Leon's Microblog – February 2014

"OH GOD I totally forgot you could fly by now" cries the videogame. "P-please come back down and play this evil clown themed level, please?"
You end up adding Crater 19 to the Desert Asteroid Heritage Site list, simply because you added the other 18. You hope you're rescued soon.
"On the first game's cover, the cast are shown exploding out of Mt. Fuji. The second game has two Fujis, and so on for the next 12 games."
""Because," they reasoned, "what soul would willingly choose to be born a goose?""
"It was believed geese feathers transformed the holder into a goose, and all geese were once other animals that had touched such a feather."
"Unspeakably evil powers? No idea what you mean!" *tiny villagers wave arms in interior of nearby snowglobe* "Oops, forgot the dust cover!"
"SCENE: The swordsman's on a red bike, leaping over a blue robot biker, and when he lands, the robot explodes. …You know, like checkers."
Your astral adventure began when you found yourself in a boring physics lecture, and you spaced out *so much* that you never came back.
You thought it was some flourish of dark irony that the "prison planet" they sent you to was Earth… but then you landed in an actual prison.
Just when you were losing hope, thinking you'd have to devour her without any dramatic irony… she asked "What's that slobbering noise?"!! <3
They weren't sure what to do when the barcode on your arm and the one on your head didn't match. In the end, they scanned you as two people.
"The Merchant class has the advantage that, after every battle, they can haggle with the game about how much gold the enemies should drop."
No!! Beaten for another hundred years! You scream with every pair of lungs you can find, and release your grip on these puny humans' minds.
"Everyone knows that having the same voice-actor as another character gives you mystical power over them, and them to you."
Look, had you known that letting her slide the slider in your back from "good" to "utterly evil" would make you not want to slide it back,
"Ha! Though I'm reborn as a lowly slug, I can still vaguely remember enough magic to unleash the Age of Darkness!" *turns the sky navy-blue*
"You do know every time you used Undo, you altered history?" quizzes the word processor fairy. "I mean, how else did you think it worked?"
A foolproof plan to rebuild the Tower of Babel, but paint the construction materials sky blue so God doesn't notice.
"This cannon fires beams that'll punch holes in Deimos" echoes your sergeant's voice. "By the way, only I'm allowed to crawl around inside."
The InterrogationBot watches your quivering form. You imagine gallons of information pouring off you– your every gland and muscle screaming.
You aren't imagining it: she really is lighter when you hug her while she's at 1HP. It's like she could crinkle up from too tight a squeeze.
You thought this boss was beat, but you can't even trounce her tail! She's calmly doing her makeup while you fall from her fearsome flicks!!
Her fairy dust dribbles out in glittery wet globs onto your head. "It was raining a billion boggart's bladders out there!" she protests.
You grip the hot cup and focus your powers. You feel that odd sensation: that of the tea growing colder, when really you're growing hotter…
"Well" she uncoils to her full length, "not many have killed me twice! Alas, I can only kill you once… but I'll make it last twice as long."
All the sliders on your character customisation screen are rusted or clogged with grime. All you can press is "OK", and it takes four hits.
The red that used to be in the Nintendo logo meets the stripes that used to be in the Apple logo on the street. They nod as they pass by.
You love fighting weak, powerless heroes in parties of four or five. You adore the asymmetry of being both outnumbered and overwhelming.
After the pirate witness offhandedly said the location of their treasure, the prosecution and defense teams began inching towards the exits.
That man's suit has a tie with a cravat on the end. His power level must be through the stratosphere.
"You know at the moment the Earth is disintegrated, there's gonna be tons of butterflies still in chrysalises. That's the REAL tragedy."
Monkeys bought our playground and made it a monkey-only playground For monkeys only Now it doesn't have monkey bars anymore Just bars
Being able to see people's hearts mostly lets you see how many pieces they've broken into. That woman, four. That boy, a mosaic of twelve.
The illicit spells you memorised are jostling as the border guard probes your mind. They long to leap from your lips and make a frog of him.
One of my new favourite status effect cures.
Dozens of panicked minions are frantically blowing on the rock bed, trying to turn it back into lava.
They call this meal "the Kiss of Death", as whoever eats it feels like they're making out with the immortal Reaper themself. Plus, they die.
You're undercover in the grand hotel, "the Uvula". Palatine, eh? More like palatial! Heh… You love a little dry wit before you shoot people…
"Sweet, salt, sour, bitter, umami… and raw, succulent power. It is not iron fists but silver tongues that rule us, and they lick us all!"
The slime's transforming your arm directly into its own cells! But if you focus, you can push back, and turn its tentacle into your flesh!
"By the year 2017, not only will there have been a major motion picture adaptation of a tweet, but its title will be the tweet's full text."
"Imagine the toughest guy… Like, a guy with an "I punch anyone" shirt. Now imagine he had a "can't arrest me" sign that actually worked."
"start9", commands Anarchy-chan, and Democracy-chan obediently stands still as a stone. Grinning wickedly, she stumbles and flails over to h
"My boobs aren't small, they're just being graphed on a logarithmic scale."
Two days later, you receive a 10-page letter from God detailing all of the stat increases from your recent level-up… Wow, Polearms got +9!
Telekinetically grabbing a person's blaster and then blasting them with it is the one glorious thing you never manage to do on your capers.
Unfortunately, the only depression treatment you can afford is "work, and lots of it!" You are transferred to the Pointless Task Department.
"Why's the stethoscope attached to a jar labeled "life force" that's filling with glowing liquid?" was your last thought before passing out.
"Fools! I'm surrounded by fools!" shouts the evil overlord who staffed his entire fortress with court jesters because they were cheapest.
Your dogma tells you that even this vast field of glass spikes was given unto you by God – surely, as a lavish place for your final rest.
It's only around chapter 3 that you realise the author has used the verb "rockets" for every single instance of motion in this story.
The strange videogame phenomenon where a musical instrument can only play one song, and you have no part in playing it.
"Ha! You thought I was just a cowering secretary, but I'm the heist gang's witch! I'll turn you to a radish as punishment for rescuing me!"
"Each dollar bill has a serial number and a unique limerick written by our nation's 16,000 mint poets, to recite in case you lose the note."
"Being alive is definitely a bear market now… Major companies and CEOs have decided to die for the time being… Graveyards are booming…"
"20 years ago, someone said changing our names to numbers to serve our AI guardians was absurd. That person was f5b732ca." *audience laughs*
(Presumably this inconsistency is why all Eeveelutions after Red/Blue refrain from Evolution Stone items, in favour of environment.)
I can't imagine how many countless Glooms and Pikachus were ruined by well-meaning kids giving them stones at level 15 or whatever.
Especially as it's inconsistent: the three stone Eeveelutions have full, unique learnsets, and some mons like Nidoqueen learn 1 or 2 moves.
One mechanic that's worryingly opaque about Pokémon is that Evolution Stones generally prevent learning any more level-up moves.
"You haven't truly beaten a level until you've found all its secrets and weaknesses. This one's sensitive about how long and tedious it is!"
It's interesting that Pokemon X and Y added spaces to moves like Thunder Shock and Extreme Speed but couldn't give Feraligatr its missing o.
"These invincible monsters lie around the dungeon flexing their muscles all day. You want to kill them, but they're invincible! The fiends!"
Life in the future is hard. You touched your trash can and deleted your house. You saw a reblog of yourself living in a more popular street.
"Bad artists can still support the war effort by creating crappy artworks and dedicating them to our enemies."
"Giant Doppelgänger: Indistinguishable from you, but is 20 feet tall. Ettin Doppelgänger: Indistinguishable from you, but has two heads."
"Before a building is demolished, its last wish is granted. This one wants gallons poured down its stairs - to have waterfalls inside it."
"I can still feel my flesh," a dust-coated skeleton hisses. "I'll never be like those foolish saps." The other skeletons speak similarly.
You dash to the lobby's revolving door to yell at those punks running inside it to trigger their psychic teleportation. "Use the damn bus!"
You didn't think it was humanly possible, but she's made you curl your toes so hard, your foot's folded down on itself and become opposable!
http://catandgirl.com/?p=4430 - This episode seems particularly personally relevant for me.
Your partner clonks the skeleton from behind. Tiny bony birds circle its skull. You check the eye sockets for spirals, but they're too dark.
You idly tab back to Paint. It's still working on that flood fill you ordered an hour ago. It keeps going over the knobbly lines by mistake.
http://web.archive.org/web/20070612172140/http://help.twitter.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=69 - "Good news for people everywhere: the long-awaited Block feature is here."
This is a somewhat shocking discovery in Twitter's 2007 FAQ (http://web.archive.org/web/20070616103508/http://help.twitter.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=26)
"You are…" recites the run-down AffirmationBot, but can no longer say "loved". It just repeats "You are" to your injured form, tirelessly.
You always feel better when the monster you're fighting suddenly grows 20 feet tall and your partner has the same silly gasping face as you.
"By breaking the safety glass, you have unleashed all of the safety that was imprisoned within" read the note in the worryingly empty box.
You nearly all crossed this sleeping gassy giant's tummy without your footsteps releasing a burp, until your jester cannonballed their navel
"You will be incinerated by your sun in its final years." So, the paper in that planet-sized fortune cookie wasn't interesting after all.
"Yes! I released the hundreds of enemies in all those worlds you beat! And I'd do it again! And, depending on sales, third or fourth times!"
The tiny gasp your cockpit computer's voice-actor makes when she says "dangerous impact imminent" never passes by your ears unnoticed.
Your party tries to cross the chasm by telekinetically levitating each other all at once. In the process you learn a lot about each other.
"Empty wall sockets that are switched on are powering ghost appliances… Be respectful and don't flick them off."
"Walk towards the beast but NOT THAT CLOSE and stop – good. Now, without letting go, swing the sword arm NOT INTO YOU stop stop abort test."
"Giant glowing crystal obelisks are nature's power plants. How else are all those miles of woods powered? Rivers don't flow by themselves!"
"When you follow my tweets, it's like you're literally imprisoned inside my head, your screams muffled by my skull dome and cerebral fluid!"
At work you send loving, supportive emails to yourself, and when you get home you delete them all, unread, in disgust.
As part of war reparations, the mightiest titans were shrunk to six feet. The rest of their days were spent yearning for boundless miles.
You set cryo-wakeup time to "sunrise"… forgetting you're in space! THE END 9% of readers died this way. Wow! That's interesting! Holy smoke!
"Yes, the experiment failed and the labradors became omnipotent, but they're only using their powers to better acquire hugs and scratches."
You scour the murdered pro tweeter's drafts… "You could only afford 997-island dressing"?! Such base mediocrity lay below that slick veneer…
"If you take a pair of 3D glasses and swap the blue and red lenses for lavender and burnt sienna, you can see like 7 dimensions at once."
"The ending is disappointing," they all warned – oh, but no words could forewarn this heartless rebuke, this truly cruel denial of closure!
"God-level Poker uses 5 decks shuffled together… 25 cards a hand. Even two full houses is a hand mighty enough to kill any mortal player."
Unfortunately, the robber was so rich from the heist that they blew away the police with wealth powers, and summoned a huge castle downtown.
"I've rocketshipped to every dimension in this zapped-up solar system we call the Milky Road," you bluff horribly to your space pirate date.
You see some cops wall-jumping up an alley in pursuit of a guy, and your ninja heart weeps that they outlawed ninja skills for civilians.
You feel it coming, so you grab a mirror to witness a person cracking from society's stress and atavistically transforming into a gorilla.
"The oft-proffered jibe that you can only walk halfway into a forest is sundered by Triplewood, whose area is 3 times bigger than itself."
"Dyed with the blue of endless Heaven, woven with the fibres that withstood Hell… this is the soul of jeans," rhapsodises the jeansthusiast.
I love this: in Metal Storm, you can't drop down through platforms. You have to reverse gravity and then jump "up".
"It turns out that the villain, X, was being manipulated all along by ???, who was brainwashed by the mysterious …, the true final enemy."
"Well, of course Santa's deer get names, but, UNTIL NOW, no one's written a Christmas carol that names all twenty of Medusa's hair snakes."
When alive, you wondered how the skeleton enemies got all those spare femurs to throw, but now you feel them endlessly sprouting within you.
"I graduated top of my class by a mile! I paid $200 to my five smartest peers to flunk the final, just to make my lead that much bigger!"
"Deploying explosion suppressant." Some pillows fall from the ceiling. "Deploying stress suppressant." Some pillows fall from the ceiling.
http://l.j-factor.com/gifs/FinalFantasyVI-16xSpeed-Credits.gif - This might be the best I can do with this.
I'm trying to figure out how to GIFify this scene in spite of its aggressively non-looping foreground.
"When Soviet lunar probes let humanity name the craters of the far side, the Nameless Ones fled underground, where they bided their time."
In Hell Area, the save points require a sacrifice – they will only save over a friend's file. Make a choice, and pay the price in reality.
"Shoot a brick, and the Swap Gun will swap places with it. You will not. Great if you wanna get rid of the gun and get a brick all at once."
They're not that bad, but currently the numbers don't update at all unless you reload the page, so their information gets stale fast.
I seem to be in the B group of a Twitter web A/B test of these new fav/RT counter-buttons.
I'm reading these ES6 discussions about __proto__, and the teeth-grinding anguish is palpable.
I like that ECMAScript 6 has been forced to standardise __proto__, almost entirely because one mobile library (Zepto.js) happened to use it.
Many early cyborgs ran out of room on their spines for installing data ports, and often had a second spine implanted so they could add more.
Feel free to interpret line breaks in my tweets as the prose equivalent of music drops.
Also I'm 75% certain that a largely flat-colour image would've been smaller as an optimised PNG anyway.
http://modern.ie/en-us - I'm staring at the JPEG artifacts in the "1,000,000" image. Please tell me I'm not the only one who sees them.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tetris:_The_Grand_Master#Tetris:_The_Grand_Master_3_-Terror_Instinct- – We all need to start supplementing the "[Title] 2: Electric Boogaloo" snowclone with "[Title] 3: Terror Instinct".
You wake up to the sound of catastrophe. On the horizon, biped mega-tanks wreck your city. You knew your cool tweets would lead to this.
*CG anim of glue gun and nail gun slamming together in lightning bolt* "Finally… the ultimate gun!" *footage of carpenters gaping wide-eyed*
"Although pre-apocalypse culture makes no mention of woundbots, most historical fiction includes them anyway to make the stories relatable."
"Despite the pop-culture trope of "the cryo-mummy's curse", most late-21st-century cryogenics patients did not have dark magical powers."
You never did figure out what the "Safety Bucket" in the cockpit was for, so as you prepare to crash-land, you stick your head inside it.
"Yup," says your doctor, "you've rotted your brain with videogames and comics. Time for a filling." You're wheeled to the trepanning chamber
Your worst fear realised: you're at a glitzy bash and the number 79 is walking up to you. How do you greet it? Is it prime? Do you curtsy?!
"Warning: Heavy use of magic to solve your problems may mAKE YOUR LIFE TOTALLY AMAZING!!" reads your wand's instruction manual, worryingly.
https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/DOMImplementation.hasFeature - I feel like this one function summarises the entire past and present of web development.
"The "Send to All Humans" button must ONLY be used for emails of worldwide importance, such as "Someone vomited in the ocean – keep away"."
You're in long coats to keep your parents from learning your arm got torn off in a battle and you have to buy it back at Hades's pawn shop.
Your friends must've noticed you've not used your Emotion Resonance Beam attack lately, but you don't want them to ask if anything's wrong.
That's two approaching buses that've sunk into that seething lake of shadow goo ahead of your stop. If only you'd brought your cosmic wand.
"Now, we need to write up the monsterisation serum's formula, so only two of us can drink it NO JENKINS STOP we already took ours no NO!"
You exit your mutant chrysalis and spread your beautiful wings just as a stray baseball punctures one. Oh well. Walking's OK too, you guess.
You've beaten the hardest difficulty! Your vampire pal wordlessly asks if they can sip your excess adrenaline. You blissfully oblige.
Normally, string coercion simply relies on the toString method of the object. But coercions for null and undefined are seemingly hard-coded.
[].toString calls the toString of its contents… but since null and undefined have no toString, they become… empty.
"He hopes this game's moments will stay with players "long after they die… A game that will be talked about even in the majesty of Heaven.""
To be fair, the actual problem has more to do with the console than the underlying string implementation.
Javascript strings: on old browsers, they're null-terminated; on new browsers, they're not.
Yes, all Javascript programmers secretly want to do this, but they know in their heart of hearts that they mustn't.
"In the year 2000, over 90% of alcoholic beverages will be marketed as "quirky", "anachronistic", "neo-rustic" or "magical-realist"!"
As you climb the ladder, you notice the level's terrain abruptly ends here, and your heart sinks as you realise this is just a test build.
You had all but convinced your uploaded friend that life in physical human form still had dignity, nobility and grace. Then you burped.
"Aah! I touched you!" gasps the game as your ship explodes against a meteor. "You feel so tingly – like a little balloon full of sparkles."
A pigeon with a peacock tail feather tucked ungainly in one wing and it's basically unable to even flap but dammit, it's gonna make it work.
Two aliens in human suits staring at a stock ticker marquee after overhearing a mother tell their kid it's "the bloodstream of the economy."
You know humans die without getting something in 6 minutes, but you can't recall if it was warm, affirming hugs or oxygen. Better try both.
For what it's worth, one-character class names for char <span>s seem to be causing a few unexpected problems, so I'll tweak that in 1.4.2.
Previously, giving a <<revision>> span a name that was one letter (such as <<revision a>>) would conflict with the "char CSS" I added in 1.4
http://www.glorioustrainwrecks.com/node/5462 - Here's a small bugfix update to my <<replace>> Twine macro set, relating to the <<revision>> macros.
http://wxpython.org/ - Until we can finally recreate the wxPython logo in pure CSS, we have not lived up to the 90's ideals of the future.
Maybe this fantasy land's sentient yet immobile rocks know what we don't: that free will is illusory and the only wise act is to do nothing.
Huge projectors beam her face on the clouds. Satellites shoot death rays through her lips. If this is your end, at least it was the fanciest
"The Ark carried two of each animal: a normal specimen, and a palette-swapped "dark" version. We give thanks for their massive exp. yields."
While the mission briefing said "All the women villagers turned all the men to frogs!" you discover it was more stratified along class lines
"When Sgt. Shootston jokes that the zombies "should be deader than disco!", the player is sent to kill the personification of Disco itself."
"The killer robot enemies are only explained with "The zombies got reinforcements!", and the UFO fleet with "They musta bit a scientist!"."
"His melee weapon in all 5 games is a broken printer, which he was trying to fix just before the zombie attack. He never manages to fix it."
"In 2013, humankind unlocked ninety million levels, and leveled up a quarter of a billion times." *slow footage of doves flying into sunset*
Too late do you recall that the factory's assembly lines all have huge buzzsaws at human head-height, in anticipation of this very escapade.
The mermaid surgeon wanted to sew your legs together. The centaur surgeon wanted an extra pair added. They compromised by doing nothing.
"To inform players they've reached the last stage, name it "All Good Things…", "All's Well…", or "Such Sweet Sorrow". This is not optional."
And, elegantly giving mechanical meaning to Olmec's blocky shape, and to its slow sinking in the lava.
It just feels like a really satisfying design – re-contextualising the entire boss fight as a mere means to achieve another platforming end.
The one moment I really like in Spelunky HD's Hell sequence is having to use Olmec as a lava platform to enter the Hell doorway.
"After the test, you may notice a constant faint smell of lavender. We believe this benefit outweighs all imaginable negative side effects."
I think this is my favourite La Mulana reference in Spelunky.
"Agh, I'll never get this done!" *pan to half-built giant self-statue made of garbage* "w/e you can extrapolate the rest from these glutes."
After you change back from a swarm of spiders, you sift the disparate memories. You like the ones where her thigh squirms under your legs.
They opened the drydock, and the dryness flooded out into the bay. "Darn," says the engineer, "we needed the shipness to flood out instead."
"TIP: Make your tutorial NPC say "Pressing A? Ha! I'd like to see THAT! Dream on, kiddo!" so the player has an emotional reason to press A."
http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=33347566 - I'm not necessarily a fan of franchise montages, but I do like montages that are also car chases.
"Whoa!" shout the exterminators, "you didn't tell us you had over two ants! Sorry, we only hunt infestations that we can greatly outnumber."
"Before now," growls your rival, "only 99.99% of my being was dedicated to destroying you. BUT TODAY! Five 9s! 99.999%!" Then he storms off.
"Decapitation" you croak. The hospital receptionist swiftly bowls you down the hall, expertly rolling through the legs of dashing orderlies.
"Fangs a lot!" replies the ghost. "Wait… I'm not a vampire anymore. Since I got staked, I guess I'm just a plain old dead person. …Shucks."
Yes, I admit it, I used user CSS to turn the top Twitter bar back to black. Because I am weak.
"My last memory was lying in bed, then blacking out," diaries Plucky Crime-Solving Teen. "I've come to, in what seems to be the same bed."
"Listen. When the Shadow King orders one of his enemies be "illuminated"… that isn't a malapropism."
70 years later, the boy who blew a bubblegum bubble so big he floated away returns – aged, ragged, aloft on an inflated orb of palm sap.
The doors in this temple are vast carved mouths, their columns quailing humans holding the jaws open. You'd love to read their sacred texts.
Only when you replayed Clown Capers III as an adult did you wonder why an all-clown audience would watch Casey the Clown's clown act at all.
"The act of eviscerating this hideous game has given me more pleasure than any carnal act this whole year. I retract my score. Five stars!"
They both discovered that she was slightly too big to climb his chest hair without inflicting blinding pain, which was definitely a downer.
Despite the urgent alert, the Accounting Deck doesn't have "BATTLE STATIONS". So, you just sweep all your papers off your desk dramatically.
"PHONE: Lets you call and ask out your crush, causing you to become a pile of sweat ("SWEAT FORM") that, I dunno, seeps under doors or w/e."
"My pro strat for Knuckle Sandwich 2: * Get Boots of Jam Walking, pronto * Ignore ALL hoagies * After Layer 8, spam the Spamwiches non-stop"
(Also, just now I scored my second Hell Win, and the first where I snagged all of the Reward Rubies at the end.)
It feels bold to stridently say "yes, it ostensibly does 1 damage but can serendipitously also be lethal" about most of its elements.
One thing I admire about Spelunky is its commitment to stunlocks as "soft one-hit-kills" – anything can potentially be as deadly as spikes.
(It's actually a sound strategy to go rogue on a run solely to guarantee that shotguns will be available in the Temple and Hell.)
In Spelunky, I feel there's some juicy irony inherent in killing a shopkeeper, not for any item in his store, but solely for his shotgun.
Well, it makes sense… but it also doesn't. Someone tell me if this is what Java 1's Date constructor did as well.
"The Committee for Human Foot Improvement has had the "no wheels" rule for 35 years. As your new chairman, I think it's time for… a 180."
Your world-weary partner is shrouded in mystery. Literally – in a coat woven from her unknowns. She strips for you by confiding her secrets.
"I know by heart the blast radius of every bomb I defuse… I feel a pressure at the threshold… When I cross it, I enter an intimate space…"
You can't recall if this large bomb explodes if you shake it too much, or too little. You rhythmically bounce on it as you try to remember.
You stomp on the red switch. All the red blocks disappear. Then you spot a Weakling waving one dainty foot over a you-coloured switch…
Yes, it still bothers me a little that the fireworks are drawn in front of the fort.
Oh, and if you want timestamps back on the right side again, it's just .tweet .time { float: right !important; }
(All this does is make the "Tweets" counter give you the actual number again, instead of like "17.6K".)
New Twitter user CSS: [data-element-term=tweet_stats] strong::before {content: attr(title); position:absolute; background: #fff !important;}
It turns out your stun counter is actually cumulative. After a minute of rapid poking, she has you limp and dazed for the rest of the night.
Her first uppercut launches you so high, an angel does a double-take. On her second, you catch it muttering "Must've just been my imagina–".
The ruins collapsed after you robbed them. You wish you could've taken its twisty rooms, vivid frescoes. Your memory's collapsing with them.
You often picture your lost fighter stumbling out of the night, chuckling "One minute, had yer given me one more minute to dig meself out…!"
"Take my sword and shield," you order the party's bard. If this parley be a deadly trap, those mere armaments would not save you.
When you cast Water XI, several times your mass in water shoots from your palms. The quantity seems to double each time. You can't stop it.
You turn paper-thin, fold in half lengthways, hide behind the pillar… then get utterly distracted by the sensation of your nipples touching.
I just watched the Adventure Time episode that reveals itself to have been a 10-minute lead-up to a Mario Kart sight gag. I'm OK with it.
I can also style all subsequent letters beyond the mouse's location, but, still, I must question its utility…
I can make it so that hovering over a letter highlights the subsequent letters, but sadly not the preceding ones.
"My decision to die was entirely my own," mutters the skeleton. "These spikes lie - upon them, my corpse was thrown!" You keep walking.
10,002 times, the Bazooka Grunt in this tutorial level has shot the Bomb Block next to it. 10,001 times, it swore to remember next time.
Yeah, you know you're not supposed to, but you ~swear~ this zit is actually full of infinite gold powder and you'd better pop it to confirm.
"I'm putting all of some effort in! I'm giving you the full 10%! I'm pulling out some of the stops! That low-hanging fruit? It's history!!"
I'll be honest: it miffs me daily that there's still no way to make desert chrome text in pure CSS, without whipping out Chrome-only code.
Though you'd also memorised all 1,111 syllables of the Spell to Summon Satan into your body, your foe rattled them off one second sooner.
"It's day 4 of the John Murder manhunt. The police chief swears he'll start once he beats Mario 3. Families are sending their kids to help."
"To punish Adam's hubris for trying to build the Tower of Eden, God turned all his workers into animals and flooded the world for 40 days."
"I went viral a week ago," says the tortoise. "Millions knew my name… How can such a vast footprint," it muses, "be so soon filled by mud?"
Players One and Two in a rare between-levels publicity shot. (source: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=29603086)
You wish for things to be back to normal. But you've lost so many times, in so many other timelines, that your humiliating defeat IS normal!
The robot, as your nemesis instructed, unties your rope. Fortunately, it wasn't instructed to let go of it, so you keep scaling the cliff.
Fortunately, the yawning chasm went back to sleep, and you easily crossed over.
You aren't sure whether to load the "Arrow Bullets" or the "Bullet Arrows" into your gun or bow. In the end you resort to throwing them.
"After you lost that optional item forever, your save file had to go on a journey. It had to find itself, so to speak. Select another slot."
(There isn't much difference between proper <li> list items and plain ASCII bullets, but the line spacing and indent is usually desirable.)
I'm contemplating introducing these variant Twine bullet points. Some of the later ones may be too extravagant.
"In 2015, we invented the 'meta-undo', which undid making a change that erased the "redo history". But such power came at a fearful price…"
(Of course, using array-like objects as an argument to apply() was, ahahaha, not legal at all until ES 5, but still…)
Javascript tweet: I just saw "Array.apply(null, arguments)" as an alternative to "Array.prototype.slice.call(arguments)", and I'm impressed.
"Ah, a vintage curse. Not stable – they break just by sipping a royal girl's saliva or doing a good deed. New ones have 256-bit encryption!"
Unable to yank the cork on this healing potion, you shatter it on the floor and roll in it, hoping the glass cuts are outpaced by the magic.
Tiny stim-pirates sailing your skin in search of a long-lost buried nerve cluster, a legendary bounty beyond words and moans…
"Their thick hides let them laugh off most attacks, playfully giggle at most of the rest, and patronisingly coo at your Ultimate Strike."
You lay the bowl of crisped rice cereal next to the sound-sensor bomb and pour the milk. The gentle popping is the perfect white-noise mask!
Extremely powerful, high-ranking deer. (source: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=15307067)
"Please call me 'survivor emeritus'," a cobwebbed skeleton whispers at you. "My flesh will return once I've rested up," croaks another.
#IPlayed You Only Get One Wish http://www.sephster.com/wish-web/wish.html Nice illustrations, good humour.
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