[img[title]]\n\nYou are the pilots of the Capri Toot! Lovers, sufferers, life-riskers! You're defenders of the Endless Night Sky, armed with arctic missiles, tropical laser beams, and pistols that shoot real sucker darts!\n\nAdmittedly, you've only just paid off the Capri Toot, but now that she's yours, you're ready to embark on the rampage of your dreams: toppling the Star Tyrant! Since the day you were born, the Endless Night Sky has been black, its stars stolen by the mighty Tyrant for a nefarious end. You shall release the stars from their prison and give their twinkling gleams back to the world.\n\nNow, where shall you start? Why, nowhere but the entrance to the Star Tyrant's domain!\n\n<<choice "Zone A">>\n\n[[More games by Leon|https://fairysvoice.net/archive/]]\n[[Download source code|CapriToot.tws]]
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''UNBREAKABLE WARSTATION''\n\nThis zone is empty, save for a fearsome, fully stocked Tyranny warstation surrounding the final relay. However, the station seems quiet - few ships are patrolling its perimeter. The reason for their complacency becomes obvious when you try to approach: they're protected by an all-encompassing energy bubble, an Infinitely Strong Shield.\n\nBut, without a thought, you unleash your friendly black hole, and it slurps down all infinity gigajoules of the shield in no time at all. The black hole lounges in bliss, its hunger finally content, before realising it's now a completely filled hole. "Goodbye," it cries before winking out of existence.\n\nWith the shield suddenly inactive, the warbase's garrison is caught off guard. Your quick zipping and ducking skills help you soar through them before they have time to attack, and you plunge into the relay moments before it shuts down. You find yourself at your final destination:\n\n<<choice "Zone Z">>\n\n<<choice "Zone &">>
''THE SPACECRAFT CARRIER''\n\nA huge saucer-shaped ship bears down on you. A vast war-machine carrier of the Tyranny! This'll be a treat.\n\nIt unleashes its first swarm of escorts. Legships for jet-powered kicking, Armships for jet-powered elbowing and Nailships for jet-powered clawing. The Tyrant's forces have no qualms about fighting dirty.\n\nAfter they're left burning and splintered, you meet a second swarm. Flailships armed with chained orbs, Spearships designed for ramming with points and battering with their hard bodies, and Scytheships that spin nastily and slice keenly. These, too, fall to your trusty and plucky ship.\n\nSensing that it's rapidly running out of cargo, the saucer retreats, but not before dropping off a final attack force: Whipships and Lassoships. Their ultrasonic cracks make your ship shudder, and their twirling ensnarements may be lightning-fast, but they soon become all tangled up in each other, and you fly free to your final destination:\n\n<<choice "Zone &">>\n\n<<choice "Zone ☕">>\n
''THE TYRANT'S EMPYREAN PALACE''\n\nThe fate of the stolen stars has been solved: before you, floating in blackness, is a gleaming palace, a vast edifice of sparkles and light, whose very bricks are stars hammered square. A testament to the greed and callousness of its owner, the Star Tyrant!\n\nYou hunt for weaknesses, structural vulnerabilities. The tallest tower catches your eye: swollen, wider than it ought. The Tyrant's royal chamber?\n\nFueled with glee and righteous fury, you smash through a wall, and behold the Tyrant himself hunched over a map of the universe. "How dare you?!" He swiftly drills his way through an escape wormhole, but not before triggering the tower's self-destruct explosives.\n\nAs he expected, the Capri Toot is smashed flat beneath tonnes of star bricks. As you expected, the collapse of the tower crushes the entire palace to bits. Stars scatter everywhere, floating far and wide.\n\nYou barely escape your poor wrecked ship, clinging to a single star in your spacesuits. This may be the end of the Capri Toot, but you've restored the night sky to its long-forgotten shine.\n\n''THE END''
''THE TYRANT'S SUPERNOVA BOMB''\n\nYou can scarcely believe what you're seeing - a vast supergiant, all of the night's stolen stars fused together into a bloated, impossibly bright orb of searing light the size of a planet. How can such an abberation exist without going nova?\n\nBehind the supergiant is a fleet of stabiliser ships, holding it together in spite of immense forces. No, not just that - transporting the supergiant, too. And if your calculations are correct, they're towing it on a route that leads directly into the Peaceful Zones! You realise that going nova is exactly the Star Tyrant's intention!\n\nYou have no choice. This may have been your first adventure, but there aren't going to be any sequels. You unleash all of your weapons on the stabilisers. A fierce battle ensues, but you annihilate just enough ships. Unable to stop it, the supergiant collapses in on itself, and explodes.\n\nZones V through Z are utterly destroyed. But a wondrous sight fills the sky - an immense nebula, a roiling soup of colours and star-chunks. The bodies of the stars have been released, and though you won't get to see it, the sky will someday gleam with their twinkles again.\n\n''THE END''
''POLIS HOLO''\n\nYou emerge over the surface of a powerful Tyranny planet, Polis Holo. Its inhabitants and their civilisation consists of pure data-based entities, uplifted into the physical world long ago.\n\nPackets of hostile data pepper the skies around you as anti-spacecraft servers track your ship. Enemy processes delete your lasers as soon as they get in range. The air around you is swiftly allocated away by hungry threads. Bases and structures rearrange and reposition themselves in an instant. Your only hope of victory: bog down their algorithms with the worst possible input.\n\nYou fire your missiles in noisy, patternless volleys. You trace a route through the sky that forces ground structures to reposition wastefully - large facilities hopping into ill-fitting gaps, neat clumps of small silos split apart and scattered. Slowly, after some very risky maneuvers, their defense processing is overtaxed just enough to let you slip through the relay intact.\n\n<<choice "Zone V">>\n\n<<choice "Zone W">>
''THE ASTRAL ARMOURY''\n\nThis shadowy metal moon houses an impressive array of Tyranny military material. Ground machines the likes of which you've never seen are stockpiled here. This'll be a chaotic fight, you're sure of it!\n\nThe Capri Toot blasts straight into the facility, knocking down swarms of Cannons With Legs. You unleash sunny lasers on Sports Knights and Pogo Robos alike, and Heavily Armed Walls rise to fruitlessly confront you. Soon so many clanking foes are around you, you can just duck and weave as they obliterate each other with friendly fire!\n\nThen, the big guns are switched on. The colossal twenty-fingered robo-fist known as Thingsquisher Mk. 1 and the ancient super-gunship Dignity's End engage you in combat. One alone would be a tough match, but two is simply unthinkable, and they won't fall to your cheap matador tricks. You retreat immediately, plowing through piles of broken metal as you escape. You're so close now - better not risk it all on tough nuts like them.\n\n<<choice "Zone W">>\n\n<<choice "Zone X">>
''BRIMSTONE BOILER''\n\nA planet of endless flame - where else would the Tyranny put its geothermal generators? Churning and glowing machinery studs the incanescent surface of this hideous sphere.\n\nThe Capri Toot can barely withstand the heat of this world. Unfortunately, the six Lioncraft that have just begun tailing you are more than capable of surviving here.\n\nYou blast the head off one with sustained laser fire, but the heat output of your weapons is only exacerbating your temperature problem. Fortunately, you find a quick solution: targeting the generators on the surface. A few smacks of palm-green and sunset-red fire makes them blow sky-high, knocking out the remaining Lions from below. Free from aggressors, you enter the final relay.\n\n<<choice "Zone X">>\n\n<<choice "Zone Y">>
''THE STARCOPHAGUS''\n\nYou're glad you brought a radiation detector, even just as a pure novelty decoration, because it went off as soon as you set foot in this zone. You look around: a faintly glowing tomb-moon is nearby, housing a world devastated by some great weapon or disaster.\n\nYou start to hear incoherent voices come through the comm-link. Huh? It seems that there are people alive in there. You swoop down and take a look.\n\nWhatever happened here has weakened the walls of reality itself. Flickering figures wander the surface of the tomb-moon, stuck between two realities, apparently unable to die in either. Their loathsome condition leaves them unable to manipulate most physical matter, so they are, in a sense, ghosts, only able to communicate with distorted comm noises.\n\nThis gloomy scene has given you pause in your quest. If these people are doomed to wander a blank sphere for eternity, the least you can do for them is give them a starry sky to look up at.\n\nNow, onward we go before the radiation gets to us:\n\n<<choice "Zone Y">>\n\n<<choice "Zone Z">>
''THE TYRANT'S SHOOTING STAR GUN''\n\nA machine gun so massive that it uses stars as bullets?! That is the sight your bewildered eyes behold as you emerge in this final zone. Surely nothing can stand between a Tyrant wielding this weapon and total conquest.\n\nYou see the stolen stars in a vast crystal ammo drum, with the last few being loaded in by a relay of supply boats. Is the Tyrant about to shoot? You launch into action, tearing through most of the boats with palm-green energy. But the final stars have already been loaded, and the gun looks ready to fire! \n\nThe Capri Toot crashes into the space-station sized gun's control centre. You see to your alarm that it's been programmed to shoot every planet in the Peaceful Zones, and the firing sequence can't be aborted! You quickly hunt for an empty patch of sky to target instead. With just moments to spare, you assume manual aiming control and find the darkest, emptiest corner of the sky as the gun begins to fire.\n\nThroughout the Endless Night Sky, an extraordinary sight is witnessed: a great arc of shooting stars. In a universe where no shooting stars have been seen for decades, a great surplus of wishes will be granted tonight.\n\n''THE END''
''THE TYRANT'S WORMHOLE DRILL''\n\nYou've finally found the stolen stars of the sky: encrusting a vast and sinister device. You've heard of dimension drills, instruments that bore holes in the fabric of space-time, but you've never seen one so large, and with a bit studded with the stars themselves!\n\nAlready it has drilled a sun-deep wormhole - not very far along the bit, but still an unheard-of depth. You have no idea what the Tyrant wants, but you're putting an end to it! You sail your little ship in for the final battle with the Drill's escort fleet.\n\nAfter an intense fight, you reach the Drill's control room and put it in reverse. In a matter of minutes, its tip is free of the hole. But wait... something is on the other side!\n\nClumps of unknown colours and shapes slowly bubble up the hole, getting closer to the surface. You came to save the stars, but you'll have to plug that wound. With a set of precise missile strikes, you blast the tip off the bit and send it back into the hole. Then, you swiftly blow the drill to pieces, and free the stars.\n\nYour adventure has been a success, but the Tyrant's unknown motive haunts you. Why a wormhole of such depth? And what substance or entity outside this universe did you briefly keep from entering?\n\n''THE END''
''THE TYRANT'S STAR REACTOR''\n\nYou've finally made it! It's the vast, miles-tall space facility where all of the Endless Night Sky's stars are imprisoned - fuel for some immense, unthinkably huge reaction. And you see the Star Tyrant's shuttle has docked - he must be ready to trigger the device! \n\nYou blast open a hole and soar directly into the Reactor Core. You see millions of stars inside a large machine. The Star Tyrant himself is at the control panel. "You cannot stop me, whoever you are. No one can harm me - and all who try are cursed with instant death!"\n\nYou gently park all twenty tons of the Capri Toot on top of him, pinning him to the floor.\n\nAlas, he had already started the reaction. According to the control panel, it's been programmed to use the stars' energy to give the Tyrant immortality - infinite years of youth! You can think of only one thing to do. With just moments to spare, you alter the instructions: instead of the Tyrant, reward everyone else.\n\nThe machine performs its great reaction. Throughout space, people wake to find themselves a single year younger than they were when they slept. Energy slightly restored, frailty slightly retreated. The sky remains dark, but a little goodness has been done, thanks to you.\n\n''THE END''
''TWO WORLDS CHASM''\n\nYou encounter an unusual sight: twinned planets, orbiting so close that their surfaces are almost touching. The next interzonal relay is, in fact, placed at precisely the narrowest gap between them.\n\nFlying through is a rocky task: the conflicting gravity of two worlds makes flying a stable course remarkably difficult. Not only that, but the mixing of atmospheres around the relay has resulted in tremendous storm-clouds forming. Buffetted by unpredictable winds, you barely manage to face the Capri Toot the right way when you pass through the relay. Now, onward to:\n\n<<choice "Zone G">>\n\n<<choice "Zone H">>
''COBALT CLUSTER''\n\nA field of blue asteroids sparkling in moonlight, replete with Tyranny mining ships. They are unarmed craft, so you turn your weapons away from them. Instead, you decide to disintegrate the asteroids!\n\nThis turns out to have greater consequences than you expected. As soon as you reduce a few asteroids to powder, an unknown telekinetic force pulls many more together. Before you realise what's happening, an eight-limbed sky-golem has formed from the asteroids!!\n\nThe cobalt beast is surprisingly fast - you barely have time to dodge its furious fists. And when you blast a hole in it, another asteroid is quickly found to plug the hole. Faced with a more brutal foe than you bargained for, you scurry as fast as you can to the next relay.\n\n\n<<choice "Zone H">>\n\n<<choice "Zone I">>
''SHADOW SPIDERS''\n\nOver this dusty desert moon, in the eerie light of a glowing white dwarf, the Capri Toot's shadow crosses over a strange array of interweaving lines drawn in the indigo sand. You idly watch as you drift leisurely to the next relay.\n\nSuddenly, just as your shadow crosses over a particularly thick strand, the ship shudders to a halt. What gives? Some immense telekinetic force is holding it fast in the air!\n\nYou look down, and see something strange: the crisscrossing strands are gyrating as the ship wobbles, as if the ship's shadow was physically stuck to them. Sinister eight-legged animal shapes start to appear in the sand as well! They're creeping closer to the Capri Toot's shadow!\n\n"Drop some missiles!" you cry in unison. You don't have time to wonder what's going on - you bomb the wobbling lines in the sand. A few bursts of blue dust, and, miraculously, the Capri Toot is free again! You surge forward, eager to leave that unexplained force and those spidery aberrations behind you.\n\n<<choice "Zone I">>\n\n<<choice "Zone J">>\n
''SLEEPING BEAUTY''\n\nYou see a sight that dates back to a strange chapter in Endless Night Sky history: the birth of humancraft. Almost genetically identical to humans, these organic war platforms combined the intelligence of a soldier with the size and utility of a space station. And since they were grown rather than constructed, they were considerably easier to deploy.\n\nThey were nourished by photosynthesis, and when the Star Tyrant stole the stars from the sky, they fell into a deep torpor. Some think it's for the best - the wars these titans were bred to fight have been forgotten. They have come to be seen as living parodies of humanity, only able to kill.\n\nWell, this one can't even manage that - in its slumber, scavengers have stripped it of all its weapons. Now it sleeps, bare-handed, in this lonely zone in Tyranny space. You believe that if you succeed in your mission, this humancraft may someday wake, and find a universe where they may simply live, free of military burdens and the perpetual threat of enemies.\n\nTime to proceed:\n\n<<choice "Zone K">>\n\n<<choice "Zone L">>
''LIME CITY''\n\nYou approach the artificial moon, Lime City - a tiny fiefdom in the Star Tyrant's domain, but a gorgeous, glimmering jewel nonetheless. A swarm of Tyranny ships, led by a quivering, laser-studded Eelship, are on patrol. What better way to launch an opening slavo against the Star Tyrant's forces?\n\nThe crackle of the Capri Toot's lasers excites you. The lesser ships in the swarm are easily defeated by your excellent offensive maneuvers. The Eelship prepares to engage you. Unwilling to use full power against you in a sky crowded with skyscrapers, it resorts to curling its long metal body around you. Grins break out on your faces as you trick it into following your mischievous twists and swoops. It doesn't notice until too late that it's tied itself in a knot!\n\nYour first victory tastes sweet on your lips. You proceed to the interzonal relay. You can warp forward to two zones. Which shall you choose?\n\n<<choice "Zone B">>\n\n<<choice "Zone C">>\n
''BOTTOMLESS SEA''\n\nA planet of pure liquid! Strange marine fauna festoon the upper reaches of this world. Alerted to your reckless hostility in the previous zone, squads of submarines greet you with a volley of photon torpedos. Your arctic missiles quickly encase the foes in gleaming ice!\n\nThe interzonal relay is deep below the surface. You dive through a gloomy cloud of biomatter. Though this planet has no solid ground, it does have a core - a living clump of giant multi-armed monsters, literal bottom-feeders. You move slowly, careful not to attract their attention, until you squeeze the Capri Toot through an alien armpit and find the long-neglected relay embedded its skin. Flesh has begun to grow over it, but fortunately it's still usable. Where to now?\n\n<<choice "Zone D">>\n\n<<choice "Zone E">>
''SAPPHIRE GAS GIANT''\n\nSwirling blue clouds in every direction. Navigating a planet as huge as this, with no visible landmarks, is by no means an easy proposition. While you outfitted the Capri Toot with awesome weaponry, you admit its main navigational devices are your own cunning and intuition.\n\nNevertheless, assistance gradually appears: swarms of space-choppers and robo-biplanes, pursuing you for your miscreant behaviour in Zone A. They can only be emanating from the next interstellar relay, so you boldly retrace their tracks. You know you're almost there when a bulky Megamoth comes into view.\n\nWhile feared as a devastating ground bomber craft, a Megamoth is a clunky fighter in a gas world. You soon freeze its wings with your missiles, sending it spiralling down. Now, the interstellar relay awaits. Again, two zones are available:\n\n\n<<choice "Zone E">>\n\n<<choice "Zone F">>\n
''STAR WASPS''\n\nAll six of the planets in this zone are interlinked, locked together into a Dyson hexagon by long, indomitable pillars of organic matter. Each pillar is populated by uncountable numbers of inch-long insectoid creatures. A giant multi-stage hive of star wasps? How could it have been undisturbed for so long, and left to grow so massive as to encompass and interlink six entire planets?\n\nThen you notice other structures inside the pillars. Tyranny shipwrecks, weapons platforms, robots, all intermeshed in the waxy substance. But, strangely, still armed and operational. And - you surmise, as several encased gunships open fire on you - controlled by a hostile hive intelligence.\n\nIt seems the Tyranny's attempts to cleanse this zone have been as numerous as they have been unsuccessful. Possessed turrets of many ages and models fill the air with deadly light. You have barely enough time to disable them with missile strikes before their barrage becomes too much. You high tail it to the relay. Seemingly sensing your retreat, the hive ceases gunfire just as you approach and enter.\n\n<<choice "Zone Q">>\n\n<<choice "Zone R">>
Capri Toot
''DEMER''\n\nYou float over the jungle moon of Demer. Treelike organisms of every colour coat the entire surface from pole to pole. You sense the approximate location of the interstellar relay near the equator, and soar down to investigate. Tyranny ground troops could be anywhere beneath this expansive canopy.\n\nUnderneath, you instead behold a fascinating sight. The trees have apparently consumed all of the minerals of the moon itself, and have grown all the way down to the core. You can see through huge webs of roots for miles down, where no light ever reaches.\n\nWhere, then, is the relay? You find it must be much lower than you expected. Your ship drifts deeper into the moon, where the tree roots become harder than the rock they displaced. A three-dimensional maze of tangled wood leaves you baffled for almost an hour. Eventually, however, the relay shows itself - its wormhole stabiliser isn't powered, but it's nonetheless held open by a root that has grown through it! Thankful for the curious strength of these plants, your little ship enters...\n\n<<choice "Zone S">>\n\n<<choice "Zone T">>
''MIRROR MAZE NEBULA''\n\nYou are confronted with a puzzling phenomenon: hundreds of Capri Toot doppelgangers, in various positions and orientations, all around you in this hazy pink zone. Clearly you're encountering some crazed, horrific folding and doubling-back of the space-time fabric.\n\nYou carefully weave through the maze of yourself, moving slowly and carefully, watching the directions your doppelgangers travel. Too often you nearly collide with a reflection, traveling at a wildly opposing direction. At least you both politely wave through the portholes before backing off.\n\nAfter an arduous and puzzling time, you reach the relay. You look around to see that every other Capri Toot has, in turn, positioned themselves before a matching relay. The millions of you soar onward simultaneously.\n\n<<choice "Zone T">>\n\n<<choice "Zone U">>
''MEKKON''\n\nYou encounter Mekkon, a thriving mechanical planet and a proud Tyranny stronghold. Your infamy has spread quicker than you'd hoped: the Gearboats and Sprocketships that make up their defense forces are quick to surround you. These forces, you recall, are highly calibrated, perfectly synchronised fighting machines versed in unbeatable tactics and maneuvers.\n\nFortunately, you notice that each of these units are stabilised by huge crystal oscillators. Your opening salvos of passionfruit laser fire punch through their heavy armour and send their quartz hearts out of sync. Unable to coordinate their attacks, the overclocked and underclocked boats soon get in each other's way. Their impenetrable formations soon scatter into chaos, giving you the edge needed to blow them away at your leisure.\n\nOnward, then, to...\n\n<<choice "Zone L">>\n\n<<choice "Zone M">>
''GOURMAND BLACK HOLE''\n\nYou find dozens of small planets in this zone with vast bites taken out of them. You soon see the culprit - a black hole lounging amid a pile of space leftovers.\n\nYou open a comm link to the black hole. "How are you?" you ask.\n\n"I've tried everything in this zone, and nothing tastes good," it sighs. "I long to see the tastes of richer zones. The tang of energy shields. The spice of solar flares. The crunch of military-grade metals."\n\n"Would you like to join our crew?" you ask. "We're do-gooder adventurers on the warpath through Tyranny space. We'll let you eat the wreckage of the ships we blow up."\n\n"That sounds splendid," it replies.\n\nSo you put the black hole in a hyperbucket and continue on your journey.\n\n<<choice "Zone M">>\n\n<<choice "Zone N">>
''LONELY BLACK HOLE''\n\nAll of the planets in this zone have been eaten by a black hole. Nothing is left but a wispy cloud of swirling debris surrounding it. It seems sullen, gloomy.\n\nYou open a comm link to the black hole. "Is anything wrong?" you ask.\n\n"I ate all my friends. I didn't realise until afterward that they would be gone if I ate them. So I'd like to make friends that I won't eat. But there aren't any more."\n\n"Would you like to join our crew?" you ask. "If you didn't eat us, we'd gladly give you a chance to be our friend."\n\n"Sure," it replies.\n\nSo you put the black hole in a hyperbucket and continue on your journey.\n\n<<choice "Zone N">>\n\n<<choice "Zone O">>
''CLAWED SPACE''\n\nThis zone has clearly fallen victim to a devastating spatial weapon - big rends and tears in the space-time fabric are apparent. Long cracks and shreds surround you, places where space is no longer continuous. You fire a laser blast into one, and it emerges on the other side in pieces, twisted and broken. \n\nWhile that may provide a momentary amusement, it makes navigating this place incredibly tense. A veritable minefield of nigh-invisible spatial shreds surrounds your ship.\n\nHowever, you slowly discern a pattern. It becomes clear that these aren't the random rips of a bomb, or the uniform impressions of a mechanical weapon. It seems these are the slashes of animal claws. Could it be that a Psybersquid was fighting in this zone? Just the thought of something trying to kill a Psybersquid gives you shudders. \n\nYour speculation proves useful, though - you become able to predict the locations of the rips much easier. Soon, you've found your way to the next interzonal relay.\n\n<<choice "Zone P">>\n\n<<choice "Zone Q">>
''THE TYRANT'S POSSIBILITY COLLIDER''\n\nYou emerge in a strange place. Shimmering images of worlds surround you. You see massive Tyranny devices - a giant buzzsaw, teeth studded with stars - a mighty shield of starlight - a glowing fearsome whaleship - an array of anti-stars, radiating blackness. These images seem to be merging, coalescing - what's happening? You then notice an odd-shaped machine in the centre of them. You fly up to it. The Tyrant himself is present!\n\nThe Tyrant contemptuously announces that he has many grand desires for the stolen stars, more that he can fulfill in just one timeline! So he's begun a chain reaction that will merge every other timeline into this one!! A universe where all of his vile dreams have been fulfilled! You're powerless to stop him. At this point, the collision cannot be averted. Is this how your journey ends - with every possible terrible thing happening at once?!\n\nBut then, you see a tiny ship in the images. Is it...?! It's the Capri Toot! The Tyrant howls as hundreds of you assail hundreds of his creations. Monstrous devices explode around you, releasing many universes of stars - the greatest fireworks display of all time!\n\nYou laugh as the Tyrant weeps, and all the images merge. You saw it with your own eyes: in every possible world, you won. Stars beyond measure fill the Endless Night Sky, casting away the blackness forevermore.\n\n''THE END''\n
''DREAMS OF THE PSYBERSQUID''\n\nAncient beasts that exist only partially in the physical world, the Psybersquids are noble and powerful. All throughout the zone, weird and whimsical geometric objects spring in and out of being - the dreams of the squid made manifest with its unconscious telekinetic might.\n\nYou look around and see a world made entirely of glass cubes. You nervously creep the Capri Toot through nested conical spirals, in which odd and beautiful patterns emerge around you.\n\nYou see sights you can't quite believe. Tessellating octogons? An equilateral right triangle? Surely those are impossible. But, you think as you dodge some wildly spinning pyramids, you don't have a Psybersquid's otherworldly creativity.\n\nIt's a relief to be finally in sight of the relay. May this fearful beast dream in peace for eons!\n\n<<choice "Zone R">>\n\n<<choice "Zone S">>
Oh no!! You've gone too far down and fallen out of the alphabet altogether! The Capri Toot plummets into the abyss beneath reality. You see dozens of worlds, dozens of timelines vanish into the air above you, becoming tiny specks in the firmament of existence. You have no idea at all what's beneath you or whether you're even still real.\n\nAfter what seems like an eternity, in which panic and sensory deprivation have caused you to believe yourselves to be little more than words on a piece of glass, your ship lands with a PLOP somewhere.\n\nThe Capri Toot's immersed in a foggy, beige liquid. Relief at returning to physical reality floods over you, but it soon turns to confusion when you try and get your bearings. What are those rhythmic, booming sounds? Is that... an enormous cabin ceiling? Why is it suddenly moving? What is this gigantic pair of lips opening above us?!\n\nOh no... it's impossible, it's obscene, it's downright undignified - you've landed inside a cup of tea one of you drank last week! As you helplessly vanish down your own gullet, you only hope that you can somehow find your way to your brain and convince you to not make the same navigation mistake this time around!\n\n''THE END''
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