Leon's Microblog – August 2020

*Crysis voice* Maximum Ride --- And there it was: the "*Crysis voice* Maximum Ride" tweet was finally released from the Sanctuary Realm after being sealed inside for 7 years. But oh, what a changed world it awoke to! Beloved structures gone, poverty and despair riding unopposed!
Fanfic account that presupposes "what if the Modern Day Seinfeld fanfic accounts from 2015 had existed today"
It's called Overwatch because when you see it, you look over at your watch and say "I have to go now" ┘╚╗╞┌║╘╧╩╬╛╟║│┼╫╞╚╗╛ ░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ Fig. 9: This cutaway shows the tweet's intricate plumbing network over its limestone foundation.
If you took a disc of Moon (PlayStation, 1997) and a cartridge of Soleil (EU localisation of Crusader of Centy, Sega Mega Drive, 1994) they'd both click together like magnet poles and you'd have to pry them apart to play either of them.
Have you wondered what the passengers on a train of thought are like? This cute cartoon will make you take that phrase extremely literally for 95 minutes *you notice from my wistful gaze that I've suddenly gotten really into the premise* A rock slide represents intrusive thoughts
"Early-00s open source character"? Pfft, we've already got two o' those right here. Their names are Reimu and Marisa. *a stream of red and blue cards is hurled at me from all directions as if by a screen clear*
Confusion abounds at the discovery that Jenny Everywhere, the so-called "world's first open-source character" from the early 00's, has apparently infiltrated the Blaseball rosters undetected since at least last week.
Portal 2 deciding that Wheatley should turn evil immediately after deposing GLaDOS is just Bioshock Infinite two years early
So is there anything, anything in this world, which embodies the utter cultural and political vacuousness of 10's tech culture than *painfully clears throat* Themed Lorem Ipsum Generators
"Super Mario Bros. 1-1? Heh, come back when you can get a 2-0, kid." *carefully assumes a slightly different pose* "Super Mario Bros. 1-1? Heh, come back when you can get a 2-0, kid."
"No, no, no, for the last time: "hunks" are pieces of a set of data differences, "chunks" are pieces of streamed media, "packets" are units of network transmissions, "fragments" are individual rendered pixels, and "bits" are digits of binary numbers. Get it right!"
"Catch me in the utils class of your favourite open-source web app." – RGBtoHSL(), before winking and peeling out on a motorcycle.
https://www.pixiv.net/artworks/78351707 – Just reflexively went "Ohhhh nooooo" at this illustration, if you wanted an instant update on my mental status right now
Yeah, I'm something of a hacker… a hard-metal codebreaker… I bend code to my whims… *uses the IrfanView Batch Rename dialog to rename a bunch of files that AREN'T image files* I bathe nude in raw data…
There are things in this world that bring me joy, others that bring me warmth, others bring me revelation. The answer to "does Markdown's verbatim markup preserve horizontal whitespace" is none of those things. The answer is "no if it's single-line and yes if it's multi-line".
"Maximum depth of "stories within stories" possible in fiction is 56. After that, the 57th story's narrative structure overflows, and it degrades into a list, such as a glossary or restaurant menu."
My new Dark Souls OC is a whimsical traveler who helpfully adjusts the "pole thingy" on all the bonfires to point vertically instead of at a 70 degree angle to the ground. They ask for nothing in return, for good work is its own reward.
"Just remember: the food isn't real, and neither is the love. Only the food and the love you bring in counts."
https://css.land/lch/ – Me? Not much, just playing with this CIELAB colour picker and thinking "wow… this really is how colours become lighter and darker in real life, instead of like in bad dreamland computer world" with childlike fascination.
http://www.miasandelle.com/ – Not much, just reclining and enjoying this horny isekai webcomic with dark brooding antihero love interest. No, you don't have to thank me for my erudite taste. I'm as grateful as you are, really.
Lacking societal consensus, most uplifted ant colony hiveminds assume the surname of "Ants" when conversing with humans in English. Most human automation thus assume all colonies are related by kin, though in truth many regard each other with only homicidal hostility.
"Now I don't know what kind of music the kids like, but in MY day, "bangers" and "jams" were what we had for breakfast!!! Anyway, nice blog post, can't wait for the next one."
"One interview left." "The name?" "Look at this: "Ideal Candidate"." "Really?" "Yeah, seems like a joke, but he has all the prerequisites, and glowing praise from his references." "His address is blank." "That's the thing. I asked him where he lives, and he just said "I don't.""
Nefarious RPG NPC whose zany verbal affectation is that their sentences constantly go over the maximum size of the game's dialogue box by exactly one word, infuriating the other characters and the player alike.
I did dare try this with the emulator's fullscreen anaglyph 3D mode (using a pair of red-blue glasses I'd previously saved up from Fez's anaglyph 3D mode), and let me tell you: the table left the screen. It just hopped right out. It went full 90s pop-up picture book on me.
Recently tried emulating Galactic Pinball, a Virtual Boy game I never played but whose soundtrack (by Metroid 3's Kenji Yamamoto; sample below) I liked in the 00s. I remember some fellows who had Dreamcast-level advocacy for this widely mocked system, and this game in particular.
Ever just sit and think about how Tolkien took no hesitation in turning Gollum, a riddle-spouting caveman with a wacky speech quirk from one scene in The Hobbit, into a serious trilogy-spanning antagonist complete with tragic backstory
Today in web development history
http://king-soukutu.com/flash/owata2.html – With no small degree of self-effacing chagrin, I discover I am now playing… sigh… Jinsei Owata 2.
Ever have one of those days where you take your CSS "display" attribute out of the microwave and it's inline on the outside and block on the inside
Is there anything more Millennial Humour than the word "Blaseball" *rapid montage of footage reveals to the viewer that I'm now calling everything I personally find funny "millennial humour" to appear cool and disaffected* Using nouns in adjective position is so Millennial Humour
There are two videogame time travel stories: navigating a time loop to solve a great mystery and avert a catastrophic disaster (Majora's Mask, Outer Wilds) or changing history and building a nightmarish deathtrap-filled amusement park where humans are the exhibits (Ape Escape).
OK, everyone, we all had opinions about this as teens throughout the past two decades, but now's time to finally weigh in. Who would win in a psychic duel: Roald Dahl's Matilda, or Mewtwo? *you prepare to vote, only to find the entire poll element has left this tweet in disgust*
Y'know, I really love browsing the Internet Archive with my Firefox browser after pushing a commit in my Mercurial repository to Bitbucket
Chased by angry villagers after nefariously wheeling-and-dealing to earn moderation over the Internet's number 1 "Sappy Cloying Pokémon Hometown Music" playlist, and immediately putting the empty Tazmily music from Mother 3 on it
"This "pinball" seems but a trivial game of timing and reaction, both of which I possess impeccable prowess in." *taps both paddles, then releases them before the ball actually contacts them, completely unaltering its downward trajectory* "Ah, I surely shan't make that mistake ag
Control (2019)
Generation ship AI finally deciding that the impossibly vast, grasping spectral arm swiftly approaching from the Sol system, and bellowing radio signals demanding to "come back… come back to us…" are still not worth breaking its "lie about all problems to the humans" directive.
High circle of necromancers struggling to restrain their scowls whenever the Haunted Doll Guy who lets them host secret meetings in his gothic McMansion, on condition that he be granted membership – because "dolls are just like corpses" – shortens the term "ball-joint" to "BJ".
"This timeline compass – an important navigation tool – tells us which timeline we're in right now." *reveals an aged granite slate with "IIII" carved in it* "As you can see, we're currently in timeline 4."
"He was almost completely annihilated – all that was left of his body could fit into this matchbox." *opens it and removes a match* "I mean, obviously not THIS matchbox…" *tries to strike the match, instead causing it to wail in agony* "I, uh, stand corrected."
"Paperwork ghosts are the residual spirits of humans whom no living human remembers, but which still have their name written on a surviving document. With no physical form remaining, they can only be met and communicated with in a full-prose environment."
I can't believe Starseed Pilgrim 2's announced and it's got 5 modes of reality instead of 2: * Outside the blocks * Inside the blocks * A sled slides down the blocks * You shoot the blocks with a shotgun from a fishing boat * A panel of British gardeners loudly judge your blocks
"The arrow can only be charged by planting its roots in holy ground. Holy ground is any soil on any planet touched by the rays of a pure sun. A pure sun is one that has not sinned by creating and nurturing life."
It's going to really hit hard when we each die and discover that Hell is actually where good people are sent to be tortured for eternity, and all the evil people go to Heaven. A real "wow, not once did I ever suspect this, but it explains a lot" moment.
Trying to mince my oaths correctly, reaching for the Whimsical Fae register of "fibbly fabble", but instead blurting out "frickety dickle" and landing squarely in Affable Hag
This thread is really just about how idiosyncratic fundamentals of programming languages, while outwardly regarded for their explanatory or logically consistent power, are actually appealing on a purely aesthetic or emotional level, as explanatory cosmological narratives.
In practice, most all experienced programmers absolutely don't want to use the object-centered cosmology of Javascript to stash arbitrary data on anything they want, nor do they want to use C strings with "just" idioms appropriate for sequences of memory cells.
Of course, we all know that the most elegant stories are often the most fantastical and idealistic. The beauty of knowing programming things are "just" other things is often little more than that – beauty, unable to actually be grasped and wielded in light of day.
Being able, once understanding what C pointers are, to see how C arrays effortlessly appear from it, or how C strings effortlessly appear from the latter, provides similar joy as a story, or a puzzle solution – seeing simple concepts naturally develop in unexpected directions.
This knowledge that everything is "just" some other thing provides programmers with a powerful mnemonic for understanding the rest of the language's concepts – but less appreciated is how much narrative energy the "just" knowledge provides, and how exciting it is to comprehend.
Chief example being C strings, which are "just" arrays of chars, and arrays themselves being "just" pointers to the start of a sequence of memory cells. Or, that most data values in Javascript are "just" objects, including arrays and functions.
A common theme in programming language design, which many programmers find exhilarating and meaningful, is the adverb "just" – the notion of most of the language's concepts being "just" adapted or contextual versions of some more fundamental concept.
Those of you unfamiliar with this game may wonder what happens if you eat the mushroom. The answer is that you are confronted with the horrifying face of Satan himself. So, I recommend simply experiencing the game through the footage above.
And from there, you get ideas like "moving a piece exclusively to advance time and cause an unrelated diagonal-moving piece to have an equal space-time distance to the King in the past", and from there, the notion of wanting to prevent this but being unable – Temporal Zugzwang.
Easily one of the more stomach-churning details about 5D Chess With Multiverse Time Travel is that diagonal movement is defined as "equal movement along two axes", so bishops can move horizontally in space as long as they also travel an equal distance through time.
Deltarune fanfic: Lancer's father never actually taught him how to walk, and his current method of locomotion is something he "just figured out himself".
I'm sorry, Cuphead devs, but if videogames had existed in 1930, as your game presumes, they wouldn't have named a boss after an airship that wasn't built until 1931, let alone exploding, killing 36, in 1937. *sips from a mug with "My own tears… of laughter!" marker-penned on*
Humanity fantasising about being a spacefaring civilisation calls to mind the image of a tree fantasising about being a canoe – as if it is the canoe that gets to decide where water goes.
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