Leon's Microblog – October 2017

"The "Santa was invented by Coca-Cola" belief was invented by Victorians – pre-modern people believed Dutch corporations invented Santa."
Abacus brain: Super Mario Iliad Tower of fifteen Sonic & Knuckles cartridges brain: The Silmariollion
Rating things 3 out of 5 is the best because no one can tell if you mean 6 out of 10 (bad) or 7 out of 10 (good).
insofar as the Fire Bro in SMB3 was meant solely as a twisted turnabout of Mario's own powerup… The 180 is now a full 360.
I find it cute on a conceptual level that Fire Mario technically exists in Odyssey, but the powerup is a Fire Bro instead of a flower,
Can't believe Derek Yu finally announced Eternal Granddaughter
There are several challenge rooms which do feature visual and written continuity with the outer world, but that really should be the norm.
The world is where the game's story happens. Isolating such challenges basically says "this platforming isn't a part of the story".
4) One trend I don't like that Sunshine started is putting platforming challenges inside abstract voids, disconnected from the world.
Really, until they can write helpers with the evolving relationship that, say, Tatl had, a helper wordier than FLUDD is probably a mistake.
3) I saw people tweeting that Cappy's text interjections are way too frequent for such a bland helper character, which I agree with.
(Of course Homestuck itself stretched that design principle/naming scheme rather hard when it desired, but the idea stands.)
I've decided the strongest Odyssey world designs can be written as Lands from Homestuck. Bonneton, my favourite, is a "Land of Fog and Felt"
Seaside in particular is an easy "fix". It's supposedly champagne-themed… so where's the strong themed design from Cap Kingdom or Luncheon?
2) The snow world and both water worlds are uninspired re-treads. Redo them so they aren't reducible to "snow world" or "water world".
(The inhabitants don't need to be unique to the world - I'd love a Fossil Falls village of cap ghosts in moss-coated top hats.)
1) Each world with its own currency gets a village with citizens. This game is about tourism - they should feel like nations, with cultures.
*saunters into saloon* Well, here's how *I* would improve Mario Odyssey:
I sense the secret is in that beat panel – not a telltale silent panel, but one which keeps the momentum while obscuring where it's going.
My favourite single exchange in a webcomic is probably still this one from Paranatural circa '13 (http://www.paranatural.net/comic/chapter-4-page-5)
4) A lot of the art direction is inspired by https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paracas_textile, but this is not necessary knowledge or explanatory context.
3) An ending becomes available in the apartment if you get every Effect, but I don't like it at all so I recommend never pursuing it.
2) Only a very tiny amount of rooms are locked behind specific Effects… Don't worry about it.
1) Yume Nikki is not a "horror game" - the majority of its content isn't meaningfully reducible to just "horror". Treat it as a walking game
Regarding recent anniversary buzz for Yume Nikki, here are my brief Yume Nikki notes for people wanting to "get into it":
Tricycle brain: in-universe IMs Skateboard brain: in-universe MMO Toboggan brain: in-universe mobage Skydiving brain: in-universe AR game
(The additional historical angle, in which it nostalgically refers to Kirby's non-abilities in his debut game, is also a bit delightful.)
It's been kind of a failsafe in most bosses in the series – in case you completely lose your ability – but it's designed to be overlooked.
I quite like this restriction and how it pays closer attention to the bosses' designs – how and why they supply ammo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hADMhVy7X4
https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=20104473 – I posted something from this artist a long while ago but now they've progressed from Amano to post-Amano costuming
Cold brain: Super Mario Iiad 10GHz brain: Super Magnavox Odyssey Cold brain but they're your pal so you fav it anyway: Super Etrion Odyssey
Someone mash up the latter song in the instrumentation of the former
This parallax background does NOT loop, but the non-looping section is obscured by the lower propeller, so *does improvised butt-dance*
Feel like this is a classic example of how a stiff, impersonal game with a very rigid vocabulary can still reveal its own sense of humour.
I always liked this hidden metagame – you can awaken up to 9 more ghosts, and if you kill the screen's original ghost, they all die.
Your cursor meets a random encounter in the "More Advanced Video Settings" menu and dies, reverting 50% of all unsaved changes.
"This "burial chamber" is now thought to be a diegetic file-select room… This slab has "89%" still visible DON'T LOAD IT yow that was close"
"OK, who knows Human?" "Lemme see…" *points at "PROHIBITED"* "The secret is to press all the symbols that aren't vertically symmetrical."
and you may recall that Homestuck, a comic I followed pre-e-ety closely, had its comedy and spectacle constantly jostling each other around.
My recent fixation with the possum comic is undoubtedly due to it exhibiting both prominently (though my thread concentrated on the latter),
Cucumber Quest, conversely, is heavily a comedy, and its spectacles, very pretty in themselves, mainly deepen the meaning of the comedy.
Rice Boy, a comic I like a lot for its unique underexplained imagery, has a very taciturn cast, letting the world speak for itself.
Currently comparing my personal two biggest draws to speculative-fiction webcomics: character-driven comedy, and vibrant world spectacle.
The elongated teardrop head silhouette also adds some fluidity to her vertical expressions, and counterbalances what snout she does have.
Regarding Poppy… a lot of care seems to have been made in making her face more panda-like, de-emphasising snout and mouth for eyes and ears.
Here's another scene I like, mainly due to its rather unique central idea, whose pungence the comic immediately invites one to react to.
(Except this, which troubles me, as I worry it prematurely undoes the mystery of Poppy's strength, and… ties it… to Poppy's motherhood? Um.)
This whole chapter (and the comic in general) has a good Paranatural-ish feel to all its worldbuilding – terse, unpredictable and humourous.
I'll post more of this because there is a lot of it that I like. This is my favourite worldbuilding scene – a cool image cleanly delivered.
Has anyone tried running Bangai-O in an uncapped-speed Dreamcast emulator to see what it's like without its trademark "cinematic" lag
The words "// this shouldn't happen" floating above your head at all times
I just… really like the well-keyed soundtrack here.
whereas for awhile it wasn't yet obvious to me that many types of games had a narrative, that "pure" gameplay was inherently narratival.
This all sounds rather obvious, but consider: in comics it's trivially obvious that layout, etc. is ultimately in service to the narrative,
so ways in which games lay out their content, not just in UI but also level divisions and other structures, can be critiqued the same way.
A comics page, laid out with panels, is basically a UI in itself – conveying information such as the relations between panels abstractly –
Jokes where game characters directly touch/break UI don't seem to have parallels elsewhere until you think of shattered panel borders, etc.
Comparisons to comics layout in particular has helped me come to grips with certain ways game abstractions and UI interact with narrative.
The more benign space rabbits in Galaxy sort-of also match both of these, insofar as they resemble Mips in SM64, who quotes the White Rabbit
Realised the Mario Odyssey rabbits actually match two separate cultural references: – Japanese moon rabbits – "Crazy Cap" = "Mad Hatter"
*notices Bravoo Man's dodge-roll animation preserves his current facing, and transitions back into the footstep frame he was currently in* U
*remembers the pyramid in Gunstar where you climb like 32 steps on the left side then slide down the right side for a full minute* God bless
Wow, can't believe I snagged this exclusive #SuperMarioOdyssey ending footage
This was something I fretted over throughout the entire 00's – how to critique gameplay – and I only reached this realisation this year.
The point of this belief is that I think we don't need to invent bizarre ways to critique gameplay when it can be critiqued /as narrative/.
Gameplay and game assets are both narrative in the same way that a comic's pictures and its balloon text, paneling, etc. are both narrative.
Another reminder from me that there's no separation between narrative and gameplay. Gameplay, no matter how abstract, is narrative.
*remembers how good the vore level in Kid Icarus Uprising was except for the fact that I'm not into male predding* hnnnmm nngggh nggg waahhh
Actually, "Homestar" is the scientist
"Remember when videogame plots were good? Ha ha ha… I implanted those memories so you would do exactly my bidding."
I also like this version of the Pink fight, and especially the zanier Green fight. (Sorry, the footage isn't that good at exhibiting it.)
Yes, it lacks some viewscreen antics, but it distils the rush very nicely – and can now use one ongoing music track to tie it all together.
I feel the one stage in Gunstar Super Heroes I like more than the original is the final rush… which is no easy feat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRCkghpvQUs
Someone who knows something about Japanese tell me the reason why every serpentine dragon boss has "val" somewhere in its name
You lean into the night air and hear a fairy that chose the wrong neighbourhood to start glowing and is now being tickled to death by moths.
"Ah," *shakes cloth arms* "the old haunt. Buttons for eyes–" *a button falls off* "…ah well." *pins "KISS ME or i'll CURSE U" badge to face*
Uppercutting the falling house facade so hard that it flops over and flattens the entire tech crew on the other side
Someone shouts "Hey, rattlebones!", and like a fool you turn your head, and the most hideous rattling rings from your neck across the diner.
The "stay in touch! xxx" phone numbers in your old yearbook still work… and teenagers still answer, even when the adults are next to you.
Your mage is wondering if the arcs of red lightning wreathing her body are femme enough. You suggest making them shroud her body instead.
When is Taito releasing The Newer Zealand Story
(The sad part is that I strongly suspect the other three quests were planned to get mid-quest dungeons of almost equal stiltedness too.)
I'll be honest, I was hankering for side-quest underground areas in that game, but… why was it… literally just that one place.
Why was the Yiga hideout stealth dungeon even in BotW… how was it lifted wholesale out of Skyward Sword or some other OoT-esque linear Zelda
I figured it out. The Incredible Machine is just a Zachtronics game. I'm through so many looking-glasses, I'm being fined by a funhouse.
"Your computer… is your best friend." – 2:49 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRmioyij-sQ
Time for a The Incredible Machine tweet    🎈 🔫    👜  🚀  🕯️🔎🔦
Just finally physically cut up my Apple Mouse to clean the scroll-o-sphere after not being able to scroll with it for three years, friends
That "echo" room in Zork where instead of doing your commands the game just repeats them to you in all-caps is the original glitch horror.
Super Mario RPG
If you have never done this then I heartily recommend it – preferably with just a pot lid.
The only emergent combat in Breath Of The Wild I was genuinely impressed by is beating a walking Guardian with only shield-bash reflects.
*think's about how Mario 64 erased most of 2D Mario's tropes and mechanics, and a whole decade was spent fixating on their gradual return*
*think's about how they made a whole game about Mario having a jetpack, but because it was a water… jetpack, nobody was impressed* Amazing
That feel when you realise they'll never get to reveal what the M on Serval's hair stood for ;_; ;_; ;_; ;_;
I'm still finding it hard to accept that "funny animal" was a term comic people were forced to use because "furry" hadn't been coined yet
The latest official Strong Bad tweet containing chugga-chugga mouth noises finally completes my Kizuna Ai comparison https://twitter.com/webbedspace/status/863083920497156096
Thank goodness I figured out which wget and Javascript code would let me read it all locally, because… *jabs at "Australia" in profile*
With some amusement I note that a not-inconsiderable handful of the images on Neokosmos (http://www.neo-kosmos.com/) are well above a few MBs.
Maybe I'd feel better about it if it had some superficial visual change to make it less "sunny", like being at dusk or dawn, or in the rain.
The only inclusion I really dislike in Sonic Mania is Green Hill Zone. It's just… ironically, the least Sonic-aesthetic stage in the game.
Is anyone checking if those "GeoCities archives" sites like Oocities, Reocities or Geocities.ws are about to very ironically go dead
*thinks about how Homestar Runner's very early aesthetic freezing means the primary thing that dates the older toons is the mic quality* Wow
http://www.melaniegillman.com/ – Caught up on As The Crow Flies… it has a great palpable feeling of dread, of inevitable, painfully slow disaster.
In Event Of Missing It, Break Glass
Time to beat everyone to easy Mario Odyssey jokes. Mario can change clothes but his overalls are good "overall". Bet y'all had THAT queued.
(The actual reason is that their melodies, while complex, aren't very structurally distinct – same as how many Virt songs sound similar.)
Me: Why do all the Cuphead themes sound the same– My mind: No bass My body: No bass My conscience: No bass My inner child: No bass My ego: N
Yoshi is a frog, Meta Knight is a bat, Cuphead is a kappa
Gonna beat everyone to Mario Odyssey jokes by making them all before release. The hats are from Team Fortress 2. OK that's the lot, see ya.
True if huge
"Strong round earthy marsupial woman" is an adventure protag trope shared only by Digger, both of which indicate it's lowkey REALLY good.
http://www.poppy-opossum.com/ – My travels finally bring me to Poppy O'Possum, dubbed "queen of webcomics" and "greatest work of fiction" by me.
Workers in the heart cheer as the two zillionth beat is made, then steadying their grins as all the blood is slurped into the gloom lobes.
"Now, the Duck Thief's true identity!" *peels off mask* "A-another duck?! You mean… it stole the ducks'… hearts!?" *stolen ducks snuggle it*
"As reward for your sheer loyalty," *unfurls contract, changes "eternity/2" to "eternity/4"* "I've once again halved your term of service!"
Watering the moon's craters so that they grow deep and wide
Sneaking in Mario Odyssey jokes a week before release, ahead of the crowd. The moons are DK64 bananas. OK that's the only possible joke, bye
How soon until old pickups armed with KRACK laptops are slowly cruising middle-class suburbs to swipe and mock their WebMD searches
Someone make a mouse with pressure-sensitive analog-trigger buttons, so you can gently pat the Like button instead of smashing it.
http://bvbcomix.com/bandvsband –To the relief of everyone I finally read Band Vs Band, whose romantic-tension comedy writing needs no introduction.
A randomiser could string these into a dependency tree… lock Asgore behind all of them, have other locks and bosses in front of switches…
There's more than a few rooms whose exits are locked by states in other rooms - the True Lab doors, Hotland doors and elevators, the boat…
It is with insincere regret I announce that instead of writing tweets I'm now thinking of bad ideas like "Undertale Room Exit Randomiser".
They seal the door by slipping a fast-growing choke-vine seed in the keyhole and giving it a parting kiss.
What? Ya got better things to do in your quest than Search Small Pile Of Gum Wrappers, kid! Get movin'! Scram!
Half of these pipes carry nothing except rotbugs… Jokes that a rotbug tampered with the blueprints were made with the hint of a grimace…
Machines forced, by technical and resource constraints on their designers precluding any other kind of marketable aesthetic, to be cute
(This is in part an exercise in swimming upstream against the memory sink that is social media, and in part about recommending stuff to me.)
Hey anyone who's everyone, recommend me some good tumblr blogs BUT they mustn't have been updated in over 2 years.
A concept that has never been used before, and absolutely never again!!!
http://ironheart-rune.com/ – Opening as a standard lonesome lady knight comic, this eases into decent, well-balanced slapstick.
It is well-accepted, though unstated in any text, that the Garden of Eden contained many, many lions. Pride comes before the Fall.
https://www.princesslovepon.com/ – This is very classical magical girl… it remembers that the foundation of the genre is constant sincerity.
Can you believe New Games Journalism is now older than ordinary Games Journalism was when that term was coined
http://lovespellscomic.com/ – This is kinda basic at the moment, but it's got some cute character designs and interactions.
http://raruurien.com – This one only has 30 pages out at present, but the premise (and palette) is very promising.
Ever worry that the most wondrous life-changing webcomic is sitting in some crappy server right now, and you're not reading it? Yeah me too.
The dream depicted a chase between train carriages, trying to get as many between-carriage doors, windows, glass cups, etc. between them.
Had a dream about secret agents (agents of Faerie??) who will abduct you unless you look at them through 4 different panes of glass at once.
There's several possible ways to get it, but if you play "safe" you're far more likely to get what are (in my opinion) blander alternatives.
My problem is that I love and recommend Ib but the one ending I like above all the others is given by almost completely arbitrary events.
http://www.forthewicked.net/ – Another fairytale remix comic, but this one has a pleasingly cold, taciturn feel.
Dog Residue is the loot box of Undertale #DogResidueIsTheLootBoxOfUndertale
http://derelictcomic.com/ – Abandoned post-apoc boat comic… Mostly just lots of grueling events, but I like its cold, low-text mood and world.
You ever think about how much Homestar Runner footage is just fake infomercials
http://thepropertyofhate.com/TPoH/ – This surreal journey comic is very "RPG Maker Aesthetic" and I'm dearly glad.
Rise with the moon, go to bed with the sun We each bought a bed but only built just this one
"The most important circle of all – the human head"
*in tiniest voice yet audible* Isn't Kokogirl just one of the monsters from KanColle
I have NOT played this game… however, I respect the sincerity of passionate fan-sequels to forgotten niche franchises.
If you want a huge spoiler for one of the bonus incentive runs, get a load of this monstrosity https://go.twitch.tv/videos/132349070
I checked out the SOTN "Zero Boss" run and it actually does fight both Dracula encounters… I propose they humourously rename it "One Boss".
https://www.fig.co/campaigns/the-good-life – The Good Life isn't going to get funded??? (Notices the goal value) …Hmm.
If you know anything about this run you'll know this will be tense as hell!
*I type into the bottom box* …WOW, FINALLY.
This couple are great side-characters: lavish enough to be instantly memorable, but only appearing as often as they need to.
http://trippingoveryou.com/ – This teen romance comic is very cute, tempered with a tense realist edge. (Content warning for occasional slurs)
Assembled the team and I'm going in You may never see us again
Assembled the team and I'm going in You may never see us again
The author page mentions that His Dark Materials was a formative influence, which is… extreeeeemely obvious once you're told that.
It fixates on the idea that if protags inexplicably understand native language and idioms, they must also understand ANY alterior meaning.
http://miamaska.tidalcomics.com/ – It's an another-world comic, and despite a lot of disconnected subplots, it actually slowly becomes really tense.
140 vs 280
The about page says this is a sequel to a no-longer-online webcomic, which was itself loosely based on Revelation, which… Is An Explanation.
http://kick-girl.com/ – This plot gets awkwardly convoluted after chapter 3, but the protagonist has some fun moments earlier and later.
I mean, compare with something like Meat Boy, whose theming explains everything from his wall-sliding to the fact that he dies from salt.
My biggest cupplaint is that there's approximately zero gameplay mechanics that naturally result from Cuphead having a cup for a head.
"I told you! If you–" *bellowing over the din of rustling beards* "–if you make a paradox, sufficient wizards are created to explain it!!"
This may be the only game I've played that pays out *slowly lifts arm, pulls train horn cord, slowly lowers arm* so well at the end.
Please… please march through the first six hours of Freshly Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland just to receive the final one hour.
People think they're cool even though they're just a lot of ill-defined characters you never see again doing petty things in third person.
I need someone to blame for fantasy webcomics thinking world creation myths are cool. I'll blame Ocarina of Time. Damn you, Ocarina of Time.
Something I found unusual, though, is that its world presupposes Ireland-themed and Japan-themed kingdoms adjacent to one another.
http://sadsausagedogs.com/?page_id=32 – I like this moody fairytale comic… Sincere emotion and nice twists. (Content warning for depicting marital rape)
"The clock hands are: hours, minutes, seconds, day of the month mod 12, a hand that points to 9 so you know it isn't 6, and "Ol' Spinny"."
The year is 19117… Storms of Y2K energy roll across the sky. Roving PCs, mice dangling like ghosts' chains, scan for movement far below.
Extremophiles crawl out of the darkest volcanic vents to find a sizzling, empty ocean… "We're mainstream now, baby."
The sky mages tried to reheat the sun… burnt crumbs rain down to this day.
The world isn't over until the last human says it's over
What do you say when a German Shepherd leaves? Arf wiedersehen
I also appreciate how this standard hero girl's otherwise obvious fate is clouded, simply due to her not being the "most" main character.
http://www.forgottenordercomic.com/ – I like this comic's opening, and how this character's mystery is not so much a goal as a lingering question.
http://www.godslavecomic.com/ – I like this action comic… it's economical in worldbuilding, and characters are interesting without being hammy.
https://www.peppercarrot.com/en/static3/webcomics – The punch-lines and interstitial jokes in this gag-a-day comic are kinda cheesy, but it has a good vibe to it.
http://www.blackbrickroadofoz.com/ – This is an abandoned Oz remix comic, so it's fortunate that the art is so rich by itself.
It is with a measure of extreme irony that I now finally click the "received" checkbox on Kickstarter.
Today I realised I bought EGP01 (http://web.archive.org/web/20160406054522/https://gamepacks.net/avail/EGP01/) in 2013 and downloaded one game and then forgot about it and now the site's dead.
It's OK to draw Cuphead porn but it MUST be in authentic Tijuana bible format or it's illegal
Modern-day Cuphead where they lose everything on one pull of the Devil's gacha, and have to PvP all the other whales to save their necks.
http://fragilestory.com/ – This slice-of-life comic is a tad basic, but it hits the essence of the genre: people overreacting to situations.
Storm clouds covered in blue paint stealthily roll in. Drips of paint land on a few bystanders and wreak existential havoc on their moods.
*hurls livestreaming phone through portal* "There, a safe way to find out where it goes." *opens stream in 160p* "See? It goes to a purple!"
"Before I tell you the next part, you may want to… sigh…" *side-eyes the googly-eyed penguin save point that's trying to eat the tablecloth*
"Any room of any building, no matter how abandoned, can be a bedroom with enough printed-out cartoon character JPEGs taped to the walls."
http://missingmondaycomic.com/ – This is a lesbian another-world romance… a bit sluggish, but it's okay, especially past chapter 4.
Nightmare machine powered by people calling Cuphead's graphics "Steven Universe style": hiss clank SHOOMMMM whirrRRRREEEE (bzszzssz) EEEEEEE
"Boulder Shard" Legend has it that if all 8 of these rocks are brought together, the original boulder will again walk, er, roll the earth.
"Heh… that's right… I'm cute. Surprised? Tch… Don't say I didn't warn ya!" *flashes phone screen showing 20 "im cute" tweets in a row*
Anyway, I liked this page.
http://tovecomic.com/ – This comic's cute but odd… chapter 1 is standard chosen-one call-to-adventure, but chapter 2 is lots of oddly paced futuristic slice-of-life like this.
DON'T WORRY being beautiful ISN'T CONTAGIOUS so don't worry about INFECTING ME
I realised it was a little odd that cursive is used to represent elegance and refinement, when it was created as a functional tradeoff of readability for speed.
The imagery of a door marked "Employees Only" leading to the outside world is very rich.
http://deadhandcomic.dewolfestudios.com/ – This comic died young… its plot projection was kinda generic, but it seemed cute.
http://starhammercomic.com/ – This teen superhero comic leans closer to dry slice-of-life than you'd expect, but it's more than decent at that, and has a few silly moments like this as well.
"Well no, that ruleset would be called "-Weverything Bosses"." Thanks, me. I hoped you'd find a way to make me feel better.
If you're wondering, today I'm suffused with pain because the Cuphead speedrunners have just named a ruleset "All Bosses" which does not, in fact, fight every named boss.
(Actually there's a lot about that comic that sucks, but it still has some high notes, and I've foolishly invested its completion with a cathartic exorcism of Team Fortress 2's lingering, restless ghost.)
Me when Valve doesn't release Half Life 2 Episode 3: "Ehh, it was fun while it lasted." Me when Valve doesn't release part 7 of the 7-part Team Fortess 2 sequel comic: "HOW? HOW IS IT THAT I HAVE BEEN SO DEFEATED?"
[Warning: Team Fortress 2 joke detected in this tweet] I can't wait until all this is over, and the accounts in the control bucket who didn't cheat their way to 280 get a glowing halo emoji permanently affixed to their display names.
That tweet doesn't thread in the sodding web client because I used CheatDeck and FrauderScript to wallhack and fun-cancel my tweet limit.
That Sesame Street Sally Cruikshank animation was wrong… sometimes stories with a beginning… DON'T have a middle and an end :(
http://www.levelthecomic.com/ – This abandoned (sigh) cyberpunk comic has some good action scenes, but more importantly some very well-done end-of-chapter twists.
The comic's Start-to-Literally-One-Hundred-Percent-Yuri is: 167 pages.
The comic's Start-to-Bubbline is: 52 pages.
http://tnbtu.com/ – This vampire-werewolf mystery comic has some great interactions between its leads. (Content warning for occasional nudity.)
http://fullcirclecomic.com/ – I like how this just-started comic opens… lots of measured, high-bandwidth worldbuilding and varied situations.
Who's improved human civilisation more: Mark Zuckerberg, or the person who invented pressing up or down in single-line textfields to move the cursor to the start or end
The glitch-horror genre works off a mostly literal interpretation of the first point, so now I'm wondering which (intentional) glitch-horror works extend to those other, more humanist points. (Corrypt?)
Traits associated with glitch aesthetic: - Death/decay of systems - Freedom/escape from systems - Iconoclasm, the folly of the system's architects
A few days ago I saw someone observing that glitch aesthetic is goth, which – for something commonly associated with intense colours – is a connection I honestly hadn't made before.
One thing that annoys me a bit is that the nb teen, who's treated empathetically throughout the plot, is still introduced in standard Twee Genderqueer fashion.
http://woohoocomic.com – This comic's brand of zany humour is actually okay (no doubt due to being – shh, big comedy secret ahead – mostly character-driven), but in my opinion it's still carried by the art and design.
http://nuclearwinter.cabfolio.com/ – This comic honestly isn't that good, but I get a crack out of its rather expressionistic portrayal of what "nuclear winter" involves.
http://hingescomic.blogspot.com – Just went through this completed comic… unfortunately the characters are all pretty flat, but the world does have some visual charms.
OK, fine, that's not true… loading a save file plays another reused fanfare.
*subtweet voice* Remember how the only remixed tracks Super Metroid had were the title screen theme, the item fanfare, and Tourian?
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