Leon's Microblog – February 2011

Hexed Hekatonkheir Hecates of Heck #IDunnoEither
"So, George, did we put enough money in the safe to justify paying a locksmith to get it out? Think, dear, think!"
Erotic Ettin Empresses of Europa #NotTheNextAuntiePixelanteGame
"This one time Dad ran over a cat, but instead of dying the cat just looked at us and floated away. Then the gas tank was full of blood."
Gay Sex Sphinxes of Sycorax #NotTheNextAuntiePixelanteGame
Homosexual Harpy Hierophants of Hyperion #NotTheNextAuntiePixelanteGame
Shackled Shellfish She-Shamen of Saturn #NotTheNextAuntiePixelanteGame
Cunnilingual Crab-Creatures of Canopus #NotTheNextAuntiePixelanteGame
Dyke Domme Golems of Oberon #NotTheNextAuntiePixelanteGame
Queer Killer Scyllas of Neptune #NotTheNextAuntiePixelanteGame
Masochist Misandrist Medusas of Mercury #NotTheNextAuntiePixelanteGame
Sapphic Squid Sorceresses of Sol #NotTheNextAuntiePixelanteGame
"Look," he said to the back seat without turning his head, "you can go to the bathroom when we're dead." He gently pressed the accelerator.
The car rolled clean over it. There was no doubt, now: overnight, all of his beer cans had suddenly become unopenable and indestructible.
"Okay, fine, I did lie about getting more petrol yesterday. ...But maybe if you did it yourself sometimes, I wouldn't have to deceive you."
"Look, I don't want to take your money, I just want help moving your wardrobe and bed so I can get back that $2 coin for my bus fare home."
"Matt... I think I'm hallucinating now." "Um, dude, I'm over here." "Look, man, don't do the ventriloquism thing right now, I'm serious."
"And, if you've just ordered a two-handed burger at a drive-in, you can steer with the elbow wheel conveniently located on the inside door."
"What's wrong, Jim?!" they shouted merrily through the door. "We're the friends you wished you had!" The banging noise grew louder.
"The aliens are haggling my ransom. They want Jupiter, too. I'm not worth Jupiter, am I? Don't they know I was only barely re-elected?"
http://l.j-factor.com/glider/Slumberland_1.png - New screenshot map: Slumberland (Glider PRO).
"Congratulations!! You've pirated the one billionth illegal copy of Photoshop! Please accept these 9-carat-gold handcuffs."
I thought it was just a nursery rhyme, but I've just noticed a spider which can actually be fittingly described as both "insy" and "winsy".
"I feel dizzy," she said. "Well," he replied, "your brain has just noticed for the first time that the Earth spins madly in the void."
"It's important that you use a brittle ceramic coin for the toss. It shatters after it is flipped. Its decision is final and irrevocable."
"What," he chuckled as she looked in horror at her hand, "you didn't know that snakes pooped?"
"Oh hell," he thought as he fell past the twentieth floor, "I added it up wrong. My life insurance won't be enough to cover my debts."
"Hey, have you seen my mofo?" "DAD, that is not how you abbreviate 'mobile phone'!"
"Son, I planted every one of these trees on this bare, forsaken island. You and your girlfriend are carving your initials on my hard work!"
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