Leon's Microblog – February 2010

"Now, every star in the Milky Way has been colonised. To look on a single twinkling spot in the sky is to behold a trillion human souls."
http://j.mp/SniperSnails - I wrote something about a video game??
Giant Soccer - the familiar sport played with a ball as tall as two men. To even score one goal is a feat of immense physical strength.
"It's milkshake made from the pureed brains of the most brilliant minds to ever befall my traps. Drink, my dear, and claim their neurons!"
Leaves Found To Grow On Trees - Government Rushes To Replace Uncontrollable Leaf Currency With Secure Petal Currency.
"To rise through the mob ranks to get close enough to the kingpin so that I could have my revenge... I had to kill so many innocents."
"I know you're disappointed in the dolphins, but hey, you've still got koalas! Surely THEY don't murder their rivals' young, right?"
In the end, he just gave up, drilled a hole in the cork and poured the wine through the hole.
http://l.j-factor.com/gamemaker/Marginpiece.zip - This is a tiny game / design experiment.
If a hundred people strode into a children's hospital to watch the waiting room's VHS of The Lion King, is the hospital violating copyright?
"No! It can't be!" "Yes! Since then I've been living an extra two days a week! And by tomorrow, I will be the older sister!" "No! Nooooo!!"
"The story ends in the middle of the book, and the last half is all of the events of the first half happening in reverse."
"It took quite a bit of finagling, but here's your 5 million...", he said, producing from the envelope a laminated cash-scratch card.
http://j.mp/cAJgRz - I pixelled a little scene based on the party game Mafia.
"I remember this soil," thought the soldier in the trench. "I used to plough this soil."
"Blood-ants, my friend. They follow trails of blood of any kind. We'll find where that limping invisible monstrousity went, by Jove!"
"This region uses 'key-rings' as currency. The people often link loose change together for convenience in portability."
"This castle is a bare stone ruse. It rests atop the real castle, its aquatic twin. Perplexed? Dive into the moat. Our merman king awaits."
http://www.formspring.me/webbedspace/q/161337302 - I answered a question. Hopefully there won't be any more.
"This tiger's actually just a computer model. You can tell because its fur is fuzzy."
"Did you say 'milligrams'?" chortled the genie. "Silly me - I thought you said 'million grams'."
"It's an arrow with a tiny shield in place of an arrowhead. It's designed for shooting down enemy arrows in passive self-defense."
"It isn't even worthwhile; it's just '+2 Speed'. Tell me, has anyone ever yearned for +2 Speed? Ever been truly ecstastic to get +2 Speed?"
"Wait! We don't need to get a lens when we've got one right here!" And with that he grabbed a recently slain Vile Eye and sliced it in two.
Haunted Eraser: removes pencil marks, but replaces them with emphatic cries for help and howls of pain. On the upside, it can never run out!
"Ever since, the town has never seen a dry day." "And get this: nowadays, 55% of the town's energy is supplied by lightning catchers."
The anti-bullfight guerilla activists known as the Nocturne Neuterers have been known to resort to devouring evidence before being arrested.
"Not once, not twice, not thrice, not fouice, not fiice... but SIICE."
"...The idea is that only one person can ever actually see the ending of the game, and it's their burden to retell it to everyone else."
"Your healing spells are only making the cancer stronger!"
There was another house just next to it. Fifteen feet long, one foot wide. Inside, a flat man and a flat woman sat on picture frames.
"Oh! If breaking a mirror brings 7 years' bad luck, then surely murdering a real live copy of yourself brings a lifetime's misfortune!"
"That was fun, hey?" - Alacia after being swallowed by an ettin's left head, stabbing both its hearts, then crawling out of its right head.
"Travel duct tape. When I arrive someplace I unroll a bit of tape and stick a little bit of the place to it. Everywhere I've been is here."
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