Leon's Microblog – November 2010

http://l.j-factor.com/gamemaker/ - an update to Webbed Space Arcade, with some bugfixes and two more (old) games.
"Sometimes, when I weep for them," he said, "I realise how insufficient my sorrow is for so enormous a loss, and by the end I'm laughing."
"There's ants in the toothpaste," said Mitch. "Huh," replied Jed, "always knew that stuff was fulla sugar."
"After you, you know, cut off the leg," he asked the surgeon, "can I... keep the femur? Just the femur," he added.
"It's a bad sign," she said, "when they stop shooing the flies off themselves, and start trying to have conversations with them."
http://l.j-factor.com/screenshotmaps.php - More game maps. I seem to have begun moving into the vast pastures of Knytt Stories.
She hugged him. "I don't care how crazy I look! I'll visit you everyday forevemore!" she said. "You don't have to," said the gravestone.
"A mulligan," he read, "is a heavensent soul reborn for a divine wager. If they survive to the age of 100, they become the new God."
Plot: man saves woman from cardiac arrest by confessing his love for her, in song, at the resonant frequency of her heart.
They burst into the dining room. She was there, and there were frogs instead of guests. "I'm just teaching them to say grace," she chirped.
"It is surely God's will that man executes man," he said briskly, "or else He wouldn't have made necks so slender and easy to chop."
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