Leon's Microblog – December 2010

"This money, I... I've never held banknotes that were this crisp before. ...It's, it's sucking the moisture out of my hand."
"You can't marry him! My son-in-law has to look like THIS!" She waved a yellowed page at her daughter. "I saw his face when you were born!"
Which murder method will you use: the Booby-Trapped Chair, the Poisoned Wine, or the Electric Eel in the Bathtub Under Lots of Suds Gambit?
"Mate, the only guy you need to apologise to is yourself." "No, no - I can't apologise to him. He'll kill me."
"How could a cheap motel like this," he thought, "have pillows so much softer than those in my home?" He stretched out on the bed.
"I'm just the gray shell from which came a golden yolk. I didn't make my art so I could be immortal - I made it so IT could be immortal."
"The problem is that it needs childrens' bones as ammunition."
"I thought I'd make this game more interesting with the Get Out Of Jail With Some Difficulty card. In the next room is the obstacle course."
"It's a hundred-ton ape! But think: its giant skull surely encloses a two-ton brain! Gentlemen, we can't kill the smartest being on Earth!"
"'Be true to thyself'? Hah! I'm completely true to myself!" he said to the empty room.
"Invisible water! There's invisible water everywhere!" And, when he again leaped into the featureless desert sand, they heard a splash.
"That star," said the castaway, "is guiding sailors on every ocean back to their homes." He looked over his tiny, bare, cold island. "Home."
"I don't know if this is still currency," said the old mouse, rolling out the dime. "Who knows how the world has changed in the past year?"
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