Leon's Microblog – October 2022

Gratz to everyone on my TL tweeting in Portugese
Story Of Eastern Wonderland is so goddamn cute I can't stand it. End tweet no punchline
*hears about OELVNs* Oh I loved that guy in Live A Live
You would probably scoff if I told you about the strange and uncanny place called "Leon's World"… but little do you know… that there is one poor soul who is trapped in "Leon's World" as we speak… and they might be closer by than you think…!
The track Kera-Ma-Go in the game Moon… how do I describe it… its genre is "song that your 5-year-old niece, whom you're babysitting in the mid-00's, wants to blast on your car CD player for 20 loops"… but, like, good.
In recent months I've had two big language misconceptions dispelled: • In Japanese, the word 'ecchi' is MORE erotically charged than 'hentai', NOT less • The "Ronaldinho" in Mundial Ronaldinho Soccer 64 is a different soccer-playing Ronaldinho than the one with a Wikipedia page
Watching competitive NES Tetris tournaments
You might wonder who this tweet is even for, but trust me, I know what I'm doing with this one.
I want a Patrick's Parabox game with Uurnog Uurnlimited mechanics, and by that I mean it turns out that each level's "infinity room" is actually a shared hub room that can be used to clandestinely transport blocks from one level to another, which becomes required later.
Destroy The Office (https://www.shortboxcomicsfair.com/shop/p/destroy-the-office-by-imogen-mangle) – Even shorter and simpler, but it's got a few funny moments and interesting colour, lighting and action. Good companion to the previous comic, I'd say.
*gets caught on the flip side* G-guh… *coughs* Just like… they… vowed…
Witch Crossing (https://www.shortboxcomicsfair.com/shop/p/witch-crossing-by-ac-esguerra) – Relatively short and narratively straightforward, but the increasingly striking and imaginative art and design is definitely worth it.
Food School (https://www.shortboxcomicsfair.com/shop/p/food-school-by-jade-armstrong) – This one was unexpectedly pretty funny… soaring aloft on great expressiveness and comic timing.
Adversary (https://www.shortboxcomicsfair.com/shop/p/adversary-by-blue-delliquanti) – Those familiar with the author's previous comics are right to expect more artfully icy conversations between male lovers. The ending of this one is a bit of a kick in the ribs, though, so, uh, just so you know.
Run Wolf Run part 1 (https://www.shortboxcomicsfair.com/shop/p/run-wolf-run-by-jona-li) – it's kinda let down by ending in an abrupt "to be continued", but the central character dynamic is interesting, and the art strikes a great balance of liveliness and efficiency.
Give Her Back To Me (https://www.shortboxcomicsfair.com/shop/p/give-her-back-to-me-by-hana-chatani) – a legitimately stunning horror work far above this author's previous output; full of excellent composition and spine-tingling twists.
Here! Now! Leon (me) reviews some of Shortbox's limited-edition 2022 comics (https://www.shortboxcomicsfair.com/shop) which are only on sale for two more days.
Reading the zsh manual
https://musca.github.io/github-lang-colors/ – Having fun looking up the programming languages GitHub recognises in its repository statistics.
People overdid it. They used the "trending on Artstation" prompt for AI image descriptions too much, and now all the stuff that really is trending on Artstation looks fake by association. Once again, the imitations have cast down their original.
•Another common source of humour is ontological inconsistency – the Dr. being treated as two characters operates above the fourth-wall break, extends through it somehow.
Remarks about the style: •Often reliant on antiquated "pulp" genres (mad scientist, adventurer, etc.) •Most humour is from characters not reacting correctly – focusing on the wrong thing, having inconsistent opinions, etc. •Fourth-wall breaks are easy ways to prolong a scene.
Trying a new kind of writing exercise, where I simply "Write Like A Child Making Up A Story". This whole thing is largely stream-of-consciousness, and I admit I'm a little surprised at how much of this childish Western-cartoon comedy style I can still somehow dredge up.
To me what most embodies the "POSIX language" is how "tail" is a fairly simple filter command among other filter commands, but "tail -f" is essentially a completely different and much more powerful and fundamental program.
*imagines terminal apps implementing mouse-controlled GUIs in a fake VT100 inside a <canvas> element in an IDE implemented in HTML inside a renamed web browser* Ugggghh *someone jaunts in to say that it's also running on poisoned sand* No, sorry, you ruined it, you made it twee,
Inventing a new and frightening technology called "Backwards Markdown". It's a rich-text editor, but the act of writing text in italics is just a signal to wrap it in enclosing asterisks (English's emphasis punctuation) in the final output.
https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Embroidered_Fragment_MET_DP18567.jpg – I actually really like the way these patterns fill space asymmetrically… the way the creatures' tails wrap around and frame the faces…
"What has four legs on the first twilight, two legs on the second twilight, and three legs on the third twilight" – rough draft of the Golden Witch Beatrice's epitaph
Gonna start saying "Evo Moment" every time I get 16 hits in Mother 3
Browsing zsh plugins in 2022
Retweet if the elephant on the left is just as cute as the elephant on the right. 𓃰 🐘
My new Deltarune headcanon is that Kris can do the "Crystal Flash" (the secret move from Super Metroid). Not as a pun or anything, but just because they seem like the sort of protagonist to have bizarre hidden undocumented moves like this.
I'll restate that this app IS quite rickety… feels like I'm aboard a cartoon rocket piloted by muppets, with "explosion-proof paint" coating the fuel-tank-shaped passenger seats… in the sense that I feel like nothing bad will happen solely because it'd be funnier if it didn't.
Even largely worthless stuff like "turning Grep output into a table" or stuff I already have scripts for, like "rename all these files to just a number + extension" feels easily within my reach with this thing.
I've been playing with this thing (NuShell) for the whole day… it's still very rough, but I've been able to accomplish so much by just A) studying the way it outputs data structures, and B) assuming all the functional programming verbs work the way I want them to.
Currently, NuShell feels like a fighting game mid-tier combo character: kinda bad at the bread-and-butter stuff, but it does look dang good when it gets to do the thing it did in the trailer.
Trying out NuShell (https://www.nushell.sh/). In this screenshot here, I'm merging an undisclosed number of JSON files containing filename-array mappings, that for some reason have an incorrect 'gzip' extension, all without using jq.
9.2!! Yeah!
Darius boss names are unreal
New high-performance image format whose decoder includes an entire font renderer so as to efficiently reduce the filesize of screenshotted tweets
The party members having separate inventories thing in all the Mother games is cool and strategic and NOT a pain in the patoot!!!
Have you ever gotten so impatient to finish pirating something that has had 0 seeders for a month that you buy the thing, download it, copy it into the torrent folder, then hit recheck
I'd say getting 16 on Accelerondo, a music track that only appears on random enemies, is a taller order than just beating the whole game, so it absolutely did not need an even fiddlier version.
The "missed-beat" variants of all the Mother 3 battle themes was definitely an interesting-in-isolation feature that had a very skewed development cost to final gameplay impact ratio. Like, the average Mother 3 player is not reliably getting 16s out of even the regular tracks.
Playing new RPG Maker 2000 games with default UI and assets after experiencing MV and VX Ace games inspires the same feelings as visiting a website that was clearly also designed in 2000 but has a last update time of this year.
One of Remilia's non-spells in Embodiment of Scarlet Devil is a Touhou 1 reference. And, Youmu's non-spells in Perfect Cherry Blossom are a Touhou 2 reference! And… one of Marisa's spells in Imperishable Night is a Touhou 3 reference!!
"So what if it turns out you really are the only one who sees "red" like that? Wouldn't that be lovely? Wouldn't that be a wonderful secret to have? An entire red, all to yourself. Just for you."
And indeed, a Higurashi without episode 8 would be almost unrecognisable – not because it's great writing (it kind of goes a bit off the rails, honestly…), but because of how strongly it emotionally reinforces (…and/or beats you over the head with) everything that came before.
This amazes me because, well, it's suddenly obvious in retrospect that he would make the horror story end at the moment all mysteries were revealed, but also, the material he added to make the story continue fits in so well that it feels like it was the whole point of episode 7.
I was quite fascinated when I heard that apparently, Higurashi episode 7 was originally meant to be the final episode, and there was no episode 8 planned, until partway through writing 7 when Ryukishi07 realised he simply did not have enough worldbuilding to pull the ending off.
When you launch Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Show HN: Hello World app that actually does contact everyone in the world
4) The ability to change all the folder icons to blue (as per Mac OS from 8 to the present). 5) Finally, while slower than Explorer, it is just barely fast enough that I don't care too much, and the other advantages win out overall.
3) Most importantly, a pleasantly dense array of preferences for basic interactions. While it doesn't have reconfigurable hotkeys, it does have a lot of other options besides. This reminds me of other Windows utilities like ConEmu in its customisation depth.
2) These "heat marks" that colour things based on their Last Modified time. This is surprisingly effective, acting like a code editor's "recent changed lines" strip for the filesystem. (Presumably systems with integrated backups have a more sophisticated form of this, I wonder…)
I never did say the name of the program I stuck with (it's https://onecommander.com/) and I wanted to list a couple of other things that made me stick with it. 1) A built-in Dark Mode that looks decent. A surprising number of alternative Windows file managers fail at this one.
https://modarchive.org/index.php?request=view_player&query=178396 – Now this is a .MOD (it's actually a .IT) for Sega-aesthetic fans.
"Everyone knows how terrifying the image of a paperclip maximiser's factory is – a building the size of a city, a country, that devours resources and produces nothing but paperclips. Yet, from the perspective of a single-celled organism, that is what the human brain looks like."
Feeling amused that I just learned about these keyboard shortcuts at the exact moment in history that they have become totally useless. "Because of every new website using outlandish TLDs, right" No, because there's no new websites anymo
The Magic: The Gathering company saying that it's OK to charge $1,000 for a box of sixty random cards because none of the cards are tournament-legal is definitely emblematic of Magic: The Gathering's relationship with money.
I forgot that each "act" of this movie has this interstitial sequence. In my childhood (also known as my late twenties) I was obsessed with this bit. Still feels like a cross between a TV test card, MAME ROM startup, the failed phonecall tone, and the very end of a nightmare.
For an extremely abstract and narratively skeletal music video, this thing did nonetheless have a very unique and developed sense of glitch art and audio-visual synergy. [Rapid flashing warning]
Been playing this game again ("this game" being Petal Crash) and having some fun doing 1CC attempts at Expert difficulty. Wish the individual rounds weren't so long, but it's overall a nice thing to revisit.
What's your personal threshold for the maximum number of lines of a personal-use Bash script, beyond which you feel obliged to rewrite it as a Python/Perl/Ruby script?
Thinking about all those people who 20 years ago started playing a game with "a minute to learn, a lifetime to master" on the box, and are now only 40% of the way toward mastery as we speak.
Feeling satisfied with myself after typing in "extract mkv subtitles" and then, after several moments of consideration, added, on a hunch, "ffmpeg".
*sinks to the shallows of depravity*
#Gaming doesn't get more epic than this.
https://modarchive.org/index.php?request=view_player&query=167865 ​– I felt this one had impressively modern chiptune sensibility and complexity to it… Turns out it's from 2009. Even then, it hasn't aged a day.
https://modarchive.org/index.php?request=view_player&query=46496 – Now THIS is sinewaves doing what they do best.
https://modarchive.org/index.php?request=view_player&query=135369 – I just looked up the notes, and the 45 seconds of dialogue in this one (from 0:25) aren't from anything and are just the musician doing an adorable B-movie bit? Oh my goddddddddddd
Malbolge was always an inherently flawed joke because it presumed that evil is something which could be injected into a programming language, rather than something inherent and fundamental to the very form itself,
Touhou theory that Rin Kaenbyou is referred to as "Orin" throughout Subterranean Animism because ZUN still wants to introduce Rin Satsuki later
My great text retro-cyber-melodrama "You are SpamZapper 3.1" is now 1 year old! To celebrate, I have decided to conduct the risky experiment of MIRRORING IT ON ITCH DOT IO https://leona.itch.io/you-are-spamzapper-3-1 so now you can add it to your collections, or open it in the app.
For those unfamiliar, this is an infamous Mario Maker 1 level that never got uploaded because the creator (seen here) kept making it harder and harder until the maximum level entity limit was reached. The footage speaks for itself, really. https://twitter.com/ChompBraden/status/1575977862590476288
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