Leon's Microblog – July 2017

"Mate! Seen the new henway?" "What's a henway?" *slowly, amid painful silence, a hen on a Segway enters shot, trundles across, and departs*
*Hundreds of barking dogs converge on this tweet, only to find it's another goddamn Twine game with maybe 20 passages, and depart brusquely*
http://l.j-factor.com/gmhtml5/Your_Utterly_Unbeatable_Natalya/ – Here's a ✾NEW✾ Leongame I suddenly made for Ludum Dare. It's about embarrassment, maybe. That and making-do.
*notices "True Arena No Ability" Kirby speedruns* Finally, a speedrun category designed for me! *realises what "no ability" means* Oh…………
I Can't Freaking Believe (by which I mean I very much can) that the free-to-play Kirby mobage cashes in this foreshadowing 7 years earlier.
Adrian Frankenstein Tepes, son of Vlad Doctorjekyll Tepes
I just saw this tweet and screamed. Sorry everyone. https://twitter.com/Waffleman_/status/768225726168530944
*thinks about how Breen's "Welcome to City 17" speech is the only surviving cultural artifact of the entirety of the Half Life series* Wow
Suddenly realised that the Mac's Option key's symbol is just a trolley problem diagram ⌥ smdh
*After a few minutes, learns this is alt-backspace in Mac OS but is ctrl-backspace in Windows* Oh, but of course.
Hash symbol today I learned alt-backspace and alt-delete delete entire words, using the same semantics as double-click?
Your palm's up against a leaky crack in your clone tank, but that fool hero thinks you're reaching out, and presses their palm on it too.
Bathing in a pile of money but it's just a cardboard cut-out and behind it is a real bathtub because heck, might as well at least feel good.
Greasing your own doll joints with fast food grease, jamming your fingers into your knees and ankles under the table
Game where the hero's friends and peaceful actions are edited out as "apocryphal" by historians, until they finally make Undeniable Evidence
"Roguelike" where the protagonist gradually realises the game's stuck on one particular seed, and has to find out whether and how to fix it.
"No, you got it backwards, it's a marble ugly statue. Its marbleness could change by dint of God, but its ugliness is eternal, immutable."
https://www.pixivision.net/en/a/2686 – This denial on the interviewer's part isn't even the most entertaining bit of this interview.
Now to play some games! *instead, opens Audacity and makes the boss fight super ability music from Return To Dream Land faster and faster*
whose main source of humour is odd rhetorical flourishes that serve less to express the world and more the narrator's bizarre priorities.
What this kind of tiny, loosely-written twine reminds me of is works like Mashkin Sees It Through (http://harmonyzone.org/Games/MashkinSeesItThrough.html, @thecatamites),
At the time it felt like a cop-out compared to my previous masterpiece, Phone In Mouth (http://l.j-factor.com/gmhtml5/Phone_In_Mouth/) but… it has its own spirit.
http://l.j-factor.com/gmhtml5/Tournament_2015/ – On a wistful whim I decided to replay my sole 2015 game, and, you know what…… it's alright.
http://detarou.web.fc2.com/game/derereba.html – Vividly animated room escape series.
Good afternoon, everyone.
http://terrycavanaghgames.com/nayasquest/ – *remembers how much attention this one got in the wake of Super Hexagon* Ahh… years lost like autumn leaves…
*amusedly observes that the Sissy's Magical Ponycorn Adventure site is still up but Cassandra's father's website is now very dead*
http://twinbeard.com/frog-fractions – Well HERE'S a game that had no lasting historical or cultural impact whatsoever.
http://www.dampgnat.com/icycle/ – This game's loading screen is way more than what a Flash platformer calls for.
"We're off to town hall to offer to name some unnamed dirt roads. I'm naming one Wario Stadium and Matt's naming Matt: The Official Road."
"Swords aren't even that phallic in the first place. Look at their proportions. It's like saying a drinking straw resembles an earplug."
http://web.archive.org/web/20031117103619/http://www.trevorvanmeter.com:80/flyguy/load2.swf – This old classic only has a phone version offered on its main site now.
*notices this game loves EarthBound to the point of bluntly aping Buzz Buzz's dying infodump* Ahh… such passion…
http://www.kongregate.com/games/Wildtwilight/tct-rpg – I've never played this Flash RPG, but it has its own TVTropes page, which means it has to be good.
http://continuitygame.com/playcontinuity.html – Slam that Like button if you always knew it was go time at this bit of the music.
http://www.ferryhalim.com/orisinal/g3/constellations.htm – *randomly picks an arbitrary Orisinal game* This is the most beautiful game I've ever played.
I'm back on my "wistfully playing once-ubiquitous Flash games that no one ever thinks about anymore" again.
"There's still time for you!! The Nintendo company didn't get around to making Super Mario Bros. until it was 96 years old."
http://serpentbearer.com/post/161499688559/ – I like this mind controlling villain's design… reminiscent of Lady Of The Shard.
Hmm… not sure I agree with the protag's anxiety represented by a voice denigrating her in second person… I'd rather it were first-person.
Now I'm playing Ghost Hospital (https://spitblaze.itch.io/ghost-hospital)
Utterly incredible, Adventure Game Studio game.
You don't tell her you just use regular toothpaste instead of the one for cursed wounds that turn into fanged mouths instead of healing.
Fish riding a still-running escalator up out of a flooded mall floor, flopping ten feet, then riding another down to a flooded car park.
The ancient machinery starts to rumble, but a roiling swarm of spiders pours from between its gears, turns the switch off, then returns.
Flies with pitch-altering devices on their wings to sound cuter
Shouting "BOO" down your phone charger cable so it returns to life just long enough to show your unread message count.
"The test subjects broke out… do we test the muscle serum on ourselves so the project isn't a total failure?" *chugging a bottle* "Failure?"
Tier list of Yume Nikki effect fanart Bottom: Knife Mid: Bicycle High: Poop hair Top: Lamppost head
Me, 2:45AM: "Passenger aeroplanes are just flying waiting rooms… like part of a doctor's office sprouted wings and blasted into the air."
I was thinking "Kirby level names weren't secret acrostics until recently, right" but then I gazed at this list IN REVERSE and now I'm upset
*kinetic "THANKS" typography slides out of my mouth*
Pause the GIF to see which one you get.
KA is almost anachronistically ambitious and self-aware… sometimes it feels like a 3rd or 4th Kirby game instead of the 2nd.
*remembers Kirby's Adventure added bomb blocks that destroy walls, but, in the same game, hacked them to sometimes create walls instead* Wow
It grew clear the animals' only other draw was their zany ability combos, hence Kirby 64 replacing them with just that alone.
Rick, Chuchu and Nago remove Kirby's flight in return for little else, Coo and Pitch are merely speed boosts, and Kine is just a Frog Suit.
Yoshi has a ranged attack and can jump on spikes, both dramatic power increases, comparable to the Robobot's obstacle-busting punches.
We know the Dream Land 2 animals were a case of "Yoshi envy", but the Robobots feel closer to Yoshi's power level than the animals ever were
https://www.reddit.com/r/smashbros/comments/6o2e22/i_did_this_at_a_local_yesterday_probably_the/ – Biggest own I've received today is reading these comments then watching the vid and seeing the opponent die at……54
Some detail close-ups of the previous.
*after emptying wardrobe, lining it with plastic and running a bath in it, like every night* "It's Friday… let's break out the rose petals."
Your apartment block relabeled the top floor as the ground floor, each other floor as basement, and the fire escape stairs as a front porch.
*slices corner off dining table* "Nothing quite heartens the soul, traveler, like homemade cooking." *puts family photo into cheese grater*
Pause frame
It turns out she does, BUT I was also confusing her powers with those of Raven from Teen Titans, which is a little disappointing.
I had to look up whether Raven from That's So Raven (a show I've never watched) had supernatural powers, or if my brain just made that up.
"NEET: abbreviation for "netorare"."
Yes that sounds like a boring tweet but at minute 8 the existential panic was mounting
Just spent 12 minutes frantically twitter-searching random words to recall the name of that party game where you design shirts (it's Tee KO)
https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=48814125 – What really makes this is the irregular, asymmetric arch shapes and the innocuous diversity of light colours.
Enchantment with programming begins once you write your first for-loop and ends once you discover that Duff's Device is syntactically valid.
I'm glad "fanservice" also means "rewards those with series familiarity" and not just the more boring meaning of "contains sexualisation".
Take Zelda… the most recent theme the BotW score recalls is from Wind Waker, amid the usual LTTP and OoT motifs, and a few Z1 refs.
Nintendo franchises often fixate too deeply on their SNES/N64 pasts for their identity, with recent material being regarded as disposable.
with respectful remixes of them included in Robobot and other matter like the Kirby Café album.
I like how a few recent Kirby tracks like Sky Tower and Mysterious Trap have sorta been "canonised" alongside classics like Butter Building,
"The robots survived our extinction and recreated our species… but did they, perhaps, make our bodies a little blockier, a little squarer?"
"Kid, if you can memorise 700 Pokémon, you can lift a 7-ton granite seal off this soulpit." "Y… yeah" *lifts 7-ton granite seal off soulpit*
Then I realised it was Cucumber Quest, of all things (http://cucumber.gigidigi.com/cq/page-672/)
I just spent five minutes wracking my brain trying to remember which comic had a girl dreaming she was suddenly wedding her goofy girl rival
https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?id=2257939 This person has a OC relationship between a girl with a personality of a cat and a boy with a personality of a shibe
https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=38687846 – Thought this was fanart for something good but it's tagged as original… Phew, I'm not missing out on anything.
*me thinking about my long-term goals* Why isn't "shrink down and pose daintily next to teacups and spools of thread" a viable career yet
Having a single transparent pixel in the corner of your body prevents you from turning into a bunny when you enter the Dark World.
I'm glad punching in "distorted skull" into Google without quotes gives the 16th century painting I was looking for https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Ambassadors_%28Holbein%29
It's a pity few others existed, like bot-Crash or bot-UFO… the one used at the final boss was, like the boss itself, dramatic but a bit odd.
and the notion that certain innocuous bot-ability combos are powerful beyond the others, if one ever got a chance to combine them.
One moment I liked a lot was stumbling into getting a power like Jet or Wheel with the Robobot and it suddenly becoming a whole new vehicle,
I have to give some credit to the VA work for this endgame boss – this is a pretty unique maniacal laugh right here.
This game's True Arena feels easier than Triple Deluxe's. But maybe that's just due to the reduction of… hnggggh… boss background attacks.
I love how the bosses are these grotesque mashups of Kirby's dear friends… the splitting Dedede has a real Sorcerer's Apprentice feel.
I love how it frames one middle level per world as an imposing screw-shape fortress, with a looming exterior shot… SMB3 finally got a sequel
Having Jet but not Wing or Beetle, and especially changing Water into a mostly palette-swapped equivalent called Poison.
One thing I like a lot is how the powerup roster in this one seems specifically thematically limited to the machine/urban world around Kirby
I'm so happy… technology is wonderful… Videogames Finally Look Like Their Boxart
*looks at backgrounds* Wow, can't believe they made a Kirby game for the Sega Genesis
Livetweet thread for the game Kirby: Planet Robobot:
*some folks… just a lucky few
I keep thinking of the post about how ESL folks feel everything in English sounds erotic because they exclusively use English to read fanfic
What if I haven't read the previous 17,775 articles
https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYMHAAACAAAYUKlqRTAAfg –I'm glad Kirby, a series by the guy who put Mr Game & Watch in Melee, is now run by a Don Rosa-tier continuity buff
*suddenly realises why it's called Kirby And The "Amazing" Mirror* Ughhh… I had this one coming.
https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=manga&illust_id=60173962 – I like all of these… Please let the next games give the rest of them some plot points.
Tier list of comparisons of 17776 to things: Low: Homestuck Mid: xkcd High: Prime Intellect Top: Instruction For A Fruit
The only silver lining to Brendon Chung's games not being popular is the low risk of me seeing someone call his characters "Minecraft-like".
The protagonist of Quadrilateral Cowboy.
That not a word about the Sectonians or Floralia is given beforehand, not even as part of the game's premise, makes this discovery special.
The image of bug soldiers in a castle with flower prisoners, with no textual elaboration, so cleanly lets their designs show everything.
Another thing: I'm very happy that so much of this game's world is revealed non-verbally in this specific stage, 6-5.
http://yesterdays-print.com/post/161946864454/reading-times-pennsylvania-february-11-1925 – I saw an Ethel Hays comic a week ago and I'm still thinking about these Rs and Ss
I read more of the comic and it gets interestingly tense and reined-in… still very "RPG Maker horror" but in the good sense…
http://glitchwebcomic.com/ – I'm not sold on this webcomic, but this guy's intro isn't half bad.
https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=62738625 – Most important part of this is the lone nail falling out.
(Unfortunately Vriska doesn't map to anything… and no, I'm not doing the meme where you map Vriska to Vriska regardless of the domain.)
John is Dent, Dave is Beeblebrox, Karkat is Marvin, ad-hoc radioplay plotting is ad-hoc webcomic plotting, all of SBAHJ is 42
*in midst of an hours-long headache, suddenly realises Homestuck is just Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy* Well, that finally explains that.
https://twitter.com/towa_remon/media – Some good work on their twitter media tab, too.
https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=62668174 – This person's entire account is pretty great.
This is my favourite moment in Triple Deluxe. I'm so glad that this happens. I'm so glad I played this videogame.
Mad Magazine-style fold-ins where the picture is revealed by diagonal-slicing the page with a katana, and the top half slides down
NieR 2.B.A. Mata
I love Drill Dozer's 3rd gear, the vastly oversold ability to spin a drill without stopping, even though that game has awful level pacing.
They're mandatory powerups used for puzzles, but are unashamedly framed as dramatic heroic abilities, the apogee of their characters' powers
Something else Hypernova satisfyingly reminds me of, and which RTDL's deluxe powers did not, is getting 3rd Gear in Drill Dozer.
"Sword cane? You pull out the sword and now your trusty cane's lost its handle. How are you meant to walk now, let alone swordfight?"
The combination of spectacle and whimsy of that ending has been kind of absent from the series until now, so I'm glad to see its return.
Hypernova also reminds me of the Dream Land ending where Kirby inflates into a giant… exaggerating his normal ability into fantasy.
I like the "check" music from Clubhouse Games (Nintendo DS, 2005) – in particular, how very tonally off it is for a chess game.
I also note the deluxe abilities' mood of grand heroics is replaced with a gentler, playful tone for the humbler, sillier hypernova.
Hypernova itself is interesting as a paring-down of the Return To Dream Land deluxe abilities – one very Kirby ability in place of several.
Speaking of short battles, I like the little puzzley fight scenes at the end of hypernova levels… cute flavourful micro-narratives.
Normal boss battles that feel like they're full of content are fleetingly rare in games – most are either smartly short, or thickly padded.
Started playing Kirby Triple Deluxe… I appreciate how many attacks the world bosses have, so many that you'll barely see them all…
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