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Update: based on what the uploader has researched, there were 16 segments of this, of which the previous tweet's video + the recently-found footage found below comprise 14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RO8VI0CAfzg
If you write one page a day, but each time you suddenly think of another page's worth of stuff to add, are you making progress on your story or not
Among Us (2018)
I just sat down for almost a full hour and routed this one out, step by step, mouse cursor on a hotspot and everything.
Just introduced a new character and given them one sentence of dialogue, so you know what that means: obsessively rereading that sentence three weeks from now when it's time to remember who they were so you can write their next line of dialogue.
Double Spoiler has a number of funny spell cards, but the whole concept behind this one is really funny.
The design in Byakuren's spell card background being reused for Legacy Of Lunatic Kingdom's logo (a game ultimately about antagonists from Hell) may seem pretty lazy, but I think of it as perhaps a very oblique reference to the unseemly origin of Byakuren's magic powers.
I appreciate ZUN's commitment to generally keeping characters' spell card backgrounds unchanged across the games. So, Sakuya will always have that cool badass low-resolution spinning clock, and Cirno will always be stuck with that terrible seam-riddled frost texture.
"Actually, Stradivarius is the name of the blacksmith who forged it."
Top Three Signs Your Comic Was Written By ZUN
https://modarchive.org/index.php?request=view_player&query=55161 – This is the first FM synth chiptune I've seen in this archive. It starts kind of weak, but progressively gets better.
I'd like to say that the "Alanna" node is easily the most interesting among all of these.
Related nodes table for Everything2's "Undertale" writeup
Higurashi's soundtrack situation is so messed up. No one knows even one of the names of the cicadas in the title screen ambience.
My opinion about prose editors is that they should have some kind of "onion-skinning" so that you can easily compare whether your characters' mental states are even roughly congruous with whatever the hell you thought they were in the previous paragraph.
https://modarchive.org/index.php?request=view_player&query=138190 – Really good "RPG Maker aesthetic" track. "Leon, what does that even mea
https://modarchive.org/index.php?request=view_player&query=146036 – Catchy bassy chiptune, almost like a good Game Over theme
This might be one of my favourite spell cards in the series.
Trying to do anything productive, but I'm unable to stop imagining Chimata (depicted below) doing the Secret Of Mana shopkeeper dance (which you are already intimately familiar with).
The takeaway from this tweet is that this series's games have way more distinct visual identities than, say, classic Mega Man, even though both series have equally, irritatingly rigid structural formulas.
Thinking about how I mentally refer to Touhou games with their overall colour scheme. Mountain Of Faith is "the orange one". Perfect Cherry Blossom is "the washed-out watercolour one". Ten Desires is "the moldy green one". Imperishable Night is "the one where you can't see crap".
Mountain of Faith: because of this game's terrible conditions for the Good Ending, I had to play it on Normal. …I beat it, though. I originally thought the power->bomb mechanic was very awkward, but certain loadouts have high base DPS that spending power doesn't matter much.
"Names don't exist in nature. A name only exists between the named and the referent. In that way, a name doesn't really symbolise an object, but rather a relationship. That's what I mean when I say that all names are false."
"Trees are very vulnerable to loneliness. Forests exist because, even though they compete for nutrients, trees cannot stand being alone. A tree by itself in a field will convince itself that it's a tall blade of grass rather than face reality."
*quill-scratching noises in candlelit gloom* "Here it is. Ahem. "Once I'm done with you, your goose is gonna be on an episode of Cooking Disasters!" …No, wait, that implies *I'm* bad at fighting." *paper-scrunching noises*
https://modarchive.org/index.php?request=view_player&query=67888 – Good 53 second track with nice instrument choices
I've beaten this 3 times… on Normal. As in, above Easy. Is that because of overpowered equips? Partially, but to me a key difference is how tragically short it is. The percentage of gameplay each bomb can get you past is that much higher.
The fact that this is a "disappearing act" survival card, but you can still easily see her moving around offscreen, is sooooooooo goddamn funny.
I checked my records and was baffled to find I'd perfect-cleared this card without using (Cheat Engine-supplied) bombs, but no, this spell card is just a "make your friends think you're good at danmaku" card. (Skip to 0:55 to see what I mean.)
http://nedroid.com/2006/10/2141-beartato-trick/ – Reading some 00's webcomics.
One thing that does make this game stand out is the presence of secret endings, and that you have to solve a little puzzle to find them, AND the solution makes the game harder. Very much appreciated – almost feels like an improved version of Imperishable Night's stage 6 gimmick.
Something to note about the final stage boss: she feels like a misplaced stage 5 boss, complete with a bunch of spell cards that look confusing or strange but which aren't actually too threatening. I want to call her underdesigned, but I won't.
I'm glad to report, though, that its character and environment designs outshine the previous game and maintain the quality of the series. This character in particular was a pleasant surprise.
The biggest disappointment of Unconnected Marketeers is that it has the least amount of spell cards of any Windows game in the series, continuing the downward trend of the previous games, and ends up feeling thin and emaciated as a result, especially in stages 5 and 6.
Long story short, if this isn't resolved soon I'll be pursuing a new career path of running away into the mountains and becoming one of those spirits who loudly repeats things humans bellow from far away, thus acting as a premodern explanation for echoes.
OK, I know I should be grateful for free internet crowdsourced services that don't actually work, but it's been at least two weeks and the new Touhou game's translation patch still doesn't have all the endings translated.
https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnfa_HdbN_GNLiKGNlcNbkQCkc4Wn2Myu – Been enjoying this album, having discovered that a Higurashi track (that was NOT included in any of Higurashi's OSTs) appears in an expanded form as track 4. The rest are good, too.
"Oh yeah? Well, at least /my/ theme song isn't called "Baby's Walk"." –– forbidden instant-kill reversal move if you find yourself losing a debate with Higurashi's own Rika Furude. But be warned: it's rumoured that even this demonic weapon has a hidden weakness…
I think most people are already well aware that the Internet is more than just HTTP and email. For one thing, there's FFXIV,
"Some of the modern clown's traits, such as the "clown car" gag and the ability to pull very large objects from their pockets, suggests that almost all so-called "purebreds" are at least 20% magician."
I mean, the content itself is good, but this feels like it's on one end of some kind of X axis, with the Playdate on the other
I hate this *eleven seconds later, I have pasted the command into a zsh window and am now reading it to my enjoyment* I hate this https://twitter.com/caraesten/status/1393239911797452800
β€’ Low stakes β€’ Low stress β€’ Low violence β€’ Uplifting themes β€’ Politically vacuous β€’ Generically marketable art β€’ Thoughtful representation of marginalised groups (lesbians) Now I just hit the equals button, and… goddamnit
Can't believe Undefined Fantastic Object, considered to be the absolute hardest Touhou game that doesn't involve suns or moons being thrown at you, is now my comfort game that I play when I'm feeling sad. What a world.
Just realised I haven't exclaimed in over a year. Just months and months of said, asked and answered. Can't remember the last time I declared, either. Ruts in your 30s really are like chasms.
*airdashes back in* The Office of Lost and Found is where Suika got all the Missing Power from
Guy who calls it the "vacuum cleanser." Is that it. Is that what you fiends call humour
Wow, the average randomly-chosen MODArchive mod sounds way less obnoxious through a lowpass filter. Those old, jaggedy early-90s samples really get smoothed out.
American pop culture is insistent that all midwestern children have names like Jimmy Joe Joobins and that all midwestern adults have names like Edgarthur Pondquist
How did the Ace Attorney writers not completely lose their minds having to write hundreds of scenes of characters explaining things in minute detail to the judge
https://modarchive.org/index.php?request=view_player&query=143961 – Great tune for feeling a little bit sad to
What will the Internet of 2020 be like? While we don't know for sure, we're certain of a few details: β€’ "lmao" and "imho" will fuse into "lmho". β€’ YouTube's 10 min. limit will be raised to 30 mins. β€’ The first US. Presidential "cyber debate" will be held on the pages of Digg.
Slumdog Millionaire is interesting as essentially being a feature-length advertisement for a game show that also suggests contestants get beaten up off-camera if they're too good at the game
That's the song, alright. [Pico 1, No. 169]
I checked the patch site on Friday and the translation progress was at 87%. Then I checked it on Saturday and it was down to 48%. Now it's back up to 87%. I assume it will asymptotically approach 68% by Monday.
It seems the new Touhou game's translation has started moving… I trust the mythology boffins have finished their research and reached consensus on this latest corpus. *camera whip-pans across the net to some bozo's tweet poll reading "would marisa say bazinga" with 85% yes*
Trying to think if the protagonists of When They Cry games were especially influenced by Phoenix Wright or if every male protagonist in 00s VNs just had absolutely no dignity whatsoever
JUST REALISED THIS UMINEKO TRACK WAS IN FAMICOMPO [Vol. 10, No. 169] "Leon, that track wasn't originally from U
Simultaneously believing in Great Man Theory and the Butterfly Effect to place responsibility for all history on a small handful of humans and several billion insects, deftly surrounding and excluding the common populace in a pincer-like motion
https://modarchive.org/index.php?request=view_player&query=51156 – Very nice relaxing tune, and long enough to actually relax to.
https://modarchive.org/index.php?request=view_player&query=62159 – This is a little slow to start, but the guitar parts are good.
Just realised that DOM mutation events, one of the most inefficient web APIs ever designed and widely advised never to use, still exist today, and quite possibly will forever.
Poorly coded /dev/null device that gives back the written data 20 years later instead of never
Is a plot summary section in a factual Wikipedia article fiction or nonfiction?
Once you start writing, you start developing extremely strong convictions about ridiculously specific metaphors, such as in the tweet above. And everyone loves you for it.
In my opinion, it's an easy mistake to portray or analogise anger as burning like fire. Anger, if it burns like anything, burns like a rash. It's like your entire mind is itching.
I know how this sounds, but I actually think it's good that multiple important minor characters in Higurashi simply do not have character art. It makes it feel like the edges of this story bleed into the medium of pure prose, away from the light of concrete visual reference.
The notion of UFOs, and the ease with which the concept is presented, is definitely used to represent and rehabilitate colonial invasion with "ships" as a natural, universal inevitability instead of a specifically human abhorrence, no matter how benign it appears.
Thinking about how the demise of the shruggie kaomoji Β―\_(ツ)_/Β― has not corresponded with a matching rise in the shruggie emoji 🀷, suggesting that the real draw of the kaomoji was actually its clumsy doodle-like proportions all along.
I've been reading a lot of Everything2 nodes lately. Current surprising find is that the "All your base are belong to us" node contains this shockingly detailed event timeline writeup https://everything2.com/user/wh00t/writeups/All+your+base+are+belong+to+us
Umineko (2010)
The naming of pawn promotion in Chess implies that the kings could give their pawns promotions anytime they wanted to, but are unable to realise this because it would expose the fundamental contradiction of monarchy.
Just watched that cartoon that looks like classic stop-motion but is actually 3D graphics
Finally playing Helltaker!
https://www.pixiv.net/artworks/39714160 – Videogame fanart strikes again
Just accidentally called a Bible verse a "line of dialogue"
I've read some of these and gotten more disappointed with the plummeting standard for "cursed". At this rate, it's gonna include stuff like HTTP 418 I'm A Teapot. Also I've decided the true bottom tier should be "Benjamin Franklin got positive and negative charge backwards"
Cracking open the Cursed Computer Tier List image to add in this code block from Umineko's scripts that simply makes the end credits scroll upward
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