Leon's Microblog – March 2022

The C programming language's syntax has been venerated and copied ad nauseam for 40 years, which means there are now dozens of languages where you have to use deliberate whitespace conventions to make for() and while() not look like function calls.
Rogue time traveler apprehended after being unable to resist the temptation to type "joycon drift????" in the chat of the original 2014 Twitch Plays Pokémon stream
This is as far as I got before I decided this post wasn't actually funny
This is the first time in my life I've seen another website use the actual JSON logo from the original 2002 json dot org website.
Here's a little tip for how to remember the Markdown link syntax: brackets hang down from the ceiling, whereas parenthesis stick up ("UP" looks like "URL") from the floor. Never get frazzled by the world's most undeservedly popular forum code again!
Having now spent multiple days configuring WinAeroTweaker, TaskbarTweaker, both OpenShell tools, PowerToys, and a bunch of SysInternals stuff I didn't know existed until this week, I can now say the classic Mac extension experience of my youth has finally been revisited.
I find it rather funny that this spell is clearly meant to be a "one-up" of Danmaku Barrier from the previous game, but then ZUN felt obliged to also include an actual sequel to Danmaku Barrier in this game's Spell Practice that's even more tedious than these two.
As for THIS spell… I don't like it. Mainly it involves moving at very oblique angles using the arrow keys. And much like a certain Yukari spell, there's a lot of downtime waiting for the bullets to move. See if you can pinpoint the moment ZUN ran out of ideas for this one.
How do I put this. There are a few apps with famously bad icons (IrfanView and VLC) but those at least have some personality to them. Visual Studio's icon, like Google Chrome's, is just corporate sculpture. It's designed to look like nothing except for itself.
I can't believe this. There's a "fork" of Visual Studio Code where the only real change is that the license is different, and I am actually going to download it entirely because its icon is not viscerally terrible.
"You ever think it's funny? How evolution just happened to stumble into making the most dangerous lifeform in the universe? Us? Animals that can wield Chaos-Energy and walk the Maelstrom? Pretty colossal whoopsie! It's like we're the punch-line to the world's sickest joke!"
Researching programming language editors
Leon Enterprises presents Endless Black Void Flavoured Markdown: it's the same as CommonMark, except every syntactic structure is ignored and output is the same as input. "Just like being exposed to deep space!" – an astronaut using a laptop while in the suit for some reason
Time for a joke. What's a keyboard's favourite horror character? Doctor Ghjkl! Ha ha ha. Thought I was going to say Doctor Jequals? Sorry, but that's a calculator's favourite horror character. Bye bye!
Battle Pass? Yeah, I understand why gamers don't like it. Smogon banned that move from OU, didn't they?
Sometimes I recall being a child and never using List view for OS windows… I adored big icons… I took pride in hand-arranging them in every one of my folders… HA… the feeble amusements of ungrown minds… Now if I ever see a window without 4+ columns of details, I shriek.
I've now gotten "sub-1" on The Daily SET Puzzle™ three times. It's gotten to the point where I've started wishing the grid was larger than 4x3………
I know Markdown is disliked for being rather ill-defined, but to be fair, the biggest original goal for the language was to be intuitively understandable by a human reader, so in that sense, having it be readable by software at all is mostly an auxiliary feature,
I can't believe the new Kirby post-apoc game has conlang song lyrics.
"Hey, look at this trick! This pot's finished cooking, but I've prepared a new pot to put on the hotplate, so I can swap them without turning off the heat! I named it the Hotplate Buckaroo! It's named that because at the time, I thought "buckaroo" meant something else entirely!"
I dunno, I don't think I could stand all the work needed to run a Linux home computer. Anyway, back to what I was doing. *resumes downloading 35 different Windows utilities, 31 of which involve the registry in some way*
The cleverest thing on the Umineko soundtrack is how "Organ Short #600,000,000 in C Minor" (Beatrice's first theme) has three remixes that just get increasingly pathetic and pitiable. I love it.
People talk a lot about Toby Fox's use of wacky SNES-era samples, but to me his most special instrumentation skill is that he can somehow consistently make harpsichord sound badass.
If I were a mime, I would simply only walk downwind --- 1 comment nonexistent [0 LeonKred] ░░░ ░░ ░ ░░░ When_The_Linux_Is_SUSE [9 LeonKred] why dont mimes just create invisible cars with their powers?? HUGE plot hole imo nonexistent [-0 LeonKred] ░ ░░░ ░░ ░░😉
"So you know that parallel lines converge at infinity. Well, the point at which they converge… is right where I'm sitting. You know what that means, of course? My legs… are parallel. My arms are parallel. My fingers, arteries, veins, brain cells… every last one is parallel!"
God, why does Rust use TOML of all things *I do a quick search and find a bunch of people complaining that it ought to use YAML* I have now instantaneously decided that TOML is good, actually
"God, not another game with WASD defaults…" *changes the controls to Q-Caps Lock-A-S*
I haven't played Elden Ring yet and have no real opinion of it, but I do have to congratulate it for a tweet revealing just one of its secrets getting 26 thousand retweets. That, to me, is a historic game design achievement of some kind or another.
Now that web search is universally bad, "lazyweb" tweets are actually the most efficient way of finding answers.
Rewind and save-states in official rereleases of old games is isomorphic with bumping the pinball table: an unambiguous "cheat" that has, by the magic of nostalgia, become ratified and endorsed as a fundamental part of the game, even in digital recreations.
"T-this is hogwash! Colours don't have angles! Colours don't have coordinates! What is going on??" –the great rainbowitch Charisma Clarity Chroma, having not, as assumed, been summoned to teach children the wonder of colour, but instead to litigate a colorspace standards dispute.
It's called a fan translation because when you see it, you translate yourself along the X axis.
Oh to be the "to" in the phrase "Oh to be"
Can't believe people are complaining and being judgmental about "cheese strats" in a Souls game when routine top-level optimised Touhou strats involve doing this
I've just listened to what I've been told is "The Most Mysterious Song On The Internet" (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Most_Mysterious_Song_on_the_Internet), and, well… I feel like its mysteriousness is perhaps a LITTLE bit oversold.
Mid-00's webcomic author giving a bunch of villain characters awkward contrived names solely for the purposes of a single Who's On First-style gag in the first of what will ultimately be 92 increasingly dramatic story arcs: "Yup, writing jokes is easy – and fun!"
Audience Participation Tweet 3 What? Three green letters on turn 2? This one has to be the easiest one yet. It's basically already over. Right?
This one suckered me in from just the title https://soundcloud.com/plasmariel/battle-against-a-follin-opponent
Been listening to some tracks from "Super Famicompo" (https://www.smwcentral.net/?p=viewthread&t=119245&page=1), a trio of informal chiptune comps on the SMWCentral forums…
"And what's this final ingredient? A… "Twenties"? What's on Earth do they mean by a "twenties"–" "Uh, so like, you know your twenties? Yeah, you need to give that up. The whole decade."
Learning new things about ubiquitous hardware standards
That being said, I still think that this style of play really isn't suitable for a textual narrative game. Now, I know ZUN doesn't quite believe his games' narratives "matter", but I feel the way the Touhou world has been developed over the decades means that they honestly do.
I'll say that as I've matured I've appreciated that "feels-bad moments" are hardly a clear design flaw, and that building emotional resilience to play through bad losses is a valid skill for a single-player game to test, even outside of openly "cruel" genres like the roguelike.
Since everyone's talking about the validity of game difficulty, here's my opinion: I think the shmup lives+bombs system that ZUN uses for Touhou (and his refusal to add auto-bombs) is purposeful and meaningful… but it also tends to create lots of so-called "feels-bad moments".
Retro gaming has truly hit the mainstream this year. First Wordle, an actual browser game, followed by Elden Ring, a AAA game that doesn't use flat design in its UI.
Great Internet Metroid Prime Search
The Gostak is a gostoid in the category of endodistimmors
I don't know about you, but if I get reincarnated as a single grape, and I'm dropped on the floor near some slightly raised furniture, I know I'M booking it under there, no questions asked. Instant zero to sixty, no hesitation.
Revisiting a bunch of beloved abstract Nintendo DS games in BizHawk led to me messing around in Electroplankton
OK, everyone. Big decision. Should I request my two Desura keys for Humble Indie Bundle #2 (2010)? The factory seal is still on them, but I think if there's ever gonna be a time to crack 'em, it's gotta be now.
OK, first of all, they have gravely misspelled "haz",
Reinstalling some classic indie bundle games
"When the story's emotion becomes too strong for dialogue trees, you fight; when it becomes too strong for fighting, you do quick time events." – common AAA videogame design proverb
"If you think about it, due to the degradation of media and the mortality of humans and civilisation, all videogames are limited-time mobage events." – one of the many utterances of the Cheer-You-Up-Bot before Emergency Max-Urgency Bugfix Patch 1.002A was released.
It's sad the original artist had to retire for health reasons… but this panel will live on.
https://modarchive.org/index.php?request=view_player&query=45424 – Just noticed this MODArchive song from 2000 uses the same "Go" sample as in one of the songs in Higurashi ("door" by pre-holder). Now I'm dying to know what the provenance of that sample is…
*starts playing Shoot The Bullet* So you're saying this photographer is good at dodging and burning?
Software terminology is a wondrous linguistic space where cold militaristic words like "protocol", suave office metaphors like "desktop" and oblique jokes like "cookie" coexist in a uniquely human tonal dissonance.
OK, maybe I'm showing my age, but in my opinion, dropdown menu items should not have radio buttons. It's like the UI design language equivalent of mixing Roman and Greek suffixes.
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