Leon's Microblog – March 2012

Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius. New frontiers in game GIF making.
I like this dappled lighting effect. It's a wonder I never really noticed it before.
Maybe I should experiment more with 4-frame GIFs.
#AcceptableAprilFoolsJoke: Suck out your friend's voice in their sleep & replace with a fruit-bat's screeching. Pretend everything's normal.
#AcceptableAprilFoolsJoke: Putting transparent plexiglass over your sacrificial flaming spike pit in the front hall.
Having decreed that modern society is "just too canny", the Joke Pope has moved April Fools' Day to mid-June "when you'll least expect it."
My favourite JRPG developer... is Orbulon.
Essay: Gamers Hate Navi Because She Reminds Them of Their Mothers (2000 words)
"Don't talk about your dreams, or your feelings, or your mind at all," said the witch. "People don't like knowing that other minds exist."
After years of oblivious slumber: three days of a 10PM to 6AM sleep schedule, three nights of strong, distinct dreams. What could this mean?
"This computer program has run out of memories."
Terrible control scheme idea: Pick up your keyboard with both hands. One thumb on left control, the other on numpad enter.
"You Can't See How Much I Care, Or These Platforms" #indieplatformer
"I Didn't Mean To Fall And Skewer My Heart On You" #indieplatformer
http://l.j-factor.com/gmhtml5/Trepidatious_Peak/ - This is a HTML5 port of my IGF Pirate Kart game "Trepidatious Peak".
http://animatedscreenshots.tumblr.com/post/19856412032/air-fortress-hero-core - These occasional 'comparison posts' of mine are primarily inspired by http://shotcontext.blogspot.com/
http://l.j-factor.com/gmhtml5/ABOVE_v_BELOW/ - This is a HTML5 port of my IGF Pirate Kart game "ABOVE v. BELOW".
http://animatedscreenshots.tumblr.com/post/19697370194/wario-land-4 - This is WL4's Super Hard mode. It's amazing. I can barely believe it's real.
"I'll have an Aztec Nightcap." "That's just chocolate milk." "OK, then I'll have an Aztec Wine Cooler." "That's a pitcher of human blood."
http://piperka.net/profile.html?name=L - Here is a list of several webcomics I either currently follow or used to follow. I endorse... most of them.
I still like this grammatically dubious game by @loresjoberg, five years later: http://badgods.com/probablylose.html
"This fortress is impregnable!" "...So, you mean it's ovulating?"
"Dear readers: due to the mysterious destruction of every star in the sky, all horoscopes are now null and void. Please, just do whatever."
Legend of the Ghost Lion.
http://l.j-factor.com/gmhtml5/ - Hello. I've put links to several of my recent HTML5 games on my site.
"I don't like being called a mere joker. I prefer to be known as a jokeur."
"Did you know that if you constantly think the word 'failure' to yourself, it will gradually lose its harsh emotional sting? Just a tip."
"Remember that although the results of this test will affect you for the rest of your life, your failure is not only likely but expected."
"If you begin to hallucinate due to the sheer mental strain of this test, please flail whatever seem to be your limbs to receive treatment."
http://www.glorioustrainwrecks.com/node/3257 - I've been feeling creatively drained after the GDC Pirate Kart so this is the most you'll be getting from me for now.
http://animatedscreenshots.tumblr.com/post/19420538328/caveman-games - A funny thing about Caveman Games: your mate in the Mate Toss is female even if you pick the female athlete, Crudla.
"AVOID EATING: sand, so-called 'invisible food', dead bodies, wood, and food that starts to speak to you after you chew it for awhile."
Here's some screenshots of Soleil that I took long ago -
"This castle isn't to keep me out..." realised Mario, "...it's to keep HER in!" He turned to flee, but he'd already chopped down the bridge.
Air Fortress.
Winter Games.
P.S: My advice for Hero Core is play the Hard map first. That way you can then play the Normal map as a breezy victory lap.
http://l.j-factor.com/macports/ - If you missed my tweet yesterday, I hid a Mac port of Daniel Remar's Hero Core somewhere on this page.
Trivia: @auntiepixelante's dys4ia was released in Japan with the title "Hormonereke". #JokesThatOnly10PeopleWillGetAndOnlyIWillFindFunny
http://l.j-factor.com/gamemaker/MacHeroCore.zip - Here is a Mac port of Hero Core, the space-themed monochromevania by Daniel Remar.
...er, Hero Core?
"Giant Spider" Actually Just Two Dogs
Metroid Fusion.
Wario Land.
Shortened forms of Elizabeth: Betsy, Elise, Tess, Lily, Libby, Lizzy, Litsby, Telilsby, Ibbzte, Alibi, Azzabazza, Hubbabubba, Beelzebub.
The sea rose up and met the lake. They embraced and departed, each changed by their encounter. The sea, a little muddier. The lake, brinier.
And let's especially not bring out the hoary old "if paintings are art then why does no one torrent them" argument.
Let's not get into that tedious "are paintings art" dispute today, guys.
Today I feel like Christina from the '48 top ten smash hit blockbuster painting "Christina's World."
My favourite Michael Leunig comic is this one, I think.
"It seems you're about to be... DEFEETED!" *tries to slice off opponent's feet, falls over and gets kicked in the face*
Last night I shooed a mosquito right into the daddy-long-legs web in the corner of my ceiling. Yes oh yes.
I wanted to include this in today's batch, but unlike the others it doesn't loop, so...
http://www.gamespite.net/talkingtime/showthread.php?t=12765 - Nouns that could only appear in JRPGs.
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