Leon's Microblog – June 2014

I dunno, human live-verifying all account registrations seems to me an overly lavish anti-spam measure.
Your parents named you Sigint to honour their hacker heritage, dating back to their teens. You have an unsigned long shadow to step out of…
http://animatedscreenshots.tumblr.com/post/90286655563/portal-2-12-angry-tests-part-1-community-test - Maybe I should start posting ostensibly static screenshots and invite the readers to "find the animated part".
"The programming language specification reserves the words "epic" and "awesome" to prevent them from appearing in source code."
Some all-human hive-minds still regard themselves as human, though their brain now resembles no human brain, their body no human body.
The people of this one-dimensional space have entire cultural canons about the ambiguity of the words "before" and "after" in space vs time.
Like all condemned, your last year is spent raising the beast that will execute you. The larger it grows, the swifter you will be devoured.
The hero arrives home and promptly spams their followers with 6 weeks of harrowing combat selfies because the Gloom Realm didn't have wifi.
"I did it! I found the Dusk Witch's dark secret! …She has to wear earplugs while vacuuming! Even though the vacuum cleaner isn't that loud!"
After reminding your captor of the "add acid to water" rule, and that the body is 70% water, they have to rebuild their entire death-trap.
Your dream is to catch the greatest detective in an affair with the greatest thief, extort trade secrets from both, and become omnipotent.
The AI throttles its consciousness to 2 cycles per minute while you move and perform what it perceives as live-action stop-motion animation.
These can't be your body's blueprints! They're riddled with structural flaws! No way does tapping your collar-bone twice make your head deta
"An old slapstick routine starred a wizard's servant turning a crystal ball around to keep it from seeing him – for 10 frustrated minutes."
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wpyW0-Oi50g - Hahaha, yes! Someone recorded full unedited video of this ordeal!
"Humanity's new frontier was not space, or VR, but back on the seas, after we found a dozen new oceans we foolishly missed all these years."
A spare Donkey Kong Country GIF I had lying around.
"My character is Maximus – that's Latin for "maximum" – and he has steel fists from punching lava. They're his blessing… and his curse."
¶ for "show invisible" has been in existence since at least MS Word 5.1 http://www.betalogue.com/images/uploads/microsoft/pce-mac-word51.png and I'm surprised it's lasted this long.
even if that symbol is, unfortunately, also long associated with another important concept – paragraph citations and perma-links.
I don't know why the ¶ character came to mean "show invisible characters" but I'm glad that concept has some kind of consistent symbol,
As a child you fancied walking the deep lake's floor. When it dried up and you finally did, you felt like a soul trapped in the underworld.
She revealed to you that you were a cyborg in the most distressing manner possible: she decapitated you, and you saw you did not die.
The villager learned the "madness" of Madness Chasm was unease with the pain of dogs and horses, and doubting the need for the sick to work.
"The year is 2000 II: the sequel. Virtual VR netizens are under attack from cyber-spam, a new type of spam even more cyber than usual."
So, I guess replace() would evaluate to false, but would have access to the text in the succeeding hook while it was evaluating? Hrmmm… hrm.
As for replace()… Twine 2's <<replace>> takes a search string, or a hook name, and replaces it in the passage with the contained text.
I *guess* else() would return true if some internal state set by an earlier if() was true? That sounds easy, but makes me feel queasy.
After posting the tweet, I got wondering how else() and replace() would be internally implemented using the aforementioned if() syntax.
What if I tweeted that CoffeeScript is the Flat Design of proglangs I sense lightning would strike me dead if I dared
but it is also a human place by definition, and the trappings of humanity suffuse every great inch of it.
I guess this is also why I liked Ghibli's Arrietty film a lot. The house is a place of unnatural, inhospitable geometry,
but which feel worn by human use, and whose people feel at home, and in mastery of, their surroundings.
I'm reminded of Shaun Tan's The Arrival, whose society is full of sky-boats, statues, curly plants and conical buildings,
Some things I especially enjoy in fiction are strange, overwhelmingly whimsical worlds that are nonetheless inherently human, and lived-in.
"No, let me go, listen, I had all these laser blasts wedged in my pistol and I was just trying to get them out as dangerously as possible."
"It's heartbreaking raising kids on a space-station that only consumes Earth media, and hearing them ask where on the globe they are."
*footage of suited man typing with one hand and moving piece on son's Monopoly board with other while gazing equidistant between the two*
Little feral cursors huddling over a form element glowing red-hot with invalid data.
*other man enters* "But… that clock face didn't move." "Haha, well, it was right twice a day!" "It was a pictu–" "It was RIGHT twice a DAY."
*smiles into camera* "As a kid, my family was so poor I had to play Boogly Bogs 2™ and go to the clock tower level to see what time it was!"
Javascript's Array.prototype.join() is not recursive. For fun, I wrote a line that would join it recursively.
Yet more Twine 2 macro syntax fretting. Do these ideas make things simpler, or just personally convenient?
"One myth, "Hugh Tears Off the Lion's Antlers", explains why lions don't have antlers. Another, "Hugh Jabs the Lion's Antlers in the Moose",
You tear off the mystery dancer's mask! The snap of string, the rip of velcro and the crack of sticky-tape herald the dramatic unmasking!
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marie_Bashkirtseff – "Titled 'I Am the Most Interesting Book of All', her popular diary is still in print today."
"I experienced a fatal error" said your uploaded AI friend. "It was like realising in a dream that you've failed an exam, times a hundred."
Argh! The prosecution's so determined to win, they summoned Eve to the stand to testify about the Fall of Humanity! For a traffic offense!!
A deal is struck: your computer will finally learn how UTF-8 works, and in return you will finally learn how regular expressions work.
The ancients intended the Orbs be of Power, Kindness, Courage, Knowledge and Truth, but made them all Power by mistake and never fixed it.
"Raise your wand," instructs the mage, "then…" she shrugs. You have no idea if the shrug was a magic gesture. "Y'know, whatev," she incants.
"Ah, unfortunately… I left my magic in my… other body. Yes! I'm a body-hopper, so you killing this body would be pointless and not good."
I like Mac System 7's icon for "file server". (I don't think a commonplace symbol for servers exists even today.)
Current up-to-the-nanosecond Leon update: annoyed that Font Awesome icon set doesn't have tortoise/hare speed icons (http://applemuseum.bott.org/sections/images/screenshots/system1/das.gif)
"Heh – as you see, there's so much blood around me that the engine isn't able to render my own. That's how I always walk away lookin' good!"
//TODO: write a better comment here.
"Don't think of her as your friend Amy! She's possessed by an air hockey demon! Be brave! Unleash your full air hockey powers against her!"
-let start = 0 /*as you let youth wither, love fade, and stars spin in the void. Change begins when you accept what cannot.*/ +let start = 0
"Wait," you stop your teammate. "Save here - I want to see what the death ending for getting squashed by that giant falling squid is like."
You thought your heart had grown to stone by now – even a stone can hold a little warmth, a little wetness… you foolishly told yourself.
You keep losing people on each mission to recover the bodies from the previous mission. That land will not be cleaned, your debt not paid.
"Those in this ward were angel-chosen for a Quest, and are plagued with vivid nightmares of voyage and battle. Our only care is palliative."
You gaze up at the galaxy and recall that every second a planet's worth of humans die and are born. Someday, it may be a whole solar system.
Thinking how this could relate to my preceding "flat chaining/piping" idea from April: https://twitter.com/webbedspace/statuses/453407931728293888
Twine code, however, will (barring .twee files) always be displayed in Twine's editor panes, and always with its highlighting.
Other proglangs need syntax that must be somewhat readable with no highlighting, in any available monospaced text processor.
However, I feel that Twine has an opportunity to trade off plain-text readability, given that it is the sole consumer of its syntax.
It may be noted that this syntax is not that distinguishable amidst plain English without the assistance of syntax-highlighting.
Also, using commas for argument separators (as is usual in proglangs) may help clarify what expressions are, as distinct from arguments.
The main advantage is that you can deploy macros and functions using the same syntax, without needing to distinguish between them.
One idea implicit in this is that functions can also be used like macros – their output is <<print>>ed into the passage at their location.
To be clear: macros in this syntax would be identified by their names followed immediately by an open-bracket (, with no grammatical space.
Another naff Twine 2 syntax mock-up idea: macros using function-style syntax instead of << and >>.
(To clarify, a[2] is a proper array index property, and a["2."], a["2.0"] and a["2 "] are just object expando properties.)
In JS, object keys are strings, even for arrays. These strings are not coerced to numbers – the opposite, in fact.
"In tight matches, some players make a deliberate own-goal to activate the curse, believing the vampire's speed will be a short-term asset."
"Each of my tails has enough magic to destroy you utterly!" boasts the kitsune as it quickly shuffles backwards in roughly your direction.
"The demonlord Slyglomoth then erupts suddenly from the sorcerer's head, and booms "Hahaha! I erupted suddenly from this sorcerer's head!"."
So in browsers, the "b" ("binary") means an unencoded, potentially human-readable string, and "a" ("ASCII") means unreadable encoded Base64.
The problem is that for the UNIX utility, "b" meant binary data, the native data type. But in browsers, the native data is UTF-16 strings.
As for the name "atob"… It looks to have been named for a UNIX utility called "btoa" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ascii85, albeit not a Base64 utility.
This deprecation may explain why documentation on it, even in Mozilla Firefox, was almost nonexistent until it was standardised in HTML5.
http://web.archive.org/web/20010208105406/http://developer.netscape.com/docs/manuals/js/client/jsref/window.htm#1201548 - It was actually included in Netscape 4 as part of JS 1.2, but was deprecated in Netscape 6.
Mostly because I was puzzled that, even for the DOM, such a horrendously C-like name as "atob" ended up being inserted.
The reason I was looking up this primordial JS stuff is that I was trying to find which browser DOM introduced window.atob and window.btoa.
What fool you were to think yourself "world-traveled"! Before the vastness below the planet's skin, your sun-addled ego falls to its knees!
You fancy that this monstrous cave will never end! How you misjudged the earth, thinking the sky infinite when darkest infinity dwelt below!
You cast the spell you were warned only to use "for life-or-death situations". It proceeds to obediently create a life-or-death situation.
While loading a video of "the most beautiful sunrise to ever be recorded", an ad shows you a CG sunrise that's several times prettier.
You like long walks on the beach because it's the one place where the sand falling from your crumbling clay body vanishes away behind you.
You never saw the gem on your cosmic wand glisten, until you gave up on its spells and pummeled bloody wounds. You found the magic at last.
In a sense, this ugly duckling was "always" in the language – but, crucially, never in Internet Explorer until last year.
I was wondering when __proto__ was added to Javascript. Surprisingly, it was at least as early as JS 1.3 in 1998: http://web.archive.org/web/20030221180603/http://devedge.netscape.com/library/manuals/2000/javascript/1.3/guide/obj2.html#1008465
I'm not familiar with Prototype, but I'm amused it still has a global called "Try", solely to provide"Try.these()" http://api.prototypejs.org/language/Try/these/
http://www.tecweb.inf.puc-rio.br/hyperde/browser/trunk/vendor/actionpack/lib/action_view/helpers/javascripts/prototype.js?rev=1 - On the subject of Ajax libraries' pasts, it's kind of cute that Prototype.js 1.0.1 was only this long.
So, there you have it: a rudimentary API hook in almost the first version inexplicably never got a better name after all these years.
And, you'll see it didn't even originally use the prototype chain - all its properties were copied to jQuery instances manually.
For a long time I've been wondering why jQuery.prototype is aliased under the oddly meaningless name "jQuery.fn".
Anyway, it's there if you want. Twine 1's language is largely defined by the subset of Javascript operators the tutorials and wiki endorse.
<<if>> is the established device for conditional display, and with ternaries you have to re-learn it with colons and question marks.
One concern is that it's a bit too different, a bit too idiosyncratic - it goes over the <<if>> macro's territory but isn't as transparent.
I don't talk about the Javascript ternary operator in Twine all that often, but maybe I should.
"The richest 25 corporations are legally considered dogs, so they need only pay their taxes in bones." *footage of tax office dumptrucks*
Your ex loved Earth so much you have to stay in orbit because it reminds you of them. The internet's slow but you don't use it much anymore.
Two slugs crawl tightly into a magic ring to try and claim its power for themselves, only to start panicking when a predatory toad appears.
The 7th battle is when your comically weak rival suddenly beats you, so when they enter the coffee shop after #6, you slide under the table.
Reminder that if you want to pass a string to RegExp() to make a regex that matches \ followed by a newline, the string must be "\\\\\\n".
The race to put bigger and bigger animals on the moon plateaued in the "blue whale decade", in which no actual scientific progress was made.
I understand upgrading is a chore (as Twine currently lacks an auto-updater) so I want releases to be timely, but not too close together.
1.4.3's release will be a little while off. The time between 1.4 and 1.4.1 was a tad short (1 month) and 1.4.2 was far too long (5 months).
I'm prepared to fix any bugs you can spot in 1.4.2 for the next release, 1.4.3. Like this one I found just now:
http://twinery.org It's been 2 weeks so here's a reminder that the newest version of Twine is 1.4.2. Please be sure to update, everyone!
"He incorrectly guesses the court jester is the true king disguised, when in fact it was the man dressed as a shrub huddled in the corner."
"Their sky-deity is the earliest to boast about his power that "the sky's the limit" then flex so hard his bicep swells up into the clouds."
The use of a grayed-out menu item as an information pane is old, but I've always seen it as an unseemly UI kludge.
http://twinery.org/wiki/_media/display2.png - Trying to gradually add more screenshots to the Twine wiki.
Normally I'm loathe to post Hatsune Miku fanart, but this feels different somehow. (source: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=38970252)
"Do you think I've become sentient now?" asks your computer's emergent AI in a pop-up dialog. You grumpily click "No". "Aww ;_;" it replies.
"Let me reiterate: The role of a judge is to interpret the law. And since these Rorschach inkblots passed the senate, I
Your doctor's still shoving cotton swabs in your ears– more than they can hold. You grunt an objection with a mouthful of tongue depressors.
You finally remember to clean behind your ears, and this is what you find: 10 live skin-mites 9 piles of pus 8 flakes of gold 7 scary hairs
"The Unicode specification includes several obscure whitespace characters which, for unknown reasons, actually display as the word "HELP"."
Maybe this frightening dark fantasy world is trapped outside you! you think boldly. …No, no, it's definitely the other way around.
The wizard retreats to the office bathroom to thread his beard back into his chin after a toddler on the morning bus yanked it clean out.
After noticing that Wikipedia doesn't have a "famous frogs" article, the frog gleefully makes that title redirect to its user page.
"Since many people didn't recognise the omega symbol, the Omegaslash attack now slashes in the shape of the words "OMEGA SYMBOL"."
In pre-dawn light, you and your lover share which elemental spells each of your body parts has been zapped by.
"What if a 2 slipped into the 1s and 0s that make up an image file?" *one pixel turns to a colour beyond human comprehension* "Not pretty!"
"Wizard Detective famously "solves" all his cases by declaring that he's the true killer, and no one can arrest him because he's a wizard."
When you complain that she's telekinetically drifting too fast for you to keep up, she telekinetically makes your weary legs move faster.
At least your last sight was seeing that grin from the other side – seeing sunlight shine through pearly whites.
The HyperCard Dating Stack.
This gentle rain-shower had apparently skipped thunder, hail and snow in order to save points and upgrade directly into a meteor shower.
A day when the taste of your own mouth makes you queasy, when the taste of your own words makes you shudder.
"Sometimes you see a glowing shape so bizarre-looking that you know some writer out there is longing to call it a "rune" or a "sigil"."
A programming language type system containing both Int, Integer, and Integegest.
"Write the first 50 cardinal numbers in order from best to worst. Draw a shape with the optimal number of sides."
"A world can be recursively defined as a single piece of garbage, or a piece of garbage attached to a world."
"The unjustly dead speak in riddles and poems because they must - clarity hurts like a wound, because in the end it only paid them ill."
"The old idiom "Asking God for a ladder and getting a catapult" soon led to "Asking God for a parachute and getting a paraglider"."
Exciting news for this tweet! We're thrilled to announce this joke has been hired by WebHumor inc. As a result, it is no longer available.
The ant examines the perfectly spherical sugar grain, and considers for the first time the idea that objects can be unique and precious.
The helium balloon, unheeded, rises to the stars – its only cargo its string, bearing to Heaven the prints of a tiny hand, so far below.
You're biting the end of a roll of bubblegum ribbon, and when she walks in, you gulp so hard the entire roll unspools down your throat.
Most vendors bypassed the Sentience Tax by making their androids unable to perceive a basic aspect of reality, like time, or other beings.
"Hey, here's the crypt of all your earworms!" shouts your mindscape guide fairy. Alas, they were just sleeping. Your scream is drowned out.
The bog naiad notices you're stuck waist-deep in the mud, and helps change that ratio the best way she knows how.
They're amused that on Earth, royalty have to wear a "false" crown and vestments instead of sprouting them themselves after ingesting jelly.
"Many are puzzled that in official sources, Arm Crow is consistently referred to as "an arm with a crow on the end" instead of vice-versa."
"It's custom at the end of prequels to wipe the characters' memories, thus explaining why they never mentioned this very similar adventure."
"That's my ship, the Hideous Biscuit. Sure, I haven't yet captured it, and it's still part of the king's fleet, but I named and bagsed it."
"Well, heheh, I'd say that shadowy swordsman who killed your father is verrry close by. It's him!" *points at alley cat, runs for the hills*
You've got sentient freckles that form thoughtful shapes on your cheeks. But, your numerous non-sentient freckles make them hard to see.
You slam into a cute stranger so hard that your mind ends up in their body, and a nearby duck tries to run off with yours in the confusion.
A tiny part of your body squelched, and now you can't stop thinking about rhombuses. This is the price you pay for being a sentient animal.
Twine 2 report: Finally, after all these long cold centuries, syntax highlighting is on the way.
The radio narrator remarks that it's a very rainy night, having accidentally swapped the stomping gravel sound with the gulping coffee one.
You were raised by butterflies – most of whom died and bequeathed you to their children, but who looked enough alike that you didn't notice.
"Since vampires are by and large immortal, it's only a matter of time before any particular vampire gets comedically blown off a speedboat."
(Posting it as a "Screenshot Saturday" ("Functional Friday"??) thing and also because I'm likely to eliminate that line in the near future.)
If str is just one character repeated, this returns the character, otherwise false. str.split("").reduce(function(a,b){return a===b && a});
"At the end of the trial, it's revealed the prosecution can't actually control the weather, and the "lightning" was a gold laser pointer."
"TWIST END: The astronauts gathered so much static electricity that when they returned, they zapped the entire Earth back to the Stone Age."
Baby bird growing increasingly alarmed that the number of flaps needed to enter Effortless Levitation Mode is much larger than anticipated.
"Yes, I put "killing machine" on my business cards now… I think I've earned it… I was built as one but I didn't live up to it until now…"
After he confirms that you've foolishly given him the power to conquer both Hell and Heaven, "but not Earth, right?", you depart relieved.
I like to imagine the contemplation Game Freak went through in deciding to classify Splash as a status effect move instead of an attack move
"I'm gonna whop you so hard, your teeth'll spin like slot machine reels and hit 777!" she cried, before whopping you so hard, your teeth spu
You wake up, and not only is your pillow missing, but faint, contented snores are coming from your abdominal organs.
You find yourself pinned to the wall, your clothes skewered by particularly slow and ineffective bullets.
Your fairy companion tries to pluck you from the soil that the ogre's club pounded you into, but only manages to vastly stretch your neck.
Your ancestors' spirits watch you struggle to beat this goop goblin, and their wails of shame aren't helping you escape its slimy headlock.
After laboriously shaving one leg, the mathematician proved the other one shaved by induction, and stepped out.
"On first blush I may look like a harmless yet ravishing beauty… but that blush will be your last."
Your punishment for daring to be the 6th-cutest being in the universe is getting captured and made the treasured pet of Cute Beings 5 to 1.
You watch them compulsively squeeze their hands and arms to check if the steel and wire below is detectable - just like you always do.
You forgot the rhyme for tickledemons' weakness… "To keep ticklers at bay, send copper their way"? "To stop the tickle, stab with nickel"???
(Though I should caveat that some CSS is needed to make the passage, and its click area, span the entire browser window, as one may expect.)
If you do something like this, you can make the entire passage advance forward with a click, like your average VN.
Anyway, you can actually attach data-passage to any visible element, not just <a>, and the element takes you to a passage when you click it.
I'll admit that "data-passage" is a bit awkward, but then using one language (HTML) within another (Twine) is already a little bit awkward.
Previously you weren't able to create an <a> element that linked directly to a Twine passage, without using a weird onclick attribute.
http://twinery.org/wiki/twine_1.4.2_release_notes#game_engine1 - One new feature added in Twine 1.4.2 is the "data-passage" attribute you can put on raw HTML elements.
It's midnight on the 1st, and you're wondering when your March Nemesis will show up. You've been preparing plots and quips since last year.
"That the characters, and in fact their entire suburban neighbourhood, is still intact after the 2000-year time skip, is never addressed."
The top answer for escaping descending spike ceilings is "become very gelatinous, very fast"?! You lay a curse on all 7 of those upvotes!
The FactFindBots return to empty a lifetimes' facts into the Mother Databank. Those with only duplicated facts are condemned to reincarnate.
"I-I'm shivering because I'm constantly scared of my power! T-t-that's the price of being an utterly invincible sorceress! It's my burden!!"
These piles of clothes with frogs on them next to this cursed fountain must surely belong to a gang of skinny-dipping amphibiologists.
"It's the year 2014… the only road out of poverty is lasting 3 mins with Marcellus Manslaughter, world's deadliest boxer and King of Earth…"
Do many people really write jQuery code this way? This seems a tad extreme. (source: http://api.jquery.com/end)
And finally, please do alert me to any present and future bugs as quickly as you are able, and I shall do my best to rectify them.
I also wish to apologise for having taken this long to release since Twine 1.4.1 in mid-January, especially given the severity of some bugs.
Thanks must of course be extended to everyone reporting bugs, illuminating any inadequacies, and submitting pullreqs to help out with 1.4.2.
This is primarily a maintenance update, but also has a number of little niceties and helpful features. See the list: http://twinery.org/wiki/twine_1.4.2_release_notes
Yes, you heard right, I've released Twine 1.4.2, a new update to Twine. OS X: http://twinery.org/downloads/twine_1.4.2_osx.zip Windows: http://twinery.org/downloads/twine_1.4.2_win.zip
To clarify the spec text, here's an example of a backwards-compat bug which @@unscopables is intended to fix.
"I'm not greying. These are sugar hairs. A tasty reward for my prolongued youthful exuberance." *slurps one down*
A mayfly in December worringly asking a Q&A website if it's normal to be alive this long.
The sun has only its own rising to look forward to – its own arduous, unending toil.
"I care for these huge swarming flies that erupt from my body like they were my children… after battle I clean every wing, kiss every foot."
"Fortunately, the compiler coerces flat affect directly into an emotion."
Choosing where to take the first bite of a peach by asking it where it itches
"How can humans be so cruel?" the fairy wails as the tree-kicking machines pointlessly kick every tree in the forest. You're lost for words.
The web font "Raleway" is taking the @-symbol in new and frankly shocking directions.
https://people.mozilla.org/~jorendorff/es6-draft.html#sec-array.prototype-@@unscopables - My favourite parts of the ES6 spec are the ones that solely provide obscure edge-case backwards-compatibility.
You felt nothing when the gates of Heaven closed to all humanity, but her front door closing behind you fills you with blinding despair.
"The "happiness meter" on the original tiny robots was just a timer that counted to 0 after six months, whereupon you'd buy a newer model."
You just keep the steak knife "that, once pulled from the block, cannot be sheathed without blood drawn" in the dishwasher perpetually.
"The monster reveals itself. Cut to: footage of men screaming, dogs running under beds, spiders erupting from egg sac but played backward."
You've given your boots maximum armour upgrades… Cleats, straps, spats and spurs… You're ready for anything under a foot tall… Watch out…
"Headstandibus: This fearsome monster walks on both of its horrid heads. Even worse, its heads have no faces and have toes instead of hair."
A lich discovering with horror that the URL of her phylactery is broken
You hurl the fireball, but miss and strike a rock. Now that part of reality will be burning forever. You try to use magic sparingly, you do…
http://is.gd/hj5n67 - (Click this for the answer.)
Can YOU spot the bug?
http://animatedscreenshots.tumblr.com/post/87427979734/dear-esther - Mainly I like how 90s-title-screen this looks. Just imagine the word "QWYST" or "WEFT" over it in marbled serif.
http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=43639713 - This reminds me of a certain style of 90s Macintosh art - like, say, a 3 in Three background.
Humanity's six mightiest predators. (source: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=165167)
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