Leon's Microblog – July 2015

The wizard family learns the slowness of mundane air travel was a tad exaggerated when they try to take a week's worth of food on the plane.
"You never know, on drawing a sword, what you will be once you sheathe it. Its grip is the greatest potion, making angels and fiends alike."
You try and comfort the snails who lament that they cannot die bravely in battle by telling them that to die at all is brave.
(I think she most fits the notion of the four Gems' fusions being impressive, enchanting, rarely-seen novelties, out of those we've seen.)
[Steven Universe tweet] I like Sardonyx a lot, even knowing we saw the exact maximum footage of her beyond which she'd just become annoying.
http://www.eyezmaze.com/sp/2015/07/grow_comic_2.html – I can't believe the ferocity of this self-directed burn.
Me: *shows screenshot of Bart and Lisa using smartphones* Vampire: No… This cannot be! AAAARR- *crumbles into dust*
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9F8jlUcMx0&feature=youtu.be&t=712 – I like it when fanslation patches replace the opening credits with their own credits.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maddox_Brothers_and_Rose – I'm glad to know we had a viable source of "and Knuckles"-style jokes during the 40's.
"Once you go over 25,000 tweets, their weight crushes your first tweets to oil, which will be drilled by content crawlers after your death."
I always liked that the horror of this boss was escalated by the abrasive, glitchy noise and appearance of this late-battle weapon.
https://youtu.be/FLuNWK_R0CA?t=2359 – Current mood: the very idiosyncratic sound effect when Mother Brain fires this weapon.
"No! WE'RE the dominant lifeform! Invade us!" shouts the crowd as the UFOs again descend into the ocean to consult with the mega-squids.
https://www.gogigantic.com/en/heroes/griselma - I'm not enthusiastic about this game or its genre, but I like that "round old witch in horn-rims" is on the roster
You could use the last of your painkiller, or your last soothing spell, or just put up with it for the tenth day in a row. You have choices.
Cheers rise from every roof of your village as the rainbow crashes into the sea in billowing smoke and flames, and the fighter jets retreat.
You try to remember something distinct about your arm. There was a scar on one finger – but which one? It flickers and fades further.
Each E2 node "belonging" to the site rather than single accounts encourages self-contained "works" rather than elements of a personal stream
E2 has little delineation between prose, poetry, information, and opinion, and encourages a browsing pattern that sends you between them.
One thing I kind of miss about Everything2 as a media platform is how you can aimlessly browse around and end up reading a short story.
*notices 5 of my browser games contain naked women* Hmm. *PowerPoint slide titled "WHAT DOES IT MEAN???" appears in thought bubble overhead*
Your ravens fly in with scraps from the battlefield. One drops an eyeball in your waiting palm, which you smoothly slide into your socket.
Every other backup clone perished during revival. You're the only one of you left. The weight of this responsibility curls you up in fear.
https://youtu.be/-KVgtwdd0IM?t=68 It's been revealed to me that a Boo piloting a Clown Car will cause the Clown Car's face to behave like a Boo's.
What if the Kongo Jungle Melee stage had been tournament legal, and dozens of Melee grand finals had the DK Rap playing over them
https://youtu.be/HavOMKYuvTQ?t=32 – I only just noticed that the Super Mario Maker interface says the name of each object in a cute autotune voice.
"Commissions are closed. An ant asked me for a self-portrait, so I'll be hunting for the key combo for the ant emoji over the next month."
I just read to the bottom of this page and wailed "Nooooooooo ;_;" in sympathy.
You suddenly wonder whether your inner self-image as a tarp-covered concrete cube was impoverished by a lifetime of internalised shame.
You tiredly lay the book on your tummy, slide one of your eyeballs under your back, and read it through your translucent body.
Knowing that you can't reverse causality, the letter you send to your past self is completely blank. You know you'll read between the lines.
You know that black hole as the one that will be radiating your late partner's mass, particle by particle, into the cosmos for eternity.
Your rich parents preserved your birth eggshell and expanded it as you grew, so you could always crawl back inside whenever you needed to.
"The home release of Space Hole had no manual, only the words "There's a hole in space, and your gun must fill it" printed inside the box."
You hoped, when the sun sank away, that you could fix everything before it returned, but again it rises with only your regrets to see.
"Don't cry when the angel gives you your Cosmic Teen Powers – nor when it returns to take them away, leaving only your sorrows and scars."
Each time you used your most dangerous spells to save your fellow warriors, you only awoke months later. You lost your 2014 for them.
The lich's phylactery holds her only ticklish spot, and only her mightiest lovers can journey to retrieve it and destroy her.
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