction… Remarkable game…
Unfinished Dream Of All Living Ghost uses so many different recycled backgrounds and has so much dialogue that it sometimes feels more like a VN than a mere shmup…
Damn… just deleted a whole bunch of registry keys that "looked useless", then immediately hit Restart, and Windows actually booted up… There truly is no justice in this world…
I'm glad that Japanese computer users are nostalgic for the ".lzh" file extension.
Welcome to my Triotos DX frag vid
Pochi & Nyaa is such a solid game that I suspect that you could take its entire ruleset, throw out the damage formula, replace it with something that makes chaining do something again (e.g. total blocks popped x number of chain links) and you'd instantly get a similarly fun game.
Thinking about Ran Yakumo and Yuuma Toutetsu…
Pierced with a dozen skull-tipped cyan skewers for calling the first four story mode routes in Unfinished Dream Of All Living Ghost "the Question Arcs"
Me after I've downloaded Fightcade and parked myself in the Pochi & Nyaa lobby
Damn… didn't think there'd be another first-party Nintendo franchise where I have to switch to Japanese VO to make it bearable…
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