Leon's Microblog – April 2014

Her strongest attack is Midnight Annuum, which "hits with the darkness of 365 midnights at once." You pause to add that up in your head.
You roll the silver hair between your fingers. So pale, so ghostly. You lament that such a delicate thread bears such a heavy tiding.
"By creating rings of foosball tables surrounding 9x9 grids of cubicles, the perfect employee satisfaction/floor space ratio is attained."
"Quick! Need a stomach!" you shout, pulling yours out by the arrow skewering it. Your medic unfreezes a fresh one with a hot pot of coffee.
So commited to this promise, it would even include a full BASIC interpreter, "for those who'd rather use anything other than JavaScript."
It would boast tools for not just functional programming, but imperative, generic, non-structured, improbabilistic or illogical paradigms.
Unlike its "competitor", it would use not the underscore "_", but U+1173 HANGUL JUNGSEONG EU "ᅳ", which is a valid JS variable name.
Lately I've been fantasising about making a crappy parody of the Underscore.js library called Strikethrough.js.
I'm a tad bothered that FaceTime and Photo Booth are adjacent on the default Dock, but have such divergent designs.
I think I'm almost due to start missing this type of cold, gray, isometric Windows 95 pixel art.
You face the officers. "It seems following this trail of bananas didn't lead us to the mob boss, but isn't this fruit heap a richer reward?"
"While the trial version only allows spring, winter is often simulated by placing volcanoes and setting their lava temperature to "cold"."
"Sorry y'all," you say to your overloaded work desk, "I need to rest off this bad case of NFI" - waving a paper with NOT FEELING IT on it.
Another long night of lying awake in the dark, idly opening your pause menu and selecting "save game" for no real reason.
"More citizens have been purchasing services from cloaked lizard-people in alley manholes… Surgery, therapy, legal advice, even marriages…"
"Three of space and one of time, please," you order. The barkeep offers a glass. The length and height taste fine, but the duration is weak.
http://animatedscreenshots.tumblr.com/post/84158893641/half-life-2-episode-two - I kinda like this super sky portal because it looks just like videogame concept art. A clean one-to-one conversion.
You regret having to commute on foot, the most repugnant of limbs, while around you the well-off handstand and forward-roll their merry way.
Having now fainted and come to in every room in the criminals' facility, Plucky Crime-Solving Teen deduces their entire heinous plot!
The addition operator swore that the second job concatenating strings was just to get through lean times… Getting through them for 20 years…
Your lover recoils in surprise from your lips. Oh. You forgot that time your ex kissed you so hard, all your future partners would feel it.
It seemed like the obvious conclusion of the stage show framing device, anyway. Maybe it would've been a bit too Muppets for a Mario game.
I sorta hoped the final battle in Paper Mario 2 would've wrecked the stage and theatre altogether, forcing them to finish it in the street.
"I'm a me wizard," he declared, "conjurer of pure, elemental myself. Look," he cried, waving his arms, "I'm moving my flesh WITH MY MIND!"
"This Halloween, the forces of bad have taken over. Dracula, Bigfoot, Cyclops and the Jackalope have conquered all 4 of Earth's continents."
"When he practiced singing at the river, the water stopped flowing to listen. But in time it grew petulant, and began to demand his songs."
These mind-reading monsters are sharing your bound body, recommending your memories like a good book! Curse your lifetime of bold escapades!
The plane's wizard collapsed and you must land it. ATC assures you sticking your hand in the Void Below Reality is safe if you do it fast.
"After the infant's mouth has been crafted, the most important stage follows - getting it to swallow all of its lifelong internal organs."
You've been stuck in traffic for 10 minutes, and the temptation to drive between the legs of the strider-tanks in the next lane is searing.
"An unbeatable boxer, despite having a big Rubik's cube for a head. They say solving it by punching the sides will make something happen…!?"
Your arch-rival steps on the bus! Oh no – you hunt for empty seats, but the only one… is next to you! And her stop's well after yours!!
The defense is hopping in front of the tall witness stand, straining to tear off Ed Maskman's mask in what they insist is a dramatic reveal.
"Finally, millions of TV viewers will be the first to see into the Enigmo Chest… No! A blackout! And now the chest's gone! Enigmo, you cad!"
Clothing and public transport have gotten so expensive that your friends find it cheaper to just deflate and wear each other when going out.
(This comes up a lot in Twine 1's code, which uses eval() to distinguish expressions like [[$col + "Area"]] from passage names [[RedArea]].)
The solution I use is to prepend the object literal with the comma operator: eval("0,{'a':1}") will correctly yield the object {a:1}.
What this means is that if you try to eval() a string containing an object literal, it won't work. eval("{'a':1}") will make a syntax error.
As you know, in Javascript the block syntax has higher precedence than the object literal syntax (https://twitter.com/webbedspace/status/409948970706690049).
This illustrates the peculiarity of window - it's the one scope that is also a manipulable object, with all the affordances that entails.
So, you can't add anything to it without also polluting global scope. (Unless, say, you set Window.prototype to shadow them with undefined.)
One zany thing about browser Javascript is that, since window inherits from Object.prototype, every method on it is ALSO a global variable.
I really like that the name for properties dynamically added to Javascript objects is "expando properties".
"Yeah, adventuring with you was cool, but now we've broken the crystal that makes cardboard boxes alive, I'll go back to just being a box."
From orbit, you watch giant mechas rolling up the Great Wall of China as part of humanity's evacuation to New, Slimmer Earth (née the Moon).
Now, to utter the passcode poem! You can't mess this up! "'Continuum' rhymes with 'vacuum', right?" "Sure," replies your treacherous guide.
It doesn't really make sense, but I sorta like that the HTML tag name for hyperlinks, the most important feature of the web, is <a>.
The obvious case is Peach's "running glide", but it's also how little air control you have while running, and how slippery landings are.
Playing the two games, it becomes quite clear that Doko Doki Panic's physics was really not designed for a player traveling that fast.
The run button wasn't present in Doki Doki Panic, and was only added in the conversion to Super Mario Bros. 2/USA.
When talking about 2D platformer physics, you are often forced to say peculiar things, like "the air is too slippery".
"My god… this artifact's… it can't be… No!!" *staggers back all the way across the room, along the hall, down the stairs, into the street,
"I'm sorry, but related products to this purchase could not be found, except… in HELL. Click here to load these recommendations."
Also, Chrome translates foreign-vendor media queries into an empty "not all" query, hence the message reading "not all, not all, not all".
"in CSS 'dpi' means dots-per-CSS-inch, not dots-per-physical-inch" – web development's most beautiful sentence.
I like this Chrome console warning, and how quietly exasperated it sounds.
"These internet posts should be striken from history's page. Use time machines if you must. The same ones the weathermen use for forecasts."
Inspired by this tweet https://twitter.com/eiridescent/status/459027039626854400 I checked and #TIL that Python 2's sets can store multiple NaNs.
"She wears a super-suit that amplifies her speed and strength. But, as this is a dating sim series, she bemoans never being able to use it."
"For Earth, defeat was certain when she completed a self-portrait constellation from stars in her empire – and our sun was her beauty mark!"
"The game portrays the player-character's altered mental state, not by reversing the controls, but by un-reversing them for the first time."
http://animatedscreenshots.tumblr.com/post/83652542714/donkey-kong-country-3-dixie-kongs-double - I like this level's concept a lot, and I'm thankful they thought to build that bonus level on the right.
Hm. While the lack of <<if>> / <</if>> improves readability, I wonder if separating the conditions like this hinders it in a different way.
Another Twine 2 syntax thought… Some alternative to <<if>> that uses hooks, and puts the conditions in footnotes.
You know a world fighting tournament is clandestine enough if it's aboard an oil tanker circling a whirlpool on the International Date Line.
Augh! Instead of the nerve-blaster setting that mustn't be used recreationally, you used the setting that can only be used recreationally!
"Each crook in a wizard's wand increases its power level by 1.2x, and each gnarl by 2.5x."
"The most loathsome inventions bear the names of their inventors – Joseph-Ignace Guillotin, Ulysses S. Internet, Johann Sebastian Beyblade."
"For me, the cuckoo clock represents clear sanity – for only a being of sheer reason and brilliance could construct so perfect a device."
A throne worthy of inconceivable power. (source: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=41454930)
"The wizard has a recorded IQ of 50,000,000, has memorised pi's billionth digit, and can rewrite reality by popping his ears in morse code."
"There is a human living in outer space. This is you, and with a starship you zigzag away to rescue Princess Human before it's too late!"
You realise, after the clock passes midnight, that you should've totally used your Mondayback guarantee to do over that awful Monday. Darn!
You're ready to fall asleep at this bus stop and let your nightmare self take over your body, but only if it promises to lead you home.
"What if Javascript had just made all function properties non-enumerable by default," dreamed the whimsical, impossible dreamer.
You tell your OC they were created to replace your ex's OC after you broke up, but now you're back together, and their existence is awkward.
The library's epoch time function only returns "13 zillion and whatsit", "I dunno, go away", and "I don't wanna be old".
"In the DX release, the "final" map "Deathbed" was followed by all the Xtra Fun Pak maps, making the true final map "Bigger Bubble Bumble"."
The rocket crashed on the accursed moon's surface. But the road was opened - the beasts traveled down its path in space-time to invade us.
"We couldn't defeat the hyper-crows. We surrendered the giant ruby that gave humans sovereignty over Earth's surface, and fled underground."
In 2199, the astral being X81 "DEMETER" gave humans an ultimatum: be changed into foot-tall winged fairies, or die with their sickly planet.
No one knew what powered the New-Humans' telekinesis. Was it Magnificite, the weird meteor metal? Solar power from their chlorophyll skin?
"This process has a high success rate at bringing couples closer together," she says. She extracts their souls, drops them in a blender, and
Not the Ghibli/Pokémon crossover fanart you'd probably been expecting. (source: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=27798989)
"You inflicted over $19,000 in damage to the temple before dying. This doesn't affect your score at all, but I thought you'd be interested."
PICK 1 ORIGIN STORY: * Alien super-suit fortunately bipedal * Raised by frogs * Tried to leap off swings, got stuck at that velocity forever
In the virtualscape, cyber-bikes are rated by how much their top speed decreases the world's framerate. You've never seen a 10fps before…
"Do healing spells really require that much sulfur and tarantula venom?" "Yes, absolutely." *shatters a nightmare crystal*
Regular Javascript functions would use null to specify a vacancy, but being able to use _ feels much more visually meaningful.
This is a UI affordance that is only possible because Javascript happens to allow _ as a variable name, and Underscore.js happens to use it.
http://underscorejs.org/#partial - I've learned that _.partial() lets you pass the _ variable to indicate a vacancy, and I'm astonished at its wile.
That faraway moon's sand surely still bears the indent of your butt, when you were pushed, and the craters of your tears, when you'd sobbed.
It's been a week since you seceded from your home nation, and you've spent it issuing letters of marque to whoever wants one and looks tuff.
The supercomputer benchmark program takes a few spare cycles to wonder why the humans keep needing all these damn prime factors anyway.
You decide this potion flask's contents would be perfect for inclusion in your body, given its amazing frothing and smoking credentials.
You died miserably. Tear out this page so you never turn to it again. If a good end is on the other side, its excision is your punishment.
"Lad, once I'm promoted away to high-salary upper management, all this…" *opens door to roomful of overflowing in-trays* "…will be yours."
"I spent half a billion on this spider tank with jet thrusters in each leg. Each time they insisted I reduce the number of legs, I laughed!"
"My paintings are so vivid, so convincing, the merest flaw causes utmost agony in the viewer!" *scratches nearby canvas* *audience faints*
Preparing spells for your nightly mana-battle under your desk at work… Hoping no one notices you photocopying rune after rune during lunch…
Ninja mode will *not* be included in the next Twine 1 release.
"There is one 32-bit number that every computer on Earth refuses to calculate, let alone display. None of our scientists can figure it out."
I like this paint program's spirograph tool.
Pokémon Yellow's random encounter screen-flash, at 1/6th speed.
"Now I'm more cloth than girl by weight," thought the princess from deep inside her maximally formal engagement dress.
"So-called "Mary Sue's Room" philosophy papers reference the Mary's Room argument solely to ascribe Mary with even greater mental powers."
"Another outrageous orgasm successfully had by yours truly <3" you write as the only entry in your diary for the entire week.
http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-xy/721.shtml - I like that this newly discovered Pokémon has the one type combination the series always needed.
You've hired the top legal firm Stern, Victor and Gadzookius to take your case. You're all set, as long as you don't get Gadzookius. Please.
You have created Crap Selfie #17. You have created Crap Selfie #18. You can't seem to cancel this task. You have created Crap Selfie #19.
A proggame where you excavate an ancient, buried API with only one documented function, by studying its return values and stack traces.
You deftly kiss the hurtling lightning ball while wearing your extra-reflective lip gloss, bouncing it back towards the wizard.
http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=508244 - The only Zero Suit Samus depictions I'm all that comfortable with are where she's Pikachu's cute battle partner.
"Despite its title, the teen gang introduced in #5 "You Won't Remember These Jerks By Issue 7!" grew to become the true stars of the comic."
Your favourite part of riding the cable-car is gazing down at the chasm full of wrecked and crashed cable-cars, hundreds upon hundreds upon
"No newts is good news" laugh the renowned livestock rustlers, so the witch instead zaps them into known gnus, and retrieves the goat & ewes
Well, happy 10K day, me. *pours out exactly 10 hundreds-and-thousands*
"Behold! Liquid clouds! Dried lava!" "Uh, mate, that label says "distilled water" and I'm pretty sure that rock is sedimentary–" "BEHOOOLD!"
You and your robot roommates are all charging yourselves off the same power board. If it blows, you sure as hell ain't buying the next one.
You cast the spell, and the pieces of the crystal bubble encircle you. Then they come together too fast, glance off each other, and jab you.
When you abruptly pause the music, you hear a faint breathing and chewing noise in your headphones. You stare at your computer. It stops.
"2014: you're standing in it. With your temporal legs, not your physical ones."
*cut to giant praying mantis ascending a skyscraper* "In a world where the square-cube law has degraded into a mere square-cube social norm,
I feel like this is a more tangible lifespan milestone than turning 30, equally arbitrary though it is.
Silly personal announcement: as of today, 15/4, http://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=15%2F4%2F2014+-+28%2F11%2F1986 I am ten thousand days old.
I found this image via entering random member id numbers into the pixiv URL. (source: http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=2495)
"The Killventor series' fans are dismayed that Bill now yells his catchcry "Boom! Right in the science" even when shooting an ordinary gun."
"We've all got a 99% chance of being imprisoned in the Ticklelocus forever? Heh… I LIKE THOSE ODDS!!!" you retort, much too loudly.
"Inspired by Wheel of Fortune, they chose to make a game based on one card. Their first draw…" *cut to Bejeweled* "…was the 3 of Diamonds."
*cut to dozens of lit lightbulbs in front of black screen* "In 2012 humanity filed the points off the stars, making space safer to explore."
A rainbow was torn by the wind and got tangled around the sun… Your manse's austere grey paintwork is tinted farcical in this garish light!
"Ha!" cries your arch-rival, "I was swallowed by this vast shadow-worm days earlier! No matter what, I'll always be one step ahead of you!!"
Both you and the enemy chose the "receive vigorous shoulder-rub from minions" move. You try to trade glares while stifling moans of relief.
"No, dear, the King-Size Bar's name isn't a tricky reference to the size of the playing card!" It was actually the size of the chess piece.
http://l.j-factor.com/gifs/SuperMetroid-BrinstarSpores.gif - I'm quite glad that this background really does loop.
"The teleporter breaks you into bits" *points at giant hammer* "whizzes you thru the air" *points at pitching machine* "and sticky-tapes you
"Niftiness was formerly a scarce, ephemeral quality, until synthetic nift production began in the early 21st century."
Blindfolded spider-woman playing a shamisen. (source: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=24720669)
"Hurk… I didn't travel 1,000 years in the past to lose to you… Now you must live knowing 1,000 years of human progress will come to naught!"
You could've been born in any number of tweets. You're thankful this one describes the omnipresent snakes as "docile body-heat leechers".
With a rousing cry, the secessionists uprooted the last of the novelty giant staples the king had placed on the disputed border.
"I cunningly pole-vaulted through the window!" "Whatwhatwhat? It was on the ground floor!" "I only used the bottom half of the pole!"
You have notification tabs open for Twitter, Tumblr, your eternal cosmic calling, and the roiling abyss. Not a hint of a note on any of 'em.
You only got into this human-only venue thanks to your friend posing in your cockpit. You hope no one notices she's now drunk and dozing.
The hit web app's headers and menus scream as they slam against the top of the scrolling window, sparks flying as they're dragged down.
It was agreed that it shouldn't be the astronaut's foot that first strikes the ground of this alien world, but the face, the seat of reason.
"You get an A+!" she says. Wait… No! She hypnotised you into writing a 2000-word paper on why she's so amazing! You'll never live this down!
Your plan to beat the Mathematic Matermalevolence backfired when you set your zapper to "divide her by ½." You panic as they grin in unison.
You can no longer remember the words of the living, so you "read" your novel to your ghost pals with doleful howling. They moan approvingly.
"I'm afraid humanity's going the way of the dodo." "Resurrected and made into superintelligent cyborgs?" "Well, you see, that's the reason…"
You've borrowed the wakefulness of all your friends to finish this all-nighter. The harmony of their snores on your couch is seducing you…!
You missed the last evacuation shuttle, so you wait calmly on the nearest hill. When the Earth explodes, your debris chunk will follow them.
Web devs howl at PondScum browser's 99% usage… Forced to use Croaking SlimeSheets… Each release boasting "more delicious bugs than ever"…!!
You realise, with shock, that you were alive – a living being! – once, long ago. You try to tell the other skeletons, but they ignore you.
The moment the compiler realised, with eerie realisation as it printed warning after warning, that it was compiling its own source code.
Vast CSS reset selectors stride across the stylesheet, their dozens of dangling tag names shuddering with each thundering step.
The money cop looks over the notes in your wallet, then arrests them for "malfeasance". He grimly writes a fine for harbouring crooked cash.
The hit logo designer coaches his team… "Flatter! Svelter! Better!"… "More punch! More ribcrack! More internal bleed!"… He exhales critique…
"The sudoku square that waits for others to give it meaning stays cold and bare!" "Yes, but the one who leaps first earns the eraser's ire."
A tiny ghost shaped like your attention span floats from your forehead. "No!" you think. Then you start thinking about the ghosts in Pikmin.
"Look, hacker. Look how puny you are." *60ft mirror in 8ft frame appears before you* "…Can't see? Let me tilt it." *mirror falls forward*
You and your squad turned into cherries when the hero nabbed a bonus trophy… You only hope that your seeds sprout under the skies of peace…
After months of property-searching, the maximised RPG hero finally moved into the one address in the city whose phone number is 9999 9999.
A "responsive" web design that has fixed pixel positions for everything, and just uses transform:scale() to adjust to the window dimensions.
I find it interesting that it's almost always "♥" instead of the word "love". It's like a catchphrase.
A surprising number of web libs credit themselves with the phrase "Made with ♥ by _____" and it feels less sincere every time I read it.
"Breakfast is the most terrifying meal… We escape the death-realm of sleep, our bodies emaciated and skeletal, groans on our lips, and feast
*footage of children crying as host explains that the bees have abandoned making honey for Vegemite, while licking a nightmare-black comb*
You lie awake, reflecting that your manufacturer suspending your firmware security updates is intensifying your hypochondria by the second.
"No!" you cry in a world where ants rule over humans, "this must be a brief allegorical fable!" Little do you know you're on page 5… of 780!
Though the beast's feet make the ground quake, your nerves remain still. Though its breath sends your body tumbling, your heart stands tall.
Crawling hands-and-knees through your sleeping lover's hair, and finding a tiny shining silver strand like a precious jungle flower.
(That "capitalise" case in there is actually a problem I've been mulling over for awhile - how to elegantly transform <<display>>ed text.)
An alternative ASCII-art macro syntax I thought up just now. Imagining data flowing through tiny hyphens.
This feels like a good argument for changing the macro delimiters to something other than two repeated symbols, with open/closing distinct.
Suddenly wondering if Twine functions shouldn't really be nested macros instead. <<set $a to <<either "red" "blue" "green">> >> ? Yikes.
Specifically, so that common "errors" like <<if $a > 1 and <= 5>>, or <<if $a is "Perone" or "Pavone">> would suddenly work intuitively.
Lately I've been fantasising about making the operators in Twine 2's macro expressions work differently to Javascript and other proglangs.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Motherland_Calls - I'm still surprised that there's a statue of that size with such a structurally challenging pose.
Inspired by this https://twitter.com/jcoglan/status/445686532327104512 I kind of like the pattern that results from [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8].reduce(Array)
"When you get to design your face, everyone pulls the Nose slider to maximum for a quick laugh. But only I dared to leave it that way."
"We're at position 5020 in the world's longest sarcastic exclamation mark line. Clumps of "1"s and "one"s are sprouting in the verdant !'s."
"Oh," squeaks the AI, "That was it! I think I finally had my first emotion!" It was actually just a garbage collection pause.
Capitalising on the gold rush, merchants began selling their own knock-off metals, such as "golb", "sun silver", "mega-yellow" and "gold 2".
"Another Mchampionn relished his latest victory in his another McMansionn."
(That's the word "Champion" stamped over "Mike Tyson". The re-release displays this screen correctly: )
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Height_comparison_of_notable_statues_(vector).svg - I feel a powerful pang of regret that I'd never heard of statue 3 on this comparison chart until just now.
"Learning the CSS box model is easy: everything has a margin, border, outline, padding, spacing, stuffing, disputed border, absolute territo
The whiteboard-on-wheels grew larger, and its wheels swifter and mightier, until it was ready to transport humanity's diagrams to the gods.
This faerie IT job is tough. You have no idea what these classes or errors mean. GlamourStack? GeasList? "Error: Heap turned back to straw"?
"Just think of manually hoisted vars as a cute li'l dramatis personæ at the start of your functions" gurgled the Javascript coder pitifully.
Your bed's gotten up and gone to work while you're still sick inside it. It has to drag you under its covers whenever its boss waddles by.
It then cuts to the rain cloud's point of view, with a thousand teeny tiny crosshairs swarming over your big, slow, criminally dry bod.
This date with your lover would be great if not for your cockpit computer droning "vital signs failing" in your unconscious ear in reality.
"By your 300s, your remnant flesh hardens into gnarled wood," buzzes the immortal, "and by your 900s it's petrified into a carbon carapace."
Your leg fell asleep just when you tried to leave this chair and flee the guards. You imagine its dismay when it wakes up… in leg heaven!
The final poster for the film "Monkey Cop" ("He's the law of the jungle") is under the hammer – to be ritually destroyed, once and for all!
"You say your football success wasn't due to your Extend-O-Arms, but believing in yourself? WRONG!! It was only the Arms! They did it all!"
"Filling our dimly-lit hallways with an ominous humming is a great way to make the federal auditors think we're too tough to mess with."
<SCRIPT TYPE="text/tweet" LANGUAGE="English"> <!-- Whisper "Hello, world" to yourself, please. //--> </SCRIPT>
This puzzle game's hint button just asks you "Did you try eeeeverything?!", and adds more e's each time you click it.
The exploder troopers' faces fall when they realise you cleared the entire level without shooting and blowing up a single one of them.
"Wait a sec… if your entire skin is made of nerve cells, shouldn't you be constantly overwhelmed by sensory overload?" *pauses* *falls over*
There's only 4 other people here in the Heaven for people who were dumped so hard, they literally died… and they're all dating.
http://animatedscreenshots.tumblr.com/post/81618176649/salamander - Trivia: the NES port of Salamander is the only version of the game to actually contain the titular salamander.
"Absurd you have to pass this many customs checks just to be melted down, boiled into a cloud, then rained into a lake in another country."
You dreamed you'd skittered into a tiny, you-sized human bed – but when you woke up, you were, heartbreakingly, between two slices of bread.
It's half an hour into your arm-wrestle against your clone to determine who'll be destroyed. Your friends confusingly cheer on both of you.
You whip out a copy of "Playing to Win: The Guide for Pack Leaders, Friend-Punchers, Mega-Sharks and Social Napoleons" for max intimidation.
"I know I was technically born in 1997," says the wizard, "but when I was 14 I suffered a breakup so harrowing, I aged 50 years in a week."
This show's just flat-out making up medical slang. "I need a 10GB!" shouts the surgeon. This turns out to mean "ten gallons of blood."
Which raises a question: should the interior of Twine 2's <<replace>> be re-evaluated for each one? What if a <<set>> was inside? Hmm.
Ideally, just this code here should be sufficient: http://pastebin.com/mcqh7Ci8 …but it doesn't work just yet. They all become the same symbol.
Regarding http://philome.la/2sman2sman/10print-ported-to-twine: Just now I tried to see if the Twine 2 preview would allow you to easily make a "real" randomised 10PRINT.
The wizards tried to draw a pentagram, but gave up after the 15th line. Whatever they'd summoned had apparently burst from low air pressure.
"Duck tweets are guaranteed hits… but every autumn, the pro tweeters must meet with one of the Shadow Flock to proverbially "pay the bill"…"
"This demon can split into three combatants, but since it splits vertically, they mostly flap around in the breeze while trying to fight."
"Humans vastly outnumber actual guardian angels; most people are instead watched over by a particularly maternal omnipotent duck."
"This razor burn marks you as the chosen warrior."
*shoots the aliens so full of holes, you can strain spaghetti in 'em* "I just shot the aliens so full of holes, you can strain spaghetti in
You've been following these "garage sale" signs for 3 hours. You'll have to buy utterly everything to justify the trip! you think anxiously.
"When coders die, they're shown every time they typed "i --> 0" instead of "i-- > 0". Then they get high-fives from God for each one."
"The only thought that keeps my tortured soul fastened to this haggard body is that finite code must surely contain finite bugs."
Fortunately the arrow struck your chewing gum spleen, thick and hard from decades of swallowed gum, and missed your genuinely useful organs.
This robot decorated its battery case to look like a bed, with a tiny quilt over the battery and a "please don't wake me!" note on the side.
*pulls ripcords on lawnmower roller-blades* "Chores just got radical." *crosses arms while slowly sliding across front yard*
This stranger also had an identical crystal pendant since before their amnesia. You nimbly offer to sell yours and give them a complete set.
You just want to run back to the tutorial cave, hit the Mild Bats and Frail Voles with your weakest hits, and feel young and innocent again.
Do not adjust your .tws. Please stand by.
http://web.uvic.ca/~lalonde/oz/images/july17/fig.jpg - This photo more closely resembles the calendar picture in conveying how diagonal it is.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curtain_Fig_Tree - I have a wall calendar of national tourist sites, and April's picture is this fine thing.
People in the 00's recognised Impact and Papyrus in their OS font menus, but web-sent fonts like Lobster or Museo Slab appear anonymous.
It seems a tad regretful to me that in the web font age, most people won't be as familiar with the names of the overused fonts of the 10's.
When you boasted to that demon in 1999 that by 2014 you'd "levitate to work" or "have a robot dad" you didn't realise you were making a bet.
Barbarian — sword that's too heavy to lift but too deadly to leave behind Archer — bullseye with repelling magnet behind it"
"Ensnare each hero with a specific lure: Wizard — Rubik's cube with a red square coloured blue Rogue — very good Three Card Monte grifter
Your stomach wakes you excitedly to tell you it's worked on a new experimental blend of vomit, and it's letting you have the first taste!
"Fools… you thought I was powerless, but you forgot my magical lightning… IS ADDED IN POST-PRODUCTION!" *points finger, heroes flail wildly*
There's worse times for the hiccups to turn you back into a frog– like when you've spun your chair around, thus hurling you into the heroes.
"You know, if you have less followers than me, I essentially gain nothing from your retweet, and you should be paying me for the privilege."
Unfortunately, programmers shunned Duff's Other Device: a combined merry-go-round/roller coaster that many called "cerebrally horrifying".
Just to be clear, Flat Design(TM)™ mode is purely an alternative colour scheme and can be toggled via the app preferences pane.
(Depicted story map is of http://www.scoutshonour.com/madison, solely because I happened to have it readily on hand.)
Coming soon in Twine 1.4.2: the story map is now rendered in Flat Design(TM)™ mode.
"Despite being Death Effect's titular spell, and the main character boasting about it, the "DethEfct" spell only lowers enemy speed by 2."
Your only friends now are your body aches. Your back pain embraces you each morning; your headache's stood with you through thick and thin.
Having been mistakenly incarcerated in two different prisons, you are arrested for escape and transported back and forth each week.
Despite your firm defense, the court has decided that charging you would be too expensive to ever consider. You're led back to your cell.
People are rowdy on the catapult home from work… You can barely enjoy the refreshing rushing air before the g-forces send you unconscious…
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