Leon's Microblog – September 2011

This continued for three long hours.
Super Mario Where The Hell Is Bowser.
Space... it seems to go on and on forever.
Super Metroid: Eris.
The door is alive...!
Super Metroid.
Glider PRO, "SeaCaves".
WarioWare: Twisted! "Rock and a Hot Place". The Fronk levels were a great subversive twist to the "postgame" worlds.
WarioWare: Twisted!, "Ice Queen". I like those microgames with absurdly compressed, exaggerated narratives.
WarioWare: Twisted!, "The Wave".
Made in Ore. See the top screen for the name and author.
Made in Ore. These are from the Japanese Theme Contests.
Made in Ore.
http://zarat.us/olc/!s - Another swift OmniLudiCon level.
http://zarat.us/olc/!r - A quick OmniLudiCon microgame.
http://l.j-factor.com/gifs/DKC2-4Color-HornetHole.gif - Donkey Kong Country 2... on the Super Game Boy???
More Super Mario World.
Super Mario World.
No mortal alive has change for Infinidollar. No government agency has the fortitude to regard Infinidollar as a taxable asset.
All attempts to mint further Infinidollar were futile, as two Infinidollar equals one Infinidollar. Infinidollar cannot be pluralised.
You have Infinidollar, an indivisible denomination. It is too large to buy anything. You deposit it and it absorbs all your other dollars.
If my recent KotM game seemed too hard, it's because I forgot to list one of the controls: http://www.glorioustrainwrecks.com/node/1903 #Whoops #KillMe
How much of your empty disk space is filled with e-ghosts? Exorcise them with DriveFiller, the app that fills your disk with as much spam as
Unplugged your headphones only to hear the unjust dead howling from your speakers? Click here for the Web's highest pageranked help forums.
A crashing boom bang!
Wario Land - file menu. Nintendo really enjoyed demolishing save files back in the day.
Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins - file menu.
Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins.
Something to note about the previous GIF is that they somehow made "pounding the ground to make debris fall randomly" even lazier.
Mario vs. Donkey Kong. In case it wasn't clear, Mario has 6HP for just this battle only.
Donkey Kong (Game Boy) - file menu.
Yet More Donkey Kong (Game Boy).
More Donkey Kong (Game Boy). Ladies and gentlemen, the ultimate sequence-break.
Donkey Kong.
FLIGHT OF THE FUMBLEBEE: "O-oh no! I stung myself!! I'll never live this down... you'll have to kill that screaming kid without me, guys..."
"MISSING: Orange cat. We never took a photo so just imagine if Garfield was real and crossed with 70s Elvis."
When I Was Born I Was Set On Fire, Then Doused In Cow Dung. I Took My First Breath, And Thus Gained Power Over All Four Elements
Bullet points on back of hairspray can: * No Fuss * No Worries * Inhibits Your Regret Glands * Will Not Leak Into Brain
Bullet points on back of hairspray can: * Burn Down Everything You Know About Styling * Grow New Possibilities From The Ash * Non-Flammable
Bullet points on back of hairspray can: * Impose Your Will On Your Follicles * Realise God-Like Perfection * Hair Omnipotence Is At Hand
Must not cough... that's just what the germs want me to do... I'd be playing right into their filthy hands...!
IN CASE OF FLU BREAK GLASS *breaks glass, finds scrap of paper reading "Boy, I do love breathing through my nose! Yessiree, what bliss!"*
http://l.j-factor.com/bangai-o/ - Added some screenshots to this page of Bangai-O levels.
You are forced to retreat from a tribe of kobolds inexplicably born with the faces of your party's wives and mothers. You lose 6 Confidence.
Your night travel is confounded as Orona the Sky Goddess capriciously moves the pole star several times. You gain 3 Existential Angst.
Your party discovers a flock of seemingly invincible ducks. They mock your hunger with quacks as your arrows bounce off. You lose 3 Dignity.
Mario vs. Donkey Kong. Ladies and gentlemen, Super Mario.
More Gradius III (SNES).
Gradius III (SNES).
Yet More Gimmick!
More Gimmick!
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening.
http://l.j-factor.com/gifs/WarioWareTwisted!-SuperMarioBros.gif - WarioWare: Twisted!, "Super Mario Bros." It's a little bit hard to play this on an emulator.
Super Mario World (Famicom bootleg).
Donkey Kong (Game Boy).
http://l.j-factor.com/gifs/WarioLand4.gif - Wario Land 4 (Super Hard Mode).
You are locked in a dungeon. >LOOK You see a key. >TAKE KEY You have died of key poisoning.
"AAAUGH!" she screamed, but even this wasn't lifelike enough. "Oh, forget it," he sighed, "I guess a ghost just can't scare another ghost."
"I can have you killed right now!" said the princess, and kissed the masked intruder. She called for the guards while they were making love.
"With GRATE power comes GRATE responsibility!" thinks Gordon Freeman as he beheads a zombie with a thrown vent grate for the zillionth time.
"Me and the King agreed to swap places for a day. Of course I had him executed, just like he did to the real King when they swapped places."
"I had to kill them because I'm a carrier of a horrific plague that's worse than a quick death. That and I like being alone on this island."
"The computer said I needed to fill it with petrol, but when I came back with the can the message was gone, and now I can't find the can."
"I think it's a bug, but when I tell the computer to make a random stage, it always makes a stage that involves killing humans violently."
http://bit.ly/q5RTy2 - Listen to this podcast with my voice in it! I discuss the Mario ROM hacks I made in April. #OhGosh #OhGeez
http://l.j-factor.com/gamemaker/ - Added a few of the games I made last month. Self-pride? Is that what this peculiar emotion is??
"Oh, cries of protest in front of the rapidly warming gun nozzle of an ominous piece of humming machinery, will you not be adorably futile?"
How does it feel, knowing that the very same boy who pulled down your pants in first grade is now demolishing your house with just his mind?
How does it feel, knowing that the very same hand that once feebly gripped your little finger is now crushing your torso ten feet in midair?
Zelda Classic.
Take My Breath Away, a romantic fighting game where the lovestruck pugilists deeply kiss and try to suck the air out of each other's lungs.
Carpet Warrior, a revolutionary fighting game where all combat revolves around giving your opponent static electricity zaps.
"And I'll find her again. I won't look - I'll wear a blindfold, and listen for her laughter through the sound of the churning waters."
"My superpowers only work when no one can see me. So that's why I live near the sea - it's where I can step out on dark nights, and FLY."
"Fun fact: fun has just been proven to cause terminal flesh cancer. You should thank me for removing all traces of fun from the next test."
There's something strangely heroic about fighting to the end of a terrible Super Meat World level to earn the right to vote it zero.
"Warning: prolonged staring at the complex drifting motions of the Qix stick may cause involuntary mesmerism and loss of volition."
Walkthrough part 27: shoot at far elevator until weight of bullets embedded in its side drags it down, lifting you up (may take 20 mins).
"I pondered whether to have you die knowing the totality of your failure, or wipe your memory first and have you die confused and afraid."
Retweet this if you feel guilty that people on the Internet give you so much and you have so little to offer them in return.
Angel Marlowe.
WarioWare: Twisted!, "Mario Brothers". Being an upturned turtle gives one a surprising feeling of vulnerability.
WarioWare: Twisted!, "Cheeky Monkey".
WarioWare: Twisted!, "Sedan Grater".
If I Wanted A Cacophony I'd Have Coughed While Cackling
Yet More Game Boy Wars.
More Game Boy Wars.
Game Boy Wars.
Kirby's Dream Land.
Super Mario Land.
By the way, if you're using Safari these gifs of mine won't play at their natural 60 frames per second... sorry.
Yet More Drill Dozer.
More Drill Dozer.
Drill Dozer.
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