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Gravity Has Almost Disappeared is an abandoned game project I made in 2009. A platformer very directly inspired by The Great Giana Sisters (itself directly referencing Super Mario Bros.) and named after a phrase in its opening story, the protagonist is a frog doll named Ribbon, who senses that the dream world she lives in is about to vanish, and wants to find the girl who's dreaming her before she wakes up.

Implemented entirely in Zelda Classic, only the first world was completed.

The implemented mechanics were as follows:

If you collect exactly 3 coins within 3 seconds of touching the first coin, your EXP increases. Similar to La Mulana and the games it was inspired by, EXP is used solely for healing.

Spelling RIBBON, using letters taken from Bubble Bobble, also fully heals you.

Powerups other than the apple have unlimited uses, but you can only carry one. The firewheel candy is directly taken from The Great Giana Sisters. The banana is, of course, Zelda Classic's built-in boomerang from The Legend of Zelda.

Touch mailboxes to raise their red flag. If both boxes have their flags raised, you may enter them to warp between them, as you can in Glider PRO.

In these screenshot maps, enemies and powerups are missing, as well as screen boundaries, but the coins and letters remain visible.

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