Leon's Microblog – April 2011

http://is.gd/yUVyqr - In this hack, time stands still when Mario stands still, and speeds up when Mario does. #SuperMarioBrosROMHackingMonth
His Words Killed Me First; The Bullet Came Later
Someday I May Love You, But My Gun Never Will
A Hole In His Chest And A Kiss On His Cheek
He Never Wept Until High Noon
I Hope There's Room In Your Heart (For A Quarter-Inch Of Lead)
http://i.imgur.com/32ST4.png - Super KinokoFry sprites.
Eayqfuyqe U rqqx uddmfuazmxxk iadduqp mnagf yk rgfgdq jubbcf gung svefg ovg jnf va ebg12. #ROT13
"In the future," he continued, "man will have TV remote control buttons tattooed on his right palm, and circuitry implanted in his hand!"
"I have grown familiar and bored with my beautiful house," he said. "I will camp out in my yard until I can return to it with fresh eyes."
http://i.imgur.com/8Qn9x.png - Yet another old comic.
He opens his mail at the mailbox and reads it, out loud, in his yard. His neighbors began stealing it so as to not find out what was inside.
She held up the shattered wedding ring. "How about you forgive me for sitting on it, and I'll forgive you for telling me it was diamond."
"Help me please. I got both my arms stuck in this grate trying to fish out my keys, and then a kid stole my jeans. Please. Please don't go."
"My bed turned into a maze," she heard her patient say from across the ward, "and I don't know how to get out."
"My browser has a bug when I delete a bookmark it deletes the entire website from the web too sorry to post this here but I deleted Google."
"She's back, and this time she's armed to the teeth! No, really. She has bandolier braces."
"Here. Two weeks and a thousand miles. The petals fell off, but I sewed them back on and repainted their vivid colour anew. All for you."
http://i.imgur.com/8SwT7.png - I guess this one's kind of cute...
"Oh god, the snowmen have thermal scanners! Think! Can we roll in the snow without the white body paint washing off?"
http://is.gd/rgnRFa - Hey, @kinokofry's been zapped into the world of Super Mario Bros! #SuperMarioBrosROMHackingMonth
"Don't you see, my dear design student, that between these two downward fingers of mine I am flipping you the bird with negative space?"
"I cried this phial of tears on the day your older brother died," he said to the baby. "Now I place them on your face, so you too may weep."
Dreamed I was eating a candy bar and a little kid kept trying to grab it. Also a hellish church and a blood sky, but they weren't important.
"Yeah, you might've swiped two more street signs than me, but they're from the same street! It got renamed after that guy shot up a school!"
http://is.gd/cEDLWJ -Black & white palette hacks are easy, so here's a hack that makes SMB a dignified brown. #SuperMarioBrosROMHackingMonth
Jogging is hard. Today I noticed I was jogging past a 40 km/h speed sign, and for some reason I burst into laughter.
"I used to be older than you," he muttered from the couch as his baby brother left for work.
http://is.gd/31ob5l - Here's a hack where Mario constantly runs to the right and only A and B can be used. #SuperMarioBrosROMHackingMonth
http://is.gd/Wq00uB - Here's a hack where Mario can only jump as high as a normal person could. #SuperMarioBrosROMHackingMonth
"Flattery will get you nowhere! ...I didn't say stop."
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