Leon's Microblog – September 2015

Its curiousity unsated, the AI began reading human erotica, solely to see the experience of having a body, limbs, touch described vividly.
This ghost is enraptured by the squeak of the spike traps that killed them. You oil the trap, making it deadlier but letting them pass on.
Even though you're on the fifth floor, the builders put a ground-floor window in your wall. You walk up 5 flights and don't even get a view.
You and your partner tried to pull your sweat-sticky skin apart, and long story short you're now covering your flesh with 4 of their shirts.
Just a tiny identifying detail that suggests the figure's interiority, beyond what their stance and attire provide.
http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=38323124 – Feel like there's plenty of pictures like this which are only "made" by a small accoutrement, like this cigarette.
You lead an ascetic lifestyle, where you only stop rolling around your apartment floor when the opulence of walking is strictly necessary.
During a routine medical procedure in which his "life energy" was pumped out of his body and into a clown mannequin, to "freshen it up",
"Sorry, I used too much hand softener," you fib as the client pulls their fingers from your bare palm – your condition finally noticeable.
"I granted everyone's wishes! The dog with 3 legs now has 30 legs, I made all the childless lady's household objects come to life… Perfect!"
"Each electro-skate spins in opposite directions. Remember: use the right to move "right" ahead, and left to see what you "left" behind!"
Some ask why you don't use telekinesis outside of the glowing circles with hovering A button prompts –not knowing it was the Price you paid…
"Any weapon can be thrown like a boomerang – knives, crosses, shields, canes," her voice chimes, "as long as it spins in 90 degree frames."
The only way you can introspect is to borrow someone else's phone and call yourself.
You can't afford the leg surgeon, so you got the town mason to build you a flying buttress, which is great as long as you never move.
A drop of the corrupting rain lands in your eye. Well, when your new evil form sheds your human husk in a week, at least you can still read.
You channeled fire mana from so many places: your stove, your body heat, even your passion. Now you're gloomy, sniffly and eating cold soup.
You're glad everyone wears cool glowing eye-lenses now, even if it's to farm and sell footage of their commutes to ad companies for food.
She bought you this rainbow-blushing body-mod, and now she's teasing you in public just to show you off! The thought makes your cheeks burn!
You've launched an unmanned probe to sweep past your face, and develop a composite false-colour selfie from numerous low-res images.
The shoulder-blade slime doesn't assume a full human form - only shoulder-blades. You feel them. They're exquisite. It's a pure specialist.
"Is this really an endless white void we're eternally sealed inside, when it's filled end-to-end with our love?"
You tear off your dress, and your untextured, invisible legs leave no footprints for your pursuers.
(The difference here compared to other games is that the levels they're stuck on are randomly selected and they'll likely never see again.)
I've been seeing multiple Mario Maker streamers refusing to skip levels they've been stuck on for 3+ hours, and I want to say: I love y'all.
They say the only safe place to be near an arch-sorcerer is right behind them. They also say if you stab them in the back, nowhere is safe.
You've been with her for 10 years, but you always want to confirm that her tail will grow back before you erotically bite off and devour it.
As the eclipse ends, her supernatural strength returns. Her arm, so easily wrestled down, slowly rises again as you both strain and smile.
You deploy the tape deck playing the really intense bit of O Fortuna on loop. The preteens fall to the floor, overcome by how badass this is
"I use the Ghost-type version of Curse, even though I'm Normal-type. So I plunge a stake into my body, and nothing happens to the opponent."
"The flowers are actually for the gravestone… It's turned two years old today! No idea whose grave it's sitting on, though."
You're halfway through this computer-science edutainment game in which Carmen Sandiego somehow steals the concept of monads.
"We tried asking the smirking lanky henchman to stop licking his knives, but he offered us some, and turns out they taste damn good!"
"In fact, there are two kinds. The predubus can only gain sustenance from negotiation – the succubus, from aftercare."
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