Leon's Microblog – June 2012

http://l.j-factor.com/gifs/WarioLand-FileSelect.gif - Wario Land. Let's go exploring.
"Gender: Female. Sign: Aquarius. Blood type: C+. Blood temperature: 965°C. Blood pressure: 7,000 mmHg. Blood acidity: 1 pH. Blood radioactiv
http://l.j-factor.com/gifs/DonkeyKong-100m.gif - I like how the hammer is so transparently Pac-Man inspired.
"If you see a tall black rectangle that looks the same from all directions sliding over the ground, that's just a person who's blocked you."
Trivia: For this port I had to make a script to manually draw the digits in the Diddled Bits font with each pixel aligned to a 32x32 grid.
http://l.j-factor.com/gmhtml5/PongAntipong/ - Here's a browser port of my IGF Pirate Kart game "Pong/Antipong". Now with updated graphical FX (effects).
"Imagine everything you know about games. Now imagine it on the street, because it's evicted from your mind and our game's the new landlord"
"This game will blow up everything you know about games. Just explode it. This game will shove a live grenade in its sobbing, bloody mouth."
Yeesh, it took me this long to discover that this form of no-dither colour reduction http://animatedscreenshots.tumblr.com/post/14422697316/donkey-kong-country-3-dixie-kongs is called "posterisation"?
http://www.glorioustrainwrecks.com/node/3735 - Here's a new Leongame, "SSStop Me". This is inspired by @netgrind, @ABAGames and @SeeBeeWhitman.
http://animatedscreenshots.tumblr.com/post/25670585928/knytt - It's so damn hard to get this water to loop.
Just realised that Binding of Isaac's "Headless Horseman" is just a Horseless Headman paired with a Manless Horsehead.
Game idea: a super-science gun that can shoot holes. Kill the holes to fill in the level and reach the exit.
http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-23/?action=preview&uid=5082 - This game might be one of my favourite 3D environments.
"I threw a paper airplane / It hit you in the head / You opened it and you did find / This love song you just read"
The dream of every cartoonist... to invent a character who will go on to supplant Yosemite Sam on truck mudflaps everywhere...
http://daytonmckay.com/ld23 - I wish I'd made this game.
"What letter makes you squirm while you inscribe?" "H makes you WRITHE when you WRITE!"
"Yes, you've cornered me, but know this: a great charm is on me, and for each water balloon you toss at me, 3 more will appear to soak you."
"What letter makes a predilection to bribery a forgivable sin?" "I makes the VENAL VENIAL!"
"What letter makes an arrogant person incapable of repaying debt?" "V makes an INSOLENT INSOLVENT!"
"What letter makes a non-religious theologian cease activity?" "S makes a DEIST DESIST!"
Okay, the results are in, and it seems I really am the only person in the world who pronounces SNES as "ess ness".
http://l.j-factor.com/gmhtml5/Gravity_Gunner/ Here's a browser port of my IGF Pirate Kart game Gravity Gunner. But, it has too much slowdown in Opera at the moment.
Gordon Freeman gets a mirror, sees only a bleached skull on his shoulders. "How...?" Suddenly all those headcrab attacks come back to him...
"A mighty wave of disembodied fingers, inching forward in endless trigger-squeezing motions, flows over you in your delirious reverie."
"Thousands of finger motions await you in this game. You swoon as you contemplate the monumental amount of times you must move your finger."
"In this game you will move a finger, causing a device to launch a lethal knob of metal. You will do this dozens, if not hundreds of times!"
http://www.glorioustrainwrecks.com/node/3711 - A new Leongame, "Vertical Impulse". Not that great, but nonetheless a different sort of platform game.
I can't help but feel that turning 10,000 days old ought to be considered a more auspicious milestone in our wondrous futuristic society.
Something interesting to do: make a bookmark to Wolfram Alpha for the time period between today and your birth: http://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=today+-+28%2F11%2F1986
"And in this level we have one of the most fiendish puzzles known to humanity, the Google That Movie Whose Name You Can't Remember."
"This game contains all the classic puzzles - the stuck drawer, the dried ballpoint pen, the too-wide plugs in the power strip... the lot."
Breaking Twitter kayfabe for a sec to tell you about my new book. It's Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury. Yup, bought it myself, second-hand.
Ha ha, Sagan postulating that 20th century civilisations might have imagined a mushroom cloud constellation is just... perfect.
Watching Cosmos for the first time. Sagan's voice is quite different to what I'd been expecting.
This is what happens when the rand() function in Spelunky is made to always return the lowest possible number.
http://l.j-factor.com/gifs/SuperMarioWorld-IggysCastle.gif - Koopas have eyes on both sides of their heads.
Gaze at the quote key on your keyboard until its markings resemble a three-fanged maw, awaiting your delicious finger with predatory guile.
"How can I make it more obvious that when I write 'App$e', the bar in the dollar-sign is a lower-case L?"
Hahaha, the Humble Bundle's Mac OS X port of NightSky has glitchy physics.
R.I.P. one of my molars. ;_;
http://l.j-factor.com/gmhtml5/Wee/ - Also here's a browser port of Wee. Now with checkpoints!
http://l.j-factor.com/gmhtml5/Stork_Ride/ - Here's a browser port of Stork Ride, a one-switch game of mine from the IGF Pirate Kart.
"The Haze Code of 1934 established the exact thickness of bathroom steam necessary to render the naked female form sufficiently obscured."
Sid Molar's Dental Centauri
Compare and contrast with this pixel art thing I did in 2007: http://l.j-factor.com/thelostpanels/?c=13
High school art project, circa 2000. Watercolour pencils and possibly charcoal.
"Wiff! Wiff! ...Waff? Wuff? Weef?" - a spy in a dog suit trying very hard to not blow his cover.
Tetrastar: The Fighter.
From the included walkthrough for the World Builder game "Swamp Witch".
http://l.j-factor.com/gifs/GliderPRO-DemoHouse-2.gif - The TV animation is actually cropped when displayed in-game. Here it is at full size.
http://animatedscreenshots.tumblr.com/post/24561599013/glider-pro-demo-house - Trivia: the person in today's GIF is john calhoun, the developer of Glider PRO.
2420: Humanity teleports Earth back to the Alive Universe where every planet has life, thus ending our species' long nightmare of solitude.
"Television is the rectum of the mind's ass."
RIP Venus, devoured in its prime by the roiling darkness of space. Our heartfelt condolences from the third... no, second rock from the sun.
"You must face complex moral dilemmas in this game. Here you must care for a hungry baby. Do you feed it your eyeballs, or let it starve?"
"You can only win this game by making terrible sacrifices. Here you have to saw off your own sobbing head and stand on it to reach a lever."
"We're taking a darker, grittier tone with this game. In this stage you have to desperately paddle a canoe with your own hacked-off legs."
"How dare you question the medical integrity of my pumping out your bone marrow and replacing it with flubber."
"In the future, the '!!' chess annotation will only be used for moves that get 50+ likes and reblogs."
How extremely presumptuous must you be to see an animal and be so appalled at its natural behaviour that you name it after a Deadly Sin?
http://www.glorioustrainwrecks.com/node/3625 - Added a Windows version of the new game in case it isn't fast enough.
http://www.glorioustrainwrecks.com/node/3625 - Here's a brand new Leongame called "Rapidly Advancing Laser". Tense deathtrap-disarming 15-puzzle action!
Castle Quest (HyperCard stack)
Prince of India (HyperCard stack)
Prince of India (HyperCard stack)
Surgeon gasps at corrupt circulatory regime - oxygen distributed to cells through giant Ponzi scheme instead of fiscally secure bloodstream.
Surgeon encounters illegal 'multi-brain' human... digestive, reproductive organs replaced with more brains for maximum thoughts per second.
Giant sow lifts her head, sees her suckling piglets are just armadillos in pink paint. They stare back, then quickly peel out Sonic-style.
Illicit SimCity hack espouses pro-waterslide urban planning theory... acres of adjacent waterslides only known method of raising revenue...
http://www.mmnt.net/db/0/0/ - As an accompaniment to today's GIF, I must say that I find Underwater Adventure's soundtrack very good working music.
That previous tweet sounds awfully petty but I do take stubborn pride in my tumblr gifs being as accurate as possible.
Ecch, it seems Knytt and Knytt Stories's resolutions are 600x240 in fullscreen, but only 598x238 when windowed. That's 1676 missing pixels!
http://animatedscreenshots.tumblr.com/post/24150034398/mario-vs-airman - Haha when I made this I thought "@FwugRadiation will like this" and right now he's almost the only one. #bullseye
Beating the Alternative difficulty in NightSky: an achievement which is basically impossible to boast about.
Everyone stop what you're doing. I have discovered that Fire Mario can find E-Tanks in the Mario vs. Airman hack!!
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