Leon's Microblog – January 2022

Comedy at its finest
*performs a vivid finger-cracking animation before dancing them across the keyboard, penning another scintillating tweet* W3Fools was the web tech equivalent of Gannon Banned, huh
Audience Participation Tweet: rather than explain this Wordle I just had, I'll let you sit back and work out the solution. (Don't reply out the answer, of course, because that's spoilers.)
Umineko iceberg meme where the only thing listed is "the red text colour is actually #​FF0001"
Do you ever find yourself using a feature that's so polished, you can feel the anticompetitiveness in it
https://thecatamites.itch.io/goblet-grotto – Checking out the "cheats menu" added to the new Goblet Grotto ten-year anniversary re-release
To me the ideal multi-game speedrun category would be: Super Mario Sunshine - 120 shines Breath of the Wild - 120 shrines Antichamber - 120 signs
Millennials LOVE being disparaging toward Electron and NWJS apps even though at this point they have slightly better performance and UX than GTK apps ever did
I love how this just has the Electron shell browser console in one of the menus by default. You can open it up and see the gallons of website meat that this .exe is made of, anytime you want.
*thinks about how the word "Visual" is ultimately descended from Visual Basic, a WYSIWYG GUI development program from 1991, and how that meaning has been almost completely inaccurate for every subsequent product with that branding* Hmmmmmmm
I hate Visual Studio Code. I hate its name, I hate the concept of using an Electron shell for text editing, *suddenly notices it has 1 (one) feature that Sublime Text doesn't have* I hate Microsoft monopolisation, I hate its icon, *pins it to the taskbar with tear-stained cheeks*
Napstablook (Undertale character) awarding you Thundersnail prize money that's less than the entry fee because the race took so long that inflation devalued the currency
My text game "You are SpamZapper 3.1" does NOT contain time travel, but at various points certain characters provide evidence that causation does not exist, which is functionally equivalent in the same way that goto statements and for-loops are functionally equivalent.
Operation "try and read the entire Raku type names list without smiling in bewilderment even once" has FAILED https://docs.raku.org/type.html
*sees something inadequate* Hmm, they're right, this is exactly what the word "woefully" was meant for
Trying out Wordle
Everyone's theorising that Undyne will be in Deltarune chapter 3, but WHAT IF… it's Napstablook, and the chapter's a spoof of Undertale's ruins. This won't happen but all the cards are on the chessboard here
Huge announcement!!! Legacy Of Lunatic Kingdom's Extra stage is beat! That's one New Year's resolution off the list! It took a ton of tries, b– *suddenly notices the Earth in her left hand has the cartoon bandage instead of her, and loses my train of thought* What the
"Sorry to wake you, commander… this came in just now… we've received reports of someone BEASTING IT in the vicinity of… yes, I'm already playing it on both phones, sir…"
The B3313 basement-themed areas are amazing at how distinctly aesthetically unwelcoming they are… all uniquely, satisfyingly musty.
"You humans only evolved sight because you're constantly drenched in photons. If your sun was constantly screaming instead of shining, you'd be "seeing" things a bit more like us!"
https://zaratustra.itch.io/dordle – RIGGED!! …is the word I predict you're about to say.
"It's amazing, the variety of people and places this "website" can show you. Why, just now I saw a message reading "We live in Hell. We live in Hell." To think that I could peruse the idle musings of someone from there of all places!"
Trying to remember an anecdote about a famous picture book and realising with mounting horror that I know the ancedote from the one mandatory video in The Witness's 100% speedrun
Touhou fighting games? They're great. Love 'em. Here, I was just playing the second one. *pulls out a copy of Tobal 2* ---- When bitter cold creeps through your walls And clouds above are black as coal, Recall this tweet from summers past And hearty mirth will warm your soul
Touhou 3: Phantasmagoria Of New​.Target
Well, I'm in a state of peace and mental tranquility at the moment. *thinks about new​.target, the Javascript keyword that has a full stop in the middle of its name* Oh my god
Ralsei (canon Deltarune character): "Oh! It's one of the K-R-I-S letters! Look, Kris! If we find all of these floating gold letters that spell "KRIS", something amazing will happen!" Lady Virginia Lampad Nightshade (non-canon Deltarune character): "𝕴t's not worth it. 𝕿rust me."
Most annoying trivial detail in this trilogy is how the map screen permanently marks which Kong first beat each level. To a small child like myself, I felt obliged to beat everything in perfect Kong alternation. Being circumstantially forced to break the pattern was intolerable.
Why does this game even have this much dialogue
I like how the "Object.prototype.hasOwnProperty​.call()" idiom assumes Object.prototype.hasOwnProperty() might be overridden, but doesn't assume Function.prototype.​call() might be overridden.
See No Evil, See Some Evil, See Nothing But Evil
"OK, I'll explain all the cultural references. A snowman… is a kind of crappy statue that children make, that venerates the concept of humanity in general. Those children have yet to learn that humanity is full of sinners who are unworthy of even the vaguest honours."
Even though this ended up being a fork on 1 slot, I'm pleased that I managed to eliminate "JETTY" by guess 4 by accident.
Trying out Wordle
*starts writing an "Absurdle is more skill-based because it's completely deterministic" tweet*
I appreciate that the old Internet tradition of adversarial spooves (plural of "spoof") of popular games continues to this day, alongside things like Bastet (https://fph.altervista.org/prog/bastet.html).
https://qntm.org/files/wordle/index.html – First try. Guesses 3-5 confirming slot 1 helped a lot.
This is nice. *clicks the link* Oh my god https://twitter.com/unoshimas/status/1281879312476409856
Teaching myself how to negate watermarks in scans. Here's an interesting marching ants effect on a difference layer. [CW: HEAVY FLASHING]
"You can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your friend's nose. For you see, your finger may enter the nose of a friend, but it will exit the nose of a fierce enemy… or a lover."
MinTTY has "tabs" now, but each tab is actually just another window that's automatically stacked and resized behind the current window. What an implementation.
Trying out Wordle
Thinking about how much agony various compile-to-Javascript languages have to put themselves through just to support React's HTML literals, which is something they all need, apparently.
Trying out Wordle
Do Undertale fans actually call the playfield for the bullet-dodging minigames "the bullet-in board"
"I wish I could erase my memories of [X] and watch it again" Yeah, but what if you see it with fresh eyes and hate it the second time? Heh, didn't think of that cruel knife-twist of fate, did ya
One of my other favourite minimalist level selects (suteF, 2010).
I love taking a photo of a frog outside, then going inside, sighing wearily, and opening the Wikipedia page for "cane toad".
"Diamond in the rough" refers to an extremely unlikely fortunate occurrence while golfing.
Visiting the Anodyne 1 hub room in Anodyne 2 is the game equivalent of having to open a DOS prompt in Windows.
Is it alright to download VS Code if I only want to do single-player
One year later
Samus canonically becoming half-human half-Metroid (as formerly hinted by Metroid Fusion's intro) is just a ripoff of Symphony Of The Night's protagonist. smh. smdh. smgdh. smsgdmdgh
The numerous "courtyard"-themed areas are great… not just in how they individually contradict the castle's external architecture, but in how they follow the example of Super Mario 64's actual courtyard, which similarly wasn't accessible at all from its castle grounds.
Trying out Wordle
Trying out Wordle
When the ping is high
My mouth is still writing 2021 on all the checks my ass can't cash – And now, a moment of quiet contemplation of the universe ☆∴。  ・゚*。★・   ・ *゚。   ゚*。・゚★。    ☆゚・。°* We now return to the tweets – My New Years' resolution is like my bank balance: 480p
"Actually, Javascript arrays have string indexes." – Invincible, indestructible rainbow truth that cannot be shattered with a thousand lances or a thousand and one swords
Having fun going through deprecated jQuery methods
Dang, can't believe it's only 1 month left until the last time someone ever says the word "smol". Time sure disintegrates into ash on the wind.
Me: "Oh my god, this track rules. What's it called? …Oh………………" https://htch.bandcamp.com/track/instrument-sketches
"If I'm living in what will be called "the Era of the Gods", who raised skyscrapers to the heavens and spoke across the oceans, what does that make me? Am I a god, or just one of its mere fingers?"
I didn't notice until now that Anodyne 2 puts its entire sound effects bank in a single track called "Sound Test" in its OST. I know who this is for and I'm feeling called out on their behalf. https://htch.bandcamp.com/track/sound-test-3
Person A: "These mammals' skin offers little thermal and liquid protection. Improve it." Person B: "I've got just the thing!" *a single tiny hair sprouts from the mammals' skin with a "flpt" noise* Person A: "…" Person B: "Uh, wait, I'm not done." *flpt* "Gimme a minute." *flpt*
…and so… that's why.
The date that comic was released… was January 2008. Do you know what else was released in 2008?
Here's some New Years' Touhou trivia: in one of the Three Fairies of Light comics, the trio pull a prank to cause Reimu to seemingly fail a New Years' ritual to prevent "the Year of Youkai", a year where youkai everywhere will be stronger.
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