Leon's Microblog – August 2015

(The head of the dice mace could be hovering above the handle, and swinging it makes it "roll" a face.)
What I'm saying is why didn't Vriska get a dice bolas, or a dice mace, or a dice flail
Thinking about all the times Homestuck made its allegedly non-sword-using characters end up using swords anyway.
As in the original legend, Dracula can only be truly killed by dropping a bucket on his head and pushing him into a room full of mousetraps.
As a last resort, you press the "I Wish None Of This Had Ever Happened" key. Suddenly it's Jan 1, 1970. Computers are gone. You're free now.
She left her voice in her room while she made her escape. Without her, her voice could only do as it always did, and slowly, softly cry.
"They say he began thumbing through his exes' feeds to see if he could let them back into his life. His ghost is still scrolling, even now."
Your robot lover is perpetually amazed that you can feel their touch anywhere on your entire skin. "Even here?" they ask. Especially there.
"I managed to optimise my two most time-consuming activities by learning to cry in my sleep."
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6AL3Vml40s – I didn't notice the Etecoons were making the item fanfare noise!!!! I DIDN'T NOTIIIIIIIICE ;_;
A speedrun of Randomised EarthBound.
Suddenly, it makes sense. The sprite was really designed as a flame emanating from a source, rather than a physical object moving forward.
That bothered me for a great many years, until I saw this scene in some Super Mario Maker footage just now:
It's reasonable to think the fireball SHOULD be facing forward like a comet, the flames trailing behind it.
Here's a thing that I'd been puzzled with for decades: if you play Super Mario Bros., it looks like Bowser's fireballs are backwards.
If you twitter-search "My dick turned into a", half the time the next word is "pussy", and half of those are trans women and not gross bros.
Your mother said you don't have to be the storm's stepchild if you don't want to. You still aren't used to seeing her clutched in its winds.
"Well, it's midnight, time to catch some G's. O-M-Gs, that is." *leaps into bed with phones in both hands after downing a litre of coffee*
Does Mario have chest hair, and if so is it identical in shape to his mustache
All the trees are dead. But, (and you must give them this, at least) they still stand.
You grew your hair long after she left, and when it covers your face in bed, it reminds you of her leaning over you.
The mainframe's decision that very hot people are inefficiently distracting, and must be destroyed… was it a ploy to lure you into its lair?
The skeleton pirates divvy up the bones of their fallen foes. The captain gets the freshest femurs and the jaw with the most gold fillings.
A naga couple trying to yank each other out of their sloughing skins so they can get to work on time.
You used to imagine the sadness flowing out of your body. Now you imagine your body's saddened cells crumbing to ash and falling away.
"Some said after I got a Decuple Jump in game 7, I had enough jumps. But while gravity's grip imprisons us, there are always more jumps."
Your night shift is so late that your office building's lying fast asleep. You unlock your floor's window and tiptoe across the walls.
"Please. No human can grow cheekbones and a cranial dome this perfect. I paid for this full skull transplant with my hard-earned millions."
"He's swallowed some things I'm pretty sure were still alive. That may explain his vastly increased appetite – he's eating for two or more!"
Medium: syntax highlighting on minified Javascript
Flying over a forest, fretting you can't behold every tree, experience every thicket and gully, give anthropic meaning to meaningless acres.
That sounds bad because it seems like I don't care for the artist's framing - I do, but prefer to keep them separate, temporally spaced out.
I find it oddly relieving, letting me browse images as they are, without their titles or descriptions dominating my initial impressions.
Incidentally, I notice I prefer browsing pixiv over English sites like deviantArt because of the language barrier, not in spite of it.
http://leons-minds-eye.tumblr.com/ – Here's a link to my personal image reblog tumblr again, if you missed that one time I mentioned it a year ago.
During your duck piloting finals, you performed the "tip forward into water", then, just like in your nightmares, forgot how to tip back up.
Fortunately, you scheduled this expedition for the middle of summer, so you don't die in the snow when the clothes-wraiths steal yours away.
A ghost sitting on a house of cards, grimly marveling at her own powerlessness- no more able to touch the living world than crush a mountain
An exiled alien, a mind-sealed wizard, a banished angel – your sardonic pals at group therapy for the disempowered and formerly superhuman.
"Large stacks of old calendars exude intense auras of years past. If your arms suddenly shrivel into baby arms, step back immediately."
"Abandoned, decrepit guitars become hostile and vicious. You must weather their attacks while soothing them with country blues lyrics."
*realises with horror that the "Dinosaur Land" in Super Mario World only had like four types of dinosaur creatures, tops*
http://myemyemye.tumblr.com/post/79170984423/fan-art-final-fantasy-4 – Glad there's fanart out there of the best Final Fantasy miniboss team.
Smash Bros. players want to see Solid Snake's moveset return in Smash 4, even if that means Sakurai must create an OC named "Snoke".
I've just learned Mario's Superman-style cape in Super Mario World was known in Japan as the "Super Mantle"… a very hard-working pun.
"I succeeded in drinking enough red soda to start hallucinating new Steven Universe eps. The bad news is they were all Lars and Sadie eps."
In your youth you valued your power to turn invisible when you cry, but now you wish you could be rid of it, be seen for just one moment.
You can only net a job as a mosquito, but having to leave 99.9% of your body mass at home underscores how much of your education was wasted.
Not only does the bus zoom past as you rush to the stop, but it sprouts iridescent wings and soars into the clouds – the 1/128 Critical Bus.
Each day, at sunset, your unseen captor levitates you back to the tower – and for a moment, eyes closed, you're the bird you dream of being.
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