Leon's Microblog – February 2022

Me sowing vs. me reaping
Forbidden Umineko god mode cheat code which, when entered on the title screen, replaces Battler with the guy from Fleep (2001 webcomic)
ESL person staring at the GitHub 404 page: "I don't get it." ESL person after watching A New Hope: "But… why"
Thinking about the suffering ESL people have to go through when they try to learn English memes and references and are forced to memorise the entirety of the Star Wars original trilogy as a result
The one walk-in closet in your house that has a suspiciously long load time whenever you step into it
A wizard shining wand-light on a potted plant so it can photosynthesise mana
By the way, the spell above is a variation of this character's debut appearance (below) which is an otherwise fairly conventional danmaku.
Catching up on ZUN-written Touhou comics
"What? Computer? No, no, Queen from Deltarune is actually a CUICA. What'd you think her voice was?"
Okay, I know this is a pretty basic and common opinion, but I'm speaking from the heart here: I think ZUN isn't using Okina as a plot device often enough.
Another classic example of how danmaku games are in some ways illusory games – the solution to big ridiculous hard-to-react patterns like this is always "just go where they aren't, silly".
"Well, it happened. Someone told the robots about dizziness. Now they're gonna be teasing us about it for at least a week."
VSCode and other places referring to multi-keystroke shortcuts as "chords" is understandable but, crucially, contradicts what I feel is a fundamental quality of what a "chord" is.
Ten Most Frustrating Gaming Videos EVER compilation [reupload]
MDN infoboxes you love to see every time
Damn… just heard the news… now there's going to be four.
Much as I dislike the name "Visual Studio Code", the little hints here and there that it was originally going to be called just "Code" irritate me on a much deeper level.
*starts calling Undertale "Deltarune Zero" entirely unbidden*
Navi (Ocarina Of Time character) was almost certainly the first Repetitive Triple-A Bark to go viral, but it's so old that most people don't even recognise it as being one.
Me explaining the serious and mature field of programming: "Ah, you see, the word "clobbering" actually has a rather specific technical meaning."
*removes glasses with chrome robotic hand* "As a result, when three identical events happen in three different divergent timelines, all three timelines are instantly destroyed. Then, cosmological objects known as "garbage blocks" are dropped into the opponent multiverse."
The guide itself isn't even bad (though I don't like that it tries to awkwardly pass off a few glitches/exploits as "features"), but I do think extolling the guide as a necessary accompaniment is framing EarthBound by itself as worse than it actually is.
I'll also add that EarthBound really, really does not *require* a guide to progress. Like, this isn't Moon here. There's no mandatory conlang puzzles. You can't die of starvation if you walk the wrong way at the start of the game.
People keep claiming that EarthBound is best played with the 1995 player's guide, which is "the intended experience". I'll say it was only intended by NA localisers and marketers, who bundled it as a sales strategy. There isn't a similarly praised guide for the Japanese original.
I like all three of these cards, even though I generally find the sun one puzzling. This is one of a few Extra stage midbosses (alongside Unconnected Marketeers) that complete "unfinished business" from the main stages (in this case, the last 2 of her weekday-themed spells).
Now that web search is universally bad, the dark web is now almost the entire web.
Some may think it's a bit lazy of ZUN that both Shinmyoumaru and Shion, after a dramatic break with their respective bad exes, end up back with them a few games/books later as if nothing happen. But you see, the common thread is Tenshi. This is what dating Tenshi does to people.
A Windows game so old you need DXWnd running an second older version of DXWnd running the .exe
Having one of those "how does this even happen" moments, those moments that remind you you're alive and the universe is still full of surprises
This whole port has such a dry, self-serious tone compared to the Mega Drive remake, even though both have equivalently zany events and NPCs… which points to how much the latter was "prequelised" to suit the richer, zanier tone of the series's later games.
This game's CD music is a very different mix of the other versions' dungeon melody… Moodier and more self-serious.
Apparently this track is just completely unused? Unbelievable. This is peak Parodius music, as a genre. (The mixing probably isn't quite right because this runs off older MAME libraries.)
Just copy-pasted from Final Fantasy
*someone discreetly explains to me that all PC Engine game attract modes were like this* Oh
I love how this port (of the MSX original) uses the PC Engine's capabilities to add several long-winded cutscenes, but the attract mode is just three minutes of stirring music over a bunch of shots of Arle (age 6) in various badass poses.
Undertale (2015)
????? What are they TALKING ABOUT
Dang, when's the full version
Bio Force Ape vs Donkey Kong Country 3
I'm not thinking about ROM names ever again. This is it for me. *suddenly starts thinking about how MAME lists the Japanese release of Donkey Kong as a "clone" of the US release, even though it A) came out earlier, and B) actually has all the goddamn levels in it* Brooouuuhhhh
Thrilled to announce that after 6 hours of intense research on the state of the art, I've decided my new personal ROM filename format! It's like No-Intro and TOSEC, except I take all the tags like [!], (EN) and (USA) and toss them in the garbage because I don't FREAKING CARE ANYM
This game has one good music track. And here it is.
This game does not exist
I tried switching my ROM identifier DATs to the TOSEC Collection, due to it allegedly being the most comprehensive and updated, and then immediately found one of my SNES ROMs from GoodSNES wasn't listed in it.
I did a few test conversions with some pages from Crow Cillers and the… JPEG XLs… were about 5-12% smaller than WebP, AND could convert PNGs taller than 16384px. Though, their render time in IrfanView is slightly bad at the moment (and hilariously bad in Chrome Canary).
I'm reading an article about modern high-compression lossless image formats, and I can't believe the best performer is something called "JPEG XL", which has to be the worst name for a lossless format I could possibly imagine.
*steps out of limousine to stand at podium before waiting crowd* "Greetings, my followers. I will not be taking any questions. Goodbye." *strides back into limo and slams the door, then opens the opposite door and walks across the street to sit at a rain-soaked bus stop*
Typing "import antigravity" in Python has the same energy as creating Post 217 in Scribblenauts.
*goes outside and walks around a forested hillside* Wow. Stunning. This is just like Higurashi
Thinking about the trend of de facto icons for programming languages that simply consist of the most infamous glyphs to appear in them
https://modarchive.org/index.php?request=view_player&query=128941 – Surprisingly interesting melody and instrument choices here.
Desert Golfing 242 1/6
I've spent a good bunch of time fiddling with FileTypesMan (https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/file_types_manager.html) to get my selected picks of these icons onto my ROMs, because, like all emulators, BizHawk has zilch to offer on the file icon front.
https://web.archive.org/web/20200217192134/http://yspixel.jpn.org/icon/game/index.htm – Looked up the source artist for some of my favourite RetroArch icons… and there's a lot of great stuff here. Reminds me of the late 90's-early 00's, "the glory days of icons" as they say…
Do not fav this tweet
You know, I like it when my pupils are a normal size. It's dignified, mature, stylish, and goes well with my closed mouth. Anyway, now to browse this folder of default Windows alert sounds. *opens onestop.mid for the first time in my life*
I just checked the release notes and apparently one of my personal most important cores (DS) only got added 3 months ago… phew!
I've recently switched to BizHawk from RetroArch after determining that the major RA cores that BH doesn't have are also ones that barely worked in RA anyway (SCUMM, DOSBox, MAME). And lemme say: booooy did I miss native Windows menus that weren't designed solely for controllers.
Something interesting about the magic system: instead of getting stronger Fire and Ice spells, you only get "Diacute", which doubles the next spell you cast. What you eventually have to learn by the lategame is that the doubling effect of Diacute also applies to itself.
Biggest thing this game's got going for it is a lot of sufficiently wacky animations for spells and enemies. For instance, here's the genre-required low-probability instant kill spell if it actually works.
https://www.romhacking.net/translations/5388/ – Having lots of fun messing around with the Madou Monogatari I 1996 remake fanslation. Not bad if you use rewind a lot to reroll the random encounters (which get unbearable when you need to backtrack for fetch-quests and map traversal puzzles).
U. N. Owen Was Her is the Megalovania of Touhou in the sense that both songs are named after characters from completely different fictional works, with only a tenuous-to-nonexistant connection to the actual characters the songs represent.
Just found out all the paintings in the castle in B3313 are by Weiss Guertena
Fine… it seems an old guest role in my distant past has finally been unearthed by my fans… I admit it… I'm the clip art clown that appears for 1 frame at 0:51 in the Magnasanti video.
*types "Gostak" as a first guess into the most disgustingly twisted Wordle clone yet*
Doing some emulator name research
Just checked out how long it finally took Firefox to support image-rendering:pixelated, and, yup, it was less than 4 months ago. What a version number spread.
Was reading https://ourincrediblejourney.tumblr.com/ and noticing how every Twitter acquisition has the same "bird + logo" header structure, heavily implying Twitter enforces a specific branding format for just acquisition announcements.
Today's favourite pxtone track https://pistonsource.bandcamp.com/track/rats
Audience Participation Tweet 2 Second chance if you thought the first one was too hard.
I still find it tremendously funny that, after the previous few fighting games were panned for having a dull neutral metagame, Twilight Frontier's solution for Touhou 17.5 was to simply remove multiplayer.
Touhou 17.5 reminds me that sometimes ZUN's writing is really good.
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