Leon's Microblog – February 2018

Me: "The 3DO voices… in Star Control II…" My captors, having placed a damp glass on a pure clean sheet of A4 paper while I watch in shackles: "Finish it! Finish!" Me: "The 3DO… voices… in… Star Control II… are… GOOD." Captors: "WRONG!" *places another cup*
Game that absolutely saved your progress when you last played, and isn't desperately trying to quickly remember all the stuff you did, nor sending a bunch of out-of-place NPCs at you with several casual leading questions
BUG #997 "Player's broken bones counter can keep increasing into the 1000s and beyond" closed as WONTFIX "breakng bones creates more bones obvs"
Game where you can "hack" the game's "source code", whereupon the protagonist, on encountering the first puzzle, takes control from the player, punches in a memorised "root privilege exploit", and accesses the "player's" "PC file system" to hunt for porn.
Ghost whose accompanying will-o-wisps are actually just phones on strings playing 10-hour fireplace YouTube videos
A 20x20 block in a 16x16 game world, whose presence contorts the grid of reality, forcing open dark gaps between blocks, letting the vectors creep in
"How can slime girls ALSO be fluffy??" Anything is possible… with the magic of "not vacuuming often".
which is a shame because I thought the general plot progression which invoked that usage was actually pretty good.
Flip Flappers is a show I like a lot; the only thing I sharply dislike about it is that it pulls the "the disabled person was faking it" trope in one late episode
Contrast also to video subtitles, which, when written effectively, don't leave an interrupted sentence hanging onscreen without its interruption also present, and also follow the temporal queues that the audio dialogue uses.
Depicting interruptions with a long hyphen works in prose and in comics, where time is strictly spatial and only advances by reading. In games, where time is mostly temporal… there needs to be a temporal component to interruptions as well.
Aside to the previous: I think even in unvoiced games and VNs, dialogs where a character is interrupted, like "Nothing could poss–", sort of fundamentally don't work unless the interruption is also on-screen with it, or closes the box immediately.
Thinking about this long thread and wondering how much is due to devs never coding the ability to play more than one audio track and display more than one dialog box at the same time, and the directors never questioning this even once https://twitter.com/3liza/status/968289492510457856
I didn't sleep well last night so the only content you'll get for now is this fortuitous snap of a yard bug. Enjoy
Whenever an action-adventure character unexpectedly reappears after some disastrous fall or deadly strike, it's because the impact broke their wishbone and they used the wish to recover.
The "world's oldest profession" is actually grooming bird. That's not true but I hope there's hairdressers out there that let that tidbit fly when their whims desire.
Ah, time to remember the music from the first stage of Celeste. *my mind immediately starts remembering this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFY5CRYfzOU* Goddamnit, every time
Roguelike idea: instead of HP, every being in the current dungeon floor pays rent every turn or is Evicted. Taking or dropping items (both useful and ornamental) dramatically changes rent ratios for certain creature types.
Knife brain: Yume Nikki sequel directed by horror fans Poop Hair brain: Yume Nikki sequel directed by this account's artist https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=46413344
https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=58621705 – Here's my opinion of this OC: if a character is wearing a bra made of the traditional Japanese thief-bag pattern, that means their boobs are stolen. Thank you.
This anecdote has a moral, and that is this: in the shadowy, tangled world of programming, the crappiest solution always wins. No matter how confident you are, no matter how versed you are. Sooner or later, inexorably. The crappiest. solution. always. wins.
You may think I never let you on my humbling personal matters, but recently my browser had suddenly stopped sending Origin headers when requesting this major web app's JS, and after trying to figure it out, I just copied the contents of those files into one GreaseMonkey script.
🍇: don't fly away, ill miss you "berry" much 🍓: lol 🍇: lol person who likes climbing deadly mountains: climbing deadly mountains does NOT suck, its GOOD
⚠️WARNING⚠️ The next tweet is an inferior mashup of the videogame "Celeste" and the "brutalist architecture" tweet. Unless you desire to abdicate all taste, TURN BACK.
One of the hub doors in the YN sequel goes to a pitch-dark platforming death course where you can almost, but not quite, see what's going on, which I now realise is probably meant to annoy you into finding the Lamp effect first.
I'll also concede that this isn't the worst thing they could have done, insofar as Limbo and Inside's own approach to horror is somewhat more mature and reserved than most, but it remains a fairly huge squandering of the source material.
It is with some measure of lung-emptying resignation that I announce that the Yume Nikki sequel is actually a Yume Nikki-themed Limbo clone with stealth puzzle-platforming death sections.
Rushing into class because your homework got sliced in half by a single lightning-fast strike from a katana, and hoping the teacher accepts it before the top half starts sliding diagonally
Your captor is posting "how long until humans grow their petals" on their civilisation's social media, following it with "seriously i watered them six times and the skirts havent even budded" and a photo of your nude bodies.
You obtain: Dog Gun Ammo Expansion +5. Current equipment: Bullet: 76/100 Missile: 5/15 Torpedo: 2/10 Thunder Bomb: 1/5 Dog Gun: 1750/1750 Your Equipment Finder is glowing! "High traces of Doggunite in the next room."
"My first game. Fake Tetris clone. Idea was it "segfaults" when you get a line. Then, the S block goes on a platforming quest to fix it. Problem was, fake segfault caused an actual segfault. Only way to fix it was to take it out. So… now just real Tetris clone."
"I built my first and only mech from surplus Stupendium, during that one summer after everyone realised this proprietary wonder-metal's longevity was low, but before everyone realised it was really, REALLY low. …Anyway, don't breathe too hard on it."
"On my noon break, when the sun touches this canyon's bottom and us, its shadow-cursed inhabitants, for the briefest of moments, I head past the loading bay, to this runoff drain, and see if I can glimpse a rainbow in the caustic mist."
"Revival booths are genetically engineered from the stomachs of lordly tuskbeasts. The high-pressure glands blast the patient with acid strong enough to melt wounds shut and digest infected tissue."
"Though the fungus has evolved to mimic the human face and voice, the language of its howling, tearful cries for help is long dead. Should it ever claim enough victims to acquire our modern language, the results would be devastating, so the area is under strict quarantine."
There's a certain ancient weight that Javascript programmers feel lifting from them every time they type in const {sin,cos} = Math; a feeling not unlike climbing two feet out of the pits of Hell, long after life has been forgotten.
Every page of On A Sunbeam (http://onasunbeam.com/). Lots of moody colours, clouds, shadows, and negative-space goodness in this one, as well as palette-delineated interweaving of past and present.
Please… this is a vital life credo… if you find something you love on the Internet… put it on your hard drive. That way, even if you forget… and even if the Internet forgets… your hard drive… PRRRROBABLY won't. So please, always remember… put it… on three hard drives.
Sometimes I wonder if people would be less inclined to "complete" Yume Nikki (by exclusively hunting effects) if the destinations of various exits were slightly shuffled each time you sleep, to deincentivise learning a mechanistic route through the dream areas.
Finally... in less than a month... Kirby gets to divekick a nun. https://twitter.com/Kirby25thJP/status/963972225173880833
Every page of Digger (http://diggercomic.com by @ursulav). I make these by first bulk-downloading all the images, then punching this into ImageMagick: montage *.* -thumbnail '60x80' -tile 15x -geometry +0+0 __out.png but with dimensions/tiling altered for its page size.
Every page of Shell (https://archive.org/details/Ryan_Armand). This one takes the previous tweet's metaphor somewhat literally, as the story involves a sort of dark tunnel itself. Anyway, read it before looking at this image.
Every page of Bonne Fête Job Dog (http://bfjobdog.tumblr.com/). I feel like these montages provide the same novelty as reading game maps or sprite sheets, of seeing the work with impossible light – the dark of the tunnel of sequential experience dispelled, leaving nothing hidden.
Every page of Mighty Star And The Castle Of The Cancatervater (http://studygroupcomics.com/main/?s=mighty+star or http://koyamapress.com/projects/mighty-star-and-the-castle-of-the-cancatervater/ by @ADACTIVITY). Its floods and swirls of oil, smoke and noise give each page its own distinct texture.
The Weave (http://weavecomic.com) up to 2018-02-18. Nice stratification of creamy warmth and striking shadow. If speech balloons resembled some kind of opportunistic gray fungus before, their uniform roundness certainly helps that image here.
Oddity Woods (http://www.odditywoods.com/) up to 2018-02-18, featuring the usual great palette work and some amusing intermittent gutter-bleed, leading to some pages smearing together through the gutter grid.
Every page of Call Of The Sentinel (http://www.callofthesentinel.com/) up to 2018-01-01. It's got a lot of rolling outdoor shots and dusty interiors.
*accidentally hits "New Tweet" instead of clicking my thread's reply link* THIS DID SOUNDERS HERE'S MY NUMBCLOUD *pastes a Pixiv link I had on my clipboard depicting some kind of human/snake romance instead of the intended link* https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=38387603
Every page of Derelict (https://derelictcomic.tumblr.com/), a gloomy post-apoc comic with good variety in locations.
Every page of Gashire (http://gashirecomic.tumblr.com/) up to 2018-02-15 – a comic as violent and gruesome as it is colourful.
Every page of Lost Nightmare (http://lostnightmare.com/). This small comic has an interesting aspect ratio and great palette progression.
Every page of DeadEndia (http://deadendia.tumblr.com/) including the start of the hopefully-not-ill-fated book 2. These are all JPEGs because I think Twitter has an upper limit of around 10MB beyond which it won't display PNGs no matter how much alfalfa you bribe it with.
Here's every page of Demon's Mirror (http://demonsmirror.com/). The choices for these montages are really only among comics that are both mostly uniform in page-size (not a thing to just assume) and with a strong visual nimbleness (which often negates the prior condition).
http://web.archive.org/web/20120511055701/http://www.wurb.com/if/game/444 – Just remembered that one of these games was Zugzwang, a chess adaptation where you play as one pawn (and not even a centre pawn) and your only usable command for most of the game is "forward".
Every page of Decrypting Rita (http://egypt.urnash.com/rita/chapter/01/ by @egypturnash). This is a self-indulgent choice, given that such a birds-eye view is a prominent component of the comic itself (to the point where its eye-catching apotheosis now resembles the outer montage in miniature).
Here's every page of Rice Boy (http://rice-boy.com/ by @evandahm). Very clean. The Lonely Land streak in particular is just as pretty from above as within.
I saw an "every page of Watchmen" thumbnail montage, so here's Every Page Of Cukes (@cucumber_quest by @gigideegee) up to 2018-01-01. Just soak it up… the sedimentary Splashstrata… the dusky Legatoveins…
Accusing on turn 100 brain: Making Mrs. White the maid in Clue flavour art Accusing on turn 1 brain: Making Colonel Mustard a woman who, due to unjust post-war life events, is also the maid
"Big ball of mud" is a programmer's idiom for a codebase with no useful or helpful structure, but it's the "ball" aspect that's important to that image… it all never really stops being mud, even when you spread it out and demarcate it with scratches and fingerprints.
Program refactoring sometimes feels like shifting small piles of mud back and forth… just pushing these lumps of code into this structure… or maybe pushing it over here… and even when everything "fits together" it's still exactly as soft, wet and malleable as before.
For what's honestly just a set of horror-themed lesbian pinups I'm very satisfied by the faint narrative thread one can discern in this, as more of the intricacies of their physical relationship unfolds.
She has hooves, but can also become a lamia… she peels off her skin, like a snake, but emerges as blood-soaked muscle underneath, like a human… all this is taken in stride by Cat, whose acceptance of these disparite symbols implicitly ties them together…
https://gumroad.com/l/KkmOF – I bought the artbook "Cat and Countess"… I'm really impressed that the Countess has monstrous attributes that don't cleanly map to any particular mythological framework… feels fresh… feels new.
*think's about how, ironically, Rose Lalonde is on the skull side of the rose-to-skull lesbian continuum* Wow, Homestuck really is complicated
A dollar short for the train, you plonk one down on a flip-the-card table, and, goaded by further smirks from the grifter, add your wallet, your phone, and two decades of lifespan. You then try to flip the card but realise it's just painted onto the table, forcing you to forfeit.
"Follow the power lines… they don't carry anything anymore, except travelers, along the bottom of their poles."
– Select Sonic OR MM to play, S&K style – Levels are Sonic-style for Sonic, MM-style for MM. – 8-way zone select grid – 2 acts per zone – Eggman in act 1, Robot Master in act 2 – RM awards a gun for MM, and a midair move (drop dash, fire dash etc) for Sonic (no element shields)
I made the mistake of thinking about this, and now I know exactly how it must go in order to remotely make sense, which is why it must not exist, because it won't.
Damage spikes brain: Sonic Mania 2 by the Mania team Instant death spikes brain: The Mania team and Yacht Club do a game adaptation of Sonic & Mega Man: Worlds Collide
Meta layer 1 brain: The Beginner's Guide Is Real Meta hypervolume 1 brain: The TextFire 12-Pack Is Real
Listened to this… I find it hilarious that the game that spawned "The Beginner's Guide Is Real" had its whole concept originate from a similar "The Princess Bride Is Real" misinterpretation by Wreden himself. https://twitter.com/fullbright/status/964295332363292673
"Angels made of gears are typically embracing the horrifying determinism of the universe, and shape their forms in sardonic caricature of it. It's all just fashion, you see – intimidation is mostly an afterthought."
Your dream monsters are intruding in your waking life, and these invasions are the themes of your subsequent dreams. Reflections of reflections in a rippling pool – each day your intruders are further distortions of yesterday's, their coherence slowly corroding.
Leg-end of Zelda? Har har! Those are called "paws", pal. "𝓛𝓮𝓰-𝓮𝓷𝓭 𝓸𝓯 𝓩𝓮𝓵𝓭𝓪? 𝓗𝓪𝓻 𝓱𝓪𝓻! 𝓣𝓱𝓸𝓼𝓮 𝓪𝓻𝓮 𝓬𝓪𝓵𝓵𝓮𝓭 "𝓹𝓪𝔀𝓼", 𝓹𝓪𝓵." – Leon, AD 2018
Link, having been presented with two rope-and-ball loops strung through a ring on a pole several hours ago: Please, I have hookshots, I have bows, I know how pushing a cube affects the ability to push other cubes,
Do you ever think about how it's no longer possible for someone to invent something like shift-clicking to select contiguous items, and improve the whole world by doing so
Truly pure, idealist game development is getting an idea for a game and then immediately vividly fixating on what Easter eggs the options screen will have until you lose interest.
"Due to the use of pumpkin innards as prop viscera in ancient plays, leading to theatre-grounds being festooned with sprouting gourds, many modern works use sudden eruptions of vegetables from the soil as a symbol for forbidden, lascivious writing."
When you but she *scribbling and pacer-clicking noises* Wendigo banshee
Wheel-of-feet brain: Sonic CD's JP soundtrack is better than the US soundtrack Figure-eight-of-feet brain: By replacing all but the Past versions of each track, the US version imbues past time travel with the further metafictional layer of visiting the "past" of Sonic CD itself
It's a very subtle game design joke, to reveal high-danger enemies having always been in the starting area, and simply kept from you during the early game by incidental obstructions.
One of my favourite kinds of environmental irony unique to Metroidvaniss is when you return to the starting region with a lategame weapon and bust down a barrier with it, and behind it are lategame enemies and obstacles, fenced off.
A big, enormous mountain too steep to climb around, too wide to walk around, too deep to dig around, too tall to fly around, but, not too heavy to lift and carry around
*C programmer intonation* Look, the character select menu demonstrated that it was actually Sonic ^ Knuckles,
http://bladeundermask.com/ – I really like the sumptuous colours and moody low lighting that this comic has, as well as the tense, forced passivity of its blank-faced lead. (Content warning for the kind of parental abuse you'd find in high-stakes showbiz.)
http://inhere.keenspot.com/ – Another abandoned comic (apparently at the 30% mark), whose lead (imported from the author's other comic) honestly had pretty good chemistry with the comic's central mystery, as basic as it is.
http://wonderlustcomic.com/ – This comic, whose future survival doesn't look good, has a rather rote narrative, but its general craft and composition is charming.
http://threading.thecomicseries.com/ – This comic was abandoned after 22 pages, which is a shame since its premise, merging the mental and the astral, was quite promising.
https://miraongchua.itch.io/ – The comic Roadqueen is finally officially back… get in if you missed the last two times I mentioned it.
Hope someone's got a gallery or archive of all the Speedrun Dot Com custom leaderboard logos out there… I just grabbed a small portion here. There's probably as many as there were Google doodles in 2008.
For the record I'm still convinced this game will be quite underwhelming – its biggest advertised draw is still the ability system, which is definitely NOT the draw of the best Kirby games like KSS or KPR (and even KA and K64 arguably have more going on world-design-wise).
I Can't Freaking Believe The Kirby: Planet Robobot Speedrun Rules Allow Netorare
http://deadendia.tumblr.com/ – This zany supernatural comic is actually pretty compelling and human, even though its later chapters have some dubious plot developments (in the "00's gag-a-day-comic plot arc" sense). Also, don't watch the linked "original short".
http://slashpaloozawebcomics.tumblr.com/ – Another cute teen romance comic… the mains' chemistry is a little weak but the supporting cast works well in prodding and probing it. (Content warning for the occasional nudity)
http://arbalest.spiderforest.com/ – I like this Arctic monster comic… it's very dry, but its narrative is deliciously understated, laced with cold tension and cold wonder.
http://beepclub.webcomic.ws/ – This very abandoned comic's writing is subpar in most areas, but the graphic design has very good retro 90s-style pastels and shapes.
Here's an open call to anyone: if a Twine you made in the past has unexpectedly stopped working in current browser versions, at-sign me about it and I will personally look it up and see how much can be helped (probably none, but you never know).
Me: "Something about these gritty Sonic Spinball sound effects seems familiar–" *realises they're exactly identical to ones in Comix Zone* *notices for the first time that Comix Zone's villain has some slight Sonic character similarities* – how I spent a very exciting 3 minutes
I've poked around and discovered a bunch of highly popular games and TV shows are actually just webcomics. Celeste? Webcomic. Undertale? Webcomic. Steven Universe? Yup, hundred percent webcomic.
Sonic 2006 brain: Sonic Mania DLC that adds new stages Sonic 3006 brain: Sonic Mania DLC that just patches Flying Battery Zone to bring back "the AsIntended" https://twitter.com/CesarG92E/status/878313998080516096
The first battle theme in Mother 3 is the best theme in the series because its bassline is one hundred percent Amen Break. No half measures. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCwhCWkEFT8
The modern Sonics keep bringing back Green Hill Zone and Chemical Plant Zone at the same time; I propose merging them into "Green Plant Zone".
This may sound like a bad comparison insofar as Homestuck's actual workload far outstripped most webcomics, but you can't deny the pesterlogs worked quite well in redirecting resources away from conversations and toward action scenes.
It'll be interesting to see whether a web light novel can build the audience to compete with other webco– *realises this already happened and it was called Homestuck* oh https://twitter.com/gigideegee/status/962616178186248197
"How do you get a hole-in-one in an elevated cup if the putts have no loft" You just ramp them off a mogul near the green. Obviously.
The final course of golf videogames should be a Marble Madness Silly Race style inversion where you do hundred-feet putts down the fairway and ten-inch drives on the green… to land it in the cup on TOP of the flag.
Alien Soldier, I deeply respect your commitment to offering the player the option of replacing all the HUD status bars with "?????", though I do not claim to completely understand it.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zygA-Hqujkw – The tangible benefit of Getting Over It openly citing its sources in its in-game commentary is that now people are jumping to perpetrate feats like this.
This specificity makes the ability slightly more hilarious because now it's clearly an ability that manifests DL3-specific symbology… like, it could plausibly also whip out Gooey, or Heart Stars, or the concept of bad scrolling
Two things: 1) Most people replying to this don't realise the animals aren't /actually/ back, as opposed to just appearing in this power's moveset. 2) I just noticed this tweet implies that /only/ the Dream Land 3 animals appear… and NOT the DL2 animals. https://twitter.com/NintendoAmerica/status/961706288676790272
Reposting the "Chicken On Trial" GIF I made – excerpted from a 2011 comic page by @kinokofry, whose website seems to be badly ill right now.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sonic_Spinball#Development – I'm sorry that I'm extremely late to the juicy Sonic dev triv, including this section featuring A) the deeply ironic role of C as gamedev language bête noir, and B) an exemplary final anecdote.
Let's Play Sonic 2 Special Edition predicted Sonic Mania: exhibits one and two of umtyteen (2,102,912 views)
Game where you play as the protagonist's alien-made power armour, where you redistribute force from enemy punches toward the least vital organs ("what the heck is a gonad") and bones ("uh, the fibula's vestigial in this species, right?")
Cajoling the Cookie Making Robot to make pizza contrary to its Anti-Pizza Directive through a series of contrived logical arguments; currently stuck on level 6, "prove pepperoni is chocolate".
"Those unsung tiny mechanical number-crunchers we call "dice", who swiftly compute the most heavenly and hellishly uniform of outputs with the merest of energy expenditure, and receive so little praise in return."
Frog Reverie Zone
http://www.hallab.co.jp/eng/company/symbol/about/ – Learning that the HAL Laboratory logo is the product of Shigesato Itoi is a very sharp, clarifying moment
I like the notion that Mayor Pauline is the Metro Kingdom's princess equivalent: mayors are just what it has instead of princesses.
Another slight Mario Odyssey disappointment is that it didn't give every populated kingdom a princess or other ruling character. C'mon, steal something back from Adventure Time you clowns.
Water balloon brain: The boss rush in Kirby's Dream Land is lazy Party balloon brain: The boss rush in every Kirby game afterward is lazy Hot air balloon brain: Making you fight any boss more than once is lazy Cartoon character parade balloon brain: What? Mr. Frosty again?!
"My favourite Leon game is…" Phone in Mouth: thank you Keylugger: ah thanks Return Alive: yeah ty App Escape: haha thanks Pong/Antipong: ty Blob Family: thanx it's good All Against One: aw thanks Capri Toot: nice, ty Dining Table: shucks Natalya: thanks, glad to hear
(Gregory's last name is Avery-Weir, sorry.)
"My favourite increpare game is…" What each answer says about you SSR: Jon Blow fan Cascode: Michael Brough fan Grave: Gregory Weir fan Detective Clean: thecatamites fan Trigger: shmup fan Forest: Proteus fan Rara Racer: metatext fan Slave Of God: social life Kettle: socialist
Me: "Gee, this story idea's really shaping into somethin' good…" *zoom out to reveal I am writing it from inside a wastebin to save time later*
Ahegao-double-peace-signs actually just them putting sarcastic airquotes around their own expression, recasting it as purely ironic.
Your lover is writing on your bare thighs, but you look closely and they're just ideas for tweets they don't want to forget afterward. "ahegao peace sign airquotes" winds around your pubis.
You try rotating the cassette tape through the complex plane to access the imaginary tracks, but instead just rotate it through a fourth spatial dimension, dropping it on one of many bedroom floors.
Think you had a rough day? A young boy playing Sonic 3 in Boise, Idaho just got hit and lost 175 rings. Puts things in perspective, doesn't it?
*remembers that one The Goodies episode where they get trapped in a room for the rest of their lives is also premised with the construction of a London apartment complex so prohibitively expensive, they don't even bother building any rooms in it* Truly, one for the ages
"What you think of as "physical laws" are illusory. Your universe is actually controlled by this one lookup table–" *opens impossibly large JSON file* "–and when something somehow doesn't have a valid index…" *rolls pencil across desk, leaving trail of painted wood behind it*
Running back from the store with more sharpness ink for your sword before the duel, only to find you're also out of pointiness fuel
Me: Actually, Gimmick! isn't really a Mega Man-like game at all– *realises Yumetaro does the facial expression AND the limb positions* God, just, look, back me up here won'tcha,
2017 in videogames vs 2018 in videogames
RPG character class determined by whether your character elects to go to "the lav" (wizard), "the john" (fighter) or "the bog" (rogue).
All a platformer protagonist really needs is a double-jump, a wall-climb, a trusty umbrella, a still-living giant eyeball, and a hologram generator for some reason
The only difference, it seems, is where the room's solution is concocted: in your mind, or in your hands. Other than that, there's little to separate them.
The zany part is that I personally think of this genre as just a fraternal twin of the puzzle-platformer. The design similarities are copious: fixed movement toolset, deterministic obstacles, short modular levels, unlimited respawns, a specific "solution" to find.
I Wanna Be The Guy muddies these waters somewhat because it's a dense blend of kaizo (falling fruits) and the other genre (copious infinite-use checkpoints, relatively straightforward platforming rooms).
Before you ask: this is not "kaizo". The essence of kaizo, the elemental interaction, is that you jump into empty space, you hit an invisible Mario block, the block goes "ding", you fall and you die. This is a design style in sharp relief to the aforementioned games.
The unfortunate fact is that there still isn't a functioning, distinctive genre name for N, or Super Meat Boy, or Celeste, or Jumper or Flywrench or the rest of the '00s platformer catalogue.
140 vs 280
Soaked In Infamy – Theme of Wet Rival Who Forgot Umbrella
Thinking about how Sonic in the 90s occupied this very specific cross-generational cultural time window… how kids playing it could recognise signature visual tropes from Road Runner cartoons in the 50s and Dragon Ball in the 90s, in the same character.
Here's another: if your 2D game engine doesn't let you easily convert lines between Cartesian and polar coordinates, and just says "use Math.atan2() etc" then it doesn't understand modeling the problem space idiomatically.
Here's a Leon Opinion: if your 2D game engine passes X and Y values as two separate Number arguments instead of an {x,y} object or tuple, it doesn't understand its responsibility to model the problem space. Unfortunately, seemingly every single engine makes this mistake.
I'm researching HTML5 game engines and my problem is that as soon as I read the codebase of one, Opinions start pouring out of my face holes at great volume.
As a note of juxtaposition, the screen to the left of that one looks like this.
Reminded that Gimmick! was ahead of its time.
The only good thing about Dr. Hitomi's Infirmiary is that bit where one of the students suddenly grows twelve feet tall and the only explanation given is "yeah, puberty really sucks doesn't it"
One realisation I made while playing is that the long jump has the same utility as Sonic's spindash: it gives you instant speed from an almost dead stop, precluding an awkward backtrack-and-runup. That it's coupled with a jump, the main use of speed, is an extra convenience.
Oak door brain: Undertale is Isekai Archway brain: Link's Awakening is Isekai Bronze gate brain: Super Mario Bros is Isekai Rodin brain: Punch Out is Isekai
⚠️ TWO-THINGS VIDEOGAME JOKE TWEET ⚠️ After being orphaned, Samus moved to a high-rise apartment and was raised by toriningen
Square brain: Overhead perspective is broken Cube brain: Isometric perspective is broken Tesseract brain: Platformer perspective is broken Spirograph brain: Text adventure perspective is broken because I can no longer imagine non-videogame environments
"In most languages, arrays must start at 0. Ours, being looser and freer, only requires that arrays end at 29."
When are we getting a game about hacking library computers' catalogue-only web browsers, with no address bar, to navigate to Google dot com and achieve arbitrary URL execution
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