Leon's Microblog – September 2012

RPG bosses that bat around the player's characters like cat toys, thoroughly humilating them before finally doing the one-hit-kill attack.
RPG bosses that grin and wink at the player just before they do the attack that wipes out the whole party.
A generation arose who only knew wyverns from mounted trophies, believing their grand wings to have always been faded bullet-riddled shreds.
Ancestors who had been slain by wyverns were once pariahs. But now that avenging them was possible, they were quickly reinvented as martyrs.
The idea that wyverns were finite in number was once heresy. Now, verses extolling their extermination were discovered in the holy books.
Humanity regarded wyverns as God's wrath incarnate until the advent of artillery, whereupon they became Satan's easily-corrected annoyance.
Game Idea: text quest where your attacks must rhyme with your enemies. Crab -> Stab, Hound -> Pound, Knight -> Smite, Mob Boss -> Left Cross
Game Idea: roguelike where letters are items and your character's name is literally your inventory.
I put the Unicode ellipsis glyph in my profile name so I don't have to keep copying it from elsewhere. Using my own name as an inventory…!
She used a paintbrush made of her own eyelashes, forever soaked in widow's tears… perfect for watercolours extolling the futility of beauty.
http://animatedscreenshots.tumblr.com/post/32547536802/kirbys-adventure - There's some peculiar logic in naming a mountain and valley world "Yogurt Yard".
Diving in the bone lake… a stray jaw cuts your air hose! You rush to the surface, ossicles battering you… you feel "the boneds" coming on…
"The planets are dying, winking out. They each wait for one last star-traveler to visit them, one last night in which they are called home."
#IPlayed There is a Picture. http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-23/?action=preview&uid=12109. This has got me thinking about the necessity of "the Twine for RPG Maker".
Femurmaids: woman on top, giant bleached thighbone below. Be unafraid as you see them swimming in the bone lakes, splashing ribs sensually.
I find it interesting that when it was first proposed, the concept of species extinction was just as blasphemous as that of evolution.
F-Zero. Watch out for desert snakes.
Flipped coins unerringly rolled under desks and into holes. Ducks stopped accepting thrown bread, saying "you'll need it more than we will."
Dice began rolling all ones. The horoscope column caught fire in sunlight. Windows started giving "who cares" as the ETA for copying files.
Ill omens began appearing. Clouds became raised middle fingers. Tealeaves in the shape of coiled poop. Bad weather? Or the advent of evil… ?
"The inspiring and tragic tale of a man in a pissing race against the world's first faucet... truly the John Henry of the ancient world..."
You dodged too late! You receive a hug so strong that your organs are pushed into your head and you become the Living Lollipop forevermore.
"We will plant the flag in the Orion constellation, blow up the belt-buckle star, and use its pieces to light every streetlamp in New York."
"We will shoot a manned rocket from Cape Nasty directly into the Wet Dog constellation - 'the anus of the cosmos' as the Greeks called it."
You swill the potion. Unfortunately it combines with the other potions in your stomach, with unstable results!! You are now ten starfish.
Realising that you just sat down on a sleeping tiger's belly, but unable to move lest it wake up. It almost slashes you in its fitful sleep.
"Charge-Bot has taken over the telephone switchboard! And… to beat him… you'll have… to reverse the charges… DO YOU PEOPLE HAVE NO SHAME?!"
#IPlayed Wizorb. In spite of its efforts, it sadly still has too many of the boring bits of standard Arkanoid play in it.
CHOOSE NEXT STAGE: * Mud Cave * Mud Factory * Mud Castle * Mud Museum * Mud Skyscraper * Mud Coliseum * Mud Cathedral
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Mysteries_of_Harris_Burdick - As a kid I was so annoyed when I eventually found out the frame story in this book was made up.
"Though you may grit your teeth at me," said the jester to the queen, "I shall release your imprisoned laughs from their ivory-barred cell!"
Game idea: run-and-gun where your ammo can go into negative values and you start shooting glitch tiles that break the things they hit.
"Behold, great hero, for inside lies a power that will let you slip the bounds of gravity and ascend t-" "Is it double-jump?" "Yes, yes!!"
"One might wonder about the necessity of giant sawblades in this modern age of flashing damage squares… I guess I'm just a traditionalist…"
CHOOSE NEXT STAGE: * Room of Crimson Skin * Temple of Mighty Soles * Streaked Cheek Keep * Dignity's Demise * The Flesh Tenderiser
"You have obtained MONSTER gun! You can now open SAVAGE doors and destroy MURDERER armoured foes as long as you have I WILL KILL YOU ammo!"
Last night I recall thinking something about @christinelove's Diving Deeper being a marine retelling of the Pasiphaë/bull myth.
"Every creature in this game is your enemy! Without you, there would be peace in this world. Only through you do they know death and pain."
"Mire apologies, but I mud say that I'm marsh too swamped to fen scum time to get bogged down in this morass, for peat's sake."
Lady of lies, dame of deception, belle of bluffs, frau of fibs, princess of porkies, tomboy of tall tales, woman of whoppers.
Your head rigid, your tongue lashes your chin in search of the sweat drop. But alas! A brief tingle, and it drops onto the pressure plate.
http://everything2.com/title/If+only+the+spaghetti+westerns+were+half+as+good+as+their+titles - The terse wit of these silly things is an unusual inspiration.
I Have Only Three Friends: The Just, The Unjust, And The Dead.
Silence So Loud That No Gun Can Break It
The Sun So Bright That God Can't See
No Coffin Is Big Enough To Hold My Heart's Pain
The Smell Of Gunpowder And The Taste of Tears
Listen When My Gun Speaks, And Listen When My Heart Breaks
An RPG whose NPCs have realised that the game is unfinished and the final boss doesn't exist, but keep pretending out of sheer denial.
I just checked and xkcd's front page still has that "This is not the algorithm" thing from 2007 on it: http://blag.xkcd.com/2007/04/19/billboards/
"This is not a game. This game does not exist. This game is not art. This game is not a hoax. This is not a readme. This is not the truth."
Psychonauts. Not too happy about the framerate of this one, even though it gives a claymation look to the characters.
NPCs whose descriptions of the final boss ("unbeatable", "frightening") change if you edit its stats down to nothing ("pesky", "annoying").
A game that sees which monster in its data files has the highest combat stats, and generates a plot with them as the major antagonist.
A wizard so horrifying, so invincible, that they can only be beaten by renaming their datafile and preventing the game from ever reading it.
Dragon enemies that set fire to your keybindings, and you have to mash your keys to put out the flames.
Succubus enemies that rub your health bar to lengthen it, but you must drag them away before they go too far and it squirts out red pixels.
Ninja enemies that hide underneath your cursor, and when you move it near your health bar, they leap out and slice it in half.
Ninja enemies that disguise themselves as achievement pop-ups, and getting killed by one triggers the real achievement pop-up.
Gosh, it looks like I've gone from frustration to bliss in just two hours. The turning point seems to have been... a few minutes of Zineth??
I think it's the most perfect, exquisite sight gag.
I loved the scene in Paprika where he's describing nonsense for a full minute, then it cuts to the dream world and it's all there on screen.
So I tried http://videogamena.me/ and by some miracle I got "Rad Desert Bloodbath". It sounds great if you take it literally.
The sadness of being unable to steal a stegosaurus from the treasurer's office as part of an elaborate assassination plot. #Varicella
"My games are not 'casual'. They are EPICUREAN."
Donkey Kong Country 3. How did the graphics in this 2005 GBA port end up worse than the 1996 original.
"It's much easier to just tell our citizens that the bursts of enemy laser fire on our station's shields are merely rousing fireworks."
Sexy Parodius. (This game was released 14 months after the Kobe earthquake.)
The other day I was thinking "none of Sakurai's Kirby games have auto-scrolling levels" and just now I remembered Revenge of Meta-Knight.
"Isn't it's funny how, after foiling my plans so many times, you're suddenly one foot tall and made of play-doh? ...Just think it over."
"Ah my old foe. How ironic that after years of trying to kill you, I'm now talking to a cookie shaped like you. Don't get it? Ha, you will."
#IPlayed Centipede. The 'drum beat' music is great at setting the mood of this game.
"The first fighter to 'punch' landed a fist on the face, but, unsure of what to do next, tried frantically grinding it into their cheek."
"What is the key to the 'fist'? Which fingers do you curl first? Is the thumb useful, or should you cut it off? Fightologists are baffled…"
"Punch: what is this secret technique? Some say it's an invisible sword - others, that it's a way to kick with your arm. Insanity? Madness?"
"It's my Europe holiday home… a cloud of mist constantly blown into the shape of a cube… no, I hate that continent and would never visit…"
"This is my third house... a three-story fountain inside a crystal glass dome... listen, it's a key investment... the location is killer..."
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Style_(manner_of_address)#Examples_of_styles - These start to seem pretty silly when you list them all in a row together.
#IPlayed Warlock Bentspine.
"The criminals' only payment was a few licks of the verboten spread as they crossed the Atlantic - hence the name 'roof-lickers'."
"In the 19th century, Europeans considered peanut butter an unholy substance, and it was smuggled in on the roofs of criminals' mouths."
Life as a terrible machine that takes pristine bodies, scars their flesh, breaks their teeth, poisons their organs, and spits them out.
How many impressive screams are trapped in your body, waiting patiently for the moment of their release?
"If you have trouble solving the killer robot chamber, a trained solutionologist will be provided." *deploys killer solutionologist* "Uh oh"
You burst into the room, guns blazing. They're on fire. You literally set your pistols on fire instead of shooting them. Are you kidding me.
"This is not your regular puzzle-platformer! Instead of gravity pulling things down, an omnipresent giant kraken's tentacles do it instead."
I've tried playing this game in the past but I've always been overwhelmed by the apparent immensity of the task.
I saw the film Paprika. Kind of want to revel in this afterglow feeling that my surroundings could start melting at the merest provocation.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwxN8sCIOOE - I still like this mod idea.
"A note about the acidbloods: it seems wounding 'em actually makes them MORE dangerous in combat. So just use the flats of your swords, OK?"
Thinking up puzzles is hard. #ScreenshotSaturday
You draw your sword, only to find you'd left all of its sharpness at home. And you call yourself an adventurer. Pathetic. You make me sick.
Just as you put on the Doom Crown, you discover too late that a duck has stolen your head and replaced it with its own. "Quack," you curse.
You suddenly notice your right arm is missing. You turn - a spider is wearing it. It offers to arm-wrestle you for it. You lose miserably.
"To mitigate your unhealthy stress levels, a mental blocker will be applied which will render the numerous giant circular saws invisible."
"As a security measure, the chamber will now be flooded with Mind Control Suppressant A. Control of your mind will be suppressed in 3..."
Your date hands you a revolver and whispers one word: "kill." What does he want? He points at a man on stage. "Bang" he mysteriously grunts.
A shield and scimitar hewn from the toenails of giants. Hard leather armour from their soles.
I've just noticed that MM:DITL2's use of unlockable characters instead of weapons makes it pleasantly reminiscent of Little Samson.
#IPlayed Mega Man: Day in the Limelight 2. It turns out Mega Man games can actually be fun if you just have unlimited weapon energy.
http://earthbound.wikia.com/wiki/Debug_Mode - "A Code of Words Not Readable"
A temporally dislocated #ScreenshotSaturday.
You see a goblin. >INCINERATE GOBLIN You fall to your knees and beg for your life. >EVISCERATE GOBLIN It clubs your head then flees giggling
You put your hand in the statue's mouth. >FEEL Your 3 fingers feel nothing. >FEEL Your finger feels nothing. >REMOVE You remove your wrist.
http://girlmountain.tumblr.com/post/31862208099 - This webcomic continues to be good.
Yes, the potion of all-sight can solve this labyrinth... gah! Your left eye grows, swells, bursts! You see the exit in a flash of hot light.
A locked door! You imbibe the so-called 'unlocking potion'... ack! You howl as a limb, bones, skin, sprouts from your chest - a fleshy key!
Horrifying radio program where the lip-smacking and intake-of-breath sounds get louder and louder until they eclipse the actual speech.
Your reflection, huge and distorted in an ensorceled mirror. Grinning hungrily, it strides toward you. Your legs uncontrollably do the same.
http://www.qwantz.com/index.php?comic=1043 - I still love this goofy episode. Also check the hidden text in the 'contact' link.
"Some say I have a clawing fixation in my writing," said the clawbot. "But If you just read latest poem crudely scratched in this steel wall
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Animated_spaceships.gif - I don't know why but these look just like the enemies from MSX Gradius.
You slowly excavate the stone arm from desert earth… your brushing and chipping reveal a wrist… with a hand… holding a gun… pointed at you.
The Long Run by @Amon26.
#IPlayed Vidiot Game. http://gzstorm.com/vidiot-game/ Feels like a professional remake of Revenge of the Sunfish (http://www.auntiepixelante.com/?p=1084)
Agh, where's all my pep? Where's my get-up-and-go? My up-and-at-em? My va-va-voom? My zip-a-dee-doo-dah? My fiddle-dee-dee? My knick-knack-p
Over 50 hours of interactivity, 9 entire gigabytes of distinct data, and over 200 unique explosions, motion-captured from real demolitions!
To slowly open the door you must stand on two pressure plates - but as you do so, the spikes between the plates rise perilously upward…
You wake up. A migrating swarm of terror spiders is marching over you. If you move an inch, you're dead. The swarm is miles and miles long…
With thick gloves, you gingerly lift the gold idol. Beneath it is a hole which pours out mist. Your muscles relax and you're on the floor.
The cold darkness of this oppressive tomb is broken by a beam of warm sunlight ahead of you. A rat wanders into it and ignites instantly.
Before you lies a sparkling pool. Beneath its clear surface frescoes of mermaids beckon you. You dip a stick and it burns away in seconds.
http://pixels.dessgeega.com/wp-content/uploads/2006/11/cloud-gazing_big.gif - I mention this because I remembered I really like this old @auntiepixelante drawing, with its layers of ambiguity.
Am I the only one who also sees a face in the Space Invaders flying saucer? A four-eyed, jawless, inscrutable face.
http://animatedscreenshots.tumblr.com/post/31816550481/pac-mania - As a kid I never understood the giant blue ghost. It's giant, but also vulnerable and edible? Contradictory signals.
I'm well-pleased with the fortune that VESPER.5 has tonight revealed to me.
"If only there was a way to tell the game that I do NOT want to impale myself on spikes. It almost seems to have the exact opposite idea!"
"The game is so eager to help me get impaled on spikes, you think. Look how many spikes it's offering. Surely it knows what's best, right?"
"Not crashing is the key to victory. While the allure of crashing is strong, and the game offers it with great insistence, you must refuse!"
#IPlayed Mike The Cat's Legal Defense Fund http://www.mediafire.com/?tftha9pgp6ttpv3 Unfinished game by @TopherFlorence. It's like if Windosill was a beat-em-up.
My last Ludum Dare submission was IBEBASQ, which got 25th in Humour: http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-21/?action=preview&uid=1084. I notice several common themes between the two.
My silly reverse-masocore game got the silver gong in Humour in #LD48. Thanks for surprising me by liking it, folks.
That previous tweet is just saying I spent too long trying to code a thing that will be helpful for expanding my recentmost KotM game.
Finally this so-called "Game" "Maker" has some proper line/rectangle collision detection.
#IPlayed Ongoing Symptoms of Consumer Dissatisfaction by @j_traub. Very funny. http://justin.tomatoland.org/VD/dissatisfaction.html (via http://www.saltw.net/index.php?topic=83364.0)
"The hit game show, Money-In-A-Can! Why do so many tune in, just to see people struggle in vain to pound and claw open a can in 30 seconds?"
"What letter makes deprivations of descents?" "T makes DIVES DIVEST!"
"Well," cried the President, "we'll make our own space mud!" He emptied two boxes of glitter into the mud reservoir before being restrained.
"We've been exploding our muddiest rockets on launchpads for years now and Swamp 2 got space mud first?" spat the General, vomiting angrily.
"Susan, this is space mud," quailed the scientist, lifting a tiny Jupiter with his science tongs. "Call the Secretary of Goop immediately."
I wonder what became of those late-90s guides to the Internet. I hope they weren't all mass-pulped with the Y2K doomsday survival books.
If I remember, the first time I encountered "LOL", "ROFL" and the emoticon was in some kind of "Netiquette For Kids" book in primary school.
For the first time since this infernal videogame experiment began, I'm actually glad I've got 23 hours before I can make this decision.
VESPER.5, thirty-two days in: This is relentless. Unyielding. Inhuman.
It occurs to me that maybe all of @auntiepixelante's boss battles involve single-hit-point combatants on both sides.
How cheeky you are, knowing those chains you drape over yourself won't hold you when the full moon comes. You must be just teasing yourself.
It is disconcerting to wake up in a gigantic you-shaped pit in soft earth, unable to climb out of your former girth before the army arrives.
As she felt the stethoscope on her chest, she silently urged her elves to quiet their tramping up her stairwells. She mustn't be found out.
Now I've listed this forgotten hack http://l.j-factor.com/emulation/SuperMarioBros-WindupMusic.nes on the page as well. It ties the music's speed to Mario's speed, much like Dig Dug.
A note about Scrolling Mario Bros.: the scrolling speed is fast enough that you should, just barely, avoid running out of time in 8-1.
http://l.j-factor.com/emulation/ - I mention this becase I realised I forgot to list Scrolling Mario Bros. on my ROM hack page, until just now.
Yes, now that I think about it, I really do genuinely miss the pain-filled torturescent agonyscape that was Butter Bridge 1.
I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I'm still going to say it: I like the auto-scrolling levels in Super Mario Bros. games.
Unwilling to witness his body's transformation, he simply stared at the ceiling, watching it creep closer and closer as the seconds passed.
Unable to bring herself to look down, she watched her own shadow twisting and terribly contorting as her monstrous transformation took hold.
Kirby's Dream Land.
Here's a Follow Friday: @Kittythulhu makes Twine games about the scrape of bone on aged stone. Doesn't tweet too often.
http://animatedscreenshots.tumblr.com/post/31542302847/rose-camellia - Haha, I just love how stretchy your neck gets when you get slapped. I can't stop looking at it.
Games of the 22nd Century: Radiation Leak Hunt. Strange Feeling of Heartbreaking Loss for a World You Never Knew. Misremembered Chess.
You stare as the vacuum cleaner greedily slurps the flesh off your bones. "Don't worry," says the doctor. "This is a medical procedure."
These are not Magic Eye pictures.
More La-Mulana glitch worlds:
The thing about internal organs is that they're all-consuming flesh-hungry booby traps. Doctors call them nature's quicksand.
Drugs of the 22nd Century: Cremation fumes. Licking a battery. Snorting sugar. Ocean Rush (a.k.a. seawater).
La-Mulana with some map data files swapped. I love that the level data and graphics tiles are de-coupled like this.
Seven oxen in gauzy vests tug pegs in ugly soil. #NESGameGenieLettersOnly
Diseases of the 22nd Century: Dung rot. Wandering scrote. Engorged funnybone. Missing blood. The burps. Runny flesh. Eviscerated scrote.
The dragon slumps, its chest wound showing its huge heart. You remove your armour, step inside and hug tightly. The wound closes behind you.
The simple joy of holding a human in your mouth until its gentle kicks start to die down, then incinerating it and blowing a smoke-ring.
Your forest fire is spreading faster than your wings can soar over it. The roar is deafening. You grin and pretend it is you who is roaring.
The whomp and crunch of brittle walls against your tail - the gentle pitter-pat of desperately thrown rocks against your leathery wings.
Breathe fire in the hall then lounge in front of the exit, giggling as you feel the puny humans try in vain to climb over your smooth belly.
#IPlayed Multiple Choice Dragon Game. http://www.choiceofgames.com/dragon/ It's good if you liked Gregory Weir's How to Raise a Dragon.
#IPlayed Dungeon Exit by @angrygeometry. Feels like it belongs in that 'Mischief' mixtape I mentioned some days ago. http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-21/?action=preview&uid=5579
"Why would a slime person stick to just one stiff shape, one 'ideal' body, when they can be all bodies - when they are all bodies in one?"
That sudden shock when you're watching a Sally Cruikshank film on YouTube and see "Animated by me" in the description. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dOptGLEOsJ8
New to the Homestuck Kickstarter: >$50 lets you read (beta-test) the next interactive Flash/HTML5 page before everybody else. ...Diabolical.
As your meditate, a slug crawls up to you. It gives you some Wisdom. It is "You will leave gunk behind you, no matter where you go."
"Peace with snot, sweat and poop will come when you realise YOU are snot, sweat, poop..." You put the "Wisdom of Slimes" into your heart.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPBj5BKj09c - The delightful music used in the indie game "Pleasuredromes of Kubla Khan" (which isn't named in the Read Me).
I just looked at the Venus Patrol site and the comic in the intro post is the Laugh-Out-Loud Cats. I can barely believe that's still going.
That feeling as your lover clasps your head and twists and twists your neck into a corkscrew, then lets go and turns the world into a blur.
Your legs, now free of the burden of your weight, learn to playfully trample your own face. How better to express becoming your only master.
Laughing as you float upside down, your hair brushing against the ground your former master, before you rocket away forever into the sky.
Rose & Camellia.
Watching Cosmos. I like how often Sagan prefaces his predictions with the words "If we do not destroy ourselves..."
"At last," they murmured as the hundred-and-thousand accelerator powered down. "We have proven the existence of the fifty-and-five-hundred."
"Mars: can it be terraformed?" *door opens to roomful of carrot-tops in saucers of water* "Our top scientists are cautiously optimistic, but
"Our swamp's scientists are working vigorously to split the hundred-and-thousand. We cannot allow Swamp 2 to beat us to sprinkle supremacy."
"We can only identify the final ingredient of snow as a strange mix of soap and spearmint gum." "Sir! What if it's toothpaste?" "...My god."
"Talk! What is the recipe for snow?!" "I told you, it's just cold water!" "Give up! Your friends gave us the dandruff-sugar ratio already!"
"What's this? Water and brown play-dough?! Sir, on behalf of the Swamp Police, you are under arrest for possessing counterfeit mud!"
Future societies saw humancraft as parodies of human savagery: thinking beings contorted into many-armed giants, able only to kill and kill.
Humancraft were nourished by photosynthesis, but when their foes blocked out their suns, they began hunting and devouring them by the dozen.
Through centuries of genetic bioarchitecture, humancraft were born: humans possessing the size, shape and armament of space battlestations.
Now the radio just said that something died "the death of a thousand deaths."
Someone on the radio just said "This is simply a straw camel."
I like that screenshot in the previous tweet because it looks like he's shouting at the window title bar.
#IPlayed this great classic thecatamites game:
Sadly there are few substantial cases of videogame anthologies, many authors creating short games exclusive to a commercial collection.
For centuries women's genitals were thought inert and ownerless - a bodily terra nullius, useful only to male colonists.
Trivia: at some point in developing Fire Triss, her colour scheme was this: But it seemed a little too familiar.
The enemy's blast barely misses - so close its crackling energy runs through your ship. Tingling electricity arcs up your sweat-soaked legs.
The Nocturness sniffed the air. Yes, a new Nocknight has dared challenge her Multi-Score Maze. She caught the aroma of points being earned.
Mine the ultracrystals from the blasteroids to power your laser ray. If the robosapiens get them they'll enter frenzy mode (triple points).
If the giga-creep is awakened it will hunt you viciously. Enter hyperspace to escape, but beware the swarming nega-gaunts that await inside.
Destroy all the arachnotowers with your intellibombs, then descend into the crypto-crater and rescue the hostages from the robo-creeps.
http://l.j-factor.com/gmhtml5/Fire_Triss/ - Play my new gun-shooting fireball-dodging game in your browser.
http://www.glorioustrainwrecks.com/node/4064 - I need to get some sleep now so be gentle with this new Leongame, "Fire Triss".
It suddenly occurs to me that Warning Forever has plenty of striking similarities to Bosconian.
One thing I like about Donkey Kong Country 2 is that when you have both monkeys, they can give each other piggyback rides anytime.
A fearful fate!
I realise the big reason I used to read a lot more was the time pressure of library loans more than anything. You've bested me, libraries.
http://www.glorioustrainwrecks.com/node/3991 - Now's a good time to whip out your copy of MAME as research for this GT event.
http://l.j-factor.com/gmhtml5/ - I just spent a leisurely few hours adding cute little dimmer and mute buttons to my website's browser games.
http://forums.selectbutton.net/viewtopic.php?p=1167959#1167959 - Here's an indie game mixtape themed around "mischief". This one's good, you'll love all these games.
I like the "thank you for playing" message from Jamestown.
http://forums.selectbutton.net/viewtopic.php?t=38488 - I wish I knew what 28 and 34 are.
"In the future of space, there are only two absolutes... GUNS, built to kill people, and MAZES, built to hide from the guns."
"Look, the vowels will always be top-tier, and trying to make the bottom-tier consonants like Q or V competitive with them isn't feasible."
OK, Jason Rohrer's DS game is out and I _still_ haven't seen anyone make a "Anna Anthropy with Music by Amon26: Diamond Trust of Mars" joke.
"Creator of my own destruction / designer of my own defeat / the maker of my own unmaking / a greater threat to me I'll never meet."
You light the last match. There, in centuries-old granite, is a giant statue of yourself, your own hand raised to crush you where you stand.
The stone pendulum brushes your hair as it flies past. Suddenly, and inexplicably, your neck stretches and grows several inches taller.
As you touch the fresco, one of the painted figures slides onto your arm. You watch, amazed, as the ink creature creeps up toward your head.
When you stop drinking from the pool, the water keeps flowing up into your mouth. More and more water pours into your rapidly swelling body.
You try and remove your hand from the hole, but only pull out more arm. Soon your arm is metres long, and your hand remains trapped.
As you lower yourself into the darkness, you suddenly feel a ring of smooth teeth gently slide past your legs and up your torso.
Talking to Twitter friends just to push a bad conversation further down your Interactions tab.
#IPlayed The Basement Collection. I'd like an @Auntiepixelante Collection of ad-free Flash games, with tiny Annas and Daphnys in the menus.
Clyde couldn't blow his cover now he'd won Blinky's trust."Forgive me, Pac-Man" he said as he yanked his friend's jaws through 180 degrees.
Sokoban game where one of the crates leaves a trail of blood, and you have to push it out of view of your supervisor so you can look inside.
#IPlayed Ruin Diver III again. "Dude With Bombs" may be the best class name since "Heavy Weapons Guy".
#IPlayed Space Giraffe. A rare game that casts flowers as the villains they were born to be. Stockpiling foes to ram feels tense and good.
#IPlayed Five Minutes of Non-Interactive Tentacle Porn, by @christinelove. That's not actually its name but googling that will bring it up.
"A valley of ghost towns, all invisible, long burnt away. All that's left are the cemeteries - islands of human stones in an ocean of sand."
If you actually want to make an indie game about "detonating the whale", here's some background material: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exploding_whale
Idea: Sokoban game where just as you're about to win, a space marine comes and shoots all the crates for health and ammo. #ReallyOldTweets
http://l.j-factor.com/gmhtml5/Magnetball/ - Here's a browser port of my quick mouse game, Magnetball. This is a bit different to the IGF Pirate Kart version.
#IPlayed Jumpman by @mcclure111. The super-short weird levels remind me of Bangai-O Spirits' levels a fair bit.
#IPlayed Snapshot. 15 levels in and it still feels like you're just the wizard from Trine but with more limitations.
#IPlayed Ruin Diver III. Having just finished it, I'm wincing at the thought of doing it all again without wings.
The first Google result for "PHP REPL" reads "Ironically, Facebook's PHP REPL is implemented in Python."
I just realised that I chose the one cloud-room in the game where showing time flowing backward actually makes more sense than the opposite.
http://animatedscreenshots.tumblr.com/post/30751697388/braid-reduced-to-2-colours-with-pattern - This is actually rewinding time at 8x speed. I tried fast-forwarding time instead, but the blue tint was too dark.
When someone spits all over their screen because of a funny post, imagine a pair of hands coming out and slapping their bulging cheeks.
Game idea: a shell game where, after all the cups get swapped, it turns out to really be a Simon game and you have to repeat all the swaps.
Reading an old thread about Steamshovel Harry. Half the posts are playing along with the joke while the other half get increasingly furious.
Hint for http://tane.us: in one of the screens you have to click in time to the beat. That one tends to trip people up. End of tweet.
"As a Dictator, you may: issue rations shaped like your face, limit voting rights to statues only, or constantly skywrite OBEY over cities."
"That last boss was circle-squaringly impossible."
http://animatedscreenshots.tumblr.com/ - I've added a little navigation bar to my tumblr.
The woundbots can smell orgasming brains, but if your mind howls loudly enough, they'll all come charging at once and crash into each other.
http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m9nkq8wzfm1qaptmzo1_500.jpg - The Platonic videogame item. (Source: @evndahm)
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