Leon's Microblog – April 2009

"...and then I fell asleep" is a fact that can only ever be indirectly inferred.
Three weeks ago was summer. Now it's winter. ...So much for "mono no aware".
Was reminded of the unsettling continued existence of Brooke Greenberg.
Misread "Barbie" as "Buddha".
Sniffed the back of the computer to check if the motherboard had caught fire.
It seems to be much more difficult and expensive to craft a ring out of fool's gold than to craft a ring out of actual gold.
Disappointing discovery: Augustus De Morgan, inventor of De Morgan's laws, was not actually a pirate.
In fact, I don't know how I feel when anything Japanese is combined with anything British.
I don't know how I feel when TVTropes.org applies manga character archetypes to all four of the Beatles.
I'm trying to take a photograph of a stapler. No matter what, it just won't give me the right expression.
Why yes, my dear, whenever I sign something I always precede my signature with the words 'property of'.
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