Leon's Microblog – November 2017

"As the old folks say, "Old things come to those who wait… – old saying."" – old saying
(Of course, there's still plenty of meaning that's exclusive to Normal, such as the tension of using unlocked doors to reset the timer vs. locked doors.)
The only difference between Easy and Normal is that there's no time limit after which the enemies kill you. I'm fully prepared to argue that by making the entire combat system vestigial, by smudging the very meaning of the enemies, this mode remains as interesting as the other.
In a stream I saw someone misbelieve that the Final Destination films were about a bunch of comfortably wealthy people surviving a freak accident, then a bunch of less well-off people proximate to them getting gradually killed in their place. No but dang
My birthday was on the 28th… I'm thirty-one now. That's it for the monthday ages for me. :U
In all seriousness the extra-exaggerated mocap or whatever is a nice step up from the previous game.
I like that this follows a game trend of depicting a loud, single-shot gun as the sole weapon for a lone protag in a surreal amoral world – this, Middens, Nuign Specter…
The sound design in this is kind of bad but the music design more than makes up for it.
https://lovegames.itch.io/mouth-sweet – I played this game (in easy) and I really liked it, as expected. Honestly reluctant to call this and similar things a "horror game" so much as a "reality game".
In the midst of the storm, your log hollow is visited by two warm hailstones, shunned by their peers for not being icy, who ask if they can snuggle with you. You shift your belly aside in silent invitation.
Rolling out of the sleep bed, walking four feet, flopping into the awake bed
Yes, Wonder Momo and Typhoon Gal are married, no, they don't want to go back to being public figures, yes, they met in "the arcade", no, they didn't "impress" each other with their "combos".
http://thegiftsofdarkness.com/ – This m/m slice-of-life romance comic, while not particularly varied, is nonetheless rich in a gentle, soothing mood, mainly due to its very doting (though often overbearing) prose narration.
http://obeliskcomic.com/ – This comic is extremely early but the prologue (not pictured) heavily implies these turn-of-century queer women are going to either fight Dracula or kiss her, so I'm optimistic.
I dreamed that Mario was in a 3D game and whenever he ran past a mirror quickly he shouted "Hi Mario bye Mario!" really fast in his Mario voice. Judgment: cute, but a little too twee even for him.
http://thefairytaledead.com/?webcomic1=prologue-snow-white-is-dead – This comic, whose survival odds doesn't look too good, nonetheless has some pretty well-illustrated exposition and nicely tense scenes of magical negotiation.
https://tapas.io/episode/53852 – This cartoon food adventure comic is… not quite entirely dead… but what little there is of it consists of these nicely sincere scenes suggesting more than what appears.
Creating a webcomic starring a gang of villains who are sealed in gems that each have two star-shaped inner shines. Diaster Masters.
My personal Millennial Humour Theory is that years of infantilisation by mainstream takes resulted in adopting childlike free-association as an ironic aesthetic reaction to capitalist careerism. Either that or everyone's awakening as babyfurs. Just punch those in your abacuses.
In response to croaks of unsanctioned foglich intrusion, the three largest bogmechs – mummies in the cockpit, waterweed sinews straining with every hardened peat footstep – emerge and advance with caution.
"Blast! My first punch didn't connect… I guess I'd better surrender!" "Wait! You seem to have intimidated them into surrendering as well! Stop–" *they kneel just slightly after the opponent does, causing the opponent to accidentally headbutt them into submission* "Noooooo"
*grabs huge brass door-knocker shaped like fist with the word "TAXATION" on the knocking-plate* "This "Dracula" guy's room-sharing star rating is only 4.991, so we can threaten him into doing basically anything for us."
Illegal poker moves like "the zoocher", "all facial features sink into flesh leaving disquetingly bare head", "licking your cards" and "zoocher 2" are all up for grabs at Skull Satellite X's combination casino and supreme court…
"What if the human body clothed itself in naturally-grown banana strings?" *entire fashion week press corp recoils visibly* "OK, just the nudie zones?"
Ripping the VR headsets off the mysterious future cult of eternally slumbering rich people revealed it was just showing Outrun longplays with "ETERNABLISS CORP" edited over the site's URL
"Didn't need to bring an umbrella toda–" *looks up to see a really sharp cloud puncture the sun, which is now blasting toward Earth making a farty balloon noise* "Hmph, typical."
Burrowing into the 50 consecutive sheets of drywall behind the "don't leave any solid object in it overnight" room your landlord warned about has revealed several interstitial layers of human hair wired up like electrical cable
http://www.atelierlibertatum.com/anathema/ – This vampire comic features a pleasingly aghast maid protag who sells her internality well. (However, it has a not-infrequent amount of age progression/regression from children to adults of varying sexual awareness.)
Not enough acid in your stomach to digest bad news – not enough ice in your blood to numb an aching heart
The Lesser God of Getting Out of Bad Loans, resisting hypocrisy, only accepts full payment up front – but is more than willing to recommend fellow deities who could assist you in meeting that fee.
Not knowing what formal dress is traditionally appropriate for a party you intend to ruin by arriving as yourself, you simply pick whatever seems easiest to flee in.
Sword and bow: the adventurer's companions… no, VIOLIN bow, you reassure the dragon as you pinch the blade between your knees and play it an ethereal musical-saw melody.
"Ancient eldritch onyx altars are basically the same as modern eldritch onyx altars if they're still usable without any upkeep, am I right?"
Don't call the Mario Odyssey watering can robots "Wettatons". Be gentle to them.
Story about a kid who is sent to a superhero school, but is constantly abruptly shuffled between classes, minders, departments, schedules, unable to ever take a lesson. It is revealed their power is "bureaucracy gremlin" – they ambiently damage bureaucratic machines around them.
http://maizcomic.com/ – This adventure comic is pretty fun, with some delightful interactions.
I'm using the Sound Of Music names for the notes from now on. The programming language is now Do Sharp.
Game where instead of shooting bullets at the robots' red orb weak point, you shoot paint at their solar cells.
This is absolutely amazing… this is so much better than Komi-san.
http://phantacomic.net/ – This is incredible… this is a horror webcomic where basically all of the horror is purely social. (Content warning for disturbing unreality and occasional parental abuse.)
http://ruthandannabel.com/ – This comic is highly abandoned, but at least it got one amusing story arc under its belt.
http://illusory.webcomic.ws/ – Now this comic has very pretty palette work and paneling, and is good at keeping its mysteries both guarded and threatening.
http://blackpeakcomic.com/ – OK, the main guy in this psych-horror comic is seriously unlikeable, so I enjoyed this only insofar as I interpret the manipulative AI (pictured) as the better protagonist. (Content warning for axe violence, sexual predation, and unreality).
http://angelkerbop.tumblr.com/ – This completed comic is pretty short but it manages to look extremely good throughout.
"The seven deadly sins… Greed, Lust, War, Famine, End of the World, Pandora's Box, and Excalibur… These were forged into seven powerful swords, each capable of ending the world… but one final sin, "Hope", was also forged, reincarnating into a princess every 100 years…"
CYOA threads, in which readers suggest the next "move" for a second-person scenario, was the same process for Problem Sleuth and early Homestuck, and provided a lot of its "signature" aesthetics, including the separation of panel and text, and the aliased, flat-colour style.
People are probably going to constantly call webcomics like Neokosmos or this one "Homestuck-likes" forever, but that obscures their true common ancestor: Choose-Your-Own-Adventure forum threads.
http://www.spacehopcomic.com/ – For now it's a standard treasure hunt story, but the cyan-dominated palette lends it a decently fresh air (though it could do with a ~little~ more value contrast). Plus, it features Taylor's trademark cute grump personalities.
"Steven Universe style", being a streamlined animation-centered style, resembles Adventure Time style and Scott Pilgrim style more than hers, although certain character designs (like Lars) are clearly products of Sugar's.
"Sugar style" to me is typified by these perceptibly rubbery, slightly bug-eyed, emotionally intense characters, with heads either wide or tall, mouths low. The game Maggie's Apartment and Taylor Curry's webcomics remind me of it, among others.
Calling things "Rebecca Sugar style" (in reference to her webcomics) is the new calling things "Adventure Time style", which in turn was the new calling things "Scott Pilgrim style".
We all got to joke about that Animal Crossing item called "friend powder", but the real "friend powder" is the Sandstar showers that create the Friends in the groundbreaking post-apocalyptic slice-of-life edutainment CGI cartoon, "Kemono Frie
So is there any explanation for how when Tails spins around like a ball, his tails remain in the same place. I tried the wiki but it came up dry. Presumably whatever anatomical structure enables his helicopter-spin is also involved.
Honestly, the whole thing holds up OK… there's some screen flashing in the Casino Night vid, and the Hill Top vid is rather badly paced… also, none of the music remixes are sourced (or the sourcing is now lost)… but that's all I have to note.
The previous clip and this one are the two crappy sight-gags that instantly crack me up every time I replay them.
https://archive.org/details/LP_Sonic_2_SE – Against better plans for using what time's left of my life, I am now rewatching Let's Play Sonic 2 Special Edition.
"It took hundreds of thousands of dollars to construct this set–" *gestures across director's renovated living room* "–so we're only filming one shot in here to keep it pristine."
Ice golem partaking in heatplay with their human partner's sweat instead of candle wax
http://denizensattentioncomic.thecomicseries.com/ – The plot in this one isn't much to write about, but it's rather pretty in its gothic frostiness. (Content warning for physical child abuse, briefly.)
Imagine if your uncle really did work for friggin, Jaleco or Data East or whatever. No kid would've given you any respect.
Two feet up counts as "the sky", four feet up counts as "space", and six feet up counts as "the universe".
"Here comes the firework… it's going up… now it's coming down… we only have the one so we can't make it explode… just use your imagination… oops, it landed in a tree… that's one year's good luck if you're also a tree…"
Mainly I like how a contrast triangle that in other games would dominate their designs (elemental attacks) is basically a non-presence, not even informing their personalities.
I like that these characters are "just" a standard goofy trio of contrasting designs (colour, size, hand positions, temperament, elemental spells) but narratively have a completely different trajectory, even belying their being a trio at all.
"Humanity has no timely access to extrasolar generation ships…" *places ping-pong ball on ground* "…unless we use good old spaceship Earth." *whips out golf club* "Now, with the construction of a 9,000,000,000-iron,
"If you make 10,000 backups of your project, that means your project has 10,000 hit points. Can you say your project has 10,000 hit points?" *kicks over a stack of hard drives* "That was enough to kill a man."
"Testes? No, these are the final versions."
Trying to unstick a tongue stuck to a frozen street pole with peanut butter only to realise that A) that's for bubblegum in hair, B) now the tongue is also stuck to the peanut butter, which is stuck to the roof of their mouth
8 bit brain: Mario is a yeerk 8 ternary digit Malbolge brain: It is not Mario that possesses the creatures but his towering image in the zeitgeist, instilled in a generation by decades of publicity, so uncritically beloved that it erases their identity altogether. It's a meeee
CSS keyword to finally make two elements sit down and work out their issues with each other over a nice warm flask of herbal tea
"Writer's block… or a mental wall set up by an idea that's scared to be found, fleeing your interior gaze, burrowing deeper into your subconscious?"
"She was infuriated with someone who was just trying their best, and took away that person's ability to refer to themselves in the first person. Do you think they should have it back, too?"
Kissing a text file before uploading it, and leaving a byte order marker on it
*looks at this page's hatching* Yeah!
http://empireoftheaphid.com/ – Now this one is good… hard to believe such a beautifully austere, cold comic is even describable as "steampunk".
Keyboard-administered dermabrasion
*"my menchies" voice while facing my mutuals* My mewtchies
I wasn't even kidding that much there: http://web.archive.org/web/19961125182657/http://tcp.com:80/~bigboote/rchome.html Some stuff is too authentic to be retro.
http://www.tavicat.com/sihrc/ – Despite enjoying another comic by this couple, I never got around to this one until just now, which apparently sprang fully formed into existence a few minutes after System 7.5 was released.
Pinball Quest. I'm honestly taken aback that this RPG spoof is a NES game, by Jaleco, and not a Flash game in the mid-00's like it ought to be.
I quietly like the symmetry that Mario, who classically uses pipes to instantly travel, in Odyssey also uses similarly industrial power lines – pipes for electrical energy.
The term "fantasy console" annoys me a little. Very few are into them just for the alt-history or code-constraint angle – it's about subscribing to a thoroughly contemporary shared, standardised aesthetic.
Since you trust your membership, and also have the option to restrict toots to followers, most of the reasons why this is impractical or dangerous on Twitter are eliminated.
Something else I hadn't considered is how having confidence in your instance's firehose and membership changes your audience – you could almost talk as if in a forum or IRC, counting on any number of members to implicitly hear and respond to you.
Do you ever think "there's an unimaginable amount of great webcomics" followed by "there'd still be three times more if everyone had affordable healthcare and guaranteed income" followed by "yeah, we deserve triple unimaginable webcomics, we're all owed that"
Cartoon characters' breast shapes really should have the same expressive range as cartoon characters' nose shapes. Droopy pointy ski-jump boobs are easily as fashionable as droopy pointy ski-jump noses.
You know what's great? Windchimes that you've had so long that you no longer consciously remember they're there, but their occasional bursts of ringing notes continue to soothe you subliminally like birdsong. Cherish those windchimes.
Wondering whether these previews of the firehose might be aided, in a case of extreme cosmic irony, by a Twitter-style Moments pane that shows highly noted threads or toots.
Thing about point 2, though, is that the default instance front page isn't that good at letting you sample their firehose… it just shows this rather discreet panel to squint at, partway down the page.
Based on several threads, the idiomatic way to use Mastodon is: 1. Do NOT just register on mastodon dot social and end there 2. Shop around for an instance like you'd shop for a web forum 3. Keep the whole instance's firehose timeline opened alongside your own follows
*er-hmm* Anyway, let this be a classic example of how a little bit of meaning-rich detail can go a long way.
I'm glad… *facial expression turns hideously twisted* because without it he'd be a complete waste of a character!! Yahahahaww!!
I'm glad that the only real characterisation for Gooey, in Kirby's Dream Land 2 and 3, is that his sprite turns into this in order to fight the final boss, and that's all the explanation you'll get.
Now I'm upset because this means there's a looooooooooooooot of old webcomics I'm going to have to download all over again https://twitter.com/RavenWorks/status/931155623697317889
"This cereal… definitely contains enough fruit shreds to count as dessert."
"Though we have slain my father, his cursed money still flows in my bank account… Though I am half-human, even a half-plutocrat is a threat to the world… I must exile myself… we won't meet again… alas, in my flight I shan't have time to pay you… forgive me…"
"Yes, there are angel equivalents of succubuses, no, they don't have sex with the damned to give them their souls back, yes, "-uses" is the correct pluralisation and everyone else has been saying it wrong."
The characters in this have an early Rebecca Sugar feel to their designs, expressions and emotional intensity.
http://gashirecomic.tumblr.com/ – This one is astonishing… a near-unbroken stream of vividly detailed, gruesome action scenes, like act 4 of the bloodiest Don Bluth film ever. (Content warning for gore and then some.)
http://inkboltcomic.com/ – I'm liking this toon beat-em-up comic… there's a nice sense of visual humour, the main romance is cute, and the backstory delivery is VERY efficient.
The fortunate and corny part is that I can retrieve the original size images from this archive page by taking this URL and changing "250" to "1280". God help anyone who doesn't have the means to discover this, though.
What the heck! In this tumblr's archive, the images for this webcomic are visible, but when I go to the actual pages, they're gone? How the piss does this just happen
Power going out and approaching footsteps and gun-loading noises from multiple directions after typing "is dermarolling real" into blank Notepad window
I saw that tweet about activating a stationary mouse's laser exactly once per minute using the sweep of a wall clock's seconds-hand and it's the most impressive invention I've seen arise from human office habitats.
http://bustle.town/ – I like that this whole comic is built around this one joke of a bunch of sprite-sized Animal Crossing-esque talking animals coexisting with more realistic talking animals.
http://mimoncomic.tumblr.com/ – Only 40 pages yet, and rather slow-paced at that, but great complementary colour schemes and nicely Emily Carroll-esque linework.
The new Overwatch fighter is just one of those snooty twins from Bioshock Infinite, I hope all of you have made peace with that fact.
How many are you ? I'm ninety trillion cells and growing!
Characters that discover the secret world from a website located in the Wayback Machine, dated 1996, whose inline Javascript inexplicably uses WebGL.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvUFYWBHc6M – This isn't even among the better Darius II tracks and it's still a pretty solid boss theme.
Lord of Wallachia and Gromit
http://jobsatisfactioncomic.tumblr.com/ – This one's characters and plot are a little thin… to the point where I wonder what this comic's "about"… but I like the designs.
Not once have I ever seen one of those "You Had One Job" image repost accounts actually stick to just posting "failing to do a job" photos.
https://archa-ants.tumblr.com/ – Someone linked this cute psychotropic ant hivemind comic awhile back, and I'm all in on it.
Most of the pages go into this level of detail… I'm glad for this page in particular for explaining something important (version control) while reacting to certain specifics on a personal level.
http://makingofneon.com/ – This webcomic is just pages of dry, informational conversation about game programming minutiae, and I'm glad despite each page's information stirring complicated feelings in me.
Penitent Painting (Patent Pending)
Me when people like Tetris Attack more than Panel de Pon
Making Odyssey's world deliberately incoherent is accepting that incoherence is as much a part of Mario's misdirected, trash-strewn legacy as all of the incoherent parts themselves.
Mario's constrained arcade sprite, flippable turtles, Alice in Wonderland, yokai, tanks and airships, all baked into the brand over the first few games, their original design motivations lost in time – then combined with the noise of sports spinoffs and crossovers over 30 years.
Everyone loves Odyssey mashing up realistic humans, on-model Mario creatures, pastel lava and stuff because the Mario series has always been an unwieldy kitsch mashup of juxtaposed legacy designs, and this is the first game to finally embrace this.
The fourth poll option is part of my ongoing campaign to assert that the Kirby series has all the emotional/narratival notes everyone likes in the Mario series, but better.
I'll be honest… they're all pretty pompous tracks, but Cascade just annoys me because blaring fanfare music really gets grating in slow-paced Mario 64 sandbox levels (unlike the relative linearity of the original Gusty Garden level).
(Thinking about it, this tweet probably says something more interesting about Odyssey's design journey than it does about DK64's.)
Someone make a ROM hack that Odyssey-ises Donkey Kong 64: - All collectables are golden bananas, normal bananas and boss keys (fairies/crowns/etc become more GBs) - Start with all Kongs and moves, and unlimited ammo (no pickups) - Pause screen area maps Already it's 200% better.
Anyway, I'm sticking with version 2 for multiple reasons.
After checking thoroughly, the opt-out checkbox labeled "Send anonymous data to Stylish developers" described in Stylish v3's privacy policy does not seem to be in this options pane.
*remembers how in the 90s for some reason Peanuts dropped to 3 panels instead of 4, and the comic was completely gutted as a result* Everything you love will someday turn to ash in your mouth
I should add, this story arc's enchanting air is heightened by its climax, where Garfield is hopelessly lost and nearly dies in the snow on Christmas Eve.
At the time I also discovered that Garfield had a similar backstory of being born in a restaurant, mentioned fleetingly outside of one storyline – another foggy past.
Living in an era of comics without complete chronological archives was strange and enchanting. I mean, for someone like me it was absolute Hell and a half, but it meant that a comic's backstory was perpetually distant, dream-like, infinite.
As a kid who never actually watched any animated Peanuts, managing to slowly piece together Snoopy's backstory involving the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm and Lila over several dozen paperback collections felt like a genuine accomplishment.
That aside, I'm glad that middling webcomics I stumble on randomly are hardly unlikely to have cute trans exposition pages like the attached.
http://melodicacomic.com/ – This comic has pretty great colouring, design and composition, but the writing isn't really there yet. I can't really recommend it because chapter 1 involves harassing a retail worker, albeit for some kinda rival school grudge or w/e.
Reaffirming that the only useful way to "rehabilitate" Little Nemo is to just make something else that has a similarly rich sense of whimsy.
Realising a great way to describe Minus is that it's like Little Nemo except the nightmare happens to everyone else, and no one gets to wake up.
Lv.5 Leather Mail + Increases defense by 3.5 after putting it on - All other equipment increases stats by a whole number + The 0.5 increase remains after taking it off - Nothing can remove it from your stats screen. Nothing
Take time this weekend to go through all your memories from birth onward and think "I refute this" at any that you realise were indoctrinating you with toxicity. The date-indexing process may take up to 9 hours per decade so start it late Friday and remain motionless until done.
Ushering the intern into the Other CEO's office via the Other Elevator, whose entrance is inside the car of the normal elevator, but only when it's descending
"PK, or "plutokinesis", is a class of extrasensory abilities powered by your liquid funds and the pooled health of your employees."
Dog with eyepatch over one nostril
""Whoever controls the World tarot card… controls the world…" These dying words by the last God Seer ignited a hundred-year global treasure hunt… But little did I, a humble NEET, know that it – or should I say, SHE – was under my ass the whole time…" [CUT TO: INT. APARTMENT]
"Feet, the holy limb, create footprints ceaselessly, sculpting the world. The wicked hands, conversely, can only destroy
"How do you know that's the sky? Could just be another tarp with floodlights behind it. Lord knows they love to scavenge tarps in this place."
Fully functional laundromat in dark subterranean mall-labyrinth… Mannequin-wights throwing in their hands and feet
After its privatisation, decline and closure, the ghost train to the afterlife has been replaced with a fleet of ridesharing headless horsemen.
Carving your palace's support pillars in the shapes of straining muscular men solely to ensure that even stone suffers for your benefit
Game shows without live audiences presuppose that the set forms a complete room, like a sitcom set, and its architecture a staple of the show's mysterious, unseen world.
The "pencil test" is when someone throws a pencil at you and it sinks all the way into your flesh without bouncing off. That means the slimeification process is complete.
140 vs 280
140 vs 280
140 vs 280
140 vs 280
140 vs 280
140 vs 280
140 vs 280
*I proceed to read the latest, greatest Paranatural update* I can't freaking believe Mr Garcia is Spender's father
OK, enough tweeting about games by rich corporations, back to *remembers the red lasers that permanently blemish the BotW skies* Just, why,
Me, writing possibly my most point-missing tweet yet: Are there any sites that just have text transcripts of ASMR roleplay vids
https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?id=613212 – This person's account is full of these high-contrast flat-colour action shots, and it's pretty good.
Kids think he's one of their pals, teens think he's some cool teen badass, adults think he's a world-weary thirty-something, et cetera.
My theory is that most Undertale players unknowingly interpret Sans as being around the same age as them, regardless of what that is.
I just feel the rest of contemporary media is letting us down here in terms of providing subtler shades of relatable consumer media reaction
The only thing that bothers me when people reply "Final Fantasy" to fashion photos is it's seemingly the only series with memorable fashion.
OK, you've all had time to decide… favourite Gusty Garden Galaxy sound-alike theme
https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=1646830 – Why the FRIG does this only have 6 Pixiv Likes
Rooms with very little furniture but with evidence of being nonetheless solidly lived-in are an extremely meaningful image for me.
https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=2748541 – This picture is elemental, fundamental. It speak to me with perfect clarity.
"Mate, we're birds now – we can do anything. The law is beneath us." *tries to swoop and steal a toast chunk but headbutts it off the table*
A tree, overhearing you, tries to convert one leaf into absorbing sound instead of light, but accidentally turns all of them into ears.
Steal the concept of "exclusivity" from the lock, then unlock it using a stick. Open the door, then steal "movable wall" from it.
"Due to their symbolism as a shape-shifting animal, frogs are used as placeholders for any other animal in the prototyping stage."
("What about WarioWare" The microgames had two-second title cards telling you which Wii Remote motion to do… Wasn't the series' bravest.)
(Maybe City Folk was good, too? I barely hear it mentioned compared to Wild World and New Leaf, though. Probably due to not being portable.)
GC ports don't count… and the Wii Sports games are True Neutral… so that leaves… Rhythm Heaven Fever. Thank you, Rhythm Heaven Fever.
*starts fretting busily* Was… was every single first-party Wii game… bad? H-how is that possible… That's a tragedy… How…
(The real problem with Galaxy is that each star has 1 minute of cutscenes, messages and unloading the level after it, but, besides that.)
Galaxy – while having way better enemies than Sunshine – didn't ask very much engagement with them, letting them blend into the environment.
Also… SMB3 didn't really have "characters", but several of its enemies were very characteristic, and the 2D gameplay made them threatening.
Galaxy's "worlds" are pathetic by comparison… no obvious themes connecting each set of levels. Even 64's paintings feel more organised.
Its platforming-first emphasis is supposed to be in classic SMB's tradition, but… SMB3 and World's worlds were pretty concrete locations.
Trying to think of Mario Galaxy's biggest problem… it's probably that it has a quarter billion levels and few actual places or characters.
*closes a bunch of Wikipedia tabs* Would a Japanese localised prequel to 3 In Three be called 「二に2」, or "ni ni ni"
It's at this point that mandatory-exiting-level absolutely couldn't cut it with worlds drastically bigger and more cutscene-laden than 64.
Really, for a game with such solid world design – better than each Galaxy – it's a shame its narrative and levels are so vacant and hollow.
I'm so gloomy… I need to remember something, anything, to cheer me up. *instead, thinks about how bad Super Mario Sunshine was* Oooh god
I'm glad garbage collection is unobservable except using the obscure API of "your eyes".
One minute into the Electron documentation and I'm already having a good time.
(Honestly I'd have preferred Cuphead to have dated itself as 2017, acknowledging that it challenges what a "2017 videogame" need look like.)
Wondered if it was anachronistic for Hilda Berg to be named after a disaster: turns out it occured 7 years after Cuphead's "1930" copyright?
"As you can see, this sword is two-handed, and I'm not leaving this milkshake in this dark vortex." *You grab it, touching their hand* "Ah~"
Q: If you meet six hundred ghosts, how many ghosts are there A: 650 because your 49 friends were with you and they died of fright too
Q: How did the ghost solve the mystery of its own unearthly murder? A: Ghostily
Q: What prevented the ghost from finally releasing all Earthly bonds and rising up to Heaven? A: Escalator broke and had to climb it instead
Q: Why did the ghost write its true name on a scrap of paper and bury it under the full moon? A: Their printer broke
Old KC Green joke from 2007 that for some reason I keep remembering
"My license is only to teach humans Class 1A attack spells–" *the dragon incinerates their wallet* "…Well, may as well teach Hellbolt XIX."
Problem Exists Between Hell And Heaven
Zachtronics-style game where you're also graded on how little need be altered in your solution to produce a hostile or weaponisable output.
Girl with giant mallet, but when she slams it down on you, you find the head is a hollow drum containing a sign reading "MEND YER DANG WAYS"
Happy end of Halloween everybody
https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=51390560 – I'm up with this *notices more closely that her neck seems to be a foot long* I continue to be up with this
New headcanon is Pauline was already mayor during the events of Donkey Kong (1981), but Miyamoto neglected to mention she, like, had a job.
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